Kinzinger To Host Rockford Fundraiser Aug 7th For Fellow Amnesty Supporter Jeb Bush

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

On August 7th from 11:30 to 1 PM RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger will be holding a fundraiser at the Rockford Brewing Company for his fellow amnesty supporter Jeb Bush at $50 a head.

Bush’s son Jeb Jr. will be attending in his daddy’s place.

Kinzinger endorsed Jeb back in February before any candidate had officially announced. Kinzinger said later that Jeb was a good manager and that was what the country needed right now.

Sorry I like leaders being our President not milquetoast RINO middle management who want to let illegals stay here and eventually become US citizens.

I think it would be absolutely delicious if a bunch of folks, whom Adam will never let into one of his small and tightly controlled town halls(when he occasionally has them), give the Amnesty backers a piece of their minds and show up outside the event to protest.

4th Planned Parenthood Video Shows Their Criminality Selling Baby Body Parts

Hands-Up-Dont-CrushThe Center for Medical Progress has released its 4th video exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of butchering babies and selling their body parts and organs for profit.

This latest video captures a top Planned Parenthood official in Colorado discussing how the group and the medical companies it partners with skirt federal law saying the coordinate with each other to call their Nazi like treatment of babies and their body parts and organs and “research” not “business”.

It has also been learned that the Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic(s) do not use a drug that kills a baby in the womb during the second trimester(3-6 months) so that they can use that baby, which can be born alive, for its organs and other body parts.

The federal born alive infant protection act requires that a baby who survives an abortion is supposed to get medical attention.

If Planned Parenthood is cutting up babies that may still be alive, then they are guilty of infanticide and at a minimum its operation in Colorado, doctors included, should be facing multiple counts of murder.

Because of these laters revelations it is no longer good enough for Congress to defund Planned Parenthood. Congress must, because we all know the Obama admin will never do this, must pass emergency legislation that bars PP from using any baby going forward for “medical research/donation” until all state and federal investigations into its barbaric practices are concluded.

Rauner Vetoes Union Negotiation Bill; Smiddy To Try For Override

Rep. Mike Smiddy

Rep. Mike Smiddy

This week Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed a bill that would have made several changes to the way the state of IL negotiates with its unions, including AFSCME.

State Rep. Mike Smiddy(D-Moline) a big union ally is vowing to try to get the legislature to override the veto.

QCOnline has more:

with the veto of Senate Bill 1229, the two sides appeared to be back in familiar, confrontational territory.

The legislation passed through both houses of the General Assembly on bipartisan votes and was sent to the governor in May. It also would have required binding arbitration if the sides reach an impasse.

State Rep. Mike Smiddy, D-Hillsdale, lead sponsor in the House of SB 1229, said he expects an veto override effort. Override proponents would need 71 votes in the House and 36 Senate.

“I absolutely plan on asking for an override vote the moment it comes out of the Senate,” Rep. Smiddy said Wednesday. “I look at his bill not as helping the union, not as helping as the administration, but … as helping the individuals who rely on these (state) services on a daily basis.”

Huckabee In Iowa: I Won’t Let Iran Commit Another Holocaust

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee

Over the weekend Mike Huckabee said to Breitbart News’ radio show on Sirius/XM that the the Iran nuke deal essentially was marching Israelis to “the doors of the oven”.

That got a rebuke from President Obama while he was in Africa.

Thursday in Des Moines, Iowa the former Arkansas Governor kept it up saying that he wouldn’t let Iran commit another Holocaust.

Huck is right on.  This Iran nuke deal has got to be stopped or their will be another Holocaust.

The QC Times has more:

The former Arkansas governor said he hoped Americans learned from that catastrophic history lesson and will not repeat the mistakes made decades ago by ratifying a poorly negotiated agreement with a nation whose leaders have publicly called for the demise of Israel and America.

“I’ve seen up close and personal what happens when people are naïve and when they neglect the threats of a government that says we’re going to kill people, and I’m not going to do that,” Huckabee told reporters during the start of his latest Iowa campaign swing. “I’m not going to stand by and let that happen again without raising my voice to the fullest. I’ll be full-throated, full throttle and I apologize to no one for that.”

Huckabee, who noted he has made numerous trips to Israel and three visits to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland where at least 1.1 million prisoners died, was roundly criticized for suggesting during a satellite radio interview last weekend that President Obama’s Iran deal would march Israelis to the “door of the oven.”

However, the 2016 GOP presidential hopeful told reporters Thursday the response he has received on the campaign trail has been “overwhelmingly positive,” especially among Jewish Americans, noting “I got hugs” from Holocaust survivors during a New York stop Monday who “totally understood” his concerns about the Iranian deal and “were extremely grateful that somebody was telling the truth and being clear about it.”

