Raising Issue Of Voting Machines Switching GOP Votes To Dem “Voter Suppression” Says IL County Clerk

Karen Kinney

Karen Kinney

Rock Island county clerk Karen Kinney told KWQC TV that people raising the issue of voting machines in her county repeatedly switching votes for Republican candidates to Democrat votes is “voter suppression”.

KWQC talked to the County Clerk’s Office today who said they’re addressing the issue.

“That’s our priority to make sure that everyone’s vote counts and we will continue to do so,” said County Clerk Karen Kinney.

She said they’ve received minimal complaints about touch-screen issues and have addressed them. Kinney said they’ve re-calibrated the machine in question.

“They should dismiss their fears. I feel like this is just a very small group of people targeting us and it’s all about voter suppression,” she said. “They want to discourage people from voting, do not let that affect your vote. Come on out and vote, your vote is safe. It will be counted.”

On Wednesday video was released of a voter in Moline, IL making multiple votes for Republican candidates on the touch screen voting machine which then switched the votes to the Democrat candidate.

Republican congressional candidate Bobby Schilling has reported that roughly two dozen people have sent his campaign complaints about voting machines in Rock Island county switching their votes.

Prior to this Karen Kinney was challenged by the Rock Island Republican party in court for having opened absentee ballots ahead of election day.  A county judge sided with Karen on Monday however that ruling contradicts an opinion from the office of Attorney General Lisa Madigan which encouraged all election officials in Illinois to NOT open absentee ballots early.

In the wake of the video Schilling in a press conference called for all of the voting machines in Rock Island county to be recalibrated or taken out of service and use paper ballots exclusively.


Video: Moline Voting Machine Switches GOP Votes To Democrat

Well this happened.

Video of a voter in Moline proving his voting machine was switching his Republican votes to Democrat.

(h/t Breitbart)

Predictions For Election Night 2014

Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker

We are a week out from the mid-term elections and I ready to hand out what I think is going to transpire Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

-Republicans will win control of the Senate, with 1-3 seats to spare.  Montana, West Virginia, South Dakota are all GOP locks.  And finishing out the six net gains needed to take control away from Harry Reid will be Alaska, Arkansas, and Colorado. The first of the extra seats Republicans will gain will be Joni Ernst in Iowa, who will win in a nail biter.

-The Threatened Republicans, McConnell in Kentucky, and Roberts in Kansas will both win in the end. Ugh.

-The contest in Louisiana and Georgia will both go into run-offs.

-Illinois Senator “Little” Dick Durbin will be reelected, sadly.

-Two Illinois House seats will flip. Dold will go back to DC in the 10th CD and state Rep. Mike Bost will win in the 12th CD.  A possible upset special could happen, but probably won’t, in the 8th CD where Larry Kaifesh is challenging Tammy Duckworth.

-Midwestern Governors Scott Walker in Wisconsin and Terry Branstad in Iowa will both be reelected and Republican Bruce Rauner will join them as the new Governor of Illinois.

-Tom Cross will be Illinois’ new Treasurer, Lisa Madigan will stay Attorney General(valiant effort by Paul Schimpf who should run again), Judy Baar Topinka will stay as Comptroller(sickening).

By midnight or so on November 4th we’ll know how accurate I am.

Adam Kinzinger Wants Jeb Bush To Run For Prez, Rand Paul Not So Much

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

If you do not know Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger is an establishment yes man that will attack the Tea Party and conservatives at the drop of a hat.

Kinzinger is a supporter of amnesty, he was even one of eleven Republicans in the House to vote to allow President Obama to continue his DACA amnesty program and to even expand it.

Kinzinger has been a major support of having the US give military aid to the Syrian rebels, and even wants the US to ground Assad’s air force.

Adam Kinzinger has repeatedly trashed Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

And on Sunday’s This Week on ABC, Kizninger gave his support to Jeb Bush, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan to run for President in 2016.  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul on the other hand is someone whom Kinzinger thinks would have a devestating effect on the Republican Party should he opt to run.

The End Of Cheri Bustos?

Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-IL)

Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-IL)

Could new audio be the October surprise that ends congresswoman Cheri Bustos?

We will know next week.

