Schilling Presser Saturday In Peoria

Bobby Schilling

Bobby Schilling

Former 17th congressional district congressman Bobby Schilling will be holding a press conference Saturday in Peoria.

In recent days Schilling has been rumored as a possible challenger to Sen. Darin LaHood for the 18th CD seat being vacated by the resignation of Aaron Schock.

Others mentioned as possible candidates to run in the Republican side of the special election include Breitbart’s Mike Flynn and Sen. Bill Brady’s brother Ed Brady.

I’ve got about 95 percent certainty that Schilling’s presser will be to announce his candidacy for the special election.

We’ll all know for sure tomorrow.

In Farewell Speech Schock Compares Himself To Lincoln

Rep. Aaron Schock in his Downton Abbey office

Rep. Aaron Schock in his Downton Abbey office

On Thursday congressman Aaron Schock gave his farewell speech before he resigns his seat next week after a series of scandals involving his use of campaign and taxpayer money for travel and lavish office decor.

During his remarks Schock compared himself to a one-time Central Illinois congressman, Abraham Lincoln. Apparently he couldn’t think of anything in  Downton Abbey or a Taylor Swift song to compare himself to, because those would be way more appropriate.

And as Warner Todd Huston reports Schock managed to violate two minor House rules prior to his speech.


Harry Reid Won’t Run For Reelection

Sen. Harry Reid

Sen. Harry Reid

Senate minority leader Harry Reid(D-NV) announced Friday in a Youtube video that he will not seek reelection in 2016.

Reid suffered injuries to his eye, head, shoulder at the start of the year in an accident with exercise equipment, also called a flight of stairs with an adult beverage in ones hand.

When Reid retires in 2016 he said today that he wants New York Sen. Chuck Schumer to replace him as the leader of Senate Democrats over Illinois’ Dick Durbin.

Reid is the second Senator to announce his retirement before 2016.  Earlier in the week Indiana Republican Dan Coats announced he would not be running for reelection.

Gov. Pence Signs Bill Protecting Religious Liberties Of Business Owners

Gov. Mike Pence

Gov. Mike Pence

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has signed into law a bill Thursday that protects the religious liberties of Indiana business owners .

The bill was prompted by the rash of gay and lesbian couples suing Christian small business owners when/if they refused to bake a cake, take photographs, or anything else for a same-sex wedding citing their personal religious beliefs and the teachings of their faith.

In Colorado, Washington, New Mexico and other states Christian business owners have faced lawsuits and threats from governmental entities demanding that they provide goods or services for a same-sex couple even if doing so goes against their religious beliefs.

Fox News has more:

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence vigorously defended the state religious objections bill that he signed into law Thursday as businesses and organizations including the NCAA pressed concerns that it could open the door to legalizing discrimination against gay people.

The state became the first to enact such a change this year among about a dozen where such proposals have been introduced. Arkansas’ governor said Thursday he supported a similar bill that’s advancing in that state’s Legislature.

Pence, a Republican mulling a possible 2016 presidential campaign, signed the bill privately in his office with at least a couple dozen supporters on hand. He later met with reporters and refuted arguments from opponents that law would threaten civil rights laws by saying that hasn’t happened under the federal religious freedom law Congress passed in 1993 and similar laws in 19 other states.

“There has been a lot of misunderstanding about this bill,” Pence said. “This bill is not about discrimination, and if I thought it legalized discrimination in any way I would’ve vetoed it.”

Those arguments didn’t satisfy opponents who worry the law, which will take effect in July, presents Indiana as unwelcoming and could give legal cover to businesses that don’t want to provide services to gays and lesbians.

By signing the bill Gov. Pence has pissed of the Obama administration, the LGBT mafia, and Keith Olberman and has spurred a #boycottindiana hashtag from ignorant leftist who care more about imposing the tyranny of forced acceptance of homosexuality than the first amendments protection of the free exercise of religion.

Gov. Rauner Signs Stop-Gap Funding Bill

Gov. Bruce Rauner

Gov. Bruce Rauner

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed a stop-gap funding measure that will allow him to move around money from some of the states various funds into the general funds so as to pay for needed services.

The budget passed last year spent $1.6 billion more than was taken in in tax revenue.

Without the fund shuffling court reporters, day care providers, and others would have stopped getting paid by the state of Illinois.

The measure also includes a 2.25 percent across the board budget cut.

WIFR has more:

Rauner signed the legislation Thursday evening, hours after the Democratic-led Senate approved it 32-26, with all 20 Republicans voting for it. Two days earlier, the House also approved the bills with full GOP support.

Following weeks of negotiation, Rauner reached the deal with Democratic legislative leaders, even though the majority of Democrats in both chambers voted against the compromise.

