Why I’m Glad I Never Partnered With Steve Bannon And Breitbart

Trumpbart In December of last year this humble little blogger from Northern Illinois had an idea on how to bring more stories from Illinois and Chicago to the nation’s attention and to put a little conservative media pressure on the plethora of corrupt politicians this state is home to.

Working with Mike Flynn, a founding member of Andrew Breitbart’s media empire, and another top blogger/reporter from Illinois we turned that idea into a proposal to create a new Breitbart Chicago bureau; this was coming off of the launches of Breitbart’s London and Jerusalem bureaus.

On no less than three separate occasions during the early months of this year, Breitbart’s leader Steve Bannon, whose since become Donald Trump’s campaign manager, told me he loved the idea and wanted to have further talks about it. Talks that never materialized because Mr. Bannon kept forgetting that the pitch had been made to him and he liked it.

Then the Michelle Fields incident happened and the ensuing exodus of the sites leading conservatives such as Ben Shapiro led me and my partners to walked away from associating this project with Bannon and Breitbart and tried to pull the project off as a standalone entity we were planning on calling “Chicago’s Untouchables”.

Sadly Mike Flynn’s untimely death this Summer from a heart attack was a fatal blow to this project and a tremendous loss for all conservatives.

Needless to say, all these months later, I am glad that plan as originally formulated fell apart.

As we’ve all learned late Monday, during the GOP primaries one of the Democrat Party’s top operatives, and a subject in the recent James O’Keefe “rigging” videos, was working hand in hand with Steve Bannon and others at Breitbart to attack and undermine Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Right Scoop and RedState have good pieces on that story.

This follows Steve Bannon’s Breitbart pushing the birther nonsense against Ted Cruz, going wall to wall against Paul Ryan in his primary, giving a platform to the pond scum known as Roger Stone, throwing Michelle Fields under the bus, and the multitude of other things that have made people rightfully refer to the once vaunted Breitbart News as Trumpbart.

As a conservative Tea Party activist committed to fighting bad government and corrupt politicians there is no way in Hell I could work for a “news” outlet that I’d have to investigate and report on.

Taking down corrupt career politicians like Michael Madigan or Illinois’ own Hillary Clinton would have been a lot easier with Breitbart’s name and reach, but not at the expense of having everyone else I would have been working with trying to eat our own in order to advance Nationalist Populism, protectionist trade policy(which caused the Great Depression), and the Alt-Right white supremacists.

I weep for what Steve Bannon and his band of cronies have done to Andrew’s name, legacy, and reputation, all in the name of advancing the most flawed GOP candidate/nominee EVER.


Michael Madigan And John Cullerton Have Used $3.5 Million In Campaign Funds For Cubs, Bulls, And White Sox Season Tickets

Michael Madigan(D-Chicago)

Michael Madigan(D-Chicago)

With playoff baseball in Chicago and a critical election just around the corner an examination of Illinois Board of Elections campaign reports by USofArn.com shows that the states two most powerful legislative leaders Speaker Michael Madigan(D-Chicago) and Senate President John Cullerton(D-Chicago) have spent a combined $3.5 million from their campaign funds to purchase season tickets for the Chicago Cubs, Bulls, and White Sox dating back to 1999. They are the only two lawmakers to make such purchases according to state records.

Michael Madigan’s spokesman Steve Brown told USofArn that the Speaker used some of those  tickets to attend games with his friends and family, which includes his daughter Lisa Madigan the states Attorney General. Despite multiple attempts Mr. Brown hasn’t responded any further to questions family-video-internetabout Speaker Madigan’s campaign spending(Which includes how and why he spent more than $700 at a Springfield Family Video for internet service from 1999-2003 when they’ve never offered that service).

