Rick Santorum: Immigration Should Put Americans First

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum was on CNN Sunday talking about President Obama’s lawless executive order amnesty.

Sen. Ted Cruz On Fox News Sunday Discusses Fighting Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was on Fox News Sunday and talked about ways to fight President Obama’s executive amnesty including holding up nominations, and denying funding.

Texas Gov. Elect Greg Abbott: Obama’s Executive Amnesty Violates The Constitution

Texas Governor Elect Greg Abbott was on Fox News Sunday and said that President Obama’s executive amnesty was a violation of the Constitution.

Mark Kirk: Rand Paul And Ted Cruz Running For President Would Hurt IL GOP

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

In an interview with The Hill Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk said that possible presidential runs by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Texas Senator Ted Cruz would hurt the Illinois Republican Party.

“We definitely have our isolationist wing, which I completely disagree with,” he said, pointing to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), before promising to back a GOP candidate in the presidential primary that he thought would do well in Illinois. He criticized Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) bombastic style as well.

“Some of the candidates that are out there, if they ran for president in Illinois, they would really hurt the Illinois GOP. I lean toward the ones who would do well for us. … I think Ted would get pretty much obliterated in Illinois. I think Rand would not do well in Illinois,” he said, refusing to say whether he’d endorse them if either became the eventual GOP nominee.

He made it clear that, despite his frustration with the past few years, he was looking forward to his new role in a GOP majority.

In the 2012 Republican presidential primary in Illinois former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum garnered 35% of the vote, and was the primary choice for conservative voters(with Newt Gingrich getting 8% and Ron Paul 9%), as eventual GOP nominee Mitt Romney won with 46% of the Republican vote.

Barack Obama would win Illinois for a second time with 57% of the general election vote, Mitt Romney got 41%. Obama beat Sen. John McCain in 2008 61% to 36%. John Kerry won Illinois in 2004 over President George W. Bush 54 to 44. Gore beat Bush in Illinois in 2000 54 to 42.

The obvious electorial problems in Illinois have nothing to do with the parties presidential primary process.  Going into the 2010 general election Republicans in Illinois where only a handful of seats away from having the majority and control of the state legislature.  Instead by the end of the 2012 election, thanks to weak and even non-existent support from the state party organization Republican’s in the Illinois legislature went into a super minority, cementing Democrat Speaker Michael Madigan’s hold on power.

Things have been fluctuating at the congressional level as several House seats flipped to Republican during the 2010 Tea Party wave with wins from Joe Walsh, Randy Hultgren, and Bobby Schilling.  However, thanks to redistricting done at the hands of Michael Madigan, and a Presidential election year with Barack Obama’s name on it, Republicans lost nearly all of those 2012 House gains.

In 2014, in a year in which Republican Governor-elect Bruce Rauner spent considerable cash trying to help get more Republican legislatures elected only one new Republican is going to be sworn into the legislature, Moline firefighter Neil Anderson, as a state Senator.  Despite several close races, that was the only seat gained in the General Assembly.  Even former Republican House minority leader Tom Cross, who voted for bringing Obamacare to Illinois 2 years early and voted to allow for same-sex marriage, the kind of candidate Mark Kirk would support, lost in a close race for state Treasurer.

On the House side two seats flipped, Bob Dold re-won Kirk’s old 10th congressional district in Lake County, and former state Rep. Mike Bost won in far southern Illinois’ 12th CD.  The 10th CD is a purple district, while the 12th had been in Democrat control for years.

The Illinois Republican party isn’t hurt by presidential primaries, or by conservative candidates. It is hurt by amnesty supporters like Sen. Kirk who voted for the Senate Gang of 8 amnesty bill that President Obama is willing to burn the Constitution in order to get passed out of the House, or congressman Adam Kinzinger who was one of only 11 Republicans in the House to vote to allow President Obama to continue to expand his DACA amnesty program which he did in essence with his Executive Order amnesty speech Thursday night.

The Illinois GOP is and has been harmed by the likes of former party chairman Pat Brady who had to be forced from his position because he openly worked against aspects of the party’s state and national platform.

It also hasn’t been helped by minority leaders Sen. Christine Radogno, and Tom Cross who have helped Democrats at times get things like same-sex marriage, drivers licenses for illegals, and early Obamacare done in the state legislature.

