Rauner At Sterling Campaign Stop: I Want To Work For Every Family

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner was at the Candlelight Inn in Sterling Sunday and talked about how he wants to work for every family in Illinois, who he says, quite accurately, are suffering under the hapless Pat Quinn.

The Dixon Telegraph has more:

“It’s important to run a campaign and be a governor for every family,” the Republican gubernatorial candidate said Sunday. “Every family is suffering under Gov. Pat Quinn, and I want to go to work for every family.”

“I want blooming job opportunities in African-American neighborhoods, Koren neighborhoods, Russian neighborhoods, and I want every farm family in Illinois to have great job opportunities, reasonable tax burens and great schools,” he said. “I want to work for every family and not just some.”

Rauner also said he wants to improve funding in local schools. He said Illinois has one of the lowest rates of state support for funding education.

“We are 48th out of 50 states,” he said. “I want to push and make state support increase so we can fully fund our schools and make sure every district gets proper support and funding.”

He also said Quinn has cut education funding by $500 million while taxes continue to rise.

“I’ll make education funding the top priority, and the real way to do that is by growing the economy,” Rauner said. “If we have a growing economy, we can fund our schools.”

Under Quinn, Rauner said, 4,200 jobs have been lost in Illinois this year alone.

“We are not growing, and if we don’t grow, we can’t fund our schools,” Rauner said. “I’ll get us growing. I’ll fund the schools and make that a priority.”

Princeton High School Looking At Half Million Dollar Budget Deficit

princetonThe Princeton high school school district is facing a projected half million dollar budget deficit for the next budget year.

At least they are doing better than Sycamore which is looking at a $6 million deficit.

Unlike in Sycamore school leaders in Princeton will be looking to make cuts to the budget as opposed to Sycamore which just wants more revenue, i.e. more tax money from locals.

The Bureau County Republican has more:

Princeton High School is looking at a deficit budget for Fiscal Year 2015.

PHS Superintendent Kirk Haring presented the proposed FY ‘15 budget at Wednesday’s school board meeting, noting the district is projecting total revenue in all funds of $7,306,520 and total expenses in all funds of $7,800,696, resulting in a deficit of $494,176.

Haring said this is a worst case scenario budget with a lot of things still to be ironed out at the state level as far as school funding. The education fund, the largest fund for the school district, shows the largest deficit at $735,476.

“But once again, we will try to find as many ways as we possibly can to bring that deficit down,” the superintendent said. “We will continue to monitor all areas of the budget to assure we maintain financial stability.”

Virginia Man Critical After Knock-Out Game Attack

A Virginia man out riding his bike nearly died over the weekend when he was struck from behind by a person in a passing car in an apparent Knock-Out game attack.

The single blow to the back of this man’s head caused his heart to stop beating.

If it where not for the timely intervention of a passing nurse it is highly likely that this man would have been the latest fatality in the dangerous so-called game being played by young African-Americans.

The purpose of the Knock-out game is for a black person to strike an unsuspecting white, Jewish, or Asian victims once in the head or face in an attempt to knock them out cold in one blow.

Fatalities have been reported in St.Louis and New York.

The Gateway Pundit has more on the latest attack:

A 51-year-old bicyclist remains in intensive care at VCU Medical Center after he was targeted in what a witness called a “knockout game-style” attack.

The man was riding his bicycle on River Road near the Prince George County-Hopewell line at about 7:30 Sunday morning when a car came up from behind and slowed down, the bicyclist’s friend said.

The friend, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, said someone in the car reached out and hit the bicyclist in the back with either his hand or an object. The bicyclist had time to yell for help before he veered off the road and collapsed.

The bicyclist had suffered a massive heart attack.

Doctors told the bicyclist’s father-in-law the strike to the back put pressure on his heart which caused it to stop beating.

Fortunately for the bicyclist, a nurse drove by moments after the attack.

“She’s checking for a pulse,” the friend who witnessed the incident said. “She says ‘he has no pulse, let’s roll him over.’ We roll him over and she starts chest compressions.”

