New DREAM Act Advancing In Illinois Legislature

Sen. Christine Radogno

Sen. Christine Radogno

A new DREAM act legislation has passed the Illinois Senate and now is awaiting a vote in the Democrat super-majority controlled House.

State level DREAM Acts allow illegal immigrants to gain access to in-state tuition and financial aid for the college education.  Illinois’ current DREAM Act only provides for privately funded scholarships for illegal immigrants.

This new legislation would expand tuition and financial aid to any immigrant the state regardless of their immigration status provided they want to go to one of the states 4 year colleges or universities.

The bill, SB 2196, passed the Senate 30-19, with Republican minority leader Christine Radogno, and Republican Sen. Chris Nybo voting with the Democrat majority.

The bill should easily pass the House and Gov. Rauner’s office has only indicated that it is “under review”.


17 Black Lives Matter Protesters Arrested Outside NFL Draft In Chicago

ChT767nWIAApl6P.jpg-largeSaturday afternoon the Chicago police department arrested 17 female Black Lives Matter protesters who had chained themselves together and blocked traffic outside of the NFL draft taking place there this weekend.

The BLM protesters and some with the group Assata’s Daughters were upset that a Chicago police officer, Dante Servin, had murder charges against him dropped by a Cook county judge last year steaming from a 2012 fatal shooting. They were also aggrieved over the now 11 month long Illinois budget impasse, which has caused Chicago State University to layoff some of its staff, as well as other Universities across the state. A $600 million spending bill for colleges and universities was signed by Gov. Rauner last week.

The groups said, via Fox 32:

“Decision makers at the local and state levels have made it clear where their financial priorities lie,” the protest groups said in a statement. “We continue to receive cuts to the institutions that keep black women safe— institutions that continue to be replaced by terrorist cops who brutalize and murder Black women without penalty.”

They also said in their statement that:

Dante Servin murdered Rekia Boyd because he felt he could. Lawmakers refuse to give CSU the funding it needs because they feel there will be no repercussions

Our continued resistance serves as the penalty for destroying Black Lives. There will be no uninterrupted NFL Draft Town when Black women die without justice. There will be no silence while Mayor Emanuel and the city council are cutting a $302,000 deal for an event worth $3.2 million at the same time that we cannot afford to fund Black education.

We choose to #RememberRekia by demanding that Dante Servin be fired without a pension and instead that decision makers commit full, permanent funding to Chicago State University.

Servin, has had procedures started against him to have him removed from the force by former Police chief Gary McCarthy.

Several weeks ago other Black Lives Matter and Assata’s Daughters protesters, along with other groups, blocked traffic, and protested outside of the Chicago field office for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They demanded an end to deportation raids, and a defunding of ICE and the Chicago PD. Several were arrested at that time as well.

Illinois has gone nearly a full year without a budget because one offered by Democrats overspent by $5 billion, which is unconstitutional under the states balanced budget provision, and was thusly vetoed by Gov. Rauner. Ever since Speaker Michael Madigan has been insistent that the budget gap be fixed by raising the states income tax, while Gov. Rauner has demanded that spending be reduced and that some of his reforms from his Turn Around Agenda be implemented; Gov. Rauner has even said he’d be willing to negotiate some revenue increases if it also included some reforms.  Neither side has moved since.

Prior to the higher education spending bill passing Chicago State University had been threatening that it would have to shut down its operations in May due to the lack of a budget and funding for the states colleges. Chicago State has a little less than 5,000 students and is the one of the most heavily dependent on state funding of all the states public universities.


Iowa Democrats Defeat Defunding Of Planned Parenthood Effort

Hands-Up-Dont-CrushDemocrats in the Iowa legislature Friday defeated Republican efforts to defunded the states Planned Parenthood affiliate.  In the Iowa House a $1.8 billion human services bill was approved 51-41, with 7 pro-life Republicans voting against it, while the Senate approved the spending bill 26-19.  The so called compromise bill kept Planned Parenthood, Iowa and the nations largest abortion provided, fully funded so long as no state money went to an abortion, the bill also doubled a one time adoption tax credit.  Many Democrats were still opposed to the bill because they don’t want to do anything to Planned Parenthood.

