Rep. Kinzinger: Gay Marriage Is The Law Of The Land, Get Used To It

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger finally broke his silence on the Supreme Courts ruling last Friday that nationalized same sex marriage, telling 1440 WROK Wednesday morning that “Gay marriage is the law of the land” and that it is something people will just have to get used to.

In typical establishment RINO fashion Kinzinger also said that the Supreme Courts role and decision had to be respected vis-a-vis the Constitution and that no effort should be made to counter or undo, and heaven forbid punish the Supreme Courts trampling of the 10th amendment and complete bastardization of the 14th amendment.

Naturally Kinzinger wouldn’t lend his support to calls by Sen. Ted Cruz(judicial retention elections), Gov. Scott Walker(amendment making marriage a state issue), and others such as myself who have been calling for an Article V Convention of States to implement Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments when it comes to the Supreme Court(term limits and state and congressional veto of SCOTUS rulings) as Kinzinger has long been opposed to any use of Article V(or Article I powers) to slow the cultural rot of this nation and to put the brakes on the militant lefts attempts to change the meaning and definition of a word; marriage.

Kinzinger: “We see the next generation is overwhelmingly supportive of gay marriage and by the way overwhelmingly pro-life too…There are many of us who believe in traditional marriage, that believe this is a state decision. I’ve opposed federal bans on gay marriage. I believe that’s something that should be decided at the state level, but then again, look the Supreme Court has spoken…If we respect the Constitution of the United States we have to respect the role the Supreme Court played and they made a decision whether I agree with that decision or not it appears gay marriage is the law of the land and I think that’s something we’re going to have to get used to.”

I think I liked it better when Kinzy was quite on this subject(every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it.)

Rep. Sosnowski Explains Illinois’ Partial Government Shutdown(Video)

state Rep. Joe Sosnowski

state Rep. Joe Sosnowski

Wednesday morning state Rep. Joe Sosnowski(R-Belvidere) was on 1440 WROK to explain what Illinois’ partial government shutdown means.

NIU Says No To Veteran Housing Plan

220px-NIU_Huskies.svgSave-a-Vet, a charity that partners military and police dogs that would otherwise be put to sleep with veterans students, had planned to use Lincoln Hall on the campus of Northern Illinois University as a residency for veterans attending NIU and a home for some heroic canines.

NIU officials in June nixed the proposal, forcing Save-a-Vet’s organizers to look at unoccupied homes on Dekalb’s Greek Row to set up shop.

NIU’s reason for nixing the plan will cause heads to hit desk.

They need Lincoln Hall because a growing number of the schools ever shrinking student enrollment wants to live on campus, and the school may need to use L Hall to house them temporarily.

In Congress

Independence Day 2015 – “…we mutually pledge to each other…”

by Jesus Alaniz

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being accompanied by a single mother during a photoshoot in Chicago. I’d noticed her opinions before and was very pleased that she seemed to be an educated and well informed person. It was at that time I had an epiphany between the struggling working class trying to make ends meet and the politicians I’ve helped.

There are two significant dates regarding the Declaration of Independence. The first is the usual and customary date of July 4th which is celebrated with parades and festivities consisting of people and politicians who call themselves Americans and who lack courage and would rather compromise and sell your soul for their welfare in the “spirit of getting things done”. It has become easier for some to cast ballots for phony Founder wannabes who promises to reform & restore their Liberties only to have them bartered and sold far away at market prices.

The second and probably the most important date is July 2, 1776 in which John Adams wrote in a July 3, 1776 letter to his wife Abigail Adams, “The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epocha in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward, forevermore.” Not so long ago I sat by the river and watched an American Bald eagle fly overhead and I thought of the politicians who come to you asking you for your support only to have them give you an excuse as to why they can’t endorse you or your candidate when you need it. Recently I’ve had people find me and thank me for the letters I write. My heart pours out for the young and old who tell their friends and families about my letters without any fears of retribution, reputation, or fear of losing everything. The introduction to the Declaration reads “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…” I believe the time is coming for me to break away from the politicians who lack the courage to fight. The last line reads “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”  Trust me I will never confuse that honorable single working mother with the slick politician. On this Independence Day I say, “Those who have little and are willing to risk all in the cause of freedom & right, are mine and belong to me – let freedom ring.”

