Kasich In Iowa: Trump Attacking People Not What People Want In A Leader

John Kasich

John Kasich

Ohio Gov. John Kasich does not like Donald Trump. He does not like that Trump is kicking his ass in the polls. He does not like the fact that Trump plus Ted Cruz and Ben Carson have all but vanquished every establishment Republican running for President, Kasich included. And Kasich really really doesn’t like the way Donald Trump hits back at people who have done him or our country wrong.

Thus Kasich at a campaign stop at Iowa State University in Ames said that Trump’s attacks on people(Hispanics, John McCain, a New York Times reporter) are not what people want in a leader.

Funny, seems a large swath of the electorate wants Trump to lead them and likes what he says, hence why Trump leads all the polls in Iowa, New Hampshire and nationally.

From the QC Times:

Kasich on Monday continued his criticism of Trump’s comments on the campaign trail. Kasich said he thinks that he is the only candidate who is challenging Trump’s comments and that many people — presumably Republicans — are glad he’s doing so.

“I think that this country really needs somebody to unite us,” Kasich said. “We have so many problems with our economy, foreign affairs, and I don’t want somebody that’s dividing all of us. … The issue of attacking Hispanics or Muslims or women or mocking somebody who’s disabled, it’s just not what we want in a leader.”

No what the people don’t want is amnesty, embracing Obamacare, or more surrender and white flag waving for the GOP establishment. In other words the people don’t want Kasich.

For a little comparison Trump when he visits Iowa gets crowds of thousands. Kasich on Monday drew a crowd of 70.

Hundreds Of Illegals Attending Rock Valley College Because of IL Dream Act

rock valley collegeWell isn’t this special.

According to a report from WIFR hundreds of illegal immigrants are attending Rock Valley College each and every semester thanks to Illinois’ DREAM Act which gives them in-state tuition.

Hundreds of other undocumented students attend RVC each semester for a better life and it’s all because of the in-state tuition act. The law was passed in 2003 and it has allowed thousands to get an education.

“Some of these students have families,” said International Student Coordinator Mary Foreman. “Some of these students work to take care of their family, their dads, their moms. To be able to go to school legally and get their education and work legally is a plus. This is a great benefit that they probably thought they’d never have.”

Before being accepted, applicants must pass four requirements. They had to live with a guardian while attending high school in Illinois, they had to graduate, be in school for at least three years, and must apply to become a permanent citizen at their earliest opportunity.

Illinois’ liberal Chicago Democrat agenda in action folks.

O’ and WIFR it isn’t “undocumented” its illegal immigrant, got it.

DOJ: Gitmo Closure And Where To Send The Terrorist Not Pressing Media Or Public Issue

Club Gitmo

Club Gitmo

The absurdity of the Obama administration knows no ends.

This week the Obama Justice Department sent USofArn.com a letter denying an appeal to have a Freedom of Information Act request expedited under rules for issues of pressing media and public interest.  It was the DOJ’s contention and that of Justices Director of Public Affairs that the issues of President Obama’s planned closure of the Guantanamo Bay military prison and the bringing in of 60 or so of the worlds worst terrorist included 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed to be housed and detained inside the country didn’t qualify or merit a faithful execution of the FOIA act because they didn’t believe the issue was of pressing media concern and did not affect the publics view of the integrity of the federal government.

USofArn.com was yet again seeking to have the Justice Department and Bureau of Prisons releases emails, memos, and other communications along with detailed financial documents related to Thomson prison in Thomson, Illinois for the entirely of the Obama administration into the end of October of this year.  The DOJ and Bureau of Prisons in prior FOIA request claimed that absolutely no emails, memos or other communications existed for a year and a half time frame that would have included the days immediately following the public disclosure of the Bowe Bergdahl deal.  The DOJ and BOP also claim that during a time frame from January 2013 to June of 2014 they had no email or other discussions with Illinois Democrat congresswoman Cheri Bustos and Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin, a time frame during which both were instrumental in bringing tens of millions of dollars in funding to the prison. It took the DOJ and DOP more than a year and a half to finally claim nothing existed relevent to the original FOIA request.

