Sen. John McCain, Rep. Kinzinger, Sen. Syverson To Hold Veterans Town Hall In Rockford Friday

In addition to doing a fundraiser for congressman Adam Kinzinger, Arizona Senator John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, will be holding a veterans town hall meeting at Memorial Hall in Rockford at 2pm on Friday Oct, 24th.

Joining the congressman and Senator will be state Senator Dave Syverson.


Mautino Wants To Be Speaker One Day

Rep. Frank Mautino(D-Spring Valley)

Rep. Frank Mautino(D-Spring Valley)

Democrat state Representative Frank Mautino of Spring Valley, Deputy majority leader and co-chair of the Legislative investigative committee looking into Gov. Pat Quinn’s troubled Neighborhood Recovery initiative, said during a debate Friday on 1430 WCMY that one day he’d like to be Speaker of the Illinois House.

There is no doubt that Speaker of the House and chairman of the Illinois Democrat Party Michael Madigan will be re-election in November and renomination to be Speaker, but Madigan has been in office for over 40 years and does one day want his daughter Attorney General Lisa Madigan to be Governor.

Mautino praised himself during the debate for helping to craft the last four state budgets.  Budgets for a state that has a $100 billion pension debt, billions of dollars in unpaid and late bills, underfunds state aid to local schools, a massive amount of fraud in the Medicaid program, and a series of credit rating downgrades that has the state of Illinois credit rating hovering near junk status.

If it wasn’t for California, Illinois would have the worst fiscal situation of any state in the nation.

Mautino has been in office since 1991 and is being opposed in the November election by Republican Jerry Long.

The Ottawa Times has more:

Asked if the controversial House Speaker Mike Madigan, D-Chicago, deserved re-election in his position, Long laughed and said, as a Republican, he would not have any control over that appointment but believes Madigan should lose that job.

“I disagree with everything he (Madigan) stands for,” said Long.

Mautino said he was confident that Madigan would be re-elected in his Chicago district and retained as House speaker.

However, Mautino said, “Someday I would like to be speaker of the House. As I learn more, I will work toward that goal. As it stands now, as Deputy Majority Leader, I am now one of the main voices of downstate Illinois in the House and I have and will always work within the leadership that we get heard.”

Dixon Superintendent Fan Of SB16 Education Funding; Sen. Bivins Opposes

Michael Juenger

Michael Juenger

You can count Dixon school superintendent Michael Juenger as a fan of SB 16, an education funding formula shuffle that would benefit some school districts like Dixon, but hurt many others.(He is also a fan of Common Core)

Illinois desperately needs to fix its education funding means.

Shuffling around money by taking away from one district and giving it to another isn’t an answer.

Property tax reform, more school choice, school vouchers, Wisconsin style collective bargining reform, those are the kinds of things this state needs when it comes to education funding, not the SB 16 gimmickry.

The Dixon Telegraph has more on Juenger and state Sen. Tim Bivins(R-Dixon) expressing his opposition to SB 16:

Dixon Schools Superintendent Michael Juenger wants to gather as much support for Senate Bill 16 as he can.

SB16 is intended to completely rework the way the state funds public education by shifting money away from suburban and urban school districts and toward more rural districts with lower assessed property values.

The Dixon School District stands to gain $299 per pupil in funding, meaning the district would get an additional $766,452, based on the way the bill is written.

“We are promoting the passage of Senate Bill 16 because it will be beneficial to the school district,” Juenger said. “Something has to be done, and this is one way to get the talks started.”

Despite that, State Sen. Tim Bivins, R-Dixon, voted against the bill.

“Senate Bill 16 is an elaborate reshuffling of state aid for our schools through an overly complicated formula,” Bivins said. “It pits schools against one another, taking money away from some school districts and sending it to others. Despite the fact that some of the local schools in northwestern Illinois would receive more money, I cannot support a measure that robs Peter to pay Paul.”

In the 45th Senate District, SB16 would cut state funding for 20 school districts and increase state funding for 22 other school districts.

“It’s just a redistribution of the money local school districts get,” Bivins said. “This is an attempt to address the funding issue, but it’s not ready for primetime yet, because it’s still a work in progress.”

The Sunday Shows For October 19th

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz

It’s going to be all about Ebola on the Sunday shows tomorrow morning.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, of the National Institutes of Health, will be doing a Susan Rice, and appearing on all five shows trying to do his best do doubt to dig the Obama administration out of the mess it created in responding to the Ebola threat.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz will be on CNN to set things straight.