Chicago residents learned earlier in the MLB post season that Chicago politicians were given special access to Cubs playoff tickets as they try to break the teams 108 year World Series curse.

madigan cubs playoffsIn the last decade and a half, using a combination of his Friends of Michael Madigan and 13th Democratic Ward campaign funds Madigan has shelled out $1.25 million for Cubs tickets, including post season tickets in previous years, over madigan-cubs-3q-2016$933,000 for White Sox season tickets, playoff tickets, and all-star game tickets, and another $423,610 for Bulls season tickets. There were also $23,000 in unspecified season ticket purchases by Madigan to the University of Notre Dame, which for the geography challenged is in Indiana, not Illinois. Just in the latest 3rd quarter report Madigan used more than $42,000 in campaign funds to purchase Cubs tickets.

cullerton-soxs-2016John Cullerton, who became President of the Illinois Senate in 2009, used more than $418,000 from his campaign fund for Cubs tickets, over $300,000 for White Sox tickets, and another $178,954 for Bulls tickets from the first quarter of this year going back to 1999.



reinsdorf-tixCampaign records also show that in the Summer of 2004 Michael Madigan bought nearly $500 worth of White Sox tickets off of team owner Jerry Reinsdorf, who also owns the Chicago Bulls.

Records also show Sen. Cullerton used over $18,000 in campaign funds for unspecified tickets from Stub Hub, plus another $7,000 for more unspecified tickets from other ticket vendors, to go along with nearly $8,000 worth of Chicago Bears tickets and over $10,000 in unnamed event tickets at the United Center.

One Illinois lawmaker who wished anonymity couldn’t stop laughing at how brazen Madigan and Cullerton were with this misuse of campaign funds especially given the ongoing campaign spending scandal involving Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino, who spent 24 years in the state legislature as a top Madigan lieutenant. Mautino is under state and federal investigation for half a million dollars in questionable spending at his home town gas station and bank.

It is supposed to be against Illinois campaign spending law(s) for a politician to use their campaign funds for personal gain.

Chicago Dem State Rep. Introduces Bill To Tax And Put Serial Numbers On Ammo

gunOn Monday Chicago Democrat state Rep. Sonya Harper filled HB 6615 that would require that all handgun ammunition kept, sold, or used in the state of Illinois starting in 2018 would have to have serial numbers, anyone in possession of unserialized ammo would face misdemeanor charges.  Harper’s bill would also establish a state registry for ammunition and sales with the Illinois State Police and impose a half a penny tax per round on ammo sold in the Illinois.

The synopsis of the bill:

 Provides that beginning January 1, 2018, all handgun ammunition that is manufactured, imported into the State for sale or personal use, kept for sale, offered or exposed for sale, sold, given, lent, or possessed shall be serialized. Provides that beginning January 1, 2018, any person who manufactures, causes to be manufactured, imports into the State for sale or personal use, keeps for sale, offers or exposes for sale, or who gives or lends any handgun ammunition that is not serialized is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. Provides that beginning January 1, 2018, any person who possesses in any public place any handgun ammunition that is not serialized is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor. Provides exceptions. Provides that beginning January 1, 2018, the Department of State Police shall maintain a centralized registry of all reports of handgun ammunition transactions reported to the Department in a manner prescribed by the Department. Provides that information in the registry, upon proper application for that information, shall be furnished to peace officers and authorized employees of the Department of State Police or to the person listed in the registry as the owner of the particular handgun ammunition. Provides that the Department of State Police shall adopt rules relating to the assessment and collection of end-user fees in an amount not to exceed $0.005 per round of handgun ammunition or per bullet, in which the accumulated fee amount may not exceed the cost to pay for the infrastructure, implementation, operational, enforcement, and future development costs of these provisions. Effective January 1, 2018, except some provisions effective immediately.

There have been more than 570 murders so far in Chicago this year, with well over 3,000 wounded. This past weekend saw 8 people killed and another 40 wounded.

This horrific amount of crime is almost all the result of young black men shooting and killing or wounding other young blacks with illegal guns in a city that used to ban handgun ownership until that was found to be unconstitutional by the Courts. Chicago continues a near de facto ban on gun stores within city limits by way of zoning ordinances after the Courts again found the cities outright ban on them unconstitutional.  Chicago is so anti-gun that Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Amazon.com have teamed up to keep little kids from getting toys in the city, right as everyone gears up for the Christmas shopping season.

Making hunters, the states tens of thousands of concealed carry permit holders, or any other law-abiding gun owner put serial numbers on their ammunition won’t do diddley squat about the Chicago’s gang and drug violence problem.