The plan authorizes him to transfer $1.3 billion from other purposes, including parks and conservation. The rest comes from a 2.25 percent across-the-board budget cut. It also gives Rauner authority over $97 million to distribute to needy schools.

Mayor Morrissey Won’t Let Go Of Amtrak

Mayor Larry Morrissey(I)

Mayor Larry Morrissey(I)

Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey held a press conference Thursday to continue the cities push to bring Amtrak passenger rail service from Chicago to the states third largest city.

Despite the state of Illinois having zero money to put towards the project, money essential to getting Amtrak train service started, Mayor Morrissey is moving forward with plans to build a train station downtown.

Should Mayor Morrissey and city leaders opt to continue pushing their end of the Amtrak project they are going to find themselves in no time soon with another “bus station to nowhere” on their hands.

WTVO has more:

Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey called a news conference on Thursday to insist that despite what is being said in Springfield, the proposed Amtrak service to Rockford is not dead, even though an Amtrak official told legislators there will be no new Amtrak service in Illinois.

Morrissey was joined at the press conference by other city officials who maintain that state capital funds, to build the rail line, have been approved since 2009 and are still there, and the city doesn’t need any more money right now.

“Frankly, we likely don’t need any Amtrak subsidies in the upcoming fiscal year because our train station won’t be built, so you don’t need subsidies for an Amtrak line to get from Chicago to Rockford until you are actually ready to get the line up and running,” said Morrissey.

So, why would Rockford move forward on an Amtrak train station if Amtrak can’t get state funds to operate the train?  Mayor Morrissey says despite the budget problems he believes it can get done.

Funding for the Amtrak station is part of the city’s Amerock hotel redevelopment project, but officials say the construction of each are not linked.

“They are independent projects. The train station is a component of that and I think that ultimately that will get done; but we got some financial constrains in the state. So it might get spread out over a period of time, or a longer period of time that it was originally anticipated, but I think the project will still get completed,” said Michael Nicholas, president of the Rockford Area Economic Development Council (RAEDC).

Earth to Mayor Morrissey, you’re not getting Amtrak, now or in the future.

Byron, Rockford Schools Reducing Staff

schooldistrictlogoThe Byron and Rockford public school districts have announced some lay-offs this week.

Byron will be letting go of 6 teachers due to declining enrollment and a decrease in the assessed value of the Byron nuclear power plant.

Meanwhile the Rockford district 205 will be eliminating around 100 positions for the next school year.

WREX has more:

Rockford Public Schools is eliminating more than 100 positions in advance of the 2016 fiscal year budget, according to a news release from the district.

All affected personnel have been made aware of the changes, which are effective July 1. According to the district, many staff members affected by the realignment could continue working for RPS 205 in other capacities or will replace retiring staff or vacant positions.

The changes reflect $7.4 million in budget reductions, according to RPS 205.

“Unfortunately, the schools are not immune to hard times,” says Superintendent Ehren Jarrett. “We have dedicated, hard-working people whose contributions are appreciated. But we must live within our means. As promised last September, we are getting leaner in the district office. In our schools, we have made cuts we believe will have the least impact on students. It’s still difficult.”

All staff in a collective bargaining unit will follow union bargaining agreement regarding surplus and staff reductions.

Ted Cruz Destroys Climate Change Fear-Mongering

Ted Cruz was interviewed by the Texas Tribune and one of the line of questions had to do with climate change/global warming.

Sen. Cruz absolutely destroyed the climate change fear-mongering.

h/t The Right Scoop.

Dan Barker, Freedom From Religion Foundation: Religion Harms Equality, Women’s/Gay Rights

Dan Barker, Freedom From Religion Foundation

Dan Barker, Freedom From Religion Foundation

On Wednesday evening the Northern Illinois University Secular Student Alliance had the co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Dan Barker, as their guest speaker.

During a more than hour-long talk about religion, atheism, the work of the FFRF, and the establishment clause of the First Amendment Barker said in part that the students in attendance and his organization cared about the “inequality and the harm of religion. The harm towards equality and women’s rights and gay rights.”

Later Barker attacked Christians for believing in Jesus because doing so according to Barker is a slap to human nature.

Barker said that, “Some people think the virgin birth of Jesus was a wonderful thing, but others of us see that as a direct slap to human nature. It’s an insult to be told we’re all sinner and deserve eternal Hell, unless we bow down before a being who becomes the dictator of the Universe or else we’re all gonna burn. what a horrible slap to human nature to think that.”

Companies On Strike

by Jesus Alaniz

I listened to a group of folks complain that there are corporations who don’t pay any income taxes in Illinois. Rather than demanding that the people have the same freedom as the corporations they demanded that those corporations share in the same misery that has enslaved thousands of families & people and causing them to leave Illinois along with billions in taxable income.

