Adam Kinzinger, Mark Kirk, Donald Trump You Are Unworthy Of My Vote Nov 8th


What is a principled conservative voter; living in Illinois, to do the 2nd Tuesday in November?

Do we settle the top socket, bottom socket debate by answering both?

Do we take a road trip to the Panama Canal?

Or do we break down like so many have and pull the voting lever for someone just because they say they have a R next to their name?

Our principles; the belief in limited government, major tax reform, fiscal responsibility, the full repeal of every word of Obamacare, deference to the Constitution, respect for the rule of law(i.e no amnesty), matter only if we stay true to them during the darkest of hours.

For politicians getting my vote requires that you have to share some of those same principles.

To use a pop culture analogy my vote is Mjolnir, if you want to lift me, aka get my vote, you have to be worthy.

If principles, if our convictions, are to be cast aside whimsically just to placate one candidate or group of them, then our vote goes from being iconic like Mjolnir to being a cheap disposable Power Rangers prop.

No there will be no axes that look like they came off the leg of a plastic table here.

My principles are strong, my faith in them unwavering.

While the Cult of Trump may have booed Ted Cruz when he said it voting my conscience means I’m going to have to do the following on November 8th.

When it comes to voting for the House of Representatives my principles, my consciences, my sense of who is worthy, clearly tells me that I cannot cast a vote for congressman Adam Kinzinger.  The man is a major backer of amnesty, an interventionist(and a reckless one at that), a yes man for the GOPe and Chamber of Commerce, and leading attack dog against the Tea Party and conservatives.

Now, this is Illinois, my options, for voting against this lying, backstabbing, weasel are limited.  Writing in a candidate, and having that vote counted, for statewide and federal offices is extremely difficult. There is no Democrat opponent on the ballot, not that I’d vote for them, nor is there any libertarian or third party candidate to pick from. So yet again, for the third general election cycle in a row, this conservative is going to be reduced to undervoting his congressional representation.

When it comes to the US Senate, lets just be honest Tammy Duckworth is a radical liberal who is going to win. Her opponent Sen. Mark Kirk, is a liberal Democrat who barely even bothers calling himself a Republican anymore. He backs amnesty, voted to keep Planned Parenthood funded, same for sanctuary cities, backs gun control, keeps saying yes to all of Obama’s bad appointments.

The Libertarian candidate Kenton McMillen, has no prayer of making any major impact in the Duckworth/Kirk race and is still a complete unknown around the state. However, absent another way for protesting this Democrat versus transitioning Democrat general election, I’ll be voting for him because conservative principles and Mark Kirk do not go together.

For Vice President of the United States I’ll be voting for the one conservative that will actually be on the ballot this year. The successful Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence.

For President of the United States, I will not be voting for his running mate.

As my good friend Joe Walsh said last week, Hillary Clinton is going to win Illinois no matter what.  This is a deep dark blue state and any Trump supporter who thinks he has a chance here has deluded themselves. Illinois’ 20 Electoral College votes can already be put into Hillary Clinton’s column.



I wish this election was playing out differently, with a different GOP candidate who could keep the fight on Hillary and the left day in and day out and not spend 4/5th’s of the week on defense over his own stupid comments and liberal policies.

I can’t vote for someone whose trade policies came right out of the book How the Great Depression Started. I can’t vote for someone whose first instinct is to say yes when his daughter wants to create a new federal government entitlement. I can’t vote for someone who wants to expand existing entitlements. I can’t vote for someone who believes that slanderous drivel of the National Enquirer as if it were true. I also can’t vote for someone who doesn’t understand that Vladimir Putin and the Russians are bad guys.

My first instinct is to write-in Giant Meteor for President, so we can just start over.

I’d like to write-in Ted Cruz, because he’s a true principled conservative that would make a great leader for this country.

I’d settle for writing-in Hulk Hogan. If we are going to make this a celebrity/pop culture election, why not at least do it with a red and yellow boa and cool patriotic theme music.

Unfortunately, that pesky Illinois doesn’t like to let, let alone count, write-in votes/candidates, is going to get in the way of me doing that so I’m left with voting for the fake Libertarian as my only option for saying no to a process that produced a candidate choice so horrible.

Adam Kinzinger, Mark Kirk, Donald Trump you are unworthy of my vote.