Prince George County Police are investigating the assault.

Death Panels Are Back: Medicare Looking To Reimburse “End Of Life” Talk

4916292606_Obamacare2_xlargeThose damned death panels are back.

This time in the form of Medicare paying for the “end of life” talk with patients.

God is our federal government screwed up.

From Breitbart:

The New York Times reports that “Medicare may begin covering end-of-life discussions next year if it approves a recent request from the American Medical Association,” which is “the country’s largest association of physicians and medical students” and creates “billing codes for medical services, codes used by doctors, hospitals and insurers.”

According to the Times, the group “recently created codes for end-of-life conversations and submitted them to Medicare” and The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is expected to make a decision in the fall that could “profoundly affect the American way of dying.”

As the Times notes, “end-of-life planning remains controversial,” especially after Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s “‘death panel’ label killed efforts to include it” in Obamacare. The Obama administration tried to sneak in a provision in a 2010 regulation before it “had Medicare rescind that portion of the regulation” after intense political pressure.

Now, the federal government may try again.

Doctors and bureaucrats have insisted that end-of-life counseling would not lead to rationing, but “Burke Balch, director of the Powell Center for Medical Ethics at the National Right to Life Committee,” disagreed, telling the Times that many doctors actually believe in “hastening death for those deemed to have a ‘poor quality of life.’” He said that doctors and bureaucrats may use these sessions to pressure patients to “to reject life-preserving treatment,” according to the Times.

Sen. Feinstein(D-CA): Wrong Of Obama To Call ISIS JV Team

On Meet The Depressed this morning California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein criticized President Obama for his remarks that ISIS was a JV team.

(h/t The Right Scoop)

Gov. Quinn Grants Clemency To 38 Burglers, Fraudsters, And Drug Dealers

Gov. Pat Quinn

Gov. Pat Quinn

Illinois’ Democrat Governor Pat Quinn is a criminals best friend.

On Friday Quinn granted clemency to 38 people with convictions for fraud, burglary, and even drug offenses.

No word yet on whether he’s granted a pardon or clemency to himself for all the things he’s under investigation for.

WIFR has more:

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has taken action on 124 clemency petitions, granting 38 and denying 86.
The Chicago Democrat announced the news in a release Friday afternoon.
His office says those who were granted clemency have recently undergone criminal background checks. Clemencies that the governor granted were for crimes such as forgery, drug convictions and burglary.
Quinn says he’s granted more than 1,100 clemency petitions since he took office

Constituents To Rep. Adam Kinzinger: #NoAmnesty And #SecureTheBorder

IMG_0585Residents of Illinois’ 16th congressional district have a message for Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger, stop supporting amnesty and work to secure the border.

That was the overwhelming thought behind Saturday’s immigration town hall meeting at the Ottawa American Legion hall.

Before the start of the August recess Kinzinger was one of eleven GOP lawmakers to vote against a bill put forth by Tennessee congresswoman Marsha Blackburn and Texas Senator Ted Cruz that seeks to block President Obama from expanding his deferred deportation program, known as DACA, or from instituting any additional amnesty via executive order.  That bill along with another to fund increased border security passed the House at the end of July, at present Senate majority leader Harry Reid has yet to call back the Senate to consider either of those bills.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Kinzinger’s spokesman told Illinois Review after the vote that the congressman voted against the anti-DACA bill because it would only make the immigration situation more confusing and inefficient.

With Illinois Democrat congressman Lois Gutierrez saying that he expects President Obama to issue a new executive amnesty order within the next few weeks granting work or legal status to at least 5 million illegal immigrants the people of Kinzinger’s district are upset at his lack of leadership on the issue.

From mandating universal compliance with E-verify to increasing the fines on employers who hire illegals, to fixing the anchor baby issue, those in attendance want Washington to take measures to stop the influx of illegal immigrants along the southern border.