Should Ted Cruz or Rand Paul run for President it might actually be a good thing for Illinois Republicans.

Hispanics and immigrants of all backgrounds should be interested in Cruz’s background as the son of a Cuban exile.

Rand Paul has been making attention grabbing attempts to bring the message of the Republican party and liberty to minority groups that traditionally vote Democrat, and people have been taking notice of it.

These are good things. So to is Cruz and Paul’s ability to get people excited about the Constitution, liberty, and the American dream.

Those things won’t hurt the Illinois Republican party Sen. Kirk, but you running for reelection again might.



Major Freight Rail Project Planned To Include Rockford

Railroad_Crossing_and_deep_blue_skyA $6 billion privately funded freight rail project is in the first phases of coming to fruition.

The planned rail bypass would allow cargo rail traffic to avoid the congestion of Chicago and save days on the transport of goods across the country.

Part of the planned route would move rail operations in the city of Rockford to near the airport, one of the nations leading cargo airports, with a new rail facility opening up transportation and distribution options across the cities south and west sides.

If this project includes fixing rail lines linking Rockford and Rochelle, then this project would be a massive job creator for the area as several major rail lines intersect there.

WIFR TV has more:

(Frank) Patton’s Great Lakes Basin Railroad would basically be a railroad bypass of the Windy City, traveling from northwest Indiana around Chicago, coming right through the Stateline, and up to Orfordville, Wisconsin. Patton wants to give businesses whose destinations are not Chicago a second option to cut down on travel time and thus saving money.

“That’s appealing. This is a global market defined as this area exports more than it imports so the better that we can do with our transportation, that’s going to help the whole region out,” says Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen.

The $6 billion project, which is being paid for with 100% private money, could mean big things for Rockford. The plan would e to relocate the downtown Rockford rail yard from its current spot off of South Main.

“That land should get redeveloped into more downtown, urban uses,” said Steve Ernst with the Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Mapping.

The rail yard would then move south of the Chicago International Airport, an ideal location where manufacturers and distributors could tap into the new line.

“The idea of creating a rail facility of some kind out by the airport that the railroads can use in lieu of that is both beneficial to us and beneficial to the railroads. It’s a win-win for both of us.”

Pension Reform Won’t Move Forward In Illinois Until Union Friendly Constitutional Clause Amended

Michael Madigan(D-Chicago)

Michael Madigan(D-Chicago)

On Friday Sangamon County Circuit Court Judge John Belze ruled that a “fake” pension reform bill passed by Speaker Michael Madigan and signed by Gov. Pat Quinn is unconstitutional because it violates a provision on the Illinois state constitution.

Article XIII, Section 5 reads(bold mine):

Membership in any pension or retirement system of the State, any unit of local government or school district, or any agency or instrumentality thereof, shall be an enforceable contractual relationship, the benefits of which shall not be diminished or impaired.

Governor-elect Bruce Rauner has said that he wants the state Supreme Court to review the case quickly so the state can move forward on pension reform.

Illinois currently has $111 billion in pension debt.

Because of that provision of the Illinois Constitution the result of any further challenge to the “fake” pension reform bill will be predictable, it is going to be struck down, the courts in the state are bound by that language and thus any attempts to say move state employee retirement plans to 401(k) style defined contribution plans will be blocked by the Unions who want to keep the taxpayers on the hook for their defined benefit retirement plans.

So long as Article 13, section 5 is written the way that it is, this state is in for a lot of pain as it tries to deal with that growing pension debt.


obama-dictatorFolks Ceaser Benito Obama has finished with his executive amnesty decree and all I have to say is

The Constitution is burning


My live tweeting of the dictatorial speech.


Obama’s Executive Amnesty Should Be Meet With Articles Of Impeachment

obama-dictatorPresident Obama is set to announce his executive amnesty in a prime time address Thursday night.  While the details of Obama’s executive amnesty haven’t been finalized it is likely to include the expansion of his Deferred Deportation program, known as DACA, to cover at least 4 million illegal immigrants as the program will now cover anyone who crossed the border as children(under 16) prior to January 2010, as well as the parents of children already given deferred deportations as well as the parents of legal immigrants.

Fox News-Obama to announce 10 point immigration plan

While mouthpieces for the administration have been trying to claim that Obama’s upcoming dictatorial fiat is nothing out of the ordinary, the fact of the matter is this is a lawless action being taken by an imperial President.