Republican efforts in the Iowa legislature to defund Planned Parenthood were spurred on by the undercover videos by the Center For Medical Progress which should several Planned Parenthood officials openly discussing how to alter the methods of abortions so that they could get intact fetuses so that the most valuable organs and tissue for “medical research” were able to be harvested at a profit for Planned Parenthood, all of which is against federal law.

Democrats are of the belief that the videos have been discredited. Guess they don’t know the full(hours long) videos are available online, and they only make the Planned Parenthood officials look worse than the baby butchers already do.


#AuditMautino: Getting 2 Friends On The Auditor Generals Payroll

Frank Mautino

Frank Mautino

As the campaign spending scandal surrounding new Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino continues, David Giuliani of the Ottawa Times has uncovered new documents pertaining to a side issue that has arisen over Frank’s brief but troubled tenure as the states top spending watchdog.

When Mautino took over the AG position from long time Auditor William Holland, he brought with him two of his long time friends into the AG’s office with him; his Springfield secretary  Kelly Large, and filling the newly created position of chief of staff  Dean Devert, who has worked on many of Mautino’s campaigns during his 24 years in the state legislature.

Devert is being paid $118,000 while Large is getting $50,000.

The new documents Giuliani’s obtained show that Mautino asked Holland to hire Devert, and Large at the beginning of December to fill 2 of 3 positions that would become open at the start of the year coinciding with Mautino taking over for Holland as Auditor General.  Within hours Holland agreed and days later created the chief of staff position for Devert and giving it to him.

These are the sort of patronage job giving practices that Illinois residents are so sick of.

As was uncovered during the examinations of Mautino’s campaign spending reports, Frank had a habit of not only spending large sums of money at the gas station of his friend and another campaign supporter Fred West, currently a Spring Valley alderman, Frank also gave tens of thousands of dollars over the years to his campaign workers and supporters for such things as doing maintenance and repairs to his Spring Valley office.

These plus the $78,000 in meals at Spring Valley restaurants, including at the one owned by his wife’s family, overpaying for a dumpster he doesn’t seem to have ever had a need for, and sum $250,000 in questionable expenditures at Spring Valley City Bank for travel to Chicago, and for campaign workers, is going to be at the center of attention at the upcoming meeting of the Illinois State Board of Elections.

Word is that a hearing office looking into a complaint filed by Streator resident David Cooke has recommended that the Board of Elections launch a full investigation into the complaint and thus a full review of Frank’s campaign spending and reporting practices.

The scandal surrounding Mautino has prompted Open The Book founder Adam Andrzejewski and state Rep. Jeanne ives to call on Mautino to resign.

Mautino got the Auditor General job, after serving as the #3 Democrat in the state House and being a top Lieutenant for Speaker Michael Madigan. It was Madigan who appointed Mautino for the job and saw him easily get confirmed by the Democrat super-majority controlled legislature. Only 10, mostly freshman Republicans including Ives, voted against Mautino’s appointment in the House, and Sen. Jim Oberweis was the only no vote in the Senate.

Gov. Pence Endorses Ted Cruz

Gov. Mike Pence

Gov. Mike Pence

During a radio interview today Indiana Gov. Mike Pence gave his endorsement to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz ahead of next weeks crucial primary.

Endorsement for Pence, Carly Fiorina as VP, I think there’s some Cruz-mentum as we have only 10 primaries left.

Belvidere Jeep Vehicle Production Moving To Mexico

Chrysler-1Fiat-Chrysler has announced that its Jeep vehicle production which has been done at its Belvidere plant will be moved to a factory in Mexico the Chicago Tribune reports.

Fiat-Chrysler’s CEO  Sergio Marchionne says that moving Jeep SUV production to Mexico will allow it to build other vehicles in Illinois and Michigan and would not have any net impact on its US workforce. In fact with the changes taking place in its production, Fiat-Chrysler believes they will be able to bring back workers at a Michigan plant, who have been laid-off, after the announcement some time ago of the discontinuation of the production of the Chrysler 200. However, other workers elsewhere are going to have to go through some layoffs as certain factories are retooled for the production of newly designed vehicles.

The Belvidere plant will also cease production of the Dodge Dart, as well as the Jeep Patriot and Compass, which are going to be combined into one new SUV model and will be built in Mexico.

Speculation is that Fiat-Chrysler will bring production of the Jeep Cherokee to Belvidere, but that was not confirmed by Marchionne.