If Rep. Harper wants to do something about Chicago’s(or Rockford’s) crime problem do something about the lack of fathers in these punk kids lives, do something about a culture that promotes violence, fix the Chicago court system so that shooting suspects aren’t back out on the street before the inks dry, that and so much more would do wonders for Chicago’s violent streets; putting serial numbers on everyone’s ammo is just a great way to get another Illinois anti-gun law squashed by the Courts for being unconstitutional.

Forensic Audit Results In Criminal Charges For Ex-Ogle County Sheriff

Michael Harn

Michael Harn

After more than two years of investigation a forensic audit of the Ogle County Sheriff department, at the order of the Ogle County board, has resulted in two felony theft charges being filled against former Sheriff Michael Harn this week.

Harn is accused of using thousands of dollars in county funds to purchase clothing, remote-controlled toys, adult novelty items, vehicle repairs, iTunes purchases, boat equipment, electronics, guns, radio advertising, and more all for his personal use.

Each theft charge carries a 3-7 year prison term.

Harn’s troubles began in December 2013 when the Dixon Telegraph and members of the Ogle county board started questioning Harn’s use of the Sheriff departments tow fund.  $7,500 from the tow fund was used by Harn for meals at Oregon area restaurants and another $3,400 was used to buy clothing. Harn was appeared to have used about $4,000 to set up a Facebook page, money that was paid to Harn’s campaign manager. Anyone who has ever used Facebook knows there is no reason to spend even one penny setting up a Facebook page or administering it.

These allegations of inappropriate spending, in large part, contributed to Harn losing his 2014 reelection bid in the Republican primary to current Ogle County Sheriff Brian VanVickle.

The forensic audit, pushed by county board members including Zach Oltmanns, was completed in the fall of 2014 and found that some $11,000 was missing from the tow fund and that another $61,000 was placed into the tow fund by the Sheriff’s department when it should have been placed in the county’s general revenue.

Those results prompted the county board and Sheriff VanVickle to bring in the Illinois State Police to conduct a full investigation of the Sheriff’s departments spending, which after two years resulted in this weeks criminal charges against Harn by a special prosecutor.

At the time the Ogle County board was debating beginning the forensic audit some Ogle County residents attacked those board members who were pushing hard for the audit for being disloyal to a fellow Republican(there are not enough Democrats in Ogle county to fill a mini-van) and for “wasting” the money on the forensic audit.

Those people have some big Crows to eat now.

In the lead up to the 2014 GOP primary sources within Ogle County government informed USofArn.com that Harn was also using a county storage facility to warehouse his campaign yard signs and other items. Unfortunately due to my day job and living in Ottawa at the time I was unable to stake out the storage facility to prove that allegation. But, given what we now know about Harn’s inability to keep his personal life separate from the Sheriff departments bank account(s) I have no doubts that this was true.

In the wake of the tow fund scandal, and the change in leadership at the Sheriff department, Sheriff VanVickle and the Ogle County board drastically changed accounting and oversight of the department and its funds.

Harn’s first scheduled court appearance is Nov. 10th.

When Republicans Lie About Their Support For Amnesty: Rep. Kinzinger Edition

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

During election season entrenched establishment politicians like, no love, to lie about their records and views on matters of national importance so that they can garner votes to return to Washington and continue aiding and abiding the status quo.

Take for instance Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger, one of the biggest supporters of amnesty in the House outside of fellow Illinois congressman Luis Gutierrez, who has resorted to lying about his stance on immigration and amnesty on his campaign website; this despite the fact that congressman Kinzinger faces absolutely no opponent on the November 8th ballot.

Kinzinger says on his website:

While I believe we must make reforms to our broken immigration system, we must first ensure that our borders are secure or we risk returning to the status quo. It is vital we update our antiquated immigration system to better suit the needs of a 21st century economy, but we must not reward those who have come here illegally. I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress to ensure we develop immigration policies that secure and strengthen America and provide fairness to those who attempt to enter our country legally.

Congressman Kinzinger’s own amnesty supporting past says something very differently.

Earlier this year Kinzinger joined with a handful of other amnesty supporting Republicans and the majority of the Democrats to get a provision passed that paves the way for illegal immigrants to serve in the United States military. Kinzinger is a Major in the Air Guard and is an Iraq veteran.

