Mercedes Benz C300 white

December 21, 2023

My wife's E350 had a low beam headlight out. I called the shop at 8:00 am and was instructed by Melba to just bring the car in at my convenience that day. Lights on within 15 minutes of my arrival!


White Oak Auto service is outstanding! I just want to say that their service is impeccable, friendly, reasonable, and very efficient.

Excellent service. Little or no wait. Very polite and respectful. Oh did I mention the cost, nuch much less than going to the dealer. In sumary, it is second to no other in the area.

Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz E350

I've been bringing my car to White Oak Auto since I was first referred a few months after purchasing my GLK. They are very attentive, provide high quality customer service, and deliver what they promise. I can't say enough good about Rami, Melba & the White Oak crew. I don't dread mechanical difficulties as much as I did with my prior vehicles. That speaks volumes! I recommend them to all my friends & co-workers who own Mercedes vehicles.

Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz GL450

Category: Service

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Hedwig said she liked the customer service. They completed the work as promised and they provided an explanation of what was completed on her vehicle.

Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz ML500

Emmanuel said the person he worked with was nice and very professional. He took care of his vehicle very well.

I will just join the chorus of other reviews. White Oak Mercedes did a great job. They were quick, prompt and the quoted price was the final price. They took time to explain what was going on with the car. I could not ask for anything else. I had been looking for a mechanic in the area. I think I have found one.

One of my rim locks was stripped by a local tire service company. I went to Rami for assistance and he resolved the problem immediately.
Rami and his staff are always customer oriented and efficient.

Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz ML350

Heap said the employees at this business were nice, pleasant, and gave him good service. If he has any more problems, he will take his vehicle to them.

Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz S320

Chris said he appreciates the service provided by the employees at this business. He usually gets a sticker at other businesses that let him know when to get his next oil change but he did not get one at this business.

Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz C300

Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz CLK350


So I'm now on my 5th MB and I've taken four of the five here. (I didn't know about them when I had the first one) I will NEVER take my car anywhere else as long as I live in the DMV. Whether it's for routine service or body work, this place is as good as it gets. Prices are ALWAYS lower then the dealer prices for repairs and maintenance and I've never ever ever had any issues once they fix something. Rami knows his stuff, period.

Madina said her vehicle is running well and she is happy with the service this business provided.

2008 Mercedes-Benz C300, White - 58F067788 - Stock# 5085A
2008 Mercedes-Benz C300, White - 58F067788 - Stock# 5085A ...
2010 Mercedes-Benz C300 - White Plains NY
2010 Mercedes-Benz C300 - White Plains NY
mercedes benz c300 white -YouTube sharing
mercedes benz c300 white -YouTube sharing
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