They Did It Again: Rockford Auburn Football Players Kneel During National Anthem For 2nd Week

Rockford Auburn football players protesting during national anthem Sept 16

Rockford Auburn football players protesting during national anthem Sept 16

Friday night a group of football players from Rockford Auburn, for the second week in a row, kneeled in protest during the playing of the national anthem.

Last Friday 6 members of the Auburn team kneeled as part of a growing trend in sports to protest during the national anthem that was started during the NFL preseason by San Fransisco 49ers benchwarmer Colin Kaepernick. This week  up to 15 players took part in the protest.

During the week Rockford’s Democrat state Rep. Litesa Wallace publicly encouraged the Auburn players to continue their protesting during the national anthem.

Since the first protest, which drew national attention due to a photo of the protest being shared on social media by Black Lives Matter activists, Auburn and Rockford Public School officials have apparently gotten ahold of the players and have kept them from speaking publicly about what they are doing.

The Rockford Public School district has said that none of the players violated any conference of district policies and will not face any punishment for their disrespectful behavior.

In a statement earlier in the week Auburn head football coach Dan Appino said, “The student athletes said they wanted to create more social awareness of racial injustices in America. They made it clear that they did not intend to disrespect our military; rather, they wanted to embrace the freedom of expression and other constitutional rights that our military fought so hard to preserve. This movement is sweeping the nation as a peaceful form of protest. I am not happy that football is being used as the platform for this protest, but I respect the passion our kids feel about this topic.”

This disrespect and demeaning of the nation, and the anthem, by a bunch of know nothing athletes believing the repeatedly proven false narrative of Black Lives Matters of a racist country that indiscriminately kills young blacks is sickening.

And yet it is sadly going to continue. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has embraced it. The Rockford school system is embracing it. The sports media is by and large promoting it. And politicians like Rep. Wallace are encouraging it.


Transgender Bathroom Debate Draws Large Crowd To U-46 School Board Meeting

U-46 school board meeting Sept 12, 2016

U-46 school board meeting Sept 12, 2016

Hundreds of people came to Monday nights U-46 school board meeting in Elgin over a change to the 40,000 student districts bathroom and locker room policy for transgender students. More than 70 people signed up to speak and the crowd occupied the board meeting room and two overflow areas.

At the start of the Labor Day weekend the suburban Chicago school districts CEO Tony Sanders informed the school board that the districts policy of having transgender students use private facilities was being modified because of one student.  In further communications Sanders said that it would be a violation of the transgender students privacy and federal and state law for the district to inform parents of this change.

ward-bathU-46 school board member Jeannette Ward thought such a policy change needed to be brought to parents attention and disclosed the policy change in a Facebook post. The new policy took effect when classes resumed after Labor Day.  The Chicago Tribune ran a story about the controversy last week and Ward talked about it on former congressman Joe Walsh’s radio program last Thursday.

Many of the supporters of the new transgender friendly policy used their public comments to attack Ward for making the change in policy public and for talking to the media to bring the issue to the attention of U-46 parents and residents. Several of them also had nasty things to say about Walsh and his supporters.(Public comments start at 34:29)

Tracy, a parent in the district, said that Ward should, “Please stop bringing in outside groups to stand with you and stop using it(the school board) as a personal political platform to incite controversy and spew venom.”  Tracy also said, “Where a person pees shouldn’t be a priority.” “My children don’t worry about who uses the bathroom with them.”

Rich, an Elgin resident, said that he found it reprehensible that Jeanette Ward’s “First action was to ignore the child’s legal right to privacy and instead sought out the press and fringe political groups known for their hate and divisiveness. The vitriol spewed on Mrs. Ward’s Facebook page is sickening…Mrs. Ward is intentionally fanning the flames of hatred towards the most vulnerable in U-46.”  Rich went on to say that he thought that Jeanette Ward’s behavior, bring the issue to the public, constituted bullying.

Nick, a teacher at Bartlett High School, said, “I understand members of Joe Walsh’s freedom warriors are here….Please be very careful of the words we use. These words have consequences and I’ve seen the consequences in every school I’ve taught.  Some horrible cases of bully and in every case these bullyings had been preceded by hateful, poorly chosen, words by adults.”

Mike, the Principle at Bartlett High School, said, “Our diversity is our strength and our students are light years ahead of us the adults. We have a problem and the problem is not our students, the problem is that we have adults that have brought this perception that there are adults who are driving self-serving agendas. We’re forgetting where the real focus is and that focus is all of our students. The reality is we are continually dragging ourselves through the mud with this Jerry Springer, Murray Povich, sideshow nonsense that is masked in the Constitution and civics class lesson.”

