Iowa GOP Chair: Delegation To Go For Trump At Convention Despite Cruz Winning Iowa, And State Being Proportional

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

On Friday during a taping for Iowa Public Television Iowa Republican Party chairman Jeff Kaufmann announced that he has apparently rewritten Iowa’s delegate rules and that the whole of Iowa’s delegation to the GOP convention in Cleveland will all vote for Donald Trump.

From the Quad Cities Times:

Kaufmann conceded that Iowa Republicans are in “various degrees” in their support for Trump. Some are thrilled, some are accepting, and “we have people who are in the process.”

The “never Trump” movement, however, is a “tiny, tiny little minority of people with large megaphones,” he said.

Suggestions that the Iowa delegation will cast some of its votes for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who was the caucus winner, or some other candidate is “hypocritical … nonsensical, and it’s not going to happen,” he said. “Donald Trump is our nominee.”

This is news to Iowa delegates and alternates given that Iowa is a proportional delegation state, and Donald Trump did not win its February 1st caucus, that was won by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Kaufmann went on to say that the Iowa delegation would only be broken down by caucus results if the convention in Cleveland follows the rules at acknowledges that delegates are bound on the 1st ballot to Sen. Cruz, Gov. Kasich, and Sen. Rubio.

Mr. Kaufmann was also very dismissive of the #NeverTrump movement:

People who “feel the need to have that internal, heartfelt, passionate conversation in front of cameras and in front of journalists (are) bent on self-promotion and could care less about our first-in-the-nation status and the integrity of our process,” Kaufmann said Friday after taping Iowa Public Television’s “Iowa Press” program

Delegates to the GOP convention in Cleveland that Mr. Kaufmann is apparently forcing to vote for Trump regardless of the Iowa caucus and its rules include Cecil Stinemetz who wrote an op-ed recently that explained why he would never, ever give his support to Donald Trump and he wrote in part, “Delegates have a huge responsibility and we are the only ones that can stop a disaster that will happen to our party and our nation if Republicans nominate Donald Trump.”

Iowa’s delegation is supposed to be 8 for Ted Cruz, 7 each for Marco Rubio and Donald Trump and 1 for John Kasich, that is what should happen under the rules Mr. Kaufmann. Donald Trump doesn’t need protecting.  You don’t have the right to suffocate  the conscience of those who are #NeverTrump, And you certainly should not be allowed to make up the rules as you go.

Lawsuit Against Duckworth Settled For $26,000

Rep. Tammy Duckworth(D-IL)

Rep. Tammy Duckworth(D-IL)

On Friday a workplace retaliation lawsuit against Illinois Democrat congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, who is the Democrat Party nominee for US Senate against Mark Kirk, was settled with the two employees of a Veterans home getting $26,000 for court fees and legal costs.

The case was set to go to trial in the weeks ahead of the November election.

Duckworth’s campaign said:

Today’s resolution is appropriate for what was always a frivolous workplace case that dragged on over eight years and was dismissed in whole or in part multiple times, and Tammy appreciates the hard work and professionalism of the lawyers in the Attorney General’s office,” Matt McGrath, Duckworth’s deputy campaign manager said in a statement.

Duckworth had been sued by the two workers for retaliating against them by firing one and giving a bad review to the other when they raised complaints about the head of the Veterans facility that they worked. Duckworth was appointed head of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs by Blago in 2006.

She was represented in the case by the Illinois Attorney Generals office headed by Lisa Madigan, daughter of Speaker Michael Madigan who drew the congressional maps that allowed Duckworth to defeat Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh in 2012.

Sen. Mark Kirk is the most endangered incumbent in the country, and is a lame duck walking.


Kinzinger: Not Humane To Deport 11-20 Million Illegals, Legalize Them Instead

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

During an interview on Thursday with Wolf Blitzer on CNN Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger said that it was unrealistic and not humane to deport the estimated 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants in the country and that instead they should be legalized.

In response to the Supreme Court ruling letting stand the nixing of President Obama’s 2014 executive order amnesty, DAPA, for 5 million illegal immigrants with US citizen or legal resident children and questioning by Blitzer about Donald Trump’s immigration stance Kinzinger said of deporting 11 million illegals, “Its unrealistic. Its not humane. To just say your basically send out the Patty wagon and deport 11 million people. So what we need to do is recognize that they’re here and I think getting a pathway to legalizing them, having them pay taxes, be productive citizens, is the answer as well as border security.”

Kinzinger also said after being asked about the prospect of DAPA applicants being deported and those families being broken up that, “Of course I feel bad for it and that’s why I’ve been very aggressively saying that we need to do immigration reform. We need to do it in a way that we can find the solution that is going to secure the border and allow those folks to become taxpayers.”

When Adam Kinzinger says he’s been aggressive towards immigration reform, he means he always votes in favor of amnesty.

While Kinzinger was approving and happy with the Supreme Court letting the 5th circuit ruling striking down DAPA stand everyone should remember that last year when congresswoman Marsha Blackburn attempted to get DAPA and DACA defunded Kinzinger voted against it.

GoFundMe Established To Help With Mike Flynn’s Kids Education

Mike Flynn and his wife and children

Mike Flynn and his wife and children

With the sudden passing of Mike Flynn, who was quickly becoming a good friend of mine as we worked together on our new project with other Illinois bloggers, a GoFundMe account has been set up to help with the education of Mike’s children.

In its first 3-4 hours the fund has raised nearly $5,000 from conservatives and tea partiers across the country who have known, worked with, and been influenced by Mike and the great work he did as a founding member of Breitbart and before that at Reason.

Mike leaves behind four children.

