Mercedes Benz S550 for Sale

August 24, 2022
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  • Linebacker Junior Seau made 1, 849 tackles in the NFL
  • Seau bought the S550 new in San Diego
  • The custom Mercedes is available in California for $55, 000

This 2008 Mercedes S550 was formerly owned by famed NFL linebacker Junior Seau. The highly customized luxury sedan is now available for $55, 000 at Newport Coast Auto in Costa Mesa, Calif.

According to Paul Passero, a salesman at Newport Coast Auto, this S550 was purchased new by Seau in 2007. The likely future hall-of-famer was the car's only owner, and Passero says the sedan's Carfax report displays Seau's commitment to regular dealer maintenance. Indeed, Seau had the S550 serviced at least once a year, and always at the San Diego-area Mercedes-Benz of Escondido.

"He was born in San Diego, and he spent most of his time playing in San Diego, " said Passero of Seau, who recorded a legendary 1, 849 tackles during his nearly 20-year NFL career. Seau, a San Diego native, graduated from the University of Southern California in nearby Los Angeles and played for the San Diego Chargers for over a decade. But it was during Seau's time with the New England Patriots that he purchased the S550. According to Passero, Seau kept the sedan at his home in Oceanside, just north of San Diego, until his death earlier this year.

Finished in a striking shade of silver with a black leather interior, Seau's S550 looks noticeably different from typical S-class models. According to Passero, that's because Seau had Mercedes of Escondido fit a full Lorinser body kit to the sedan, which added a stunning $34, 995 to the car's base price when new. Newport Coast Auto later added the custom 20-inch wheels, which complement the wider, lower and more aggressive stance of the modified car.

In addition to the celebrity ownership history, buyers interested in this 2008 S550 will get a spotless car at a fraction of its original value. According to Passero, the sedan's original window sticker was nearly $130, 000 before its Lorinser kit was added. Much of that price is due to the sedan's long list of standard equipment, which includes a navigation system, rearview camera, heated and cooled seats and a muscular 382-horsepower 5.5-liter V8 engine.

For shoppers interested in this example of exceptional celebrity cars, click here to see the listing.

What it means to you: If you're interested in a well-maintained luxury car with a unique history, check out Junior Seau's former Mercedes S550.

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