Sept 12, 2016 U-46 school board meeting overflow room, photo from Jeanette Ward's FB page

Sept 12, 2016 U-46 school board meeting overflow room, photo from Jeanette Ward’s FB page

Not all of the more than 70 public comments were negative towards Ward.  Dave, a former teacher and administrator in the area, said that “Parents have the responsibility of protecting their child’s emotional and physical well-being and it should not be undermined by a school board for the sake of a confused individual. This board has lost its moral compass.”

Brock, an Elgin parent said that he was think of pulling his children out of U-46 because of the policy change.

Another local resident named John said, “I want equal rights for boys and girls who don’t want to be exposed to the nakedness of someone of the opposite sex in the locker room or bathroom. I think they deserve some defense and at least support because there are many that don’t want that.”

After the more than four-hour long meeting Jeanette Ward wrote on Facebook:

I want to thank ALL those who came to last night’s U-46 Board of Education meeting to let their voices be heard on transgender locker room practices in U-46, especially my supporters (attached are some pictures from one of the overflow rooms forwarded to me by a supporter). As I said last night, though, this is not about me; it is about ideas:

-The idea that parents have a right to know if their sons or daughters are
sharing locker rooms with members of the opposite biological sex

-The idea that parents shouldn’t be kept in the dark when it comes to the privacy and safety of their children

-The idea that privacy begins at the locker room/bathroom door

-The idea that federal and state law was never intended to conceal locker room and bathroom practice changes from parents
Since there seems to be some confusion about this, let me clarify. The practice of allowing members of the opposite biological sex to share a locker room is already occurring in U-46, effective September 6. That was the reason for my September 5 Facebook post. There will be no board vote on this. As was stated last night, the previous board (2013) approved policy 7.010 which states:

“the Board of Education will pursue equal educational and extracurricular opportunities for all students without regard to race, color, nationality, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, status as homeless, order of protection status, actual or perceived marital or parental status, gender identity, pregnancy, and any other legally protectable category”

It is my position that the Administration and majority of the board are misinterpreting and misapplying existing anti-discrimination policies to justify new practice. Similarly phrased anti-discrimination policies and laws (including Title IX and the IL Human Rights Act) have always allowed schools and other organizations to maintain separate restrooms for objectively female and male persons.

Therefore, while it was wonderful that so many expressed concern about this change in U-46 practice (that for the first time, a gender dysphoric student is accessing the locker room that corresponds to his/her gender identity at the same time as members of the opposite biological sex), it will continue unless parents take action.

Rep. Litesa Wallace(D-Rockford) Encourages High School Football Players To Continue Protesting National Anthem

Auburn football players kneeling during national anthem Sept 9, 2016

Auburn football players kneeling during national anthem Sept 9, 2016

The wave of disrespect directed at this great nation, the flag, and our national anthem by a growing number of professional, college, and high school football players that was instigated by San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is getting fuel poured on to it by social justice warrior advocate and Democrat state Representative Litesa Wallace of Rockford(IL).

On Friday September 9th 6 players from Rockford’s Auburn high school kneeled during the national anthem before their game with Belvidere North; a scene that was played out the night before by Denver Bronco’s LB Brandon Marshall. A photo  of players disrespecting the country on the weekend of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks was posted to social media where it drew national attention after being shared around by activists with the Black Lives Matter movement.

On Monday Democrat state Rep. Litesa Wallace said that she’d like to see the football players continue to protest the national anthem at this Friday nights game; Auburn is at Belvidere.  Wallace told WTVO TV, “I think we should support them as they continue to understand our nation’s history – as they continue to understand themselves and their identity and their place in this world.”

from Facebook

from Facebook

In a Facebook posting Monday Rep. Wallace also said that those who didn’t support the protesting of the national anthem didn’t understand them and their historical context and something about racial identity development(whatever that is).

“There’s a historical context missing from the discussion on this matter…but until those with far reaching opines choose to have an intellectually honest discussion these silent protests will continue to be misunderstood.

It would also be beneficial to understand the process of Racial identity development of young people of color. I’d say more but I quite literally already wrote a dissertation about it.”

wallace-introOn her Facebook page Rep. Wallace  introduces herself as a “Legislator committed to social justice & equality. Stereotypes must not drive policymaking.”