In the meantime Bustos is taking major heat across the net for remarks made by her congressional district office staffer about how the people of Rockford’s westside, which is heavily Democrat, minority, and poor spend more time in jail than in Church.

Bustos’ Republican opponent Bobby Schilling released the audio recorded nearly a year ago to the media.

Biden In Iowa: Stop March Of Tea Party Keep Senate In Dem Hands

Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden campaigning in Davenport, Iowa for Democrat US Senate candidate Bruce Braley said that if Democrats maintain control of the Senate it would stop the march of the Tea Party and force the Republican Party to become Democrats-lite once more and compromise in favor of expanding the federal government and placing future generations in more debt.

Braley has been trailing Republican state Sen. Joni Ernst in the latest polling, but Braley is still within the margin of error in a Senate race that will likely decide which party controls the Senate.

KWQC has more:

Biden also went after the Tea Party, saying that voters can “stop the march of the hard right” by helping Democrats regain control of the Senate on November 4th.

He said if Democrats maintain their Senate majority, “You are going to see reasonable people in the Republican Party start to vote reasonably again.” Biden said if Republicans win control, the party will resist compromises.


WQAD adds:

“This is not your father’s Republican party,” Biden said.  “This is a different breed of cat.  They’re not bad or good, just different — really, really different.”

VP Biden In Rockford: Republicans Want To Kick 21 Million People Off Medicaid

Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden speaking Monday afternoon at a Rockford union hall told nearly 500 Democrat party supporters that Republicans want to kick 21 million people off of Medicaid.

Biden was in Rockford campaigning for 17th district congresswoman Cheri Bustos, Sen. “Little” Dick Durbin, and Gov. Pat Quinn.

WIFR has more:

While he was in the area to support congressional candidate Cheri Bustos and senate candidate Dick Durbin, it was pretty evident that the most important candidate he was backing was Governor Pat Quinn.

Quinn is in the tightest race of the three and he spoke far longer than either Bustos or Durbin on stage. He also introduced Joe Biden to the crowd.

“Because of this guy, a half a million more people have Medicaid. A half a million people. What do the Republicans do? They want to kick 21 million people off of Medicaid over the next 10 years. That’s what their budget calls for,” said Vice President Biden.

Medicare was one of many issues that Biden brough up, specifically targeting middle class voters. He also spoke at great length about minimum wage, income inequality, and the need for better infrastructure in our country and Illinois.

Rauner Backs Ebola Travel Ban

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

While Gov. Quinn is pushing quarantines for people who have been in the Ebola hotzone in West Africa, a move which has prompted the Obama administration to throw a hissy-fit, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner is backing the common sense solution of an outright travel ban to stop the spread of Ebola.

From Illinois Review:

Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner today expressed serious concerns over Governor Quinn’s refusal to support a travel ban applied to countries affected by Ebola.

“I support Senator Kirk’s call on the State Department to issue a visa and travel ban on those attempting to travel from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone,” Rauner said. “It is troubling that Governor Quinn would not support a travel ban particularly given that O’Hare is one of the world’s busiest airports. Pat Quinn has failed Illinois on jobs, on education, on taxes, and on crime; we can’t afford another failure on a potentially very serious public health hazard.”


Kingston Village President Charged With Misusing Village Credit Card

John Munro

John Munro

First elected Kingston village President in 2001, John Munro, has been arrested and charged with using a village credit card without permission.

If convicted Munro faces probation up to 3 years in jail.

The Dekalb Daily Chronicle has more:

Longtime Kingston Village President John Munro has been arrested on charges he possessed a village credit card without consent, officials said Monday.

Site Difficulties

For the last two days or so I have been having a really annoying problem with this site.

For some reason I cannot access my own site when I am at my home.

Others have no issue gaining access, and I am able to sign on when I am on anyone else network.

This is really annoying, anyone with any tech knowledge please feel free to offer up any advice you might have.

It is really hard to inform people of what is going on when I can’t access my own site.

Jeanine Pirro: The Government Can’t Protect You From Lone Wolf Jihadist

Another great opening monologue by Fox News weekend host Jeanine Pirro about the governments inability to protect us from radicalized lone wolf Jihadist, like the ax welding attacker who seriously injured two New York city police officers days ago.  That would be Jihadi was shot and killed by other NYPD officers.