Rosanna Pulido(left), FAIR's Susan Tully(right)

Rosanna Pulido(left), FAIR’s Susan Tully(right)

Federation for American Immigration Reform’s Susan Tully explained to attendees the situation on the border as she and several sheriffs from across the country experienced on a recent trip to border.

Among the thing Tully pointed out that could help the immigration problem was something as simple as mowing the grass along the US side of the Rio Grande river in Texas which is under federal control.  Per the Environmental Protection Agency, the Border Patrol and others are prevented from cutting the grass and shrubbery along the river because of concerns over some small animal.  This tall grass and other vegetation allows illegals to easily hide after they have crossed the Rio Grande, and provides cartel members excellent cover from which to fire upon Border agents.

Tully also pointed out that during her recent visit to Texas Border Patrol agents where not along the border protecting it, leaving that up to the Texas Department of Public Safety, but instead where at their field offices processing hundreds of illegal immigrants who turned themselves in the day prior.

Over the last several months a massive influx of immigrants from Central American countries have been flooding the Rio Grande valley with an estimated 60,000 of them being children to go along with approximately 100,000 adults.  Currently the Obama administration has let nearly 40,000 of the “unaccompanied minors” stay with a sponsor(parent, relative, family friend) across the country with these illegal immigrant children being sent as far way as Hawaii, Alaska, and the Virgin Islands.

As I’ve been reporting the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement has sent 377 illegals to stay with sponsors in Illinois(175 of which are in either Cook, Lake, or DuPage counties), while Senator Mark Kirk has reported that nearly 750 more are being cared for by in and around the Chicagoland area by the Heartland Alliance.

The solution to the immigration problem, from the stand point of those who came to Saturday’s town hall, is simple; enforce the immigration laws on the books, punish employers who hire illegals, cut them off from welfare, and the problem will almost completely fix itself.  To get some of those solutions implemented one gentleman talked to folks about using an Article V Convention of States if not to fix immigration outright to at least impose term limits on career politicians and thus rid Congress of certain amnesty supporters like Arizona Senator John McCain.

For many the problem comes in how to get members of Congress like Adam Kinzinger to respond to the demands of the people instead of the wants of the likes of the US Chamber of Commerce who badly wants amnesty.

More than one attendee told of how they have called Kinzinger’s office to give him a piece of their minds only to get a voicemail or a staffer who promptly ignores their concerns.

Naturally the first choice to fix someone like Kinzinger would be to vote them out of office in the primary; sadly Kinzinger easily defeated his Tea Party challenger David Hale back in March.

Randall Olsen, Democrat candidate IL 16th CD

Randall Olsen, Democrat candidate IL 16th CD

Any thought that Kinzinger’s Democrat opponent in November Randall Olsen would be the recipient of the votes of those upset with Kinzinger’s pro-amnesty position was quashed the second Olsen, who attended the town hall, opened his mouth and expressed his support for both amnesty and a pathway to citizenship.  He didn’t help his cause much either when he said he disagreed with the policy suggestions people had been making all afternoon.

One supporter of congressman Kinzinger attended the meeting and promptly made a fool of himself.  Northern Illinois University political science student, and the last I knew a part of the leadership of the college’s Young Republicans, Brandon Phillips attempted to malign event organizer Rosanna Pulido by asking about whether voter ID was a poll tax.

To say others around Brandon acted in disgust would be an understatement.

Whatever cute, gotcha, point Brandon was attempting to make fell flat, big time.

Brandon then proceeded to try and shame Rosanna into praising congressman Kinzinger because he had flown recon flights over the border as part of his Air Guard duties, in addition to his service flying refueling tankers over Iraq.

Rosanna took Brandon’s ball and ran with it blasting the congressman for his vote against Blackburn’s DACA bill and his continued support for amnesty when he should know better given he has seen what is going on first hand.


The Sunday Shows For August 31st

world_burns_obamaWith the world burning, an imminent threat of a possible ISIS terrorist attack,  Russian invading the Ukraine, and Obama to busy golfing and going to Democrat fundraisers the Sunday shows will be dominated by talk of foreign policy.