In election talk Fox News Sunday will have “wash” Reince “repeat” Priebus of the useless Republican National Committee debating the moronic DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Here are the line-ups:

Meet The (Even More) Depressed: Dr. Anthony Fauci(NIH), Sen. Bob Casey(D-PA), Sen. Roy Blount(R-MO)

Last Week: Dr. Anthony Fauci(NIH), Cardinal Dolan

DeFace The Nation: Dr. Anthony Fauci(NIH), Rep. Marsha Blackburn(R-TN)

Fox News Sunday: Dr. Anthony Fauci(NIH), Rep. Tim Murphy(R-PA), Reince Priebus, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz(D-FL)

State of the DisUnion-Sen. Ted Cruz(R-TX), Dr. Anthony Fauci(NIH),

Scott Walker vs Mary Burke: 2nd Wisconsin Governors Debate(Video)

On Friday Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker debated for the second time his Democrat opponent Mary Burke.

Rock Island Student Being Kept Home After Visit From Liberian Family Member

ebola4Because of the Obama administrations steadfast refusal to impose a travel ban on people from West African nation’s affected by an outbreak of Ebola a Rock Island high school student is being kept home from school for the next 21 days as health care professionals monitor the student for Ebola after they where visited by a family member from Liberia.

WQAD has more:

On Thursday, October 16, 2014 the Rock Island-Milan School District announced that a Rock Island High School student has recently had a family member arrive from Liberia. Taking abundant precaution, the Rock Island County Health Department will be monitoring the student at home for 21 days. The student will not be attending school for this period of time.

Also noted in the announcement was that the county health department said there appears to be no risk of Ebola to the community.

1,500 Wrong Early And Absentee Ballots In Rockford

Election officials in the city of Rockford have committed a major screw-up, over 1,500 early and absentee ballots have either been sent out or cast that leave off a race for the Winnebago County forest preserve.

WREX has more:

An election error in Winnebago County means 1,500 absentee and early election ballots already sent out are incomplete.

Missing on the ballot? The Winnebago County Forest Preserve Commissioner’s race.

A mistake that will cost the county $50,000.

In that race, three candidates are vying for one six-year position as commissioner.

The mistake came when Winnebago County sent the ballot to the Rockford Board of Elections without the information for that race.

The board is trying to fix the problem.

However, there may not be a solution for early walk-in voters who’ve already voted.

Those votes are already being counted.

For absentee voters, a substitute ballot will be sent to them to fill out and re-vote.

Schilling Calls For Ebola Travel Ban

Bobby Schilling

Bobby Schilling

Former Republican congressman Bobby Schilling, who is running to regain his seat from Democrat Cheri Bustos, is calling for a ban on travel from Ebola affected African nations.

Illinois Review has more:

Bobby Schilling (R-Colona) is calling for an immediate halt of commercial air traffic in and out of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, the three countries where the Ebola virus is out of control, and any new countries that experience an uncontrolled outbreak.

“I have been constantly amazed by the ineptitude of President Obama and international agencies who keep saying it would be counter-productive to halt flights in and out of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia because there would be no way to get world health experts and medical supplies into and out of those countries,” Schilling said.

“We must protect our population, first and foremost. The answer is to immediately halt commercial air traffic with hundreds of civilian passengers who could then spread the virus all over our country and the world,” Schilling continued. “Instead, we should be using U.S. government small planes for Center for Disease Control (CDC) personnel and technicians who can wear masks and hazmat suits on the way out. A small plane with a few experts and medical supplies is infinitely better able to have both the passengers and the plane itself controlled and quarantined upon arrival.”

“It absolutely defies common sense why this hasn’t been done already,” Schilling said.

Rep. Demmer To Introduce Legislation Barring Lawmakers From Pocketing Campaign Money

Rep. Tom Demmer

Rep. Tom Demmer

State representative Tom Demmer(R-Dixon) has been spearheading several pieces of legislation over the last year and a half to improve transparency and accountability in Illinois governments.

Now Demmer is looking to introduce legislation to keep lawmakers from pocketing campaign money for their own personal use.

Illinois Review has more:

Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) was joined by Candidate for State Rep. Jim Wozniak (R-East Moline) to announce legislation aimed at prohibiting state legislators from directly pocketing their own campaign cash. The two are looking to ban candidates from “working” on their own campaigns.