We got our taxes done and we discovered that not only will we not get a refund this year, but will have to pay more in taxes this year and that we will probably have to pay even more in taxes next year despite a deep cut in our combined income. People yelling, screaming, holding up signs and protesting in mobs demanding that corporations pay their fair share in taxes will not help my wife and I one iota. In fact, it will only give the politicians more money to waste or buy votes with. One source states that “the United States has the third highest general top marginal corporate income tax rate in the world at 39.1 percent, exceeded only by Chad and the United Arab Emirates” while the worldwide average is 22.6% so why would anyone want the government to tax companies even more? In the 1819 United States Supreme Court case McCulloch v. Maryland, Chief Justice John Marshall stated “…the power to tax involves the power to destroy…” yet there are still those who demand that their representatives tax corporations even more, raise the minimum wage to collect still more taxes and create more laws to control corporations. In 1774 Edmund Burke wrote of a representative’s duty, “It is his duty to sacrifice his repose, his pleasures, his satisfactions, to theirs; and above all, ever, and in all cases, to prefer their interest to his own. But his unbiassed opinion, his mature judgment, his enlightened conscience, he ought not to sacrifice to you, to any man, or to any set of men living. These he does not derive from your pleasure; no, nor from the law and the constitution. They are a trust from Providence, for the abuse of which he is deeply answerable. [Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion].”

In July 2012 Barrack Obama stated “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that…” We are no longer a nation of laws but a nation of men one trying to enslave or control another for our own sake. We have become demented preferring twelve slaves rather than seeing one free man. It is well, let those who demand that others suffer for them “build it themselves”. You can tax, mandate and regulate me but no law can force me to innovate invent, create or produce for the state. Mr. Politician there are companies out there ready and eager to produce once again but until their spirits and ingenious minds are free again…”they’re on strike”.


Walsh: Amnesty Could Get Adam Kinzinger Primaried Like Eric Cantor

urlAt Tuesday’s LaSalle county Tea Party meeting former congressman Joe Walsh talked about congressman Adam Kinzinger’s support for amnesty and how that could lead to him being primaried the way Eric Cantor was in 2014.

As the night unfolded several people lobbied Walsh to be the person that challenges Kinzinger.

Wisconsin Voter ID Upheld

Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker

The Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal seeking to have Wisconsin’s voter ID law declared unconstitutional.

Therefore the voter ID law stands and will take effect.

Fox News has more:

The justices’ action means the state is free to impose the voter ID requirement in future elections, and is further evidence that the court put the law on hold last year only because the election was close at hand and absentee ballots already had been mailed with no notification of the need to present photo IDs.

The court did not comment on its order.

Wisconsin was one of four states in which a dispute over voting rules reached the Supreme Court last fall. The other states were North Carolina, Ohio and Texas.  Of the four states, only Wisconsin’s new rules were blocked.

Wisconsin’s photo ID law has been a political flashpoint since Republican legislators passed it in 2011. The GOP argues the mandate is a common sense step toward reducing election fraud. Democrats maintain no widespread fraud exists and that the law is really an attempt to keep Democratic constituents who may lack ID, such as the poor, minorities and the elderly, from voting.

The law was in effect for the February 2012 primary but subsequent legal challenges put it on hold and it hasn’t been in place for any election since.

The ACLU and allied groups persuaded a federal judge in Milwaukee to declare the law unconstitutional last year. But the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago later ruled that the law did not violate the Constitution.

Ted Cruz Interview With Megyn Kelly(Video)

Of all the interviews Texas Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz gave yesterday this one with Megyn Kelly on the Fox News Channel was outstanding.

h/t The Right Scoop:

Duckworth Pushing 10 Round Mag Ban

Rep. Tammy Duckworth(D-IL)

Rep. Tammy Duckworth(D-IL)

Illinois Democrat congresswoman Tammy Duckworth is happily pushing legislation that would ban any firearm magazine that holds more than 10 rounds.

In an email sent out this week Duckworth said:

In recent years, our community, as well as cities and towns across the nation, have lost too many innocent lives due to senseless gun violence.

Despite continued calls for action, Congress has not been able to make progress on this important issue. It is my hope that with the introduction of the Large Capacity Feeding Device Act, a bill I proudly co-sponsored, our country can make the necessary changes to curb gun violence in America.

I am a co-sponsor of this legislation because I believe we need to limit access to weapons that can kill a large number of people in just a few seconds. This legislation would ban the importation, sale, manufacture, transfer or possession of magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. I know my neighbors overwhelmingly support a ban on high-capacity magazines that have the potential to prevent large scale, senseless tragedies involving firearms.