(h/t The Right Scoop)

Twice Deported Illegal Kills 2 California Sheriff Deputies, Wounds Another And Civilian

 Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamonte

Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamonte

An Illegal immigrant who has been deported twice before in 1997, and 2001 is accused of murdering 2 northern California Sheriff’s deputies, wounding a third, and also wounding an innocent civilian by-stander in a shooting rampage Friday.

The suspect, Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamonte, 34, is in custody and an ICE detainer order has been placed on him.  Police have also arrested Bracamonte’s wife who appears to have been with him during in deadly shooting spree on murder and attempted murder charges.

The LA Times has more:

The man accused of killing two Northern California sheriff’s deputies Friday is a convicted drug dealer who was twice deported from the country.

Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamonte, 34, has been booked on charges of murder, attempted murder and carjacking in connection with a rampage through Sacramento and Placer counties that left two sheriff’s deputies dead, another injured and a civilian seriously wounded.

Monroy, an undocumented immigrant, was deported in 1997 following his arrest and conviction in Arizona for possession of narcotics for sale, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He was arrested and repatriated to Mexico a second time in 2001.

The agency has lodged an immigration detainer asking the Sacramento County Sheriff Office to transfer Monroy to ICE custody if he is released so that it can begin deportation proceedings.

Monroy was charged under the name Marcelo Marquez, but officials now say that was an alias.

Rock Island Voting Machines Switching GOP Votes To Dem

imagesSeveral voters in Rock Island county are reporting that their voting machines are switching their votes for Republican candidates and changing them to Democrat votes and the worst part the race this seems to be happening in is the highly watched 17th congressional race between former Republican congressman Bobby Schilling and Democrat congresswoman Cheri Bustos.

It should be noted that Bustos’ husband is the new Sheriff of Rock Island county thanks to some help from Attorney General Lisa Madigan, whose dad Speaker of the Illinois House Michael Madigan helped get Bustos into office in 2012 when he redrew the districts boundaries to make it much easier for her to beat Schilling in a presidential election year.

KWQC has more:

“When I went to cast my vote and touch the screen for my Republican candidate, the Democrat candidate was the one that would pop up with my x, even though I pressed the Republican candidate,” voter Christina Kirik said. “The Democrat candidate is the one it looked like I was voting for.”

“Everything was fine until I came to one candidate that I wanted to vote for and I voted for him and the “x” went in the box and then two seconds later his name and his box went away and it was just blank and it showed up in his opponents box,” voter Joyce Glassner said.

Republican candidate Bobby Schilling says some of the votes that are changing are going from him to his opponent Cheri Bustos.

“Two nights ago, I took a call from a supporter of mine who said that his mother-in-law had gone to the library to vote and that every time that she went to push my name that it automatically bounced up to my opponents name,” Schilling said. “I thought, well, maybe she mixed up, she’s an older gal, but come to find out in the last two days i’ve taken 17 calls of people saying the exact same thing.”

“It’s wide spread throughout Rock Island County. It’s even happening here at the courthouse and the big thing that we are looking for you now is we want to make sure that our votes count. Our votes matter.”

The Rock Island County Clerk who is responsible for elections in the county has not returned a voice mail we left her about the machines.

Illinois To Quarantine Possible Ebola Patients

ebola4Quarantine, how about an outright travel ban.

From WIFR:

The Illinois Department of Public Health has announced a 21-day quarantine for those who’ve had direct contact with West Africa Ebola patients.
Illinois’ action on Friday follows that of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The two issued a mandatory quarantine for travelers after a physician who returned to New York City a week ago from treating Ebola patients in Guinea fell ill with the virus. Dr. Craig Spencer rode the subway, took a cab, went bowling, visited a coffee shop and ate at a restaurant in the city after returning home.
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says the order is a “common sense step” to ensure residents will be protected from potential exposure to the virus.

Adam Andrzejewski Talks Government Waste With John Stossel

Friday night OpenTheBooks.com’s founder Adam Andrzejewski joined Fox Business Channel host John Stossel to talk about government waste.

