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August 23, 2023
Mercedes-Benz Vans certified

Everyone wants a new Honda or Mercedes-Benz that will treat them well - and by that, we mean drive for many, many miles with zero to very few breakdowns/repairs. Perhaps you even have notions of passing your new or on to someone close to you. Whatever your plans might be, the way to get what you want from your car is to give it what it needs: proper care. It really does make hitting those 100, 000-, 200, 000-, and even 300, 000-mile marks very attainable.

How do you give your car the TLC it needs?

From the moment you take the keys, simply follow the manufacturer-recommended car service and maintenance schedule. That means scheduled check-ups and diagnostics tests with our team of specialists who are here for a wide range of auto repair and service needs. Scheduled car service, we might add, that is often covered by your warranty.

What does that include? Well, at, we offer multi-point inspections, oil changes, brake repair, tire rotations, and more using quality Honda and Mercedes-Benz parts.

Want to schedule an appointment? Submit a form online, or call the Fletcher Jones Hawaii service department. We're always happy to help get you back on the road, feeling confident once more.

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