When a previous attempt to let illegals into the military failed Kinzinger said during a radio interview:

I think this amendment to strip this frankly came from a very ugly place in our party that won’t even look at the idea of somebody that’s 3 or 4 years old when they were brought here, looking at the opportunity to say I want to earn an opportunity to be a citizen of the United States of America….There is nothing more Republican in my mind than people earning an opportunity to have a shot at the American dream.

If we as Republicans can’t get behind the idea of studying the merits of earning citizenship in this country by serving in the military than that frankly frightens me and I don’t know what we can stand for that is more Republican than that.

Before that on the issue of President Obama’s executive amnesties for certain, large, groups of illegal immigrants Kinzinger said stopping DACA, Obama’s first executive amnesty, sent “the wrong message to send for our party.”. In the months leading up to President Obama’s 2012 edict Kinzinger said that taking preemptive steps to stop President Obama from issuing any amnesty via executive order, “would have made our already broken immigration system more confusing and inefficient.”

Yeah how exactly was stopping a lawless President from committing an unconstitutional usurpation of the power of Congress going to make the illegal immigration problem worse?

As a Chamber of Commerce bankrolled member of Congress that is totally and completely loyal to GOPe leadership congressman Kinzinger should drop the pretend to be an immigration hawk act, it’s old and really transparent.

Just admit you are going back to Washington for another term to make sure illegal immigrants continue to get more benefits, continue to get to stay, that the border remains a political hot potato playing second fiddle to “comprehensive immigration reform”, and the Chamber of Commerce and other big corporations continue to have access to keep foreign labor, you’d at least be honest saying that.

Trump Love Is No Excuse To Attack Convention Of States

conventionIt is one thing for a Donald Trump devotee to share fake stories from fake websites or to tout the awesomeness and definitive certainty of online polls but it is something else altogether when one uses their love of Trump as an excuse to attack the Article V Convention of States effort.

As of today 8 state legislatures, from Florida to Alaska, have approved applications to hold a Convention of States under Article V of the Constitution for the purpose of debating and proposing constitutional amendments for state ratification.

This is an effort that began gaining traction with the 2013 release of best-selling author and talk show host Mark Levin’s book The Liberty Amendments and has only grown since then and is going to continue in 2017 as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has made making his state the 9th to join the effort to reign in the out of control Federal government as top legislative priority of his, a priority he reiterated in new book Broken But Unbowed.

But leave it up to Trump cultist logic to conflate a conservative, principled plan to save the Republic and the Constitution from liberal Statists and crony capitalist RINOs, that began 3 years before Donald Trump was ever a presidential candidate with a plot to harm The Donald that must be stopped.

Illinois Review contributor Nancy Thorner wrote Monday, “”Never Trump” people are the leaders in pushing the Convention of States. They include Eric O’Keefe (who led the delusional effort at this summer’s Republican Convention in Cleveland to deny Trump the nomination) and Michael Farris (who has continued to publicly criticize Trump). These “Never Trump” people are the new RINOS.  Failing to back the Donald Trump, do we want our Constitution rewritten by them?”

Nancy spent the majority of her piece attacking the entire concept of an Article V Convention, basing her attacks primarily off of the work of attorney Publius Huldah, who spoke recently at an Eagle Forum event in St. Louis, arguing that such an invocation of the second amendment method within Article V would result in a Constitutional Convention that would draft an entirely new Constitution.

Nancy also included some good old fashion George Soros and Koch brothers conspiracy theorizing in her piece saying, “What would prevent backers of the Convention of States from engaging in tactics of the Left, such as using secret, undisclosed big donors to finance their ConCon projects.  The secret donors may have received secret promises about what a new convention would actually do.  David Koch of the Koch brothers, who may be funding the project, supports abortion and gay rights, and refuses to support Trump.  George Soros is also pushing for ConCon, using his immense fortune to do so.”

Mrs. Thorner also used the #NeverTrump and Soros/Koch brothers lines of attack in a different Article V hit piece she wrote in July ahead of the GOP National Convention in Cleveland saying, “ConCon supporters are in step with globalists like the Koch Brothers and George Soros who are determined to take over the Republican Party using the never-used procedure of an Article V Convention as a ruse to purpose amendments to the U.S. Constitution.”