The Obama administration for the last several weeks has been hinting at the public release of its plan to close Guantanamo Bay, but has of yet failed to do so. On Wednesday President Obama signed into law the NDAA defense spending bill and its continued restrictions on closing Guantanamo and bring the terrorist into the country.  In an accompanying signing statement President Obama said that he’d implement that only so long as it doesn’t interfere with separation of powers.  Meaning, a long rumored, by White House press secretary Josh Earnest, executive order closing Guantanamo Bay and bring the terrorist into the country is looming.

In recent weeks the Obama administration has sent military teams to the Navy brig in Charleston, South Carolina, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, and two prison one state owned, the other the federal SuperMax prison, as possible sites to hold the Guantanamo terrorist.

It had been the Obama administrations repeatedly publicly stated intention to bring those terrorists out of the 112 currently in Guantanamo that cannot be released to another country to Thomson.  The Washington Post reported several months ago that an official in the Justice Department made strong enough objections to the use of Thomson, that the other sites, which have all been fiercely opposed by their congressional delegations and Gov. Nikki Haley, were considered.

USofArn.com’s latest FOIA, given the time frame that it covers, would ascertain whether or not the Obama administration had changed its mind on Thomson given the public opposition to all of the other sites known, as well as the idea as a whole, hopefully before or at least coinciding with the public announcement of the Guantanamo closure plans, hence the need for expediting.

For weeks USofArn.com has also been trying to get the Justice Department to answer questions related to the Guantanamo Bay closure not the least of which was related to the constitutional rights any GItmo terrorist would be entitled to under the Supreme Courts Eisentrager ruling. They have yet to respond to repeated emails and phone messages.

There has been a lot of secrecy, stonewalling, denials, delays, and real whoppers coming from the DOJ and BOP over Thomson prison.  Thomson’s Warden still refuses to answer any questions, a line he’s held for months. And what’s worst, attempts to use the means to get the truth our of a government that lies, the Freedom of Information Act, has been rendered use less.

But as the saying in the X-Files goes “The truth is out there”.

HUD Launches Civil Rights And Fair Housing Investigation Against Rockford City Council

300px-US-DeptOfHUD-Seal.svg_1On Monday the Department of Housing and Urban Development sent a letter to Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey stating that the feds were starting an investigation against the city council for possible violations of the civil rights act and the fair housing act, along with breaking HUD’s new affirmatively furthering fair housing rules WREX TV and the Rockford Register Star report.

HUD is unhappy that the city council, the Winnebago county board, and Rockford residents have been attempting to block, or at least voice their extreme displeasure with the Rockford Housing Authorities plan to build a new public housing project on New Towne Dr. on the city’s East side near Rockford University.

Wisconsin based developer Gorman’s and Company in the Summer planed to put a 69 unit housing project at the site to replace some of the housing units at the RHA”s Fairgrounds housing project on the city’s West side as Fairgrounds is scheduled to be demolished and eventually replaced.

Due to public pressure and a lack of support from the city council and county board Gorman’s pulled their plans and resubmitted a smaller 49 unit plan to the city council a few weeks ago.  Gorman’s structured the new public housing project proposal in such a way that it would be nearly impossible of the city council to block it, effectively guaranteeing the project would go forward despite intense opposition from residents of the New Towne area.

The city council’s codes and regulations committee two weeks ago voted to hold off on approving Gorman and the RHA”s plan; they voted on Monday to approve the plan and send it to the full city council.

The HUD letter announcing the investigation into the city alludes to that committee hearing and what council members said about the New Towne project as being one of the driving reasons for the probe into the city that could see it lose federal funding and possibly have the Justice Department bring criminal charges against the city and its elected officials.


Read the letter

For months HUD has been threatening to launch such an investigation into the city should any steps be taken to delay or derail the New Towne project.  The Feds have been adamant, along side RHA president Ron Clewer, that none of the alternatives that Rockford residents have offered or the reasons for wanting to block the New Towne project are acceptable.

Residents of the New Towne area have particularly been worried about the public housing project bringing crime into the area and depressing home values.  The neighborhoods around the Fairground housing project, along with most of the RHA’s other housing project, are surrounded by some of Rockford’s worst neighborhoods both in terms of poverty and crime, those neighborhoods in turn are some of the worst in the nation.

While the Fairgrounds residents themselves, mostly single mothers, aren’t necessarily the problem, the fact is undeniable that gangs target the children who live with them, and the drug trade inevitably follows.