Given that the lineups include noted amnesty backers like John McCain and Adam Kinzinger I suspect at least some mention will be made of immigration and amnesty.

And here’s the lineups:

Meet The Depressed-Sen. Dianne Feinstein(D-CA)

Last Week-Rep. Tom Cole(R-OK), former Gov. Bill Richardson(D-NM)

DeFace The Nation-Sen. John McCain(RINO-AZ), Rep. Peter King(RINO-NY), Rep. Adam Smith(D-WA)

State Of The DisUnion-Sen. Menendez(D-NJ), Rep. Ruppersberger(D-MD), Rep. Adam Kinzinger(RINO-IL), former rep. Tom Delay

Fox News Sunday-Rep. Mike Rogers(R-MI) chair house intel committee.

Defending The Dream Summit: Sen. Ted Cruz

At the AFP Defending the Dream summit taking place in Texas, Sen. Ted Cruz gave a moving and powerful speech.

This man is my choice to be President in 2016.

(h/t The Right Scoop)

HHS Has Let 175 Illegal Immigrants Live With Sponsors In Chicagoland

DSC02586New county by county information released by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement shows that 175 “unaccompanied minors”, aka illegal immigrants, have been released to the custody of a sponsor in Illinois, all of which are in the Chicagoland area in the first six months of this year.

Cook county received 52 illegals.

Lake county received 56 illegals.

And leading the pack, surprisingly, is DuPage county which got 67 illegals.

You can read the full nation wide county by county breakdown here.

Those 175 illegal immigrants represent less than half of the total “unaccompanied minors” HHS has released to a sponsor(parent, relative, or family friend) in Illinois, as of July 31st that was 377 illegals.

Sadly for people in Iowa the Department of Health and Human Services has not released any county data for that state so the whereabouts of the 159 illegals released to a sponsor remains a mystery.

These “unaccompanied minors” released in the Chicagoloand area to a sponsor is just the tip of the iceberg.

As Illinois Senator Mark Kirk has reported nearly 750 illegal immigrants are being cared for by the Heartland Alliance in and around the Chicago area.

Back in Iowa, Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba has backed off his request to have the city house up to 200 more illegals and is now moving to have his city provide legal assistance to the illegals already in Iowa.

Sen. “Little” Dick Durbin Touts Internet Tax, Earmarks At Dixon Stop

Paul McKinley heckling Sen. Dick Durbin (photo Chicago Sun-Times)

Paul McKinley heckling Sen. Dick Durbin (photo Chicago Sun-Times)

Illinois’ Democrat United States Senator “Little” Dick Durbin meet with members of the Dixon chamber of commerce Friday and talked about his support for making internet retailers collect local and state sales taxes on online purchases as well as his wish for a return of earmarks.

On internet taxation Durbin said(via Dixon Telegraph):

“I’m hearing at every level of business that they are getting killed by online retail,” Durbin said. “It’s the biggest issue affecting municipalities because of the lost sales tax.”

Durbin said the Main Street Fairness Act he co-sponsored in 2011 would help Main Street retailers compete with online merchants and bring uncollected sales taxes back to the cities. The bill would require online retailers to collect each state’s sales tax on behalf of the consumer. A little-known law requires consumers to self-report on their state income taxes, but only a small percentage comply.

“It passed with 70 votes in the Senate, and the House wouldn’t even call it for a vote,” Durbin said. “The reason was that the word ‘tax’ was in it. The truth, however, is that this is an existing tax, not a new one.”

Durbin and other Democratic leaders have worked to link the Main Street bill with a 10-year extension of the Internet Tax Freedom Act, which prohibits states from levying taxes on Internet access. The access law is set to expire on Nov. 1.

“I hope to move these two together,” Durbin said, “because I think that both can really help you at the local level.”