Oregon High Students Fighting To Save History Teacher

Hawk_white__red_border__blue_backgroundStudents at Oregon high school are fighting to help save the job of history teacher Jesse Glim whose contract was not renewed by the school district because of budget constraints WIFR reports.

The students have begun circulating petitions, started up a Facebook page, and have been leaving sticky notes around the school with messages of support for Glim, all in an effort to get the school board to bring Glim for the next school year.

Mr. Glim had no idea his students thought so much of him and says it’s overwhelming.

“It’s gratifying that you have that level of trust and appropriate relationships with students and that they can view you as a role model and an adult mentor and someone they can come to and talk to,” said teacher Jesse Glim.

After it’s all said and done, and if their beloved teacher still doesn’t get his job back, these kids hope their efforts create change.

“It’s a strong chance this won’t work, but at least he’s going to know how much we love him. He’s going to have this and his next school or wherever he applies is going to be like, ‘Wow, this guy is great. We need someone like him.’ So it’s really going to make people notice,” said Biekert.

I admire these kids efforts but given the pickle practically every school district in Illinois is in financially I don’t see the Oregon school district cutting enough money elsewhere in their budget to save one teacher, and if they did what about the other teachers and school staff that have had to be let go the last few years?



NIU Students To Put On Black Lives Matter Tribute Concert

220px-NIU_Huskies.svgOn Wednesday May 4th students at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb will put on a tribute concert to the Black Lives Matter protest movement.

From the NIU student newspaper Northern Star:

sociology major Lecresha Pinkston said this event is to pay homage to all performing artists, civic leaders, activists and political movements that have shaped the history of black people.

“It’s to give back to a culture and the movement of Black Lives Matter,” Pinkston said.

Randiss Hopkins, senior jazz piano major and lead coordinator of the concert, said he was inspired by the relevancy of the movement to create this tribute show. Hopkins said he hopes to bring students and the community together for a cause that’s much bigger than individuals.

The Black Lives Matter tribute concert is inspired by racial injustices that have occurred at school, said senior dance major Linnea Norwood.

“I’ve definitely experienced some racial injustice on campus and it’s important to not only talk about it but to give people an understanding of what it is,” Nordwood said. “You can beat someone over the head with a concept all of the time, but until you actually do something about it to make it better, then nothing will happen.”

“If anything, I hope we have a better understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement after this show,” Hopkins said. “The Black Lives Matter group is about love.”

Love, they say.

Well to everyone else the BLM protesters that have taken to the streets following the Michael Brown and Freddie Gray incidents have been a collection of racist, anti cop, radicals who have trashed cop cars, blocked major interstates and other busy highways, rudely confronted people eating at restaurants, and more.

Something tells me that this BLM concert thing is going to end up being a lot like the BLM assembly that was put on at Dekalb high school at the end of February, where students preformed some extremely racists spoken word and rap bits.

This event is going to take place at 6:30 next week at NIU’s Altgeld Hall and is free to the public and students.

Dear Trumpsters Will Please Go Back To Being The Principled Conservatives I Know You Are

limbaugh rule“Vote for the most conservative Republican in the primary-period.”-Rush Limbaugh

Dear Trumpsters,

Please take the Limbaugh Rule to heart and please go back to being the principled conservative and Tea Party activists I know you to be.

The walking billboards for Donald Trump that you have become isn’t consistent with the limited government, lower taxes, less spending, adhere to the Constitution principles we have all been advocating for for years together.

We’ve been waiting for 30 years for another Ronald Reagan to come along; an articulate, principled, leader, with a bold vision of a better America based on First Principles.  We’ve been waiting for a Ted Cruz to come on the scene, and he finally has, and you Trumpsters are missing the boat because you have fallen head over heels for a celebrity; a celebrity with absolutely no principles other than shameless self promotion.

While Ted Cruz has been fighting the conservative fight year after year on issue after issue(religious liberty, the 10th amendment, the 2nd amendment, fully repealing Obamacare, stopping amnesty) Donald Trump on the other hand has been actively fight against us.  Back in 1991 Trump spoke at a congressional hearing where he trashed the 1986 Reagan tax cuts and now Trump is saying the same things Hillary and Bernie are saying about taxing the rich more.

While Ted Cruz has been working to get taxpayer money taken away from the baby butchers at Planned Parenthood, Trump has been out praising them for the good work they do, when he isn’t taking 3 totally different positions on abortion in the same day.