As a state lawmaker Wallace has been highly critical of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s reform agenda and has voted in almost complete lockstep with Speaker Michael Madigan to block that agenda. Last Summer Wallace attended a picnic put on by a Rockford area Latino organization where a pinata of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was whacked.

The six Auburn high school football players have not spoken publicly about the protest and there is no word on whether they plan on taking Rep. Wallace’s advice to continue protesting the national anthem.

Rockford school district officials say that the players broke no district policies.






Illinois’ Institutionalized Corruption: How Auditor General Frank Mautino Could Walk For His Misdeeds

Frank Mautino

Frank Mautino

There is corruption and then there is Illinois corruption.

The fine art of Illinois political corruption is and has been on full display the last 9 months with the ongoing campaign spending scandal of Illinois’ new Auditor General Frank Mautino and it is a sickening display that could very well end up with Mautino walking away from his troubles Scott free thanks to the indifference of the states mainstream media, the lack of interest on the part of Republican leadership, the enormous clout and power held by Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, and the handicapping of a state agency or two.

This story begins in 1991 when Frank Mautino first became a state Representative replacing his late father. Frank would go on to serve in the state legislature for the next 24 years rising to the rank of deputy majority leader, the 3rd highest ranking Democrat in the state House. Frank would only resign in late 2015 to take the position of Auditor General at the strong behest and backing of Speaker Michael Madigan.

It was in taking the Auditor General job that Frank Mautino’s problems began because Frank’s last campaign disclosure report was scrutinized by the Springfield based Illinois Times, a weekly newspaper. What the IL Times discovered was Frank taking in large amounts of campaign donations after it was widely known that he was going to get the Auditor General job.  In response to that story Mautino claimed that the donations were to payoff outstanding campaign debts.

Government watchdogs John Kraft and Kirk Allen(Edgar County Watchdogs) found that Mautino’s debt payment claim to be false as campaign disclosure records show that Mautino had paid off all of his campaign debts months prior to the donations he said he solicited for that purpose.

Then the Kraft and Allen went further into Mautino’s campaign expenditure reports and found that in addition to making payments on a loan that totaled nearly 4 times the loan amount, Mautino was also paying a quarter of a million dollars($250,000) to his hometown bank Spring Valley City Bank for such things as campaign workers, poll watchers, and travel to Chicago, things one cannot get from their local bank.

Kraft and Allen also found that Frank Mautino had paid another $250,000 to Happy’s gas station in Spring Valley for gas and car repairs, for what Mautino’s camp has claimed were 3 vehicles, one of which was a newer model car(2012?) and therefore couldn’t have been responsible for the more than $50 a day average Frank was paying out to Happy’s.  Based upon the dollar amounts and number of transactions involved any reasonable person would concluded that Frank was engaging in some type of kickback scheme or money laundering at Happy’s. Note, of the multiple gas stations in Spring Valley, and the dozens of them in his district Mautino only spent money on gas at Happy’s, which turns out is owned by one Fred West, a longtime Mautino campaign ally and currently a member of the Spring Valley city council, a city that has gotten large chunks of state spending thanks to Mautino’s long tenure as a top Lieutenant to Speaker Madigan.

Further investigation of Mautino’s campaign spending records dating back to 1999 by local reporter David Giuliani of the Ottawa Times, and myself found that Frank had used $78,000 of his campaign funds over a 10 year period on food at 4 Spring Valley restaurants, the bulk of the money spent was at the restaurant owned by the family of Frank’s wife.  Mautino also somehow managed to pay a waste management company more than the company charges for dumpster rental, a dumpster Frank doesn’t seem to have had any need for.  Mautino also used campaign funds to pay a couple of his regular campaign workers an additional $35,000(combined) to do repairs and other work on his “office” and he paid-out nearly $8,000 for US and Illinois flags from a place called Flag World in Springfield.

Whatsmore it has also been learned that after he got the Auditor Generals job Mautino asked retiring Auditor General William Holland to create a brand new chief of staff position in the Auditor’s office and the only candidate for that position would be Frank’s friend and neighbor Dean Devert, who’d move over from the Illinois Department of Transportation and take the new $121,000 a year job. This patronage deal also included getting one of Mautino’s former campaign staffers to be his new secretary at the Auditor Generals office.