“My point is when you have 36 years of an Iranian government openly saying we’re going to wipe Israel off the face of the map; openly saying that we have developed the missiles that will turn Israel into a holocaust — their words; when you have a government that says we will make sure that Israel is a one-bomb country — I mean those are not just the rantings of some blogger in his pajamas sitting down in his parents’ basement. This is the official Iranian government,” he said. “Why are we not taking these crazies seriously?”

Sen. Kirk: Planned Parenthood Baby Body Part Scandal Doesn’t Involve IL Clinics So I’ll Vote To Keep Funding Them

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Planned Parenthood has been caught on video butchering babies to harvest their organs and other body parts for money.

But because Planned Parenthoods clinics in Illinois aren’t a part of the national scandal he’s going to vote against defunding the nations largest abortion provider.

Yeah Kirk really needs to step aside now.

The Hill has more:

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) on Wednesday indicated he’ll oppose a bill backed by Republican leadership to defund Planned Parenthood.

Kirk is up for reelection next year and is a top Democratic target.

“In other states tissue donation programs should be investigated but in Illinois there is no similar program,” Kirk said in a statement to The Hill. “I do not plan to cut access to basic health care and contraception for women, the majority of whom have no other resources.”

Kinzinger No Fan Of Giving Billions To Iran

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Congressman Adam Kinzinger was on CNN this week and is no fan of the $100-150 billion the Iran nuke deal allows the Iranian terrorist regime to have access to.  Money that will almost certainly be used to fund terrorism around the world and to further the Islamo-Nazi regimes march towards a nuclear weapon.

But seriously Adam, enough with the wanting to have the US go to war with Assad in Syria.

2nd Informational Meeting About Streator Annexation Less Contentious

Streator city manager Scot Wighton talking to residents about annexation

Streator city manager Scot Wrighton talking to residents about annexation

Wednesday evenings informational meeting between residents of unincorporated Streator was less contentious than the meeting held last week but that doesn’t mean some sparks didn’t fly.

Streator city manager Scot Wrighton took every chance he could to make digs at and to criticize the Ottawa Times newspaper for its coverage of the controversial issue of the city trying to annex one area northeast of city limits and another southwest.

Several residents where still highly skeptical of the city’s desire to put them within the ospaces of the city, complete with an increase in their property taxes, so that the city can install sewer lines in an effort to get rid of some homeowners discharging their sewage into old mine shafts that run underneath the entire area.

Streator officials are looking at getting federal grant money via the Department of Housing and Urban Development and possibly the USDA to instal sewer lines in the two neighborhoods in exchange for the sewer system those residents would then be annexed into the city.

Wrighton repeatedly emphasized that if the city failed to secure the grants in a 3 year time frame no one in the effected areas would be subject to annexation.  To date the city of Streator has not even begun to apply for any grant for the project.

Under the tentative plan homeowners in the two areas would be able to hook-up to the grant funded sewer lines at no cost, however some homeowners would have to pay what could be up to $10,000 to a plumber to connect their existing sewage to the new sewer line if it is too far away.  Homeowners with pre-existing septic tanks, some of which Wrighton said were illegal because they lacked an over flow leech field, would also have to pay to have the tanks emptied once they were connected to the new sewer lines.

As at the meeting last week Wrighton conceded that the city not only wanted the sewage discharge into the mine issue resolved but to increase the city’s property tax base.  The annexation if it happens would add some 7,000 people to the city’s population which currently sits at around 13,000.

Several residents offered alternative suggestions that would not include having the homeowners annexed into the city.  Wrighton said that could be a possibility but wasn’t likely to happen as Streator policy is to only do sewer services for property within city limits and that the city council was very unlikely to change that policy because they want people who get one city service to get them all.

Many residents who reside outside city limits are fine and content with the services they are getting from area townships and neighboring fire departments and are not eager to be getting them from the city.

One person questioned how the annexation would effect Streator’s staffing and equipment levels for the police, fire, and public works departments.  Wrighton said that the annexation, and all the possible new residents wouldn’t affect the fire or police departments much, the big increase in equipment and possibly manpower would come in the public works department just given the increase in the amount of roads and more that the city would become responsible for.


Gov. Walker To Gov. Rauner: Hang Tough

Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker

At a campaign appearance at the Harley Davidson dealership in Bloomington for the special congressional election in Illinois’ 18th congressional district for Darin LaHood Wisconsin Governor and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker had some advice for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner as the states budget stalemate and partial government shutdown nears the beginning of its second month, hang tough.

