Mercedes Benz ML350

August 12, 2022
2008 Mercedes-Benz ML350

This car has been nothing but trouble and a money pit. I have spent over $5000 in repairs in the last 2 years. Would not recommend this make and model to anyone. Had issues with crankshaft and alternator-replaced twice. In the shop now becuase check enging light came on again..waiting to see what is wrong and how much it's going to cost.

I bought a 2005 ML 350 brans new special edition and it has not given me trouble at all so far. Now it does have a steering wheel fluid leak that has been the main fault that was repairable. The car has been working like a dream so far compared to any car of that age. It has run 188, 000 km.

Overall I really liked this 2013 ML 350. Mine was loaded with xenon lights, Harmon Kardon sound system, and keyless go. Definite musts. The only real gripe was the tendency of a smelly AC system due to bad design that permits mold to grow in the system. Changing the air filter is only a temporary and expensive fix. Only drove it 25000 miles so it was not too bad but actually got a 2015 model - so hoping this does not happen in this SUV.

We bought a used 2007 ML 350 from Albuquerque. First time in for service we got about 10 miles out and the sunroof would not close-had to take it back. Next time $600 dollars in repairs then the computerized electrical system had to be reset. The steering column had to be replaced because the horn kept honking, now the check engine light comes on then goes off then the brake light comes on then goes off-this car is costing us soooo much in repairs it is unbelievable! I do not want another Mercedes!

This is my second ML350 and these cars are unreliable and very costly to repair. The parts prices are outrageous and brakes and rotors' prices are just ridiculous. Struts, mounts and engine mounts are $3500. The dealer, Mercedes Benz of San Diego was terrible and fixed nothing. I will not buy another Mercedes truck again. BTW, my 2008 CL65 with 21, 000 miles needed front brakes and rotors and a suspension hydraulic hose broke. Total repair bill $5, 000. If you buy a Benz be prepared to buy an extended warranty or you will bleed to death slowly.

I love the ML 350, it is a great SUV, runs like a champion!Looks brand new and I always get comments like when did you get a new car!!My Ml has just rolled over the 140K mark, It is the best.

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