Mercedes Benz AMG Rims for sale

August 24, 2022
Amg wheels sale

The Mercedes Benz is renowned for is superior safety features as well as its luxury design. Its safety, green technology, and golden performance parameters are all the product of decades of dedicated research and innovation. In many areas such as safety and green technology, Mercedes Benz cars set the benchmark for other luxury cars in the market.

USARim offers a range of replica wheels and rims for Mercedes Benz cars. These are wheels that have been produced in the OEM facilities owned by USARim in Asia. The wheels are manufactured to Mercedes Benz safety and design specifications specially for use with Mercedes Benz cars.

They are all made to pass a 26-step stringent test and are sold not only in the retail market but also to wholesale dealers, looking to buy Mercedes Benz OEM replica wheels. These wheels are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum and come with a lifetime guarantee. All of our 20 inch Mercedes Benz wheels are designed to enhance the safety of the car.

Mercedes Benz wheels are a crucial safety component of the vehicle even as they also complement the design and appearance of it. The wheels made of light weight or extra light weight alloy also improve the car’s performance. Most Mercedes Benz wheels with the exception of some G wagon models have a 5 Lug bolt pattern.

The rim width, offset, and number of spokes vary depending on the size of the wheel as well as other design features. To make the Mercedes Benz stand out, it is possible to replace the original wheels with those that have been given a chrome, gun metal, silver, black, or machine finish with black or gun metal highlights.

Our 20 inch replica wheels are available in various widths such as 8, 8.5 9 inches and wider. Our best sellers are 20 inch chrome Mercedes wheels in factory original OEM styles. They can have straight spokes, multi spokes five, six, or turbine style designs and more. The average rim offset varies from 30 millimeters to 40 millimeters. Our one-piece wheels are finished in chrome, silver, gunmetal, or black.

Another best seller, the 20 inch Brabus style deep dish chrome wheel rim has a rim width of 8.5 inches and an offset of 40 millimeters. The 20 inch chrome AMG wheel rim that is designed to fit the C, CLK, S, E, SL, and ML models has a rim width of 9.5 inches and an offset of 30 millimeters and fits popular models like the SL550, S550, CLK500, ML350 and AMG sedans.

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