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October 12, 2023
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I recently brought a Mercedes Benz C300 4matic AWD, it's a 2009 model with 47k miles on it which just ran out of warranty a couple of months ago. I have been contemplating buying an extended warranty but the opinion seems divided so far. While some people suggest it's highly useful since the repair costs on a Benz are astronomical, some say that the C300 is usually a very reliable car with very few issues if taken good care of atleast till it hits the 100k mark.

Even if I were to go for the extended warranty, do you have any suggestions. I got quotes from 3 companies so far:

1) Warranty direct - Extremely negative reviews online, some people are even saying it's a scam

2) Carchecks - Unsure at this point of time, gave me a 5 year quote for around 4000 including the Navigation coverage

3) I forget which company this was, I shall look it up and let you know.

I would like to seek suggestions from fellow Benz owners please.

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I am sorry to say, but your options, if any, will be extremely limited.

I suggest you go your local dealer and ask him what third party warranties they typically honor and the pros and cons. And maybe go to another dealer to get a second opinion.

Your second best option is to get an opinion of forum members on MB boards. will help.

I have bought 4 MBs with certified pre owned warranties and always bought MB extended warranty before my factory warranty expired. Extremely satisfied with the warranty coverage. But thats factory warranty from MB.

Your best option is to go talk to your service adviser. Building relationships with service adviser and the dealer also goes a long way, more so when the brand is known to be expensive to fix.

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Originally Posted by blackhemi Nearly all 3rd party extended warranties are worth about the paper they are written on.

There is only one company I've used that is reputable but they are for dodge/chrysler/jeep.

My advise is to be very very careful. Read and understand all the fine print and the contract.

Many/most MANUFACTURER BRANDED "extended warranties" aka extended service contracts (dubbed by their lawyers) are underwritten by 3rd parties, and thus, are 3rd parties themselves.

You can, in many cases, buy the same product offered by the manufacturer, for much less, by buying directly from the underwriter. To simplify - you can buy Toyota's product from CWS, Volkswagen's from JM&A, etc, etc. (note, not sure who is using who these days, just making up examples). HOWEVER, there are always differences between where the car must be services, dealership or independent shop, depending on what type of product you're purchasing.

With that being said, the advice given about being very careful and reading the actual contract holds extremely true. Know what you're buying, know the deductible, know what is covered and what isn't, know if you must pay out of pocket or if they will pay up front, blah blah.

Extended warranties are essentially an insurance product - and as such, enter the law of numbers. Regardless of how strong the contract itself, its a gamble if you'll actually need the coverage.

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