Even when he was working in the Bush 43 admin Cruz was advancing conservatism, even when that went against what W and congressional leaders wanted to do.

For 40 years Donald Trump has done one thing with consistency; give big sums of money to extremely liberal Democrats. The list of people Trump has given money to is long but includes such notables as Chicago Mayor and former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Clinton bag-man and now Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Trump has even given money directly to the Clinton Crime Family.

Donald Trump is no friend to conservatives to be sure. When given the chance to back Tea Partier Matt Bevin’s 2014 Senate primary in Kentucky he opted instead to donate money to Mitch McConnell.

These things matter.

The negative, and likely depression causing impact of Trump’s tariff war matters.

The fact half of the Republican Party(or more) hates Trump with a passion should matter, as should why.

The fact Trump just became a Republican last year, so he could run for President on our ticket, should matter, and bother the heck out of you.

The fact Trump has an incoherent approach to foreign policy should matter.

After 8 years of Obama’s disastrous leadership, righting our nation’s course, basically saving the Republic as we know it makes this election extremely important to the continued survival of this the last best hope for freedom on Earth.

Instead of treating this election with that kind of seriousness you Trumpsters are treating it more like just your average season of American Idol; It’s all about the popularity contest, not a contest of substance and ideas, which Ted Cruz would win hands down.

I know you Trumpsters are better than that, because I know many of you personally and/or professionally. I don’t know what it will take to wake you from this star struck trace you are in, but you had better do it quick.

The nation is in danger of being turned into just another dying and decaying ho-hum European Socialist Democracy should Hillary Clinton get elected, and a Trump nomination would guaruntee that.

This nation needs another Reagan revolution; tens of millions of new jobs, economic growth the likes of which had never been seen, a rebuilding of our military superiority, and defeat of the Soviet Empire, all accomplished using conservative principles.  What we don’t need is a Republican Party nominee who doesn’t agree with half the platform and doesn’t understand the other half. We don’t need a foul-mouthed, bloviating, jackass, who has helped to elect and reelect some of the worst politicians in the country, as the GOP nominee.

You all know that Ted Cruz is the right man to be the 45th President of the United States and that he is the only one who should come out of the convention in Cleveland as the GOP nominee.

Now put down the Trump pom-poms and lets save the Republic from the liberal Democrats and the spineless GOP establishment by electing Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina,

Turning Point USA Called “Hateful” By Drake U. Student Government

TPUSA member, photo from TPUSA

TPUSA member, photo from TPUSA

Last week the student Senate at Iowa’s Drake University refused to recognize a Turning Point USA chapter at the school because some Senators thought the conservative groups message was “Hateful”, and “condescending”.

Senator Olivia O’Hea was against TPUSA because the groups founder, suburban Chicago native and Baylor student Charlie Kirk has tweeted out pro life messages from his personal Twitter account.  O’Hea appeared in a video with Drake’s student body President along with other College students who were for Hillary Clinton ahead of the Iowa caucus, and has praised Planned Parenthood and its leader Cecile Richards on her Facebook page Hypeline reports.

Drake’s student body President Kevin Maisto, who is a delegate for Hillary, said during the Senate meeting on TPUSA’s application for recognition as an official student group that the groups views on limited government, free market capitalism, and conservative positions on social issues would make other students feel “offended” and that exposing them to TPUSA’s slogans such as “Big Government Sucks” would harm them.

Campus Reform has more on why other Drake Senators didn’t want Turning Point USA to have a chapter on campus:

Senator Kevin Kane, for instance, said he could not justify approving TPUSA because of its “hateful record,” claiming that some of its tweets “directly relate to social issues.”

Senator Linley Sanders also took issue with the group’s social media activity, saying she “does not support some things concerning social issues on their Facebook page.” She denied that her opposition was based on TPUSA “being conservative” in general, however, saying she was merely worried that “the organization may be against specific groups[,] which could be perceived as condescending.”

Turning Point USA is only a couple of years old and Charlie Kirk and his amazing team have turn it into a juggernaut on many campuses(college and high school) across the country and they continue to grow everyday.

Things like what happened at Drake, occur way to often at the nations Universities and the bigotry and closemindedness of these liberal students is exactly why every College, University, Community College, and high school should have a TPUSA chapter.