President Obama’s original DACA program in and of itself was an unconstitutional assault on Congresses Article I, Section 8 power over immigration and any expansion of this executive amnesty should be viewed as an unabashed attempt to eviscerate the Constitution.

House and Senate Republicans are looking at using the upcoming need to issue a new Continuing Resolution or omnibus spending bill to attach language that would bar any funds from being used to implement Obama’s planned executive fiat amnesty, and that is a good thing.

However, it is insufficient to curtail a growingly dictatorial despot.

What House Republicans should do on Friday morning after President Obama’s nationally televised address is file Articles of Impeachment against President Obama with trial in the Senate starting in early January.

Here is what those Articles of Impeachment should look like(rough draft):

Count 1-Violation of his duty to faithfully uphold the Constitution, namely usurping Congresses Article I, Section 8 power over immigration via executive amnesty, actions the President himself on numerous occasions has said he could not do.

Count 2-Violation of his duty to faithfully execute the laws passed by Congress, examples of this include unilaterally altering and delaying various aspects of Obamacare, changing the work requirements of welfare reform(passed in the 90s) without congressional approval, ordering Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol to ignore/not enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

Count 3-Violation of a duly passed congressional notification requirement on the release of terrorist enemy combatants from detention at the Guantanamo Bay prison by releasing 5 senior Taliban commanders, while hostilities are ongoing, in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Count 4-Violation of Congresses appropriation powers by using funds to facilitate the trade of 5 senior Taliban commanders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl that was not allocated by Congress.

Count 5-Violation of the recess appointments clause of the Constitution by unconstitutionally, per the Supreme Court, making recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, and of Richard Cordray to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

All five of those charges are easy to prove, easy to show violations of the plain text and meaning of the Constitution, and are easy for the American people to understand that their President, no matter who he is, is not above the law, and the supreme law of the land is the Constitution.

Go ahead Mr. President issue your executive amnesty. Go ahead a become a Benito Mussolini. And rightfully get impeached for it.




Streator Elementary School District Looking To Increase Taxes

90px-Streator_logoThe Streator elementary school district has a budget deficit of $2.7 million and is looking to increase property taxes in order to help balance its books and sadly many other school districts in Illinois are looking to do the same.

And what is up with a state bureaucrat telling local school districts there only choices are cut staff and programs or raise taxes.  There are plenty of other options, some novel like Ottawa High schools plan to sell naming rights, to the simple like de-unionizing, that would do the same thing only not cost teachers their jobs or taxpayers more of their money.

The Ottawa Times has more:

With a deficit in the educational fund of $2,779,033 — the second year of such a deficit — Streator Elementary District 44 is exploring asking for a tax referendum to increase the educational fund tax by 75 cents to 2.07.

The move is required by the state before the district can be labeled in “financial difficulty.” Superintendent Matt Wilkinson told the board Tuesday a representative from the state told him the district has two choices: cut more programs and staff or increase revenues. Wilkinson said since the district has already cut as many programs and staff as possible, it is left to ask for a referendum.

The 75 cent figure is based on the district’s equalized assessed valuation of $1,334,000.

Streator’s educational fund tax rate is 1.32, the lowest of other districts with similar average daily attendance. Ottawa’s educational fund tax rate, for example, is 2.24. However, District 44’s overall tax rate is 3.49819 while Ottawa Elementary’s overall tax rate is 3.98202. The primary lump tax rate for Streator’s Bruce Township, meanwhile, is 12.16956, while Ottawa Township is at 10.20411.

“I think if we can demonstrate to the community our tax rate is lower than other similar size districts, we have a chance at being successful,” Wilkinson said. “We’re in a jam right now and we need help. We’re not gonna be able to rely on Springfield for that help.”

Wilkinson said if a required deficit reduction plan, which would include the possibility of the increased revenue from the referendum, was not achievable in three years than the district could move to an oversight panel.


Dekalb County Board Set To Approve Deficit Budget

city-of-dekalb-signDebt and deficits that pretty much describes the fiscal situation nearly every level of government in the state of Illinois.

Including Dekalb county.

The Dekalb Daily Chronicle has more:

During the past several weeks, county officials have shaved $60,000 off the proposed spending plan so they only use $740,000 in savings.