Together Rockford, an organization started to combat the New Towne project, and others have offered to do anything from rehab blighted neighborhoods, to a habitat for humanity style home ownership program, to using the city’s hundreds(if not thousands) of vacant and foreclosed homes as alternatives to the building of a new public housing project.

Following Monday’s vote Winnebago county board member John Sweeney told WTVO/Fox39, “You have tons and tons of vacant houses, single family dwellings the solution should be based around filling in the vacancies that we currently have and allowing people to have dignity where they live,”

HUD is being heavy-handed with the city of Rockford because of President Obama’s new housing rules deliberately put federal bureaucrats in charge of the racial and economic makeup of every neighborhood in the country and attempt to render local governments obsolete when it comes to who lives where(and how many).

The fact that HUD is launching this investigation almost solely upon the comments elected representatives of the residents of Rockford made during a public committee hearing is shameful.

Debate, discourse, registering ones objections to stupid government boondoggles, offering up alternatives are bedrocks of a Democratic Republic and for the federal government to do what it is doing to the Rockford city council is absolutely no different from the safe space and speech code Nazis who are wrecking havoc across college campuses all across the country.

Attempts to silence debate and discourse, the effort to criminalize free speech, because one person doesn’t like it, is tyranny plan and simple.

The Rockford city council would be well advised to fight back against HUD, and fight back hard.

The full city council is scheduled to vote on the New Towne project on December 7th.

Trevor Loudon: If America Falls The Whole Western World Falls

Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon

Author Trevor Loudon was the guest of honor at Tuesday nights meeting of the LaSalle county TEA Party and spoke at length about what would happen if freedom was ever lost in America. If the American experiment fails the whole western world falls, Loudon said.

The native New Zealander also spoke about how the Communist/Marxist elements in America took over the AFL-CIO and SEIU labor unions and that they in turn purged the Democrat party of its moderates and centrist so that the party would be dominated by radical pro-Communist who would advance the Communist agenda, which first and foremost entails passing amnesty for the millions and millions of illegal immigrants in the country so that they would vote Democrat and make it impossible for a Republican to ever again be elected President.

Loudon also praised the Tea Party movement for stopping the Obama agenda and for being the force of opposition that is trying to keep America the beacon of freedom in the world.

James Marter: Sen. Kirk Doesn’t Stand For Republican Party Values

James Marter

James Marter

Before Tuesday nights meeting of the LaSalle county TEA Party I spoke with US Senate candidate James Marter about his primary challenge to Sen. Mark Kirk.  Marter said that Kirk “Doesn’t stand for Republican Party values”.

Kirk in recent weeks was the lone Republican Senator to vote against defunding Planned Parenthood and the defunding of sanctuary cities.  Several GOP organizations in the Chicagoland area have issued censures of Kirk over his voting record, and many conservatives in Illinois are remain upset with Kirk for backing Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin over his Republican challenger Jim Oberweis last year.

On Monday Marter submitted more than 9,000 signatures to get his name on the March 15th primary ballot.

Democrats Benson And Shugart To Try Again To Unseat Republicans Rezin And Anthony

Democrat candidates  Christine Benson and Martha Shugart are both going to try again to defeat incumbant Republicans state Sen. Sue Rezin and state Rep. John Anthony in the 2016 election cycle.  Benson lost to Rezin 3 years ago and Shugart ran against Anthony in 2014 1430 WCMY reports. Both Democrats filed their nominating petitions with the state on Monday.


Sen. Bivins: Syrian Refugee’s Prompting Bi-Partisan Concerns

Sen. Tim Bivins(R-Dixon)

Sen. Tim Bivins(R-Dixon)

Republican state Sen. Tim Bivins is saying that the concerns about possible terrorist being in the midst of Syrian refugees is becoming bi-partisan 1460 WIXN reports.

Bivins said recently that the Governor has a legitimate concern.

Bivins said it is proper for the states to step back and take a closer look at the situation of Syrian refugees coming to the state.  He said this is not just one parties views, he said he is noticing this to be a bi-partisan concern.

Last week 47 Democrats in the House of Representatives including Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos joined with Republicans to pass new restrictions on Syrian refugees.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is among more than 30 Governors across the country who have tried to put the breaks on President Obama’s plan to bring ten thousand or more Syrian refugees into the country.  At least 157 Syrian refugees have been relocated to Illinois since 2012.