Here is a better idea “Little” Dick, when it comes to taxing internet transactions, given the interstate nature of online purchases why not wipe out all local and state taxes on those transactions and replace them with a single federal online purchase sales tax(at a very low rate) then segregate those funds for a block grant program to be given to communities of say less than 100,000 people.

On his wish to see a return of earmarks, by which lawmakers use legislation to tuck away funding for a pet project, here is what Durbin said:

“When we had earmarks, it was much easier to pass a highway bill,” Durbin said. “Much of the motivation was gone once we lost the grip-and-grin photo opportunities.”

And without earmarks we no longer necessarily have Sen. Harry Reid using tax dollars to federally fund sidewalks, or the infamous bridge to no where.  Durbin misses earmarks because now he and every other career politician in Washington has to justify spending on their pet projects, which often times aren’t about job creation of improving a community, and instead are all about getting votes and/or campaign contributions.

Lord I can’t wait to see Jim Oberweis replace this disgrace.

Feel Good Video Of The Day: US Airstrike Takes Out Truckload Of ISIS Terrorist

With all the alerts and warnings about a possible ISIS terrorist attack coming soon its nice to see a truckload of these genocidal Islamic barbarians getting taken out by an American airstrike.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

Red Alert: Authorities Warn Of Imminent ISIS Terror Attack

redalertRed Alert time.

Be prepared for possible ISIS terrorist attacks.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has raised the UK’s terror level to “Severe” believing that an imminent attack by ISIS terrorist is coming.

Federal authorities along the Texas-Mexico border are similarly issuing warnings that ISIS internet chatter has increased and that a possible series of car bombings could happen on the Southern border in the near future.

Fox News has more:

Social media chatter shows Islamic State militants are keenly aware of the porous U.S.-Mexico border, and are “expressing an increased interest” in crossing over to carry out a terrorist attack, according to a Texas law enforcement bulletin sent out this week.

“A review of ISIS social media messaging during the week ending August 26 shows that militants are expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US, for terror attack,” warns the Texas Department of Public Safety “situational awareness” bulletin, obtained by FoxNews.com.

The three-page bulletin, entitled “ISIS Interest on the US Southwest Border” and dated Aug. 28 was released to law enforcement on Thursday.

“Social media account holders believed to be ISIS militants and propagandists have called for unspecified border operations, or they have sought to raise awareness that illegal entry through Mexico is a viable option,” states the law enforcement bulletin, which is not classified.

Despite assurances that no threat to American soil is imminent, the watchdog group Judicial Watch said Friday that Islamic State operatives are in Juarez, just across the border from Texas, and are planning to attack the United States with car bombs.

“Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat,” Judicial Watch stated on its website.

The Texas law enforcement bulletin cites suspected fighters from the terrorist group previously known as ISIS and based in Syria and Iraq as eyeing a border crossing.

There are several military bases with a few hours of Juarez including Fort Bliss, Holloman Air Force base, and the White Sands Missile Range.

And Italian authorities and the Vatican are concerned that ISIS terrorist could pull off an assassination attempt on Pope Francis.

 The Daily Beast has more:

Earlier this week, the Roman newspaper Il Tempo published a disturbing report that Francis is “in the crosshairs” of ISIS for “bearing false witness” against Islam.  Citing anonymous sources within Italy’s intelligence community and pointing to notable heightened security in Rome, the paper went on to say that ISIS plans to heat things up by “raising the level of confrontation” with Europe, Italy and very specifically Pope Francis, the “greatest exponent of the Christian religions.” The Vatican downplayed the concerns, calling them unfounded despite growing concern in Italy that it is not just the Pope who is under threat.  “There is nothing serious to this,” Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told Catholic News Agency.  “There is no particular concern in the Vatican.”