The proposed budget for fiscal 2015, which starts Jan. 1, will not become official until DeKalb County Board members approve it, but county leaders have been developing the $77.1 million budget for months.

County Board members are expected to vote on the budget today.

When the budget was first proposed earlier this year, the draft called covering a budget shortfall with $800,000 from the county’s $9.2 million reserve fund.

The Finance Committee met in early October with a challenge to reduce that number, and they came to their final proposed number of $740,000 Nov. 5, DeKalb County Administrator Gary Hanson said.

They reduced expenses in part by switching county employees’ health insurance to a self-insured plan, in which employees pool their resources to cover insurance claims rather than paying a monthly premium, said county Finance Director Peter Stefan.

“Now we’ll pay them a much smaller amount to process paperwork of claims,” Stefan said. “If the county has a good year, we’ll enjoy the benefits rather than the insurance company.”


State Rep. Jeanne Ives Blast University of Illinois For Rehiring Terrorist Prof Kilgore

On Wednesday state representative Jeanne Ives was on Fox and Friends to blast the University of Illinois decision to rehire professor James Kilgore. The U of I let Kilgore go four years ago when they learned of his criminal past, murdering a young mother during a failed bank robbery in the 1970s.  Kilgore’s criminal past also makes him a domestic terrorist due to his involvement with the Symbionese Liberation Army.

Social Justice Preachers, Unions, And Democrats Unite To Try And Raise Illinois’ Minimum Wage

Rep. Mike Smiddy at Rock Island Minimum Wage rally Tuesday, photo from QC Online

Rep. Mike Smiddy at Rock Island Minimum Wage rally Tuesday, photo from QC Online

Those who preach “social justice”, union leaders, the League of Women Voters, and elected Democrats came out Tuesday to rally for an increase in the state of Illinois’ minimum wage at events in Chicago, Rockford, Rock Island, and Peoria.

On election day 2/3 of voters approved a non-binding resolution in favor of raising Illinois minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 an hour.

All of this talk about raising the Min. Wage is a lot of hot air.

The only thing raising Illinois’ Min. Wage will do is cost this sad state around 10,000 jobs(per the Illinois Policy Institute), make it that much harder for teenagers, especially minority teens, to get their first job, and increase the pay for unionized workers across the state as many of their collectively bargained contracts contain provisions making the union workers wages rise to coincide with any state of federal increase in the minimum wage.

As I’ve said before this is not what the state of Illinois needs. We need more jobs, not less, hence my full-throated support for fracking.

The Rockford Register Star has more:

Rev. Matthew Johnson of the Unitarian Universalist Church, Claire McIntyre of the League of Women Voters and Brad Long, president of the Northwestern Illinois Building & Construction Trades Council — gathered Tuesday to call for action from Illinois lawmakers because voters on Nov. 4 approved an advisory referendum calling for a minimum wage increase.

“A friend of mine said to me recently these jobs were never designed to support a family,” Johnson said during a news conference at his church, 4848 Turner St. “That’s true. They weren’t. Raising this minimum wage will help millions of families across the state and thousands here in Winnebago County to have better, stronger lives.

“It’s the right thing to do. It’s the just thing to do.”

Few people attended the event. But attendees said they hoped to inspire lawmakers to move forward with legislation during the veto session, which starts Wednesday, that would raise the minimum wage in 2015.

McIntyre said someone working a minimum wage job while trying to raise three children would be living below the federal poverty line.

“People receiving $8.25 an hour must depend on governmental assistance for child care, food, housing and other supportive services, which have been drastically cut,” she said. “Sixty-seven percent of those voting on the advisory ballot question to raise the minimum wage agree the minimum wage must be increased.”

Johnson said he had spent years preaching about economic injustice.

QC Online has some more:

Scott Vogel, of Service Employees International  Union Healthcare Illinois, urged people who support the increase to contact their legislators.

“Let them know there is a mandate,” he said during the Tuesday event.

Mr. Vogel was accompanied by State Rep. Mike Smiddy, D-Hillsdale,  and a number of supporters of the Raise Illinois campaign, including union and aid group representatives and people who have minimum wage jobs.  Mr. Vogel said it was one of several conferences happening Tuesday, with others being in Chicago, Peoria and Rockford.

“On Nov. 4, the voters of Illinois sent a strong message,”  Rep. Smiddy said.

New Businesses Coming To Rockford’s East State St.