Rep. Bustos Happy Obama Opening US Embassy In Cuba

Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-IL)

Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-IL)

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry by months end will officially open the US embassy in Cuba after President Kennedy closed it in 1961 amid the growing tensions of the Cold War and Fidel and Raul Castro’s spreading of violent Communist revolutions in other Caribbean and Latin American countries.

The news that Obama is normalizing diplomatic relations with the Communist Dictatorship of the Castro brothers was good news to Illinois Democrat congresswoman Cheri Bustos who thinks diplomatic and eventually economic relations with the only country in the world still stuck in the 1950s(not counting certain Muslim countries that still live in the 7th century), will be a positive thing for the Quad Cities area.

KWQC has more:

Representatives Cheri Bustos and Dave Loebsack paid a visit to Alcoa this afternoon and answered some questions about the newly opened embassies in Cuba.

Bustos and Loebsack agree the re-opened embassies are good for the country and for our region. Loebsack said having the embassies open makes complete sense and calls Cuba a potential economic partner for the Quad Cities. Bustos agrees.

“But now I think this is a new day. I think we have to look at it as an opportunity to open up the relations to open up trade and again to help our family farmers and to help companies like John Deere,” Bustos said.

NIU VP: End State Budget Stalemate Or NIU Students And Faculty Will Leave

220px-NIU_Huskies.svgAlan Phillips, the Vice President of administration and finance at Northern Illinois University, told the Dekalb Daily Chronicle that students and faculty members will leave NIU if Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Democrat controlled state legislature don’t pass a budget soon.

Wednesday is the first day of a partial government shutdown after Rauner last week vetoed a budget plan from Democrat Party boss and Speaker of the House Michael Madigan that overspent by $4 billion, blatantly violating the state Constitutions balanced budget provision.

Phillips said, “Every day they don’t resolve this just makes it more difficult to attract and retain not only students, but also attract and retain staff and faculty,” Phillips said Tuesday. “If this doesn’t get resolved, we are certainly at risk for losing some of our best and most valuable faculty and other key staff members.”

Officials at NIU have been upset at Gov. Rauner and the whole budget process the last few months because NIU and every other taxpayer backed university in the state was looking at having their taxpayer subsidies reduced, and without a budget a hold is being put in place on state financed construction and building projects.  That is a big no-no to the big wigs in higher education who always want to spend more(of other peoples money) on new shinny buildings and the like instead of on educating students.

Rauner Vetoes Pay Raise For Lawmakers

Gov. Bruce Rauner

Gov. Bruce Rauner

On Wednesday Illinois Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed legislation that would have given a cost-of-living pay raise to members of the state legislature.

Wednesday was the first day of a partial government shutdown of state government due to the impasse between Democrat party boss and Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, Senate President John Fullerton, and Gov. Rauner over a budget for the fiscal year.

Since Madigan and Cullerton can’t come up with a budget that balances, the one they passed ahead of Tuesday’s midnight deadline, over spent some $4 billion making it not only an unblanced budget but also an unconstitutional one given Illinois’ Constitutional balanced budget provision, they and their fellow Democrats in the state House and state Senate don’t deserve even more of our money.

FYI Illinois lawmakers were already some of the highest paid in the nation before Rauner vetoed their pay raise.

Jindal In Iowa: World More Dangerous Place Because Of Clinton/Obama Foreign Policy

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

On Tuesday afternoon Louisiana Governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal was in Boone, Iowa and talked about several things including the dangerous world created by President Obama and former Secretary of State, and leading Democrat contender, Hillary Clinton. Jindal also hit Clinton over her emails.

The QC Times has more:

Jindal spent much of his time during the Boone stop decrying President Obama’s policies and recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings on health care coverage and same-sex marriage in addition to explaining how he would run the country differently while protecting individual freedoms and religious liberty.