The State Journal Register has more:

Asked after the event what advice he would give to Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner about the ongoing budget stalemate here, Walker said he had spoken to Rauner earlier in the day.

“I said hang tough,” he said. “… One of the things we did (in Wisconsin) was try to think more about the next generation than just about the next election. I think that’s the kind of leader you have with Gov. Rauner — he’s someone who’s not worried about the next campaign, he’s worried about getting things under control here.”

LaHood is a shoe-in to win the special election in early September in the heavily Republican district.

While Walker was in town local reporters asked him some questions.

Streator High School Could Learn A Thing Or Two From The College Of DuPage

shs60_pic(3)The school board and superintendent at Streator High school really should learn a few things from the problems that have been going on at the College of DuPage.

David Giulliani of the Ottawa Times has found that the Streator high school board voted to give superintendent Matt Seaton a 5 year contract, along with contract to two other district employees, without putting those employment contracts on the meeting agenda.  The Board approved all three contracts.

When asked about this violation of the Illinois Open Meetings Act. Superintendent Seaton said:

 he would have to get a legal interpretation of the open meetings law. The board, he said, was following its longtime practice of placing employment contracts under “personnel items.”

On Tuesday, he said the board would not redo the vote. But he said the district would update its practices to provide more description on its agendas.

“Based on legal counsel, we will not be revisiting any previous agenda items,” Seaton said in an email. “We will make changes going forward.”

Allow me to go ahead and give you that legal opinion of the Open Meetings Act Mr. Seaton, from no less an authority than  Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office as it pertains to the Open Meetings Act violations at the College of DuPage who regularly approved contract extensions for embattled President Dr. Robert Breuder without putting those extensions and other employment matters on the public agenda.

From the Chicago Tribune:

“Because the board did not state that it was extending the contract of the President or discuss any specifics of the contract extension before taking final action, the Board did not adequately inform the public of the business being conducted,” according to the seven-page ruling by Assistant Attorney General Matt Hartman, which was in response to a citizen complaint from 2011.

Under the state’s open meetings law, public bodies are allowed to discuss matters not on the agenda during regular meetings, but they are prohibited from voting on them. Any vote also must be preceded by “a public recital of the nature of the matter being considered and any other information that will inform the public of the business being conducted,” according to the state attorney general’s office.

This is real simple folks at Streator High, those three contracts have to be revoted on with full public notice that that is what you are doing, and you have to state what it is you will be voting on before you do so.  Otherwise all three of those contracts are void.

And to think these people are required by law to take classes on the Open Meetings Act.

Because of all the problems surrounding the College of DuPage and Dr. Breuder, the voters this past April cleaned house at COD and put a reform majority on the College’s board, looks like something similar may have to take place in Streator if the school board and Superintendent don’t get their acts together.

ILGOP Donor Ron Gidwitz Calls On Mark Kirk To Step Down

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

The rumor mill here in Illinois for some time has been spinning that heavyweights within the Illinois Republican Party have behind the scenes been trying to talk Sen. Mark Kirk into not running for reelection due to his multitude of bizarre and embarrassing statements since his stroke a few years ago.

Kirk is the most vulnerable Republican Senator up in 2016 and he is almost certain to lose against Tammy Duckworth.

From his “bro with no ho” comment about Sen. Lindsey Graham to supporting “Little” Dick Durbin over Jim Oberweis last cycle, Mark Kirk simply isn’t all there.  And of course we can thank Kirk just as much as Mitch McConnell for the revival of the Export-Import Bank.

Illinois Review and Crain’s are reporting that ILGOP donor and fundraiser Ron Gidwitz has finally become the first high profile power player in the ILGOP to publicly state that Kirk needs to step down and let someone else run against Duckworth.

Aint that the truth.

IL16: Colin McGroarty Hasn’t Paid State Or Federal Taxes In 3 Years

Colin McGroarty

Colin McGroarty

I am sorry Colin McGroarty(video of interview from yesterday here) but you are done as a candidate in the Republican primary against RINO Adam Kinzinger.

After Tuesday nights meeting of the LaSalle County Tea Party at which Colin spoke, he told reporters with 1430 WCMY and The Ottawa Times(and I sadly left by that point) that he had not paid any federal or state income taxes for the last three years.

Colin McGroarty has been a technology consultant in Rockford for the last 10 years.  As a small business owner/self-employed, he is responsible for paying federal and state income taxes, almost certainly on a quarterly basis.

While wanting to buck the system, to engage in some civil disobedience is a nice, even good thing, at certain points it has to be done in a fully thought out manner, and this isn’t one of them.