Hate to burst a good bubble but George Soros and the Koch Brothers aren’t the ones working to get enough state legislatures to approve applications to hold an Article V Convention, it has been grass-roots conservatives the nation over who have been working their state Representatives and State Senators for 3 years now that have been doing it.

This is an effort that has received scant national support or reportage outside of Mark Levin and Glenn Beck.

And yet this is an effort that has had the support of principled conservatives for a long time.

Just in our current Modern Era, President Dwight Eisenhower backed using Article V to tackle the Federal bureaucracy.

Throughout the 1970s great Free Market thinkers like Milton Friedman supported Article V to get a much-needed(then and now) balanced budget amendment.

In his autobiography An American Life President Ronald Reagan wrote of the need for the American people to use the Article V Convention of States process to get term limits on Congress, a balanced budget amendment, and a Presidential line item veto.

Even Trump surrogates Dr. Ben Carson, and Mike Huckabee supported the Article V Convention effort during the GOP Presidential primary. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has also been a major supporter of the effort even before his presidential campaign.

The likes of Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and the back benchers who will succeed them will never let any constitutional amendment that limits their power, the overall power of the Federal government, or reverses anything the “progressives” have gotten over the last 100 plus years, get the necessary majorities in both the House and Senate for them to be moved on to the states for ratification.

Under the current status quo we will never have congressional, let along, Supreme Court term limits, no state override authority of bad regulations, executive orders, or SCOTUS decrees, no balanced budget, no major tax reform(Fair Tax), no restoration of the 9th and 10th amendments, nothing.  We will continue to be stuck with continuing resolutions that fully fund the liberal agenda, a cumulative debt that will ensure future generations are born into indentured servitude, and career politicians spending a lifetime in Washington.

I’ve been under the impression this past year that Trump and his supporters hated career politicians, why would they then attack a guaranteed way of getting rid of all of them, permanently?

No one man, no one election, is going to stop the nations decay and rot from within, but maybe, just maybe, this “Break in case of emergency” Article V Convention option could if the Trumpsters would take off their blinders and realize we are going to need something with a longer shelf life than a campaign hat to truly “Make America Great Again”.


Tea Party Congressional Candidate Gets Dem Vote Rigging Stopped In Illinois

Patrick Harlan

Patrick Harlan

Knox county Tea Party leader and Republican congressional candidate in Illinois’ 17th district Patrick Harlan and the Liberty Justice Center scored a major victory in Federal court to stop Democrat efforts to rig the vote ahead of the November 8th Presidential election.

During the 2014 lame duck session Illinois Democrat Party boss and Speaker of the House Michael Madigan ushered throw a new same day voter registration law that required counties with populations of more than 100,000 to let people register to vote at all polling places on election day. Of the 102 counties in Illinois many have populations well under that threshold, there are several Illinois counties with populations of less than 10,000. Those counties with lower populations only are required to have a central same day registration site under the law.

This obviously allows Democrats to maximize their voter turn out and vote totals in Chicago and Cook county in favor of Hillary Clinton and congresswoman Tammy Duckworth who is running for the US Senate.  As Republican statewide office seekers have known for a long time in Illinois it doesn’t matter how Illinois 101 other counties vote, everything is determined by Chicago and Cook county.

On Tuesday Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan agreed with arguments made by Harlan(whose is facing Rep. Cheri Bustos) and the Liberty Justice Center that the Madigan same day registration law was unconstitutional and disenfranchised the vote of residents of the states many rural counties.

Yehiayan wrote, “while it may be true that the polling place registration option can assist voters in certain populous counties, that option cannot be provided at the expense of lower population counties, thereby decreasing their political representation in Illinois.

Judge Yehiayan continued, “The application of this legislation favors the urban citizen and dilutes the vote of the rural citizen,” wrote Der-Yeghiayan, who added, “Illinois is made up of more than the Chicago metropolitan area and other high population areas. Equality under the law does not end at the city limits.”

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan(Speaker Madigan’s daughter) has said that she will appeal the ruling.