He also took aim at 2016 Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, calling it an “unacceptable” national security breach that she conducted State Department business via a private email account as well as criticizing the process by which she is releasing the contents of those messages.

“First, the American public is only getting the emails that Hillary Clinton herself is allowing us to see. She has already edited the emails and has already destroyed the ones she did not want us to see, which makes the whole thing a meaningless charade,” he said.

“Secondly, and far more importantly, by choosing to use her own server in her own house, she created a major breach of national security,” Jindal added. “The real issue is that while the American people will never see these emails, it is likely that the Russians and the Chinese already have all of them. This is the real consequence of having a Secretary of State who unlawfully chose to conduct America’s foreign policy business on her own private email system.”

If members of Congress want to get the original emails, Jindal said they might have to enlist the help of “hard-working hackers.” He also said Clinton’s national security breach and her support of Obama’s “failed policies” that continue America on a path toward socialism “disqualify” her from becoming the next U.S. president.

“The world’s become a more dangerous place under the failed foreign policy of Secretary Clinton and President Obama,” added Jindal, who pledged to pare back the federal government while rebuilding America’s defense in the process to restore the nation’s lead role as a world power.

Rep. Kinzinger Won’t Comment On SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage Ruling

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Congressman Adam Kinzinger is never one to shy away from a camera, microphone, or note pad of a reporter. So imagine my shock to see the Ottawa Times report that since Friday’s ruling by the Supreme Court that nationalized same sex marriage, Kinzinger hasn’t said a peep about the ruling or issue of marriage.

This is weird. Kinzinger is a media whore and loves the attention and is the guy the GOP establishment and power players want to one day be in the US Senate.  So why has he been silent on the SCOTUS marriage ruling?

Could it be he has finally talked himself into a corner/no-win situation.  If he comes out against the SCOTUS legalization of same sex marriage he’ll gave the approval of conservatives(who he hates) and will give a big reason for moderates in Chicagoland to vote against him should be run for Senate(Don’t be surprise if Mark Kirk steps aside and Kinzy runs against Tammy Duckworth in 2016).  If he comes out in favor of the SCOTUS same sex marriage ruling he guarantees he’ll never be elected again in the 16th congressional district should he and the GOP establishment opt to wait until the next time Dick Durbin’s seat comes up for him to run for Senate.


Sen. Kirk Butthurt Over Ex-Im Bank Shutting Down

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Illinois RINO Sen. Mark Kirk is all butthurt over the fact that there will be no 11th hour measure to save the Export-Import Bank and its billions of dollars in crony capitalism.

Illinois Review has more:

The Ex-Im Bank will expire Tuesday night at midnight, and U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) says he is disappointed that he was unable to get his legislation passed to reauthorize it.

“As the author of bipartisan legislation that reauthorizes and reforms the Export-Import Bank and enjoys supermajority support in the Senate, I am disappointed the Bank is expiring today. We cannot unilaterally disarm against foreign competitors like China by foolishly killing this critical tool that supports 46,000 Illinois jobs. If we want to keep these jobs here in America, Congress needs to act swiftly to pass the Kirk-Heitkamp bill to reauthorize and reform the Ex-Im Bank.”

Captain Compromise, AKA Chris Christie, Is Running For President(Video)

Chris Christie

Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has earned the nickname, coined I do believe by Mark Levin,  Krispy Kreme Christie.

Today during his announcement speech that he is seeking the Republican 2016 presidential nomination, Christie earned himself a new nickname; Captain Compromise.

Watch/Listen, vomit, and then pray for that he doesn’t put any donut shops or all you can eat buffets out of business as he campaigns in Iowa and New Hampshire.

IL18 Special Election: LaHood Shows Why The Question Of Term Limits Is So Hard For Him

Sen. Darin LaHood

Sen. Darin LaHood

In an interview Tuesday morning on 1230 WJBC Illinois state Sen. Darin LaHood showed exactly why the question of term limits is such a hard one for him to answer.