Colin says that he can’t let his tax money be used to fund abortion and the Middle East conflicts.  That is a noble sentiment, it’s also going to get him thrown into federal prison.

If we conservatives and Tea Partiers in the 16th congressional district are ever going to hope to be rid of Boehner’s yes man Adam Kinzinger, we have got to have a strong solid candidate who can compete, if not beat, Adam on messaging, on the issues, and at least come close to his millions in campaign funds(and the millions more the Chamber of Commerce and the like are ready to throw his way).

Colin cannot do any of that.

Do yourself a favor, end this congressional campaign of yours in its infancy and begin to focus on your legal defense from state and federal tax collectors because they are coming for you, and they’re going to win.

RNC Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte: I’m As Frustrated As You Are

Demetra DeMonte

Demetra DeMonte

Speaking at Tuesday nights meeting of the LaSalle County Tea Party Republican National Committeewoman, and former RNC Secretary Demetra DeMonte took a question from the audience about the growing anger the conservative base of the Republican Party has with GOP leadership who continually lie to get elected and make big promises only to do nothing once they get to Washington, and worse.

DeMonte said that she shares those frustrations and wants to see the Republican Party embrace conservatives more.

As one of Illinois members to the Republican National Committee DeMonte has helped get the RNC to take policy stand to help fight against Common Core, earmarks, and defend religious liberties.

DeMonte understands why people are attracted to the message Donald Trump has been offering as a Presidential candidate.  Note DeMonte is not endorsing any candidate at this point in time.

She also is a fan of Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin.

Colin McGroarty On Why He’s Primarying RINO Adam Kinzinger(Video)

Colin McGroarthy

Colin McGroarty

Before Tuesday nights meeting of the LaSalle County Tea Party I spoke with Colin McGroarty who is running against congressman Adam Kinzinger in the Republican 2016 primary.

*Update: Due to Colin’s admission that he hasn’t paid state or federal taxes for years(story here).  This after I had interviewed him one on one, I am removing the video from this story and restricting its access on Youtube and am done covering his pipe dream of a campaign.

I asked Colin to drop out of the race because of what he told the Ottawa Times and local radio station, he won’t and is doubling down on his defiance of state and federal tax law.

That is incredibly stupid. Kinzinger was going to be tough to beat before, but with this Colin’s aspirations of holding office are toast and he refuses to recognize that.  Absolute loser candidates have no business running for office, and Colin is one of them.  Enjoy prison Colin, cause that is where you are heading.

Sen. Bivins: Dems Willing To Burn State Down Just To Make Rauner Look Bad

Sen. Tim Bivins(R-Dixon)

Sen. Tim Bivins(R-Dixon) reports that Illinois state Sen. Tim Bivins(R-Dixon) has said that Democrats in the state legislature, namely Speaker of the House and Democrat Party boss Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton are willing to burn the state down just to make Gov. Bruce Rauner look bad as the states partial government shutdown due to a lack of a budget is set to start month two this weekend.

Bivins says Governor Rauner is doing the right thing by holding fast to what he wants and believes will help the state get out of the financial mess it is in.  However, he says it seems to him that the Democrat Leadership is willing to burn the state down just to make the new governor look bad.  Rauner has proposed several cuts and even wants to close the State of Illinois Museum.  Bivins says all the other side wants to do is point a finger at the governor and tell everyone how bad he is.

Bivins says Governor Rauner is obeying the law by saying no to a budget that even the opposite party knows is out of balance and unconstitutional.  He says the impasse will continue until the Democrat leadership decides it needs to change its ways and live within its means.

Gov. Rauner Signs Anti-Swatting Bill

Gov. Bruce Rauner

Gov. Bruce Rauner

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed a bill authored by state Rep. John Anthony(R-Morris) that makes anyone who makes a false 911 call responsible for paying for the cost of responding to the bogus emergency 1430 WCMY reports.

Swatting is the nasty practice of calling police claiming that a person has committed a serious crime, many times saying there is also a hostage situation, and that the supposed perp is armed.  All of which is a lie meant to divert police resources and possibly get the unsuspecting homeowner or apartment tenant killed, in a worse case scenario.

So a around of applause for Gov. Rauner and Rep. Anthony for doing something, albeit small, to put and end to this insanely stupid practice.

Planned Parenthood Is Evil: Third Video Is Unsettling; Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Hands-Up-Dont-CrushThe Center for Medical Progress has released its third video exposing the evil of Planned Parenthood, the nations largest abortion provider.

This video is extremely unsettling and viewer discretion is advised.