All of these questions, coming in rapid succession, prompted a group of 20 or so Republican lawmakers led by Naperville Rep. Grant Wehrli and Wheaton Rep. Jeanne Ives to press Mautino for answers in February.   When Mautino, his lawyers, and PR firm continued to refuse to answer any questions from lawmakers or the press this Summer they filed a bill that would force Mautino out as Auditor General.

The impetus for that being the revelation in May that the US attorney’s office in Springfield had launched a criminal grand jury investigation into Frank Mautino for his campaign spending practices. In addition to the federal investigation the state Board of Elections is also probing Mautino’s campaign spending. However, that Board of Elections inquest comes with this tiny wrinkle; the Illinois Board of Elections hasn’t had an investigator to look into possible wrongdoing by lawmakers and campaign committees for at least 10 years.  For those 10 years Speaker Michael Madigan and the Democrats have controlled state government, including the budget process, a process Frank Mautino was a central figure in as a state Rep.

Now this is where Illinois’ synergy of corruption comes into play.

Aside from running wire service stories coinciding with the announcement of the federal probe virtually no Illinois based newspaper or TV station has covered Frank Mautino’s scandal at all, let alone in any detail. Unless you read the Illinois Times, Ottawa Times, or follow the Edgar County Watchdogs blog or mine you wouldn’t know the state of Illinois has an Auditor General, let alone one that is mired in scandal, or tied to the hip to Michael Madigan. At one point the Chicago Tribune tried to sweep this whole thing under the rug.

With no great media pressure on state lawmakers to do something about the clear impropriety of Frank Mautino continuing on as Auditor General, the states top financial watchdog, those 20 or so Republican lawmakers, half of whom were the only ones to vote against Mautino being Auditor General in the first place, haven’t gotten any support from GOP leadership including Senate minority leader Christine Radogno, House minority leader Jim Durkin, or Gov. Bruce Rauner nor have they gotten much support from Mautino’s fellow Democrats in the state legislature as most only want him to answer questions and nothing more.

The best Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner could muster was saying that the federal and state investigations should be allowed to play themselves out.

Playing itself out to Speaker Michael Madigan, who gave Frank Mautino the Auditor General job in the first place, is that Mautino will be vindicated and that he will stay on as Auditor, as he told NPR last month.  The Auditor Generals position comes with a 10 year term.

Playing itself out also means that come January 1st of next year Frank Mautino will be able to increase his state pension by about $60,000 a year as it will be based off of the $157,000 Auditor General’s salary instead of the much lower pay for state Representatives, giving him a pension of around $133,000 a year. Illinois has a pension debt of over $100 billion.

Playing itself out also means that if Frank Mautino’s lawyer, from a Madigan allied law firm, Anthony Jacob, gets his way the Board of Elections inquiry will be put on indefinite hold until the federal investigation is over because answering any Board of Elections question would violate Frank’s 5th amendment right against self-incrimination.

Playing itself out means that the Attorney General’s office under the leadership of Lisa Madigan,  will once again let a case of public corruption go uninvestigated and unprosecuted.

Playing itself out also means putting all our hopes of seeing Frank Mautino brought to justice hinge on a Justice Department that has become politicized in favor of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton specifically and wouldn’t you know Michael Madigan is the chairman of the Illinois Democrat Party and a superdelegate, his wife Shirley was a Clinton delegate at the convention in Philly, and daughter Lisa(the Attorney General) was a staunch Clinton supporter during the run up to the Illinois primary in March. Hillary Clinton you may remember was born and raised in Chicagoland, she’s running for President of the United States.

All of this adds up to the institutionalization of corruption and a very high probability that Frank Mautino will retire early next year with a huge taxpayer financed pension and face nothing but a slap on the wrist for making a mockery of campaign finance and disclosure laws and spending a year stonewalling lawmakers and the press.

There is corruption and then there is Illinois corruption.


Of Ricketts And Madigan

Michael Madigan(Left) Ricketts Family(Right)

Michael Madigan(Left) Ricketts Family(Right)

For the last several weeks Conservative Review’s Robert Eno has been detailing the attempts by the Ricketts family, of TD Ameritrade and owner of the Chicago Cubs, to take out members of the House Freedom Caucus, such as their successful effort against Rep. Tim Huelskamp, and to defeat Republican challengers who either want to join the Freedom Caucus or are endorsed by it running in congressional races around the country by way of their Ending Spending Action Fund(ESA Fund) PAC.