The Italian government apparently begs to differ.  Earlier this week, Italy’s deputy interior minister Filippo Bubbico said that Italy and the Vatican are equally at risk after authorities issued a terrorism alert, warning ISIS could launch terrorist attacks on what they referred to as “sensitive targets” in Rome and elsewhere, specifically pinpointing embassies to both Italy and the Holy See, Catholic churches, bus and train stations, sea ports, airports and travel agencies. Other security measures include restricting air space above Vatican City and Italy’s foreign ministry, in addition to stepped up police presence in public transportation hubs and busy tourist sites like the Coliseum, the Spanish Steps and St. Peter’s Square.  “ISIS poses an international and European security threat and we in Italy feel particularly exposed,” Bubbico told Italian SKY news.

What makes all of these really worrisome is the news from earlier today that a captured computer belonging to an ISIS terrorist contained plans and details for a bio weapon attack amid at the United State.

Fox New has more:

A laptop reportedly recovered from an Islamic State jihadist contained a hidden trove of secret plans, including weaponizing the bubonic plague, and lessons on disguise, bomb-making and stealing cars.

A man identified by ForeignPolicy.com as Abu Ali, a commander of a moderate Syrian rebel group in northern Syria, told the publication the black laptop was seized earlier this year in a raid on an ISIS hideout in the Syrian province of Idlib, close to the border with Turkey, and belonged to a Tunisian jihadist.

“We found the laptop and the power cord in a room,” Ali told ForeignPolicy.com. “I took it with me.”

But most chilling were files that indicated the computer’s owner, identified as a Tunisian national named Muhammed S. who joined ISIS in Syria after studying chemistry and physics at two universities in Tunisia, was teaching himself how to manufacture biological weapons, in preparation for a potential attack that could have been catastrophic on a global scale. A 19-page document in Arabic included instructions on how to develop biological weapons and how to weaponize the bubonic plague from infected animals. 

“The advantage of biological weapons is that they do not cost a lot of money, while the human casualties can be huge,” the document states.

The document includes instructions for testing the weaponized plague before using it to attack.


Defending The Dream Summit: Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson speaking at Americans For Prosperity Defending The Dream 2014 summit in Dallas.

Defending The Dream Summit: Gov. Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry speaking at Americans For Prosperities Defending the Dream summit taking place in Dallas.

(h/t The Right Scoop)

Cheri Bustos Attacks Bobby Schilling For Supporting Same Visa Program She Does

Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-IL)

Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-IL)

Illinois Democrat congresswoman Cheri Bustos has been having a rough time of it lately.

As Leon Wolf points out at RedState Bustos has been caught reneging on a promise to give up 10 percent of her congressional pay.

And now her campaign has plenty of egg on its face after they launched an attack on her opponent former congressman Bobby Schilling over his support of a visa program, the problem for team Bustos is that the congresswoman supports the same program.

Here is the attack line from Bustos’ campaign website:

During his runs for office, Schilling has taken in over $33,000 in campaign contributions from executives with CMB Regional Centers, a company that helps wealthy foreign nationals get EB-5 visas to the United States.  Toward the end of his term in Congress, Schilling voted to reauthorize this visa program…

As Schilling’s campaign spokesman Jon Schweppe points out in an email, earlier this year congresswoman Bustos co-sponsored legislation to make the EB-5 visa program permanent:

The EB-5 program that Bobby Schilling’s employer, CMB Regional Centers, operates under is renewed by Congress every three years, and this past January, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos co-sponsored legislation to make the EB-5 program permanent. How’s that for hypocrisy?

H.R. 15, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, has nearly 200 co-sponsors in Congress, including Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. The bill “makes the EB-5 visa regional center program permanent.”

Yes, you read that correctly—today Cheri Bustos lashed out against a program she co-sponsored. The program has incredible bipartisan support and even includes support from Bustos’ mentor, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois).

ISIS Supporting Chicago Man Arrested For Making Bomb Threat Against Cops

isis-chicago-drudgeWhat is it with the Second City and the worst of the worst of human beings.

Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers ended up there teaching college.

Obama’s Communist mentor Frank Marshal Davis once wrote there.

Of course Rahm “dead fish” Emanuel is now the Mayor.

Chicago sends the Tyrant Michael Madigan to Springfield.

Chicago sadly gave the nation Obama.