Suffice to say, Planned Parenthood and its partners in the butchery of aborted babies have no morals, no scruples, and no care whatsoever for the life that was just ended as the dissect a newly aborted baby to harvest it of its organs and other body parts, for profit.

Planned Parenthood, the Nazi scientist of the 21st century, not only need to be defunded and barred from ever getting a single penny from the taxpayers, that whole house of horrors needs to be shut down for good and prosecuted for the crimes they have committed.

Socialist Bernie Sanders To Make Virtual Campaign Stop In Dekalb Wednesday

Sen. Bernie Sanders(I-VT)

Sen. Bernie Sanders(I-VT)

Socialist Sen. Bernie “Grandpa Simpson” Sanders, who is at the time being the biggest threat within the Democratic party to Hillary Clinton’s coronation, will be making a virtual campaign stop in Dekalb Wednesday evening appearing via webcast.

The event starts at 6:30 PM at Dekalb’s Unitarian Universalist Church.  A couple of years ago that was the same location where members of Rockford’s Occupy Wall St. group and others drafted an admitted socialist Wanda Rohl, to run as a Democrat for Congress against RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger in the 16th congressional district.  She lost badly.

Sanders has been actively running to the left of Hillary, and President Obama, trying to get the last vestiges of the Occupy movement and other committed socialist and Marxist to support his presidential campaign of class warfare, and more free stuff for people to become dependent on government for.  While Hillary still leads Sanders by a mile, he has effectively made Jim Webb, Martin O’Malley, and Lincoln Chaffee afterthoughts in the Democratic primary.

No word on whether or not Sanders will revive his attacks on the abundance of deodorant or if any of Dekalb and NIU’s #BlackLivesMatter protesters will heckle him as they did at NetRoots.

Rockford Latino Group Whacks Donald Trump Piñata During Picnic

Donald Trump piñata

Donald Trump piñata

Rockford’s Latinos for Political Progress held a picnic over the weekend at Levings Lake which was attended by Democrat state Sen. Steve Stadelman and Democrat state Rep. Litesa Wallace.

During the festivities the group hoisted up a piñata of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and took turns whacking it.

WIFR has more:

Dozens of families gathered today at levings lake park for the Latinos for Political Progress’ third annual cookout. Local politicians were also in attendance to mingle with members of the Latino community. Guests got a chance to enjoy a live band and even take a swing at a Donald Trump pinata. Organizers say Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the country, and their vote makes a difference.

Vandal Burns American Flag Flying At Half Staff In Quad Cities

American Flag at Phipps Prairie Park in Silvis.

American Flag at Phipps Prairie Park in Silvis.

Some disrespectful punk vandalized Phipps Prairie Park in Silvis, IL late Sunday or early Monday trashing signs, tried to burn down one of the parks bathrooms by setting a trash can on fire(unsuccessfully), and burned an American flag flying at half staff.

Park crews had the flags remains which burned themselves onto the aluminum flag pool by the end of the day Monday and a new flag was showing the Stars and Stripes soon there after.

Anyone with information about the vandal, most likely a teenager(s), is asked to call the Silvis police department or the Quad Cities area crime stoppers.


RINO Dold: I Voted Against Defunding Sanctuary Cities Because It Wasn’t Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Rep. Bob Dold

Rep. Bob Dold

Amnesty supporter and very liberal Republican(In Name Only) congressman Bob Dold of Chicago’s north suburbs standing along side radical leftist Luis Gutierrez explained why he voted against a bill in the House last week that seeks to defund Sanctuary cities such as San Fransisco and Chicago, who openly flaunt federal law and refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities or recognize immigration detainers, saying he voted against the measure because it wasn’t comprehensive immigration reform; i.e amnesty.

Dold was one of only five Republicans to vote against the measure.

Illinois Review has more:

“America must be a nation that welcomes immigrants, but we must also be clear that there should be no sanctuary for felons or individuals with a significant criminal history. These types of dangerous individuals must not be shielded from deportation, which is one of the many reasons we are long overdue for serious reforms,” Dold said.

H.R. 3009 was inspired by Kate Steinle’s tragic death, but cutting funding for local law enforcement would not have prevented this horrible crime, Dold said.

“We need to focus on reforms that will actually make our country and our community safer, including working to secure our borders and improving methods of preventing people from overstaying their visas. Instead of tackling these important issues, H.R. 3009 hurts local law enforcement efforts, and by doing so, makes our communities less safe.”

Dold urged the Congressional Republican majority to “stop dodging the difficult issues and do the real, bipartisan problem solving needed” to move America forward.

“I remain committed to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass sensible immigration reform that includes provisions to strengthen our border, restore the rule of law and make all our communities safer.”