Two Teenage Grinch’s Wanted For Vandalizing Streator Christmas Display

12289651_1666600820276704_2709735096365825138_nOn November 19th two teenage boys were captured on surveillance video being mischievous Grinch’s as they caused serious damage to a stage and Christmas display’s at a Streator park.

The Streator Police Department has released a short video of the two vandals in the act of destroying part of the stage, taking lights for display’s, and otherwise causing damage that will not be fully repaired ahead of this Saturday’s lighting of the Christmas display.

Anyone with any information on the identities of the two Grinch’s is encouraged to contact the Streator PD.


Stage/Park DamageThe Streator Police is seeking the public’s help in identifying the two male suspects in the below included video (photos will be posted as well). On 11/19/15, two males entered the City Park and caused damage to the stage, as well as multiple pieces of “Light up Streator” decorations. Anyone with information regarding the identification of these subjects are asked to please contact the Streator Police Department (815-672-3111), CrimeStoppers (815-672-9000), Streator Police Investigations (815-672-6267), or can send a Private message via FaceBook. Any assistance is appreciated.Please refrain from commenting on this post.

Posted by Streator Police Department on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rep. Bustos: Adding New Restrictions To Syrian Refugees “The Right Vote”

Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-IL)

Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-IL)

On Sunday Illinois Democrat congresswoman Cheri Bustos was on WHBF TV’s Sunday news show to talk about the recent ISIS terrorist attacks and the vote last week in the House to add one new layer to the Syrian refugee vetting process.

Bustos said, “My number one priority needs to be making sure that people in the Quad Cities, through out our (17th) district, our state, and nation are safe, and this adds one extra step to that, I don’t think it’s a burdensome step and I hope it gives people some reassurance…It was the right vote.”

The bill Bustos and 46 other Democrats voted for along with nearly every Republican requires top Obama administration officials to  personally certify each Syrian refugee admitted into the country is NOT a terrorist threat.  With the Democrats support the bill has a veto proof super-majority, but does have an uncertain future in the Senate.

Bustos also disagreed with comments President Obama made hours prior to the ISIS attacks in Paris that ISIS was contained saying that ISIS has tentacles everywhere because of the high number of foreign fighters who have gone to Syria and then returned to their home countries to plot terror attacks.

“A statement was made (by President Obama) that we’ve contained this situation. We’ve got to look at this situation..there’s tentacles everywhere and to contain ISIS is going to take a heck of a lot more resources.”

Clinton In Iowa Offers New Tax Breaks To Caregivers

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Speaking in Clinton, Iowa Sunday Democrat party front runner, and leading presidential candidate to be arrested by the FBI, Hillary “Crime Family” Clinton proposed a new tax break for people who take care of their elderly parents, that would cost, according to the Clinton team, a billion dollars a year.  This is on top of Hillary’s offers of lowering student loan debt, making college free, and her support of Obamacare.

Clinton is obviously trying to turn voters attention away from her role as President Obama’s Secretary of State following the terrorist attacks in Paris and Mali carried out by ISIS and Al Qaeda respectively.

But then again this is the Democrat way, play Santa Claus, give people “free” stuff, and get them hooked on voting for the party of Government.

The QC Times has more:

Clinton proposed a new tax break to help people who are caring for parents and grandparents. The change, which would require Congressional approval, would allow people to offset up to $6,000 in expenses. The maximum annual tax benefit would be $1,200, according to her campaign.

The campaign said the benefit would phase out for people with higher incomes.

“I really do want to be a president who is there for you,” Clinton said Sunday.

Previously, Clinton has proposed tax breaks to help with college costs and high out-of-pocket medical expenses.

As part of her plan Sunday, Clinton proposed changing Social Security rules so that people who leave the workforce to care for a family member can get credit for it when their retirement benefits are figured. This measure also would need approval from Congress.

The campaign says 40 million Americans are caring for older adults, and many don’t get any help from the tax code for the money they spend. She added she would seek to expand help for people who provide respite for caregivers.

The campaign says the initiative would cost $10 billion over 10 years.

