Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Top Gear

September 27, 2022
2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

First version on sale is the S, which has 510bhp. (A lower-boost GT ‘base’ version follows later in the year). So it’s mighty fast, 193 mph and 0-62mph in under four seconds fast. The engine is a bellicose-sounding 4.0-litre V8 that packs the mid-rev thrust of turbos while impersonating the quick reflexes of a big N/A jobbie. It’s a real thriller.

The steering’s reassuring in its progression, but turns the car with quick wits. The handling’s always grippy and level, thanks to correct fundamentals of weight distribution and suspension design. Excellent ESP calibration and an e-diff, plus active engine and transmission mounts (a £1, 795 option), keep things tidy to and beyond the limit. It might just be 2WD but the rear wheels’ traction is iron-willed.

You need plenty road space though: it’s a wide machine. What’s more, the S version has near-endless permutations of powertrain and chassis setups, but none of them lets you escape what is a pretty firm ride for touring duty; it’s optimised for autobahns rather than A-roads.

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