As congresswoman Duckworth should be well aware of most, if not all, of Chicago’s gang and drug related violence and corresponding shootings are done with handguns not rifles with “large” capacity magazines.

This is yet another febble attempt by gun grabbing leftist to take draconian actions against something that isn’t a problem.


Dixon Mayor Candidates Arellano And Kuhn Debate

Li Arellano

Li Arellano

Tuesday night Dixon businessman Li Arellano debated city commissioner Jeff Kuhn at an event hosted by the Sauk Valley Tea Party.

Both men are seeking to replace retiring Mayor Jim Burke following several years of turmoil for the city following the arrest of former comptroller Rita Crundwell for the theft of $54 million from the city.

Arellano or Kuhn will be the first mayor for the city under its new form of government which was changed by the voters in the November election.

The Dixon Telegraph has more:

Arellano said he’d be able to bring a fresh start to the city and use his business development experience as an asset to attract business to the city. He said infrastructure can be used as an incentive for businesses.

Despite their differences, both candidates said they were the best fits to be the next mayor.

In his closing statement, Arellano said his background, which includes military experience and budgeting as a small business owner, makes him the perfect candidate for mayor.

“We need to continue professionalizing our city government, something I supported for a long time,” he said. “We need to have long-term budgeting and processes. And we need to have a vision that that budget is executing.”

Kuhn laid out his vision for the city’s future, emphasizing the need to continually improve and reinforce the city’s infrastructure and plan in advance where the city will go.

“The city has got to maintain the momentum that we have,” he said. “We’re going very well right now. We don’t want to sit and stagnate. We have to keep going.”


Police Body Camera Shows Iowa Cop Accidently Killing Woman

steeleWQAD has obtained police body camera video showing the tragic accidental shooting death of Burlington, Iowa woman in January.

Autumn Steele was struck January 6th in the abdomen when Burlington police officer Jesse Hill slipped and fired two rounds while dealing with the Steele family’s dog.

In the video Hill can be heard giving instructions about getting control of the dog before the camera jerks and the shoots are fired.

Hill was responding to a domestic disturbance and says that the dog had bitten him prior to him having drawn his weapon.

Iowa investigators have cleared officer Hill of any wrong doing.

Friends and family of Autumn have set up a FaceBook page for a rally they will be holding April 13th in Burlington.  It is their belief that Steele’s death is an example of police brutality and are upset that Hill will face no charges over the incident.

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Sigler Pleads Guilty, Gets 20 Years For Wifes Murder

Yolanda Sigler, photo WQAD

Yolanda Sigler, photo WQAD

It took some time but there is finally some conclusion to a real tragedy that hit Dixon and Ashton a few years back.

Back in January of 2013 Brian Sigler murdered his wife Yolanda following a domestic dispute.  Soon thereafter Brian attempted suicide and spent some time in the hospital.

Both Brian and Yolanda were long-time employees of Ashton’s main employer Crest Foods.

With Brian’s guilty plea he’ll face 20 years in prison.

2 Of 3 OTHS Teacher Union Backed School Board Candidates Against Consolidation

17328_10204129620904238_202066807866173247_nTwo of the three teachers  union backed candidates for the Ottawa Township High School school board said at a candidate forum Tuesday night that they were against consolidating with other school districts namely Ottawa elementary.

Former building traders teacher Dave Keely, and Andree-Marie Koban were also in favor of seeing the current administration replaced.

Keely and the teachers union have had a long standing dislike with the school board and the districts superintendent over the ending of the buildings trade program as well as punishment given to a teacher late last year over what the union says was comments made at a union meeting critical of the administration.

Keely and Koban split on the issue of putting a 1 percent sales tax question on the ballot to provide funds for county schools to use for buildings and maintenance.

The third member of the union backed slate Rich Gama was unable to attend.

Other candidates running for the school board are. John Levy, Karen Fisher, Bill Bycznski, and George Hupp.


Joe Walsh Talks To LaSalle County Tea Party(Video)

Tuesday night former congressman and AM 560 The Answer’s Joe Walsh talked in Ottawa to the LaSalle county Tea Party about a number of topics including amnesty/illegal immigration and why the Republican party needs to change at the top because if it doesn’t something else will come and replace it or take it over.

*video fixed

Walsh: Schilling Should Run For Schock’s Seat

Tuesday night I caught up with former congressman and current AM 560 The Answer radio show host Joe Walsh at the LaSalle county Tea Party meeting and asked him about the prospect that former 17th district congressman Bobby Schilling could challenge Sen. Darin LaHood for Aaron Schock’s soon to be vacant House seat.

Walsh said Schilling should run.