Rockford Muslim Association Prez: West Ostracizing Muslims Because Of ISIS

 Arshad Shaikh

Arshad Shaikh

The President of the Muslim Association of Greater Rockford,  Arshad Shaikh, told WIFR TV over the weekend at an interfaith prayer vigil for victims of the Paris terrorist attack that Western societies are ostracizing Muslims because ISIS uses the word Islam in its name.

“When you have the second largest religion being ostracized by western societies because an acronym has the word “Islamic” in it, it is very personal,”

“I think if one person stands up and does what is right in his or her heart, you will have the strength to do what you need to do, and often times if you’re able to do that, people will follow.”

Arshad Shaikh says he encourages everyone in the community to go to a mosque, to meet other Muslim people, and to learn about the culture in order to understand each another and eliminate that false sense of fear.

Yes by all means go to a mosque and learn first hand that women are treated like second class citizens at best under Islamic Sharia Law.

Please go and hear an Iman cite the many verses in the Koran that call for the murder of Jews and anyone else who isn’t Muslim.

Feel free to visit them and see how the Muslims there either support ISIS outright(1 in 5 in the UK), support Sharia Law(way to many in any country), and or condone Islamic Terrorism(an every growing percentage).

It isn’t fear, it isn’t Islamophobia, when 99.99% of all the worlds terrorist all happen to have one thing in common, Islam.

Dr. Carson In Iowa: Teachers Unions Not Interested In Educating Children

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

Speaking at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa on Sunday Dr. Ben Carson spoke at length about education reforms including cutting the size of the Department of Education, and its workforce, ending Common Core, block granting education funding, allowing parental choice in what school(including home schooling) children go to, and took a shot at Teachers unions who he said are, “not particularly interested in the education of children”.

The QC Online has more:

“There is no such thing as a useless education,” he said Sunday. “It can open up all kinds of windows.”

Broad-based education is important because the average college graduate today works in three to five careers, Dr. Carson said. The best educated students, he said, are home-schooled, then from private, charter and, lastly, public schools.

He advocates school choice and schools run on state and local levels. “The closer to home the education is, the better,” Dr. Carson said. The federal government can help through distribution of block grants and needed equipment.

As the U.S. competes with India and China (which each have more than one billion people), “We have to develop all of our people, to keep them from going down the path of self-destruction,” Dr. Carson said.

He said some teacher unions are “not particularly interested in the education of children,” called for diminishing power of unions and argued that the U.S. Department of Education must be cut, among the total federal workforce of 4.1 million people.

“That’s way too many and ridiculous,” Dr. Carson said. “It has ballooned to unimaginable levels.” The education department alone has 4,200 employees and an average salary of $130,000, he said.

He opposes federal Common Core standards and isn’t ready to do away with No Child Left Behind legislation, which is up for reauthorization. Dr. Carson favors examining the law’s impact and removing only the “bad aspects.”

On the topic of student loan debt Dr. Carson offered up a bit of a novel approach to the problem saying that students should be required to pay off the principle on student loan debt but make the colleges and universities responsible for paying off the interest on that debt as a means of making colleges and universities more responsive to the exorbanate cost of attending classes there.

Fiorina In Iowa: ISIS, Iran Bigger Threats Than Global Warming

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina

Socialist Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is of the belief that global warming/climate change is a bigger threat to the United States than Islamic terrorism.

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are of concurring opinions, Hillary “Crime Family” Clinton too.

Not GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorinia who in Dike, Iowa Saturday said that ISIS and Iran are much bigger and more immediate threats to the country than Al Gore’s inaccurate computer weather models.

From the QC Times:

She scoffed at the notion put forward by some Democrats, including Clinton, that climate change is one of the country’s greatest threats.

Fiorina pointed to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as the greatest short-term threat, and as a group that must be defeated in the Middle East with the help of our nation’s allies. She said, however, a more medium-term threat is not climate change but rather Iran.

She said her first two calls as president would be to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reassure our other allies that the United States supports them and to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to renegotiate the nuclear agreement that took effect last month.

“I can tell you this, that our allies don’t think they can count on us, and so they are losing courage, and our adversaries don’t think they need to worry about us,” Fiorina said.