No matter who the President is Congress needs to have as many conservatives and constitutionalist in the House of Representatives and Senate as possible.

It is bad enough that the Republican Party establishment and donor class have it out for conservatives, it is even worse when you find those same establishment figures having a cozy little deal with the Democrat who runs Illinois Michael Madigan.

The Speaker of the Illinois House since 1983(minus 2 years during the Gingrich revolution) Madigan has run this state like a tyrannical King.  It was Madigan, by way of his lawyers and his Judges, that recently kept a citizen driven state constitutional amendment ballot measure to take legislative redistricting power away from him off the November ballot. It has been those Madigan allies that have been keeping similar efforts to amend the Illinois Constitution to impose term limits on the legislature from ever going before the voters; Madigan has been in elected office since 1971. Reforming state government by way of redistricting and term limits have been two of the key agenda items of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. Madigan’s staunch opposition to those reforms and other elements of Rauner’s Turn Around Agenda, such a collective bargaining and other union related reforms, led the state to go a year without a budget.

By controlling redistricting Michael Madigan and the Democrat Party, of which he is state chairman, have been able to control who gets to represent the people of Illinois in Springfield and Washington DC.

Following the Tea Party wave of 2010, which even hit deep blue Illinois, Madigan used redistricting to oust Tea Party firebrand Joe Walsh and the mild-mannered Bobby Schilling from their congressional districts in order to make easy paths to victory for Democrat party darling Tammy Duckworth, and Cheri Bustos whose a close family friend of Sen. Dick Durbin’s. Madigan also used that same opportunity to pit longtime conservative congressman Don Manzullo up against one the GOPe’s young rising stars Adam Kinzinger, a race that Manzullo lost and conservatives the nation over have been lamenting ever since.  Controlling redistricting has also allowed Michael Madigan to build a veto-proof super majority in both chambers of the legislature.

As any Illinois resident can tell you Michael Madigan’s rule has been disastrous. Over $110 billion in pension debt. Sky high property taxes, which are just about to get even worse in the city of Chicago thanks to its bankrupt public school system. Massive outward migration of jobs and taxpayers to neighboring states. Out of control business costs(workers compensation), wayward regulations, we even are terrible when it comes to lawsuits and jury awards and the like.

And all the while Madigan has been ruining this great state, we did give to the nation Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, he has been apparently enjoying himself at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field padding the Chicago Cubs front office ticket sales, which in turn has been money at the disposal of the Ricketts family since they bought the team in 2009.

madigan season ticketsIllinois Board of Election campaign reports dating back to 1999(which is as far as state online records go) show that Michael Madigan used a combination of his campaign funds and the campaign funds of the Democrats 13th Ward organization, which Madigan has controlled since the late ’60s, to buy more than $1.25 million worth of season tickets to the Cubs, including playoff tickets. State records also show that Madigan, and Senate President John Cullerton(D-Chicago) were the only two elected officials buying season tickets. All other lawmakers buying Cubs, or any other team tickets, made single game or weekend package purchases, and all of them listed the purpose as being for fundraising; something Michael Madigan never did(only in the earliest years did the records even say season tickets).

Madigan’s spokesman Steve Brown indicated to me several days prior to the Democrat Party convention in July that the Speaker did use some of those tickets along with his family.  As of this writing he has yet to respond more fully to questions surrounding those and other season ticket purchases to the Chicago Bulls and White Sox made with campaign funds.

That could possibly be a legal issue for the all mighty ruler of Illinois given that it is supposed to be illegal to use campaign funds for personal use. But, given every law passed in this state for the last four decades has his fingers prints, if not outright stamp of approval, on them, maybe Madigan and Mr. Brown know something the rest of us don’t.  I haven’t yet heard from the states Attorney General’s office, something about Lisa(Madigan) going to a baseball game with her dad.

O’ the tangle webs we weave.

Michael Madigan rules Illinois with an iron fist while enjoying the fine team the Ricketts family is bankrolling as they look to end Chicago’s World Series curse and all the while both work behind the scenes to destroy conservatives.




You Think You Know Me

mystery It doesn’t seem like anyone is grasping what has been bothering me for the last few months.

Obviously no one has been up to the tasking of helping me the way I need.

So let me give this one more go.