Jacob Huebert of the Liberty Justice Center said in a press release,

Today the court recognized the unfairness of guaranteeing a voting right to some voters but not others. The court ruled that if Illinois is going to have Election Day voter registration at polling places, it should be available statewide – and it should be fair. The government shouldn’t make it harder for people in some parts of the state to register and vote. If Illinois wants to provide Election Day voter registration at the polls, it can do so in a way that’s fair and equal. Six other states, including Illinois’ neighbors Wisconsin and Iowa, give all of their citizens the right to register and vote at their local polling places; they don’t favor voters in some counties over voters in other counties. We’re pleased the court affirmed that everyone has right to the same opportunity to vote.”

As it stands the ruling gives Gov. Bruce Rauner and his allies better chances of picking up a few seats in the state legislature; any GOP gains would end Speaker Madigan’s veto-proof super-majority.  The ruling is not likely to help Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who was in the Chicagoland area Wednesday, much as Hillary Clinton is still widely expected to win the heavily blue state, although her margin of victory is probably going to be diminished due to the courts actions. This court order might also be the only thing that can save Sen. Mark Kirk’s bacon.

Congresswoman Bustos has had no comment on the court ruling, although she will probably fire off a bunch of fundraising emails about it; she has more than $2 million in the bank, Patrick Harlan’s campaign is broke(donate here).

Voters across Illinois owe Patrick Harlan and the Liberty Justice Center a huge debt of gratitude for taking a small bite out of the Madigan machine and for making it a little easier to have fair(er) elections this November.

Adam Kinzinger, Mark Kirk, Donald Trump You Are Unworthy Of My Vote Nov 8th


What is a principled conservative voter; living in Illinois, to do the 2nd Tuesday in November?

Do we settle the top socket, bottom socket debate by answering both?

Do we take a road trip to the Panama Canal?

Or do we break down like so many have and pull the voting lever for someone just because they say they have a R next to their name?

Our principles; the belief in limited government, major tax reform, fiscal responsibility, the full repeal of every word of Obamacare, deference to the Constitution, respect for the rule of law(i.e no amnesty), matter only if we stay true to them during the darkest of hours.

For politicians getting my vote requires that you have to share some of those same principles.

To use a pop culture analogy my vote is Mjolnir, if you want to lift me, aka get my vote, you have to be worthy.

If principles, if our convictions, are to be cast aside whimsically just to placate one candidate or group of them, then our vote goes from being iconic like Mjolnir to being a cheap disposable Power Rangers prop.

No there will be no axes that look like they came off the leg of a plastic table here.

My principles are strong, my faith in them unwavering.

While the Cult of Trump may have booed Ted Cruz when he said it voting my conscience means I’m going to have to do the following on November 8th.

When it comes to voting for the House of Representatives my principles, my consciences, my sense of who is worthy, clearly tells me that I cannot cast a vote for congressman Adam Kinzinger.  The man is a major backer of amnesty, an interventionist(and a reckless one at that), a yes man for the GOPe and Chamber of Commerce, and leading attack dog against the Tea Party and conservatives.

Now, this is Illinois, my options, for voting against this lying, backstabbing, weasel are limited.  Writing in a candidate, and having that vote counted, for statewide and federal offices is extremely difficult. There is no Democrat opponent on the ballot, not that I’d vote for them, nor is there any libertarian or third party candidate to pick from. So yet again, for the third general election cycle in a row, this conservative is going to be reduced to undervoting his congressional representation.

When it comes to the US Senate, lets just be honest Tammy Duckworth is a radical liberal who is going to win. Her opponent Sen. Mark Kirk, is a liberal Democrat who barely even bothers calling himself a Republican anymore. He backs amnesty, voted to keep Planned Parenthood funded, same for sanctuary cities, backs gun control, keeps saying yes to all of Obama’s bad appointments.

The Libertarian candidate Kenton McMillen, has no prayer of making any major impact in the Duckworth/Kirk race and is still a complete unknown around the state. However, absent another way for protesting this Democrat versus transitioning Democrat general election, I’ll be voting for him because conservative principles and Mark Kirk do not go together.

For Vice President of the United States I’ll be voting for the one conservative that will actually be on the ballot this year. The successful Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence.

For President of the United States, I will not be voting for his running mate.

As my good friend Joe Walsh said last week, Hillary Clinton is going to win Illinois no matter what.  This is a deep dark blue state and any Trump supporter who thinks he has a chance here has deluded themselves. Illinois’ 20 Electoral College votes can already be put into Hillary Clinton’s column.