Rubio In Iowa: We Can’t Vet Most Syrian Refugees

Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio

At a town hall meeting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Saturday Sen. Marco Rubio discussed the Syrian refugee situation and whether or not tens of thousands of Syrians should be relocated to the United States. Rubio said that we can’t vet most of the Syrian refugees because of a lack of intelligence and the shambles that the Syrian government is in following some 4 years of terrorist on terrorist civil war.

The QC Times has more:

“It’s not that we don’t want to accept the refugees. It’s not us saying that we’re not accepting refugees,” Rubio said. “What we’re saying is if we accept a refugee, it has to be someone that can pass vetting, and it is not easy to vet someone that’s coming from the Middle East these days.”

“If you’re a 7-year-old orphan, I think we can probably vet you. If you’re a 90-year-old senior citizen widow, I think we can vet you,” Rubio said. “If you’re a 35-year-old single male, your document might be forged. There’s no database for us to run you against. I can’t pick up the phone and call the government of Syria and say, ‘Do you know so and so?’ ”

Rubio also questioned the reliability of the U.S. vetting process, calling the country’s databases “worthless.”

“The truth is, we are not going to be able to vet the vast majority of those people,” Rubio said.

He suggested creating “safe zones” within Syria for citizens that, in an October visit to Cedar Rapids, he said would be guarded by Sunni forces and protected by a U.S. no-fly zone.

Talk Radio In Central Illinois Just Got A Lot Better

12278956_1156904710994017_7311108126639582917_nConservative talk radio in central Illinois, specifically the Champaign-Urbana and Bloomington -Normal areas, just got a whole heck of a lot better Monday as 98.3 WHP began broadcasting.

Ian Bayne will be starting folks day off with his morning show from 6am-9am(yes that means “Fistbump” is back too). Bayne proved in his year plus with Cities 92.9 that he can draw in and grow an audience, and can shake up the status quo so much that everyone tries to run him out of town(they failed). Bayne is followed by nationally syndicated host Laura Ingraham and St.Louis based badass Dana Loesch.  Starting on November 30th Breitbart editor Mike Flynn will join the lineup hosting the drive time program and bringing with him the hard hitting story making and opinions that have made Bretibart News the King of conservative media outlets.

The little liberals at the University of Illinois and at Illinois State are so going to have their “safe spaces” violated.

Rand Paul In Iowa: Pay Less Attention To Polls

Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul was in Iowa Saturday before the Iowa-Purdue college football game and said that people should pat less attention to polls, with national polls have Paul near the bottom of the crowded GOP field, and pay more attention to ground games and fund raising ahead of the February 1st Iowa caucus.

The QC Times has more:

Paul, who tailgated with high school and college students Saturday morning at Kinnick Stadium before the Iowa-Purdue football game, is banking on a strong turnout of younger voters at the caucuses to give him a strong start on his bid for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. He believes his positions, especially on protecting individuals’ privacy, will appeal to younger voters.

“In a crowded field,” he said, “if we meet our goal of 10,000 students that’s a potent weapon.”

He cited a poll that found 83 percent of voters 40 and younger believe the government went too far in collecting information, such as phone records, without a warrant.

He believe polling underrepresents his strength among young people who are nearly exclusively on cellphones.

“I’ve yet to meet a college kid in Iowa who’s ever done a poll,” Paul said.

Overall, he thinks there’s too much reporting on polls.

“I don’t expect Donald Trump or Ben Carson to be the nominee even though they are consuming nearly half of the polls in some polls,” Paul said. “Neither do a lot of other smart people. So maybe we should pay less attention to the polls and pay attention to who can turn out crowds, who’s got a ground game, who’s raising some money. There’s a lot of different ways to judge a campaign and we’ve dumbed it down to one item.”

Speaker Ryan: Keep Gitmo Open

Speaker Paul Ryan

Speaker Paul Ryan

This week new House Speaker Paul Ryan came out in favor of making legislation that is keeping the terrorist military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba open permanent


President Obama’s administration last week was supposed to release its plans to close Gitmo and to bring 60 or so terrorist into the country.  The Pentagon has been looking at the Navy brig in Charleston, SC, Ft. Leavenworth in Kansas, and two prisons in Colorado as possible sites to house the Gitmo terrorist.

President Obama has been blocked from closing Gitmo, a 2008 campaign promise of his, and continues to add legislative language to the annual National Defense authorization act and to spending bills that keeps Gitmo open and prohibits the bring in of those terrorist into the country.