“It’s hard to believe that any sitting elected official or candidate for office could ever pocket their own campaign cash,” said Wozniak. “If it’s not illegal, it should be and that’s why we’re here today.”

The legislation, which Demmer is drafting comes as a result of revelations that Wozniak’s opponent, Rep. Mike Smiddy, was paying himself from his campaign, directly turning his contributions into income.

In total, Rep. Smiddy paid himself over $41,000 for “consulting” on his own campaign during a 4 month period after his last campaign, according to Demmer and Wozniak. The breakdown for those expenditures included $25,500 for creating fundraising lists, $12,000 for assembling campaign yard signs, and $3,910.91 for hanging fliers and other promotional materials.

“I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with a candidate giving himself $41,000 in special interest contributions to assemble yard signs and hang fliers,” said Demmer.

Demmer, who has been battling corruption in Illinois ever since his own hometown of Dixon was defrauded by over $50 million dollars, views this as an opportunity to further tighten campaign finance laws to prevent special interests from buying off members of the general assembly.

Sen. John McCain To Headline Kinzinger Fundraiser

kinz mccainOn Friday October 24th a tear in the fabric of space-time may well occur at the Rockford County Club at noon.


Because that is when Sen. John McCain’s current old-self will be in the same room as his clone that is just like him in every way except he is 1/8th his age, congressman Adam Kinzinger, for a $250 a person fundraiser.

You have been warned.



Suspect Arrested After Shooting 2 McHenry County Deputies

Scott Peters

Scott Peters

Very early Thursday morning two McHenry county sheriffs deputies where shot while responding to a domestic disturbance.

A daylong manhunt has ended with the apprehension of the suspected shooter Scott Peters.

WREX has more:

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office says two deputies were shot while responding to a report of a possible domestic incident around 1:30 a.m. at 1313 W. Northeast Shore Drive in Holiday Hills.

The deputies were shot by suspect Scott B. Peters, according to the sheriff’s office. Officials say the suspect isn’t in custody and they’re evacuating residents in a one-block radius around the home. Peters should be considered armed and dangerous and might be armed with a rifle.

A female, 12-year veteran deputy, was transported to Centegra McHenry Hospital in McHenry. She is is stable condition, according to the sheriff’s office. A male, 7-year veteran deputy, was transported to Condell Medical Center in Libertyville. He is in critical but stable condition. The deputy has come out of a successful surgery and is in the ICU at Condell.

Peters is currently wanted for 2 counts of attempted murder and 2 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm.

According to a Facebook post from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office at 5:12 p.m., suspect Scott Peters “has been taken into custody safely. More information will be forthcoming as available. Thank you all for your support.”

Moline To Borrow $43.6 Million From Broke State

broke-monopoly-guyThe state of Illinois is broke.

But that isn’t stopping the state and the city of Moline from borrowing $43.6 million for a water treatment plant.

WQAD has more:

The City of Moline will get a $43.6 million low-interest loan from Illinois, to improve the city’s North Slope Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The plant is on the border of Moline and Rock Island, near Sylvan Island.

The plant, which cleans sanitary sewer flow on the north end of Moline, is considered out-of-date and in need of renovation and upgrades.

Utility General Manager Greg Swanson says the city will save more than $8 million by avoiding the need for general obligation bonds to fund the project.   Swanson said that could help keep utility bills lower for residents.

Construction on the waste water plant was expected to start in November 2014 and the project was slated to be completed in the summer of 2017.

Illinois College Sends Employee Home Due To Ebola Concern

ebola4An employee of Augustana College in Rock Island is being asked to say home out of concern that he may have been exposed to the Ebola virus after his daughter arrived in the country from Liberia.

So far they are not showing signs of the deadly virus.

Of course this entire situation for the Quad Cities area could have been avoid had a travel ban to the west African countries effected by the Ebola outbreak been in place.

KWQC has more:

the father of a Liberian woman, who arrived in the Quad Cities on Saturday, was asked to stay off the campus where he works. Rock Island County Health Department representatives say, right now, Barhyeau Philips and his daughter, Jennifer, are not showing Ebola symptoms. Still, they’re taking this case very seriously, as Jennifer comes to the Quad Cities from Liberia, in West Africa, which, new World Health Organization predictions say, could face up to 10,000 new Ebola cases a week within two months.

KWQC talked with Philips over the phone.

“Myself, I believe I’m healthy,” he said. “If I were sick, I should have been in the hospital.”

Phillips is an American citizen who has worked as a groundskeeper at Augustana College in Rock Island for around 15 years. For the last four years, he says he has been waiting for his daughter to join him in the QCA.