Ted Cruz’s Powerful Statement On #Brexit Vote And Rebuke Of Ruling Elites

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who GOP delegates in Cleveland really should nominate for President over Trump, released a statement today on the #Brexit vote to leave the European Union.

This is great stuff:

The results of the ‘Brexit’ referendum should serve as a wake-up call for internationalist bureaucrats from Brussels to Washington, D.C. that some free nations still wish to preserve their national sovereignty. The British people have indicated that they will no longer outsource their future to the EU, and prefer to chart their own path forward. The United States can learn from the referendum and attend to the issues of security, immigration and economic autonomy that drove this historic vote. In addition, we should treat the ‘Brexit’ as an opportunity to forge a closer partnership with our historic friend and ally, including immediately starting negotiations for a targeted US-UK free trade agreement.

Kinzinger Uses #Brexit Vote To Lament US Not Taking Out Assad In Syria

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Following the results of Thursday’s vote in Great Britain to leave the European Union Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger used the historic vote for liberty and British sovereignty to lament President Obama not using the US military to take out Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.  Kinzinger also kept up with the liberal narrative about the #Brexit vote being about the British citizenry being against immigrants from the Middle East who have been flooding Europe.

Kinzinger wrote on Medium Friday:

What happened in the United Kingdom is a result of the fears of emigration, the soft border protection across the EU, and the lack of leadership coming from the United States. President Obama failed to take action in Syria, which caused the mass emigration to Europe. He failed to step up as a global leader in the international community, and planted doubts among our allies on our willingness to take out threats like ISIS and actively show them our support. President Obama has ultimately failed the free world, and the result we see today is the Brexit vote.

Kinzinger, who has strongly advocated the US take out Assad for well over a year, was one of the first to join with Sen. John McCain in calling for the arming of the Syrian rebels, some of whom have gone on to join ISIS. He has also backed a no-fly zone over Syria.


A Happy Warrior Has Fallen RIP Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

Late Thursday night founding Breitbart member and great friend to all conservatives Michael Flynn passed away suddenly.

Flynn is an original editor of Andrew Breitbart’s media empire. He challenged Darin LaHood unsuccessfully in the special election for the open 18th CD seat when Aaron Schock resigned amid his Downton Abbey scandal.

For over 6 months now Mike had been working with myself and several other conservative bloggers here in Illinois on a new site to try and bring down Speaker Madigan and the rest of the Chicago machine.

Mike’s absence on the project is going to be greatly missed, but we do plan on continuing the work we’ve started in his name and memory.

Funeral services haven’t been announced yet. I’ll pass that along as soon as possible.


2 Teens Charged With Felony Murder In Fatal Rockford Home Invasion Shooting

Crime_scene_tape_generic_20120909085013_320_240Two Rockford teenagers have been arrested and charged with Wednesday morning’s deadly home invasion shooting near East State and Alpine. The pair of 17 year olds, one male, one female who is 7 months pregnant, have been charged as adults with felony murder in the shooting that left fellow 17 year old Manuel Ruvalcaba dead. They are being held without bond.

Police believe the group was stealing drugs or a part of a drug deal gone wrong at the residence around 2:30 Wednesday morning. During the ensuring armed robbery one of the residents of the apparently targeted home got into a struggle with Ruvalcaba over the gun ultimately resulting in Ruvalcaba’s death.

Police are continuing to investigate.

Under Illinois law participants to a crime are responsible for any death that may result from the commission of the crime(s) even if they played no direct physical role in the death.

Mayor Morrissey: Sue Legislature And Gov. Rauner If No Budget July 1st

Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey

Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey

Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey told the Rockford Register Star this week that cities like Rockford, social service agencies, schools, and others should sue the Democrat controlled Illinois legislature and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner should the state start July without a budget.

“If there isn’t a budget passed by end of June, I don’t want to see the state go through the same dynamics of last year when everybody and their brother was bringing lawsuits forward to force the state to pay for this or pay for that,” Morrissey said. “My preference would be one lawsuit that’s brought by everybody that asks a judge to hold lawmakers and the governor accountable for their constitutional duty to pass a balanced budget.

“The state constitution says the legislative branch needs to adopt a balanced budget,” he said. “They need to do their job. I think there’s a great constitutional case that could be brought to settle this matter.”

The state is looking at going into a second year without a budget as Speaker Michael Madigan and Gov. Rauner remained deadlocked over the states budget. Madigan wants to massively raise taxes, while Rauner is trying to get some reforms made to the state.

I’m not as bullish on the Courts saving the day as the Mayor. Courts routinely stay out of purely political and legislative matters. For that matter what Court would have the power, and the Judge with the balls, to tell Madigan to do something let alone tell him no?


Fundraising During Dem Sit-in By Schakowsky Broke Ethics Rules

Rep. Jan Schakowsky

Rep. Jan Schakowsky

Illinois is so corrupt.

Luis Gutierrez is paying his wife six figures. Denny Haster just reported to jail. Aaron Schock’s probably going to be joining him. Auditor General Frank Mautino won’t be far behind. And now during yesterdays tempertantrum to erase the Bill of Rights by House Democrats some fundraising by congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, well it broke House ethics rules.

From Breitbart:

At least one Democrat, however, who sent fundraising messages from the floor of the House itself may have violated the rules of the House Ethics Committee.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), who participated in the protest, sent a message to supporters while literally on the House floor, using the left-wing fundraising platform ActBlue (emphasis added):

I’m asking you while sitting here on the House floor: Will you support our fund to elect public servants willing to stand up to the NRA? We need to take action immediately. We won’t be able to make real change until the NRA-funded obstruction is over. That’s why we need a change in Congress. Chip in right now to help us make that happen.

House Ethics Committee rules specify that congressional resources, including the physical space of the building itself, may not be used for political fundraising