I wish this election was playing out differently, with a different GOP candidate who could keep the fight on Hillary and the left day in and day out and not spend 4/5th’s of the week on defense over his own stupid comments and liberal policies.

I can’t vote for someone whose trade policies came right out of the book How the Great Depression Started. I can’t vote for someone whose first instinct is to say yes when his daughter wants to create a new federal government entitlement. I can’t vote for someone who wants to expand existing entitlements. I can’t vote for someone who believes that slanderous drivel of the National Enquirer as if it were true. I also can’t vote for someone who doesn’t understand that Vladimir Putin and the Russians are bad guys.

My first instinct is to write-in Giant Meteor for President, so we can just start over.

I’d like to write-in Ted Cruz, because he’s a true principled conservative that would make a great leader for this country.

I’d settle for writing-in Hulk Hogan. If we are going to make this a celebrity/pop culture election, why not at least do it with a red and yellow boa and cool patriotic theme music.

Unfortunately, that pesky Illinois doesn’t like to let, let alone count, write-in votes/candidates, is going to get in the way of me doing that so I’m left with voting for the fake Libertarian as my only option for saying no to a process that produced a candidate choice so horrible.

Adam Kinzinger, Mark Kirk, Donald Trump you are unworthy of my vote.




They Did It Again: Rockford Auburn Football Players Kneel During National Anthem For 2nd Week

Rockford Auburn football players protesting during national anthem Sept 16

Rockford Auburn football players protesting during national anthem Sept 16

Friday night a group of football players from Rockford Auburn, for the second week in a row, kneeled in protest during the playing of the national anthem.

Last Friday 6 members of the Auburn team kneeled as part of a growing trend in sports to protest during the national anthem that was started during the NFL preseason by San Fransisco 49ers benchwarmer Colin Kaepernick. This week  up to 15 players took part in the protest.

During the week Rockford’s Democrat state Rep. Litesa Wallace publicly encouraged the Auburn players to continue their protesting during the national anthem.

Since the first protest, which drew national attention due to a photo of the protest being shared on social media by Black Lives Matter activists, Auburn and Rockford Public School officials have apparently gotten ahold of the players and have kept them from speaking publicly about what they are doing.

The Rockford Public School district has said that none of the players violated any conference of district policies and will not face any punishment for their disrespectful behavior.

In a statement earlier in the week Auburn head football coach Dan Appino said, “The student athletes said they wanted to create more social awareness of racial injustices in America. They made it clear that they did not intend to disrespect our military; rather, they wanted to embrace the freedom of expression and other constitutional rights that our military fought so hard to preserve. This movement is sweeping the nation as a peaceful form of protest. I am not happy that football is being used as the platform for this protest, but I respect the passion our kids feel about this topic.”

This disrespect and demeaning of the nation, and the anthem, by a bunch of know nothing athletes believing the repeatedly proven false narrative of Black Lives Matters of a racist country that indiscriminately kills young blacks is sickening.

And yet it is sadly going to continue. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has embraced it. The Rockford school system is embracing it. The sports media is by and large promoting it. And politicians like Rep. Wallace are encouraging it.


Transgender Bathroom Debate Draws Large Crowd To U-46 School Board Meeting

U-46 school board meeting Sept 12, 2016

U-46 school board meeting Sept 12, 2016

Hundreds of people came to Monday nights U-46 school board meeting in Elgin over a change to the 40,000 student districts bathroom and locker room policy for transgender students. More than 70 people signed up to speak and the crowd occupied the board meeting room and two overflow areas.

At the start of the Labor Day weekend the suburban Chicago school districts CEO Tony Sanders informed the school board that the districts policy of having transgender students use private facilities was being modified because of one student.  In further communications Sanders said that it would be a violation of the transgender students privacy and federal and state law for the district to inform parents of this change.

ward-bathU-46 school board member Jeannette Ward thought such a policy change needed to be brought to parents attention and disclosed the policy change in a Facebook post. The new policy took effect when classes resumed after Labor Day.  The Chicago Tribune ran a story about the controversy last week and Ward talked about it on former congressman Joe Walsh’s radio program last Thursday.