“I applied for her 2010,” he said. “She’s 21. She arrived Saturday.”

When Jennifer arrived, Philips says she was healthy, and still is.

“I know she thinks she’s healthy,” Philips said. “Healthy. She has got an appetite. She is eating a lot.

Rockford Patient Test Negative For Ebola

ebola4A man was admitted to Rockford Memorial Hospital on Monday when he thought he began to display symptoms of the Ebola virus.

Hospital officials have determined he did not contract the deadly west African virus.

WREX has more:

A person was admitted to Rockford Memorial Hospital with possible signs of Ebola. RMH says that person does not have the virus, but it did take precautions as if the patient did have it. We have the full statement from RMH below:

“Rockford Memorial Hospital took ultra-conservative measures when dealing with a patient who reported a remote possibility of exposure to Ebola virus. The patient exhibited symptoms of infectious disease that would be consistent with any number of illnesses and was brought by ambulance into the emergency department on Monday, October 13. A patient suspected exposure while traveling by air and we used full precautions until the risk of exposure could be investigated and dismissed.”

“Given heightened awareness about Ebola virus, we utilized full isolation and other precautions in treating this patient,” said Dan Parod, hospital senior vice president. “It was good news that this patient is not at risk and this case proved to be an excellent, real-life test of our preparedness capabilities. We worked with local resources and the Centers for Disease Control to scrupulously follow protocol and provide care to this patient, while protecting staff and the community. We are glad it had a happy ending.”

Genteman: Elect A Transparency/Fiscal Hawk To Dekalb County Board

Guest Post by Craig Genteman

DeKalb County(Voters district 9) cannot afford to re-elect party loyalists with a failing record. Jim Luebke has had unsuccessful bids for DeKalb Township Supervisor in 2013 and for DeKalb County Clerk & Recorder in 2010. Yes, he was elected to serve as DeKalb Township Trustee, but was quickly voted out for ineffective leadership and disrespectful comments at the DeKalb County League of Women Voters Forum. He believes the DeKalb County Board has maintained good fiscal discipline balancing spending with the revenue from all sources, and has no issue with the county spending down its reserves by almost $900,000 annually. Mr. Luebke said he can provide wise stewardship of your tax dollars, while property taxes continue to rise and home values decrease.

One would imagine he should understand the struggle the residents face especially since he became a recent homeowner. Out of touch views and rigid ideology such as Jim Luebke’s are factors why DeKalb County is declining, resulting in residents/businesses leaving. He has no problem spending your “unlimited tax money” on under budgeted projects and special interests.

Mr. Luebke’s feel good stories of walking the district and talking over barking dogs is purely rhetoric. He is not listening to constituents’ concerns, because he knows better than you do. He speaks of transcending party politics but continues to support extreme ideological polices that burden taxpayers. Realize Mr. Luebke never mentions the property tax predicament or lowering taxes. He will continue voting to drain the county’s reserve fund. In short, DeKalb County cannot afford to elect another “talk but do nothing” politician.

Here are the facts:

•I am not a politician, which is vital since we have a county board that is comprised of many, not all, individuals that are simply out of touch with the needs and concerns of the people that they represent

•I will promote transparency, prudence and lowering taxes.

•Unlike Mr. Luebke’s rhetorical attack, I do not seek to cut vital services. I’ll push for a forensic review to eliminate duplicate programs and streamline the administration apparatus.

•I am someone who will work hard on day one, pushing policies that are fiscally sound and will make our county more cost efficient.

Our community cares about jobs; they worry about rising property taxes. So let us do away with many of these burdensome regulations and allow jobs to return to our community, and keep more money in our wallets.

The Hard Left Views Of Dekalb County Board Candidate Jim Luebke

Jim Luebke

Jim Luebke

Jim Luebke is running as a Democrat for a seat on the Dekalb county board in district 9.

And while he talks a good game about being bi-partisan and even non-partisan on the campaign trail and advocates for making government at the local level “work”, some items I found on his Facebook page should have voters thinking twice.(*note as I am not friends with Jim Luebke only some of his FB page was viewable.)



l2In one posting from March of this year Luebke linked to a story headlined, “The Disturbing Link Between ADHD and Conservative Education Reform”.  Luebke commented that “Why is this not surprising?”




l1In another post, also from March, Luebke thought an article about turning the Post Office into a combination bank, welfare office, cultural center would be a great idea, because as the article points out, it would end recessions and income inequality.



l3And in late 2013 Jim Luebke shared another article that defended President Obama’s lie that if you liked your doctor or your insurance you could keep them, this just as millions of Americans across the country where being rocked with cancellation notices because their old insurance polices were not in compliance with Obamacares mandates.

