Madigan Gets $40 Billion Spending Bill Passed Hours After Introduction, Overspends By $7.5 Billion

state Rep. Tom Demmer and other GOP Rep's, photo from Demmer's Facebook page

state Rep. Tom Demmer and other GOP Rep’s, photo from Demmer’s Facebook page

Late Wednesday afternoon Illinois Democrat Party Boss and Speaker of the House Michael Madigan dropped a 500 page $40 billion spending bill on the state legislature and then called for a vote on it 2 hours later.

The spending package overspends projected state revenues by $7-7.5 billion and would require the states income tax rate to be raise to a level even higher than it was by Madigan and former Gov. Pat Quinn in 2011.

Because of the overspending, this bill is automatically unconstitutional under the state Constitutions balanced budget provision.

Overspending by $3 billion last year got Madigan’s budget/spending plans vetoed by Gov. Rauner and has resulted in a nearly year long budget impasse.

Dixon Republican state Rep. Tom Demmer attempted to force a roll call vote on the preposterous spending bill but was rebuked by Madigan who passed the bill on a simple voice vote.

Here are some others reactions from state lawmakers from their Facebook pages.

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Rep. Cheri Bustos Wants To Raise Corporate Taxes Over Lead Water

Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-IL)

Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-IL)

Tuesday Illinois Democrat congresswoman Cheri Bustos held a press conference on the Capitol steps to introduce her WATER Act, which would raise taxes on corporates by $60 billion so the federal government says it can use the money to help communities deal with lead and other drinking water problems.

Bustos has been on a nearly two month campaign over lead water pipes in Galesburg, IL.

Bustos first learned about the problem in April and went on a tangent over it. Not realizing that everyone else from homeowners, to the city, to the EPA, has known about the city’s lead water pipes, some 4700 of them, since 1992.

She has badly wanted to government to be looked to for the solution. When Galesburg’s answer has been rather simple all along, come with $10+ million to replace the pipes. So far they are about half way there with grants and forgivable loans.

Bustos and her fellow Democrats would get this $60 billion annually by going after corporates overseas earnings. Currently the US taxes corporations the corporate tax rate of 35%, the highest in the world, on any money made overseas brought into the US. The practice of taxing foreign earnings, which have already been taxed once in the originating country, upon that money being brought into the home country is virtually unheard of. This has put the US at a severe economic disadvatage for years, and has resulted in some $2 trillion in corporate earnings by US companies sitting offshore.

Bustos’ bill would go after that money and ensure that corporates pay that 35% corporate tax on money they have already paid taxes on.

And that is not all, the Social Justice Warriors can get in on the WATER Act via the EPA which according to Bustos’ press release gets authorized(and compelled) to study water discrimination and civil rights violations by water and sewer providers.

Here’s the press releases language:

Require EPA to coordinate a study about water affordability, discrimination and civil rights violations by water and sewer providers, public participation in water regionalization efforts, and water shutoffs;

I’m just curious when Cheri was in Cuba a while back did she bring back this “bill/idea” with her? Was it a gift from Raul?

Is Obama’s Up Coming Release Of 24 Gitmo Terrorist A Prelude To The Rest Being Sent To Thomson Prison

Club Gitmo

Club Gitmo

Fox News is reporting that the Obama administration is set to send 24 terrorist detainees free from Guantanamo Bay and let to go to other countries around the world.

The last two Gitmo terrorist let go by the Obama administration were top Al Qaeda bomb makers.

The release of these 24 other Gitmo terrorist in the coming months is going to bring to total terrorist detainee population down to about 60 which represents the absolute worst terrorist on the planet including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

The Obama administration has said that it fully intends to close the military prison and bring those 60 or so terrorist into the US for imprisonment. Two prisons in Colorado, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and the Navy brig in Charleston, South Carolina are among a group of possible sites the Obama administration wants the terrorist to.

A place that always seems to be left out of the talks any more is the place the Obama administration has in the past admitted was their ideal choice for housing those Gitmo terrorist, Thomson Prison in Thomson, IL.

It is clear that by Labor Day Obama wants Gitmo as empty as possible, and will just before the election make some move to bring those terrorist into the country.  Most of the sites team Obama has scouted to possibly house the Gitmo terrorist would require tens of millions of dollars to get ready and take years to do so, all while Congress continues to prohibit the transfer of the Gitmo terrorist into the country and the use of any funds to make ready or buy any prison for that purpose.

This leaves the Obama administration in a pickle.

And it is a pickle I think they will solve by going back to what was their plan A.


Democrat congresswoman Cheri Bustos and Sen. “Little” Dick Durbin have spent years funneling tens of millions of dollars into Thomson for its “activation” by using the lump sums given to the Bureau of Prisons in every spending and budget agreement of Boehner/Ryan/McConnell’s.

We’ve feared for years that Thomson was going to be the home of Gitmo terrorist like KSM ever since Pat Quinn, and Durbin first floated selling the prison the state built but never opened to Obama.

I really hope those fears don’t become reality.

Because it would really suck having Islamo-Nazi mass murdering scum living in my backyard. It is bad enough with all of the ISIS sympathizers in the Chicagoland area.

Belvidere City Council Opposes Great Lakes Basin Railroad

Great Lakes basin railroadWIFR is reporting that next week the Belvidere city council will approve a resolution/letter opposing the proposed Great Lakes Basin Railroad project citing its impact on farmers and route concerns.

The city joins the Boone, LaSalle, and Grundy county boards in opposing the privately funded $8 billion, 280 mile freight rail project that would go from Milton, WI to Northwest Indiana. They too have had problems with the proposed route, safety concerns, and the amount of prime farmland that the project would impact.