Last week during a debate with his opponent Breitbart editor Mike Flynn, LaHood had some real trouble answering the question of how many terms he would serve in Congress if elected.(story here).  While LaHood hemmed and hawed, Flynn was steadfast in only wanting to serve 8 years(4 terms) so as to NOT be able to collect on a congressional pension.

LaHood, after his campaign manager got into a scuffle with a Bloomington radio station reporter, finally says that he’d serve between 4 and 8 terms or 8 and 16 years.

So why is it that hard for LaHood to talk about term limits, well because term limits get in the way of seniority in Congress, and in Congress seniority matters; at least to establishment types.

LaHood said in the Tuesday interview that, “If you look at people like Nancy Pelosi whose been there 40 years and these people who’ve been there a long time. I don’t want to tie one hand behind my back by not adequately representing my constituents.  I think you’ve got to build seniority there, and you’ve got to be there a little while so you can be effective and represent your constituents.”

Yeah, I’ll take Flynn’s answer over LaHood’s desire for seniority on the Hill any day.  It is the mindset and mentality of the LaHood’s of the political world that have ruined a good thing.

I have a strong inclination that a former congressman from that district would be giving LaHood the stink-eye for that kind of an answer; obviously I’m talking about Abraham Lincoln for those that do not know.

The GOP primary special election to replace Aaron Schock is July 7th, general election is in September.

IL18 Special Election: LaHood: GOP Should Tweak, Change And Fix Obamacare

Sen. Darin LaHood

Sen. Darin LaHood

In an interview Tuesday morning on 1230 WJBC in Bloomington Illinois state Sen. Darin LaHood, who is running against Breitbart editor Mike Flynn in the Republican special election primary to replace the disgraced Aaron Schock on July 7th, said that Republicans after the 2016 Presidential election should put forth a plan that would change and fix Obamacare as well as tweak it.

LaHood said, “If we get a Republican President, which I hope we do, there’ll be an opportunity to put forth a plan to change Obamacare and fix it.”

LaHood added, “Listen there are tweaks and there are changes that need to be made” to Obamacare.

Both interviewers pressed LaHood to reject conservative Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare as they’ve voted to do 50 plus times, which the interviewers say were failed efforts, funny every last one of those votes passed the House as I recall, and to stop with Supreme Court legal challenges to President Obama’s signature socialist achievement.  LaHood didn’t entirely play along, but obviously did step into the establishment GOP talking points of fixing Obamacare rather than driving a stake through its heart.

LaHood somewhat redeemed himself when he said, “Obamacare is restricting growth.  Obviously the Supreme Court ruled(King v Burwell) but that doesn’t mean with a new President or a Congress can put forth changes to Obamacare whether that’s repealing it and putting in more market place ideas.”

Memo to GOP congressional candidates Obamacare cannot be fixed, it wasn’t meant to be fixed, it was meant to push this country into a European style centralized and socialized  single payer system of health care rationing.

You can’t fix that, you can only repeal it, and if that doesn’t work, repeal it again, and again, and again until such time as Obamacare is pulled out root and branch.

Flynn Vs. LaHood IL18 Special Election Debate #2(Video)

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

Earlier tonight in Springfield Breitbart editor Mike Flynn debated state Sen. Darin LaHood in Springfield in their second debate ahead of the July 7th special election primary in the Illinois 18th congressional District to replace the disgraced Aaron Schock.

Donald Trump In Chicago(Videos)

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The Donald, the one man brand, Donald Trump was in Chicago Monday to speak at the City Club of Chicago and to talk to the Chicago Tribune editorial board. I’m not sure whether Trump is a serious challenger to the 2016 GOP presidential nomination or this cycles entertainment.

Either way here are some hour plus videos of both of his appearances.

The highlight from the City Club was when Trump went after NBC Universal who earlier in the day cut all ties with the businessman and reality TV star.  Apparently there were some open border/amnesty protesters outside to great Trump.

Trump City Club of Chicago.

Trump Tribune editorial board.