Luebke’s opponent in November in Republican Craig Genteman, a multi-tour Iraq war veteran, and current student at Northern Illinois University.


Rep. Adam Kinzinger: We Need To Fix Obamacare, Raise Minimum Wage, No To Flat Tax

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

During a recent debate on 1430 AM WCMY Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger said that he would like to see Congress “Fix” Obamacare and agreed that the minimum wage should be increased to $10.10 an hour.

Kinzinger was debating his Democrat opponent Randall Olsen and both agreed that tax reform via the Flat Tax was out of the question.

The Ottawa Times has more:

On the question of the Obamacare ramp-up, Kinzinger claimed the country needs an alternative plan. He also was critical of his own party’s failure to officially create its own national health plan.

“I would love to repeal this bill (Obamacare), but I’ve realized this is not going to be done anytime soon,” Kinzinger said.  “We need to figure out what is not working and fix it.”


On the issue of raising the federal minimum wage, both the incumbent and the challenger wanted it set higher at the state level up to at least $10.10 per hour.

Kinzinger said he would like the minimum rate indexed to the rate of inflation on the federal level.

Olsen said, “There should be no person working for less than $10.10 an hour. Period.”

Concerning changes in the federal income tax system, both candidates said they would not favor a straight flat tax and also agreed about the need for real tax reform.

“The federal tax system has not been reformed since 1986,” said Kinzinger. “We now have a tax code that is entirely too large. We need to get rid of many tax loopholes and come up with a real tax simplification (solution). When the Republicans win this senate, and I believe we will, we will work on a bi-artisan effort on tax reform.”

Olsen said tax revision is necessary, but the answer is not a flat tax.

“A flat tax would (adversely) affect low income people more than those making several millions dollars,” he said.

Obama Planning Executive Order To Ship Gitmo Terrorist To Illinois Prison

Thomson Prison located in Thomson, IL(Carrol County)

Thomson Prison located in Thomson, IL(Carrol County)

Ever since the federal government began the process of taking over the Thomson prison in Thomson, IL the fear has always been that the facility built by the state of Illinois but never opened would be used to house the terrorist currently held at Guantanamo Bay.

That fear is quickly turning into a reality as President Obama is threatening to use an executive order to close the Gitmo military prison and send possibly hundreds of terrorist prisoners to the middle of the country.

And Speaker of the House John Boehner is none ot happy about it.

Fox News has more:

House Speaker John Boehner has denounced any potential White House effort to close the Guantanamo Bay prison facility, saying that such a move is “dangerous,” could result in terrorists being relocated into the United States and that overriding Congress is another example of the Obama administration’s “legacy of lawlessness.”

Boehner made the statement Friday, following a Wall Street Journal story stating the White House is “drafting options” that would allow Obama to close the detention facility in Cuba by overriding congressional restrictions on bringing detainees into the U.S.

The White House has responded to the story, reportedly based on information from senior administration officials, by saying the president opposes the restrictions but his first choice is to work with members of both parties.

“For many years now, we’ve always looked at options to close Guantanamo Bay,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters Friday. “For now, our position is clear that we’re seeking support from Congress to lift those restrictions.”

Boehner argued that closing the facility — which would send some detainees home and bring others to the U.S. for trial — is opposed by an  “overwhelming majority of Americans” and that bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate have passed legislation that prohibits the president from transferring the terror detainees to U.S. soil.

He was joined Friday by Florida GOP Rep. Vern Buchanan, who said such a move would be “a huge mistake,” particularly as the U.S. tries to destroy Islamic State, or ISIS, militants.

“As America battles ISIS in the Middle East, the last thing we should do is close a facility used to interrogate and house dangerous terrorists,”  Buchanan said.

The restrictions were included in the fiscal 2015 National Defense Authorization Act passed in May by the GOP-led House.

Schultz on Friday noted the legislation, now sitting in the Democrat-controlled Senate, included a Statement of Administration Policy, in which the White House officially opposes the restrictions.

Gov. Scott Walker Vs Mary Burke Debate(Video)

Here is video of Friday nights debate up in Wisconsin between Republican Governor Scott Walker, and Democrat Mary Burke.