This is me. This is why I’m so lonely, in so much pain. And why the lack of helping I’m getting is so aggravating.

Lets just go ahead a get this out of the way.

I’ve never had a girlfriend. I have no idea what it is like to go on a date. Kissing, holding hands, completely unknown to me.

Every girl I have ever tried to ask out, was shooting me down before I ever got half way into the question.

The number of girls who have even been nice to me is exceedingly small.

My best friends, people who have known me since we started school, hell everyone who has ever gone to school with me, knows that about me.

They all know that none of them was ever really nice to me during middle and high school.

I’m fairly certain my first outbreak of depression happened when I was in elementary school, lasted less than a day, don’t recall it happening again until years later.

By middle school I had an incredible amount of anger in me, and my classmates excelled at pushing me and trying to bring it out.  People who were even my, so called friends, would get in on it. Taunts, teases, any button pushing they’d do it, intentionally, to see what kind of havoc I could create.

On more than one occasion I damn near pushed over lunch tables with 10 or more people sitting on it. There was a time in High school when Joe Parker started in during a computer lab class, I gave him as solid closeline, he never bothered me again, sadly that is a lesson too many people back then never got.

And thus came 20 years worth of off the chart episodes of depression.

A life time of never having ever truly known happiness, or joy. Heck the last time I was truly happy was my last professional wrestling match which must have been in early 2002.

While everyone else I have known has had girlfriends, some more than they can count, have gotten married, had kids, and otherwise enjoyed good normal lives I haven’t.

I want to feel happy for you all when you post messages about weddings and baby pics, and sonograms, but I don’t. If even briefly I feel miserable when I see that stuff.

I have no idea how to ask a girl out, let alone how to find any that are single. I have no clue about anything relationship related.

I’m nearly 34 years old I am not going to change this without a lot of help. Someone else has got to something to help me or as I’ve been saying for weeks one day I’m going to snap.

I thought my friends would help me, I’ve tried to get my readers to help, I’ve asked and asked and asked, and I’ve gotten absolutely nothing.

In one scene in Captain America: Winter Soldier Black Widow did more to find Capt. a girlfriend then everyone I have every known has done to help me find one.

Some friends.

All I want if for one girl to be nice to me, to like me and I’m getting sick and tired of not having that.

Please help me, because me snapping won’t be pretty.

Nice Guys Finish Last

The saying, and Green Day song, nice guys finish last, is very true.

I’ve been the nice guy and I keep getting nothing.

I ask people for help and I get nothing.

I ask people to help keep the project I was working on with Mike Flynn, before he died, going so we could take down Illinois’ corrupt politicians, and no one gets back to me or Warner(Todd Huston).

I warned you people about Trump, you didn’t listen.

Nothing I do seems to matter or phase anyone.

I’m done trying.

Call it medical leave, sabbatical, hiatus, or something else, I’m done.

I’m not going to bother with any campaigns, I’m not going to bother explaining #NeverTrump, I’m not going to torture myself with Adam Kinzinger’s endless media appearances, I’m not even going to bother talking about my depression or any of my other problems(No Girlfriend).

I’m done.

Good bye.

Thanks for not caring.

In A Mirror, Darkly

I’ll be honest I don’t know what to do.

If you’ve been following along you know whats been bothering me.

I asked my best friends to help me, I asked them for one rather simple thing. This is something I thought friends had no trouble or second thought in doing. I thought wrong. Apparently saying find me a girlfriend, goes right over their heads and makes them develop deer in headlight syndrome.

Girls are a mystery of the universe I’m not going to solve on my own, or ever.

After 20 years of extremely bad depression, its kind of obvious I can’t hide the cracks anymore.

Either this girlfriend thing gets resolved, in my favor, or I’m going to snap.

You do not want to be around me when that happens.

I know more suplexes than Brock Lesner, I know about half as many submission holds as Chris Jericho, and I’ve always wanted to try my hand at something called Japanese strong style.

Yeah finding me a girlfriends a lot better proposition for your sake.

I Was Getting Better

I jinxed myself. I should have just kept quite about having improved.

I didn’t and now I’m as miserable as ever.

This is going to be one long, hot summer.

Apparently I never had friends, I’m not supposed to have to want anything, I shouldn’t have ideas, and I guess I’m not supposed to be me.

Anyone got a cabin out in the middle of nowhere, where’s its spring weather year round?