H1-301089832East State st. in Rockford is about to get a couple more businesses including a new Portillo’s restaurant at State and Mulford, a new bar and grill near the old Circuit City, and a new car wash.

WIFR has more:

The strip center with the former Circuit City may get some new life with a new bar and grill. It’s going before Rockford’s Zoning Board tonight.

Down the road on State, a car wash should open in December or January at the Old House of Buffet.

Alderman say the building’s owner is still debating renovating it or tearing it down.

We can’t forget about the Portillo’s that’s planned for Mulford and State. The ZBA will vote on that project tonight.


Ottawa High School Looking To Sell Naming Rights To Plug Budget Deficit

Ottawa high school, Ottawa, IL

Ottawa high school, Ottawa, IL

The Ottawa township high school district, which has a budget deficit of $3 million, is looking at selling naming rights to the building, classrooms, wings of the building, fields and more in order to help close its unbalanced books.

The Ottawa Times has more:

the district will soon implement a naming rights campaign hoping to bring in an additional $100,000 or more annually.

Superintendent Matt Winchester said the plan is to allow people to bid on naming rights to just about any building or class space within the district. He said athletic facilities, wings of buildings, classrooms and about 20 more options will be on the table. He said details aren’t final just yet, but the naming rights will likely be auctioned or bid out for 10-year commitments.

“It could be a substantial, maybe six figures total,” he said.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Mulling 2016 Presidential Run

Gov.Scott Walker(R-WI)

Gov.Scott Walker(R-WI)

While the GOP establishment is focused on Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Chris Christie as their favorites to run for President in 2016, actual conservative Republicans with track records of success are gearing up to run as well, including outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

All I have to say is run, Scott, run(and Ted Cruz too).

The Administration Press has more:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he is seriously considering whether to get into the race for president in 2016, but he hasn’t decided yet whether he feels the call to run.

“My personal process is I have to feel like it’s a calling, particularly for the time and the effort and the impact it has on family and friends,” Walker told AP in a telephone interview from Boca Raton, Florida, where he is attending the Republican Governors Association meeting this week. “It’s not something you should yearn for…”

Walker, who won re-election to a second term in November after becoming the nation’s first governor to defeat a recall in 2012, said it was “pretty obvious” that running for president is something he should consider.

Walker has taken several steps to keep his name in the mix as a potential GOP contender. Walker published a book in 2013 about his effort taking on public unions that spurred his recall election, he’s traveled to Iowa and New Hampshire, and has courted large conservative donors, including casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

Elected governor three times in four years, Walker commands unusually strong loyalty among conservatives in Wisconsin. Exit polls after his re-election two weeks ago showed he won the votes of 96 percent of Republicans. That kind of support from the party’s far-right activists, extended nationally, could fuel Walker’s viability in a wide-open fight for the GOP presidential nomination.

Rep. Schock Helps Sale Of Old Hennepin Steel Mill

Rep. Aaron Schock(R-IL)

Rep. Aaron Schock(R-IL)

Looks like some redevelopment is coming to Hennepin, IL as congressman Aaron Schock has helped facilitate the sale of an old steel mill to a new owner who wants to bring the 800+ acre property back into use.

The LaSalle News-Tribune has more:

Congressman Aaron Schock (IL-18) announced today that his nearly six year effort to find an alternative use for the shuddered ArcelorMittal steel plant in Hennepin, IL, has resulted in a new owner of the facility, a welcome report for the hard-hit community in Putnam County.

IPS Steel, a Michigan-based industrial manufacturer, has acquired the 873 acres of land and nearly one million square feet of buildings at the former ArcelorMittal facility with the intention to turn the property back to productive use, creating good-paying jobs and generating much-needed revenue for the region.

“I’m pleased to announce that a new owner has been found with an alternative use for the facility. Given the current economic climate, we should all welcome IPS Steel to the region and be thankful for the jobs they plan to create,” Schock said of the purchase. “When I first came to Congress, news of the shutdown had shocked the community and their families. I’m glad today we have some good news to share with the region and some jobs for those still looking for work.”

“We are very excited with the purchase of this facility and look forward to working with the local community and officials to bring back business and jobs to this area” said Kishan Sutariya, Project Manager at IPS Steel.

Ted Cruz Speech Against Net Neutrality

Texas Senator Ted Cruz spoke recently in Austin, TX about President Obama’s plan to put the government in charge of the internet in a move called net neutrality.