Mercer County Sues State For Non-Payments

Mercer County States Attorney Greg McHugh

Mercer County States Attorney Greg McHugh

Mercer county states attorney Greg McHugh on Friday filed a lawsuit against the state of Illinois steaming from the states budget impasse the QC Times reports.

With Illinois not having had a budget since July 1st, McHugh, the Mercer county supervisor of assessments, and the public defender have not been paid their salaries.  State law McHugh argues requires the state to pay them anyway.  So far the trio have been getting their compensation from other county funds.  The state owes the trio a combined $120,000 in back pay.

McHugh’s suit is supported by the Mercer county board.



The Defenders Of The Syrian Refugees Assault On Common Sense

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

All week as Governors and members of Congress all across the nation came out in opposition to plans to resettle 10,000 or more Syrian refugees in the country the defenders of that program have waged an all out assault on common sense.

More than 30 Governors and a veto proof majority in the House have said that new restrictions, a halt, a slow down, in the Syrian refugee program needs to take place because of the Paris terrorist attacks. Attacks which saw the mastermind repeatedly by his own admissions cross into an out of Syria and Europe despite being a known and wanted terrorist. He was killed Wednesday during a police raid as his group was preparing to commit another round of terrorism.  At least one, and probably more of the Friday the 13th Paris terrorist were recent refugee migrants who got into Paris from Greece. ISIS itself, who is responsible for the Paris attack, has openly stated that they have all intentions of using the refugee crisis to infiltrate the ranks of the refugees and to disperse those terrorist amongst American and European cities for which to carry out attacks.

Common sense dictates the strategy of denial in this instance.  If the terrorist want and have used the refugee crisis to use to commit acts of terror then the logical recourse is to stop, shutdown the admittance of said refugees until and review and overhaul can be done to strengthen it against a known vulnerability..

Thus Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and others were correct in stopping the Syrian refugee program in their states as best they could, Congress was right to make high ranking Obama administration officials sign off on each Syrian refugee, Congress would be right to defund the Syrian refugee program and to pass legislation by Sen. Rand Paul to stop all resettlements from countries with strong terrorist ties.

In response to that common sense we’ve gotten the Rockford Register Star editorial board said that, “anti-Syrian hysteria has reached a fever pitch”. The DeKalb Daily Chronicles editorial board said that the Governors were acting out of Islamophobia, which would be used as a recruiting tool for ISIS; they also said, “Putting up a ‘Sorry, we’re closed’ sign out front, however, doesn’t guarantee safety.”

Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin took to the Senate floor this week to beg his countrymen, who overwhelmingly support curbing the Syrian refugee program, citing the fact that the Europeans, who have taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees so far this year, are going to continue to take them in,furthering the continents suicide. Durbin has called on the US to take in 100,000 Syrians.

Illinois Democrat congressman Luis Gutierrez this week went to the House floor and said that want the Governors were doing was,” despicable and cowardly”:

The governor of Illinois, my home state, could not resist saying our state was closed to Syrians fleeing the terror of ISIS and the regime. The governor of Louisiana, a son of immigrants, said no to refugees. The governors of other states did so too. A senator whose parents came as refugees from Cuba fleeing there has said no, too. This is despicable and cowardly and precisely the kind of reaction ISIS wanted.

Gutierrez also attacked those that have suggested that since 99.99% of the worlds terrorism is committed in the name of Islam that only Syrian Christians and other minority groups be allowed in.

When terrorist apologist group and front for the Muslim Brotherhood CAIR’s Chicago branch wasn’t busy making a cartoon demeaning Congress for voting to place one new lawyer of restrictions of Syrian refugees this week, they were saying Governor Rauner was making, “an impulsive reaction” that’s “a political exploitation of a tragedy”.


The Arab American Action Network has gone even further saying that to connect the Syrian refugees to ISIS terrorism is “fictious”.

Chicago alderman Ed Burke said, “(T)o say that these poor souls who are fleeing war and starvation shouldn’t be allowed into Illinois flies in the face of what Chicago has stood for for generations.” The city council this week approved a resolution backing the Syrian refugee program.

All of these attacks on the common sense steps being taken in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks just goes to show that some people are incapable of fighting our enemy and that some are even working for their side(and that isn’t Gov. Rauner).