Winnebago County Jail Asking Juveniles About Their Gender Identity

UnknownBecause we have got to celebrate diversity even as we are booking young gangbangers, drug dealers, and thieves into the Winnebago County jail.

Good grief.

WREX has more:

Juveniles being booked into custody in Winnebago County are being asked new questions about their sexuality.

The Rockford Register Star reports that a federal mandate to eliminate prison rape and a stepped up effort to recognize transgender rights prompted changes in the booking questionnaire at the juvenile detention facility.

Since June 1, offenders are asked which gender they were at birth, which gender they express and which gender they are attracted to. The sheriff adopted similar policies for adult jail inmates last year in response to the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act.

The superintendent of the juvenile detention center says he can’t recall housing a transgender youth but he understands that it may happen and he wants his staff to be ready.

Dekalb To Spend $300K Expanding Police Parking Lot

city-of-dekalb-signThe City of Dekalb has approved the use of $300,000 to purchase a home next to the police department on Lincoln Highway/IL Rt. 38, demolish it, and expand the departments parking lot.

The Dekalb Daily Chronicle has more:

The city plans to purchase and demolish a house at 622 W. Lincoln Highway and use the space for parking and for a potential police department expansion, Mayor John Rey said.

The property is up for judicial sale and the city will purchase it for $228,527, according to city documents.

The city operates the police department, which is immediately west of the property at 700 W Lincoln Highway. The station could use additional parking, Rey said.

“Right now, when events are held in the conferences rooms, depending on attendance we could have overflow,” he said. “Neighbors have been gracious in accommodating, but long term it would be a good investment.”

Dr. Ben Carson: Western Conservative Summit(Video)

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

Video, not the greatest cell phone video, of 2016 GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson speaking this weekend at the Western Conservative Summit in Colorado.

Scott Walker: Western Conservative Summit(Video)

Gov.Scott Walker(R-WI)

Gov.Scott Walker(R-WI)

Video of Wisconsin Governor and likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker at this weekends Western Conservative Summit in Colorado.

Part 1

part 2

Part 3 interview with Hugh Hewitt

Cruz In Iowa Hammers Washington Cartel

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz

Republican Texas Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz was at Drake University in Iowa Saturday and hammered what he calls the Washington Cartel of activist Judges, the media, establishment politicians in both parties, union bosses, and other special interest for being an impediment to economic growth and renewed liberty for the American people; as well as trying to rig the game so that Jeb Bush can lose to Hillary Clinton.

The QC Times has more:

GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz took aim Saturday at activist liberal judges, leaders of his political party and members of a “Washington cartel” that are thwarting American liberty and standing in the way of conservatives trying to change a “rigged” system that favors big-money special interests.

Speaking for an hour to about 200 supporters, the U.S. senator from Texas offered his 2016 presidential candidacy as the best hope to break the grip of Washington power brokers — what he called a “cartel” of union bosses, giant corporations, lobbyists, the media, liberal activist judges, and career politicians from both parties — and bring real change to restore and protect individual liberties, empower people from all socio-economic groups and return America to its pre-eminence as a world leader.

“The Washington cartel does one thing; it protects the past,” Cruz told the appreciative crowd that repeatedly interrupted his remarks at a Drake University venue with applause. “No one in Washington represents the future. The game is rigged and they want to keep that game rigged in their favor.”

Cruz said that became even more evident in the past few days when the U.S. Supreme Court issued rulings that supported President Obama’s health care law and upended the traditional view of marriage being only recognized as a legal union between one man and one woman.

“The last thing the Republican leaders in Washington want to see is millions of Americans across the country mobilizing and coalescing around one strong conservative candidate,” he said. Instead, the GOP hierarchy wants the party’s factions fragmented so “once again they run right up the middle with 24 percent and nominate an establishment moderate who loses the election to Hillary Clinton,” he added.

“Here’s what the Washington cartel wants — they want us divided,” Cruz said.

“They will do everything possible to fragment us and pit us against each other because if we come together it’s game over,” he added. “The cartel only knows one thing — how to extort power and money to get what it wants and if I were elected president, it will stop.”