As Sen. Cruz said, “Don’t mess with the net.”

(h/t The Right Scoop)

“You Will Never Stop The Voice Of Liberty”: Steve Tucker Speaks Out On Truthy-gate

 Filippo Menczer,

Filippo Menczer,

Truthy, is a nearly million dollar taxpayer financed research project of Indiana University computer science professor, Filippo Menczer, that tracked, monitored, and recorded tweets from conservatives on Twitter.  In a 2012 book Menczer admitted to using his Truthy project to have the Twitter accounts of several conservatives suspended.

Menczer and his Truthy project are the subject of a growing controversy in Washington as the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee and its chairman Texas congressman Lamar Smith investigate why the project was given nearly a million dollars by the National Science Foundation and the researchers obvious targeting of conservatives.

One of the people Menczer admits to having targeted is leading Obamacare critic, insurance broker, and Chicago Tea Party leader C. Steven Tucker.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports:

The database was used to identify “several Truthy memes, resulting in many of the accounts involved being suspended by Twitter,” the chapter said.

Truthy was able to suspend the account of C. Steven Tucker, a health insurance broker, who often used the hashtag “American Patriots,” or #ampat, from his two Twitter accounts.

“This activity generated traffic around this hashtag and gave the impression that more people were tweeting about it,” the chapter said. “These two accounts had generated a total of over 41,000 tweets.”

C. Steven Tucker(right) and Mark Levin(left)

C. Steven Tucker(right) and Mark Levin(left)

Speaking exclusively to USofArn.com Steve Tucker, who has also been targeted by the IRS, sounded off on professor Menczer and his Truthy project:

(There is)No reasoning. Just targeting. I was too effective so they shut me down. Pure, unadulterated, taxpayer funded Fascism.

I guess the first amendment doesn’t apply to us Conservatives aye “Fill”? Cowards like you always operate in the shadows. You should hang your head in shame but just like Barack Obama you’ll never admit you did anything wrong because the ends justify the means. Know this, no matter what program or algorithm you develop you will never stop the voice of Liberty. For this is America and America was founded on Conservative principles. Conservatives make America great. Not cowardly, taxpayer funded Fascists like you

Tucker says that as of Wednesday evening neither congressman Smith nor anyone from the House SST committee has gotten in touch with him about Truthy-gate.

Rockford 2nd Most Dangerous City In America

imagesOf all the cities and towns across the country that have populations of under 200,000 the city of Rockford, Illinois is the 2nd most dangerous in the nation according to a new analysis of 2013 FBI crime statistics.  Only Little Rock, Arkansas was more dangerous.

MyStateline.com has more:

Law Street analyzed numbers for murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault, to come up with overall violent crime rates for cities with more than 200,000 residents and also cities like Rockford with less than 200,000 people. A link to the list with Rockford on it is below.  The site also ranks the most dangerous large cities in America as well as the safest large and small cities in America based on their analysis.

It should be noted crime is down overall so far in 2014, so Rockford’s position may improve somewhat next year, but obviously, it is a list no city wants to be on.

In reaction to Rockford’s ranking as the #2 most dangerous in the nation Rockford resident Brain Leggero said, “I love the City I’ve been born and raised and I can’t take witnessing the direction we are heading. Its shameful.”


Proposed North Dakota To Illinois Oil Pipeline Estimated To Add $1.1 Billion To Iowa Economy Alone

Alaska pipeline

Alaska pipeline

A new economic analysis of a proposed oil pipeline that would go from North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois estimates that the state of Iowa alone would see $1.1 billion in new economic activity and create 7,600 jobs.

The pipeline would bring oil from North Dakota’s booming Bakken shale formation to existing pipelines south of Chicago.

QC Online has more:

An analysis by a West Des Moines company says a proposed oil pipeline across Iowa would provide an economic impact of $1.1 billion to the state during two years of construction.

The Des Moines Register reports that the analysis was prepared by Strategic Economics Group for Energy Transfer Partners, of Dallas, which wants to build the 1,100-mile underground pipeline across Iowa and three other states. The pipeline would carry up to 570,000 barrels of crude oil daily from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois, where it could be redirected.


The analysis says construction would create enough work to keep 7,600 people fully employed in Iowa for a year.