Mercedes Benz Fashion show

October 28, 2022
Win Berlin Fashion Week


Since launching his label in 1999, Toni Maticevski has retained a strong hands-on approach to his work, draping and sampling his designs himself. He balances the design and creation of a successful ready-to-wear label alongside his bespoke practice catering to one off commissions. His particular mix of high glamour and exacting technical know-how, coupled with a restrained and sleek tailoring have earned him local and international recognition. Driven by his desire to continually experiment, Maticevski’s work exhibits considerable diversity from one season to the next. Choosing to eschew mainstream trends, he acknowledges that rather than trying to make his collections commercial, he prefers to work on ideas that are creatively challenging and likely to push his designs further. Maticevski’s designs are sculptural pieces inspired and supported by the outline of the body, which play with the seemingly contradictory ideas of structure and fluidity. With soft volumes in luxurious fabrications, his work creates and emphasises drama.

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Marc Cain Fashion Show SS 2015 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Marc Cain Fashion Show SS 2015 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Aristocrazy Fashion Show – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Aristocrazy Fashion Show – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ...
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