Many of the supporters of the new transgender friendly policy used their public comments to attack Ward for making the change in policy public and for talking to the media to bring the issue to the attention of U-46 parents and residents. Several of them also had nasty things to say about Walsh and his supporters.(Public comments start at 34:29)

Tracy, a parent in the district, said that Ward should, “Please stop bringing in outside groups to stand with you and stop using it(the school board) as a personal political platform to incite controversy and spew venom.”  Tracy also said, “Where a person pees shouldn’t be a priority.” “My children don’t worry about who uses the bathroom with them.”

Rich, an Elgin resident, said that he found it reprehensible that Jeanette Ward’s “First action was to ignore the child’s legal right to privacy and instead sought out the press and fringe political groups known for their hate and divisiveness. The vitriol spewed on Mrs. Ward’s Facebook page is sickening…Mrs. Ward is intentionally fanning the flames of hatred towards the most vulnerable in U-46.”  Rich went on to say that he thought that Jeanette Ward’s behavior, bring the issue to the public, constituted bullying.

Nick, a teacher at Bartlett High School, said, “I understand members of Joe Walsh’s freedom warriors are here….Please be very careful of the words we use. These words have consequences and I’ve seen the consequences in every school I’ve taught.  Some horrible cases of bully and in every case these bullyings had been preceded by hateful, poorly chosen, words by adults.”

Mike, the Principle at Bartlett High School, said, “Our diversity is our strength and our students are light years ahead of us the adults. We have a problem and the problem is not our students, the problem is that we have adults that have brought this perception that there are adults who are driving self-serving agendas. We’re forgetting where the real focus is and that focus is all of our students. The reality is we are continually dragging ourselves through the mud with this Jerry Springer, Murray Povich, sideshow nonsense that is masked in the Constitution and civics class lesson.”

Sept 12, 2016 U-46 school board meeting overflow room, photo from Jeanette Ward's FB page

Sept 12, 2016 U-46 school board meeting overflow room, photo from Jeanette Ward’s FB page

Not all of the more than 70 public comments were negative towards Ward.  Dave, a former teacher and administrator in the area, said that “Parents have the responsibility of protecting their child’s emotional and physical well-being and it should not be undermined by a school board for the sake of a confused individual. This board has lost its moral compass.”

Brock, an Elgin parent said that he was think of pulling his children out of U-46 because of the policy change.

Another local resident named John said, “I want equal rights for boys and girls who don’t want to be exposed to the nakedness of someone of the opposite sex in the locker room or bathroom. I think they deserve some defense and at least support because there are many that don’t want that.”

After the more than four-hour long meeting Jeanette Ward wrote on Facebook:

I want to thank ALL those who came to last night’s U-46 Board of Education meeting to let their voices be heard on transgender locker room practices in U-46, especially my supporters (attached are some pictures from one of the overflow rooms forwarded to me by a supporter). As I said last night, though, this is not about me; it is about ideas:

-The idea that parents have a right to know if their sons or daughters are
sharing locker rooms with members of the opposite biological sex

-The idea that parents shouldn’t be kept in the dark when it comes to the privacy and safety of their children

-The idea that privacy begins at the locker room/bathroom door

-The idea that federal and state law was never intended to conceal locker room and bathroom practice changes from parents
Since there seems to be some confusion about this, let me clarify. The practice of allowing members of the opposite biological sex to share a locker room is already occurring in U-46, effective September 6. That was the reason for my September 5 Facebook post. There will be no board vote on this. As was stated last night, the previous board (2013) approved policy 7.010 which states:

“the Board of Education will pursue equal educational and extracurricular opportunities for all students without regard to race, color, nationality, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, status as homeless, order of protection status, actual or perceived marital or parental status, gender identity, pregnancy, and any other legally protectable category”

It is my position that the Administration and majority of the board are misinterpreting and misapplying existing anti-discrimination policies to justify new practice. Similarly phrased anti-discrimination policies and laws (including Title IX and the IL Human Rights Act) have always allowed schools and other organizations to maintain separate restrooms for objectively female and male persons.

Therefore, while it was wonderful that so many expressed concern about this change in U-46 practice (that for the first time, a gender dysphoric student is accessing the locker room that corresponds to his/her gender identity at the same time as members of the opposite biological sex), it will continue unless parents take action.