“They need to go back and find a better plan. They will get nothing but extreme displeasure and resistance from the farming community, and some of the residential community that have opted to build beautiful homes along the route of that and don’t really want to look at a train,” says Mayor Mike Chamberlain.

Rockford, Dekalb, Iowa City Schools Recieve Bomb Threats Monday

Crime_scene_tape_generic_20120909085013_320_240Monday a rash of automated recorded bomb threats were phoned into dozens of schools across the country.

Rockford Lincoln Middle School, Dekalb’s Clinton-Rosette Middle School, and Tate High School in Iowa City, Iowa were all caught up in the swatting hoax.

Authorities and school officials reported the same bomb threats being made in Colorado, Delaware, Minnesota, and elsewhere including two schools in Des Moines, Iowa and another in Marion, Iowa.

Officials evacuated students in Dekalb and all four Iowa schools, while school officials and the Rockford PD decided against doing so there.

The person or persons behind this nationwide hoax are being sought after by law enforcement and when they are found they are looking at doing a lot of time in prison based on the number of charges in the multitude of states, plus federal offenses, not to mention the terrorism charges.



Wisconsin Couple Suing Galena Inn For Not Hosting Non-Religious Wedding

IMG_9900Okay this is weird.

A Wisconsin couple is suing a Galena, IL inn owner because he wouldn’t host their non-religious wedding WREX reports:

Jonathan Webber and Alexandra Katzman filed the charge against Bernadine’s Stillman Inn in Galena, Illinois, last month with the Illinois Department of Human Rights. The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois is representing them.

The couple says they paid a deposit for a May 2016 wedding. They say when they went to finalize details Anderson told them he would only permit a Christian service. Webber is Christian and Katzman is Jewish.

WGN has more:

The couple had already mailed a deposit to the Stillman Inn in Galena when they had a face-to-face meeting with the owner.  Katzman says, “He just kept saying that he wouldn’t allow it.  That he would only allow services that mentioned God or religion.”

The owner of the Stillmam Inn says he is shocked by the charge but blames his decision on a rule by the City of Galena.  WGN contacted Galena officials and they gave us this statement, “As far as the city, we regulate land use.  We don’t get involved with religious matters.”

Saying no to being a part of a gay marriage is one thing, saying no to a marriage, because its secular is just plain stupid.



Madigan Veto Override To Help Unions Fails

Michael Madigan(D-Chicago)

Michael Madigan(D-Chicago)

Wednesday Democrat Party Boss and Speaker Michael Madigan fell 2 votes short of overriding a veto by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner of a bill that would handicap his ability to negotiate contracts with state unions, such as AFSCME, and would have all but guaranteed that unions would get very demand they want.

The vote was 69-47. A super-majority of 71 votes is needed to override a Governors veto, something Madigan has as the Democrats hold veto proof super-majorities in both chambers of the Illinois legislature.

*Update: The veto override failed thanks to retiring state Rep. Jack Franks(D-Marengo) voting present and Chicago Dem Rep. Scott Drury voting no along side the GOP.

Kinzinger: VA Sec’s Disney Wait Time Comment Heartless

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

During an appearance Tuesday on the Fox News Channel with Greta Van Susteren Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger said that the VA Secretary’s comments that VA wait times were akin to the wait times at Disney theme parks was heartless.

Kinzinger said that the VA Secretary should apologize for the comment. Kinzinger is a Major in the Air Guard and a Iraq war vet.

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, a former commander in the National Guard, has said that the VA Secretary should resign.

Kinzinger: You have great care givers at the VA…Its this cold, heartless, bureaucracy that sits on top of it. Where your paperwork is ping-ponged back and forth. Where you have to go through the wickets(thickets?) just to get front line care. And where you have administrators that with all do respect doesn’t necessarily see everyday human element and can slip a line there like its the equivalent of Disneyland. it was a heartless comment. He should at least apologize for it.


Kirk Among 16 GOP Senators To Protect HUD Bullying Of Suburbia

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Late last week the Senate voted on two amendments that dealt with President Obama’s affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rules as issued by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

One amendment, offered up by Susan Collins of Maine, would have done absolutely nothing to stop HUD or the Obama administrations war against suburban communities by way of forcing diversity to comply with the threat of having federal funding withheld, and as the city of Rockford is finding out criminal prosecution for not complying with the edicts of Obama’s central planners.  This amendment is favored by Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.

Another amendment from Utah Sen. Mike Lee would have fully and completely defunded AFFH and blocked its use as a sledgehammer to compel the equal disbursement of racial and economic demographics. That amendment McConnell hated and wanted to see killed.

When the votes came Illinois RINO Mark Kirk was one of 16 GOP Senators to join with the Democrats to defeat Mike Lee’s amendment, and thus ensured that Obama’s war on suburbia will continue unabated.

And to think Illinois GOP voters could have chosen James Marter, who would have undoubtedly been in(or at least very likely to be) Mike Lee’s corner. Instead we’re going to get stuck with Tammy Duckworth for the next 6 years.

God Illinois needs a political reboot.

69% Of Young Black Men In Rockford Unemployed

UnemploymentThis is the kind of news that just makes your heart weep.

According to federal unemployment and census data from 2012, the most recent year available, 69 percent of young African-American men, 20-24, do not have a job according to WREX.

That is 7 out of every 10.

Behold the wonders of Obama’s malaise economy.

No wonder the city of Rockford and Winnebago county have seen a major uptick in crime the last few years, and the city has been plagued by a violent string of armed robberies by you guessed it young black men and teenagers.

If Obama wants to build his presidential library in Illinois he should move it from Chicago’s south side to say Kish and Broadway or Fairgrounds in Rockford, where many of the unemployed victims of liberal economic policies live.