GOP Alleges Voting Problem In Rock Island County

imagesThe Rock Island Republican party is alleging that absentee ballots aren’t being handled properly.

This follows in the wake of the city of Rockford and Winnebago county getting their ballots printed wrong twice, and a voting machine glitch in Cook county that caused a voting machine to cast a person ballot for Democrat when they tried voting Republican. If you haven’t heard that person was a Republican candidate for state Representative and he was trying to vote for himself.

WQAD has more:

Bill Bloom, the Rock Island County Republican Party chairman, announced Wednesday October 22, 2014 that the party is seeking an injunction against County Clerk Karen Kinney and her office.

In an email to local media, Bloom claimed that the local Republicans “filed a complaint requesting an injunction… [after] poll watchers observed personnel at the County Clerk’s office opening absentee ballots.”

Kinney refuted those claims Thursday, October, 23, 2014.

Rock Island County States Attorney John McGehee said that Kinney was ‘preparing the votes to be tabulated,’ but she had not tabulated them yet.

Bloom claimed that the votes can’t legally be opened until Election Day.


Thief Steals $18K Of Soybeans From Jo Daviess County Farm

9347451Who in the hell steals $18,000 worth of soybeans?

Is there some black market for beans I don’t know about?

From KWQC:

Matt Schuster went to go check on his soybeans, he immediately saw someone else had been in his field with a combine. At first he thought they had gone through mistakenly, just one pass through with a combine.

Then, he drove further and saw 18 acres of his crops had been taken.

“Just flat out, organized crime,” he said.

Schuster said it’s too bad his stolen soybeans won’t have fingerprints on them.

“I’ve never heard of this, in all the years I’ve farmed,” said Schuster. “I’ve been farming for over 50 years and I have never once I have ever heard of anybody getting into the wrong field and taking beans from a farmer.”

He said he’s heard of cattle being stolen, even grain from bins. But nothing like this.

“They worked fast.. it only took them two hours to get this out,” said Schuster.

$18,000 worth of soybeans were taken from this field in East Dubuque, IL.

Mendota Business Owner Threatens To Sue If City Approves New Sand Facility

256px-Mendota,_IL_Sign_04A new sand transportation facility is looking to set up operations in Mendota creating 20+ new jobs.

However, the owner of a plastics manufacturer near the proposed site is threatening to sue the city if they allow the sand facility to go forward.

Currently LaSalle county and surrounding areas are experiencing a mini economic growth spurt due to increased demand for silica sand which is used for fracking of oil and natural gas.

Several new mines and road-rail-barge transfer terminals have either been built or have been proposed in Granville, LaSalle-Peru, Ottawa, Earlville, Utica, and Mendota.

The LaSalle News-Tribune has more:

Tim O’Regan, owner of Electrical Materials, said Tuesday was the first he had heard of the sand transfer facility just west of his business. His business produces extruded plastic materials for the utility industry and employs 30 people. EOG plans to hire about 10 people and an additional 10-12 truck drivers.

“My concern is this operation of sand will probably shut us down,” he said. “We suck in the air to pull the pellets through the machines. We’d be sucking sand in to the machines then and that would make the material breakable.”

If his business is forced to close, he said he would sue the city.

Others also asked the council to seriously consider the project before making a decision. Some people, including Dave Druen, weren’t convinced there would be no silica dust from the facility even with enclosed conveyors. Other residents noted the amount of sand left along rail lines where silica sand is loaded in Wedron and Troy Grove.

Health concerns, particularly with the plant’s proximity to the school were again expressed and others worried their property values would drop even further once the sand is transferred to rail cars.

O’Regan noted the location of the proposed sand transfer plant would have been directly in the path of the tornado that went through in June.

Vice President Biden To Campaign In Rockford, Davenport Monday

Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden

On Monday Vice President Joe Biden will be in Rockford and Davenport to campaign on behalf of Democrat candidates.

In Rockford he’ll stump for Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, Sen. “Little” Dick Durbin, and congresswoman Cheri Bustos.

In Davenport, Iowa Senate candidate Bruce Braley is hoping he gets his name spelled and pronounced right.

Locations and times to be announced.