And now we have this ISIS terrorist supporting scumbag threating local cops with a bomb.

The Chicago Sun-Times has more:

A man who had an ISIS flag waving from his vehicle is facing several charges after he threatened police with a bomb Wednesday morning when he was pulled over on the Southwest Side.

Emad Karakrah, 49, was charged with felony counts of disorderly conduct and aggravated fleeing; and a misdemeanor count of driving on a never-issued license, according to Chicago Police. He was also issued three traffic citations.

Someone called police after seeing a “suspicious person” driving a silver Pontiac southbound in the 7700 block of South Kedzie at 9:18 a.m. with an ISIS flag waving out the window, according to a police report.

Officers attempted to pull over the vehicle, but the driver took off, according to the report. The officers called for assistance, and another officer pulled the vehicle over after it went through several red lights.

The man told police during his arrest that there was a bomb in the car and he would detonate it if they searched the vehicle, according to the report.

A bomb squad, the FBI and Homeland Security responded to the scene and searched the vehicle, but no bomb was found, authorities said.

Second American Killed In Syria Fighting For ISIS

Abdirahmaan Muhumed

Abdirahmaan Muhumed

A second American, from Minnesota, was killed over the weekend fighting with ISIS terrorist in Syria.

Abdirahmaan Muhumed died along side fellow American turned ISIS terrorist Douglas McCain in the same battle over the weekend in Syria.

Fox News has more:

KMSP-TV in Minneapolis reported that Muhumed was killed in the same battle as Douglas McAuthur McCain, who grew up outside Minneapolis in the town of New Hope and most recently lived in San Diego. The State Department confirmed McCain’s death earlier this week, but spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Wednesday that the U.S. has no independent confirmation of the second American’s death. “We’re looking into it,” she said.

A source told Fox News that Muhumed’s family had been sent a photo of his body from Syria, but had not been formally notified by the State Department. Fox News was unable to contact the family.

A profile of Muhumed by Minnesota Public Radio this past June described him as a 29-year-old Somali-American who had been married more than once and was a father of nine children. MPR reported, citing the FBI, that at least 15 young men from the Twin Citites’ Somali-American community had traveled to Syria to join Islamic State, the militant group formerly known as ISIS that has captured wide swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq.

In a Facebook messages to an MPR reporter, Muhumed wrote “I give up this worldly life for Allah” and “Allah loves those who fight for his cause.” A picture posted on the social network showed Muhumed carrying a Koran in one hand and a rifle in the other.

State Sen. Sue Rezin Blast Quinn-Madigan Fiscal Irresponsibility

Tuesday evening state Senator Sue Rezin spoke at the LaSalle County Tea Party candidate forum and blasted Gov. Pat Quinn and Speaker Michael Madigan over their fiscal irresponsibility.

Over One Hundred Ballots Lost In Wisconsin State Senate Dem Primary

Wisconsin State Senate Dem candidate Pat Bomhack

Wisconsin State Senate Dem candidate Pat Bomhack

Election officials in Green county Wisconsin have lost more than 100 Democrat Party primary ballots putting a close state race into a bit of limbo.

Wisconsin Politics.com has more:

Green County Clerk Michael Doyle said election officials have been unable to track down 110 missing ballots in the 17th SD Dem primary and he will have to certify final results for the county without them.

That could swing the race in favor of Pat Bomhack, who finished the county canvass seven votes behind Ernie Wittwer for the party nomination.

Wisconsin State Senate Dem candidate  Ernie Wittwer

Wisconsin State Senate Dem candidate Ernie Wittwer

The missing ballots are from Monroe, where the county canvass had Wittwer beating Bomhack 523-337. Doyle said he did not have exact numbers from the recount available tonight. But the missing 110 ballots favored Wittwer by a similar proportion and he will be impacted more by losing them from the final count, Doyle said.

Doyle said the Monroe Police chief and a detective helped him search City Hall today and interview poll workers, but no signs of the missing ballots were found.