2001 E320 Mercedes Benz

November 11, 2023
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I bought my e320 in 2006 it had been repoed and it had poor maintenance, but I replaced everything under the hood, including all plugs, wires, converters, the whole ball of wax, this car as a whole, is awesome .It rides and drives great, i just repainted it two months ago, and no major issues, All in all this is an awesome car and looks good, and the stereo is killer Ha,

Love this Vehicle. I purchased this vehicle brand new. It is a very reliable car. I agree, I too have experienced failure on the LED display on instrument panel (very annoying)-Mercedes should issue a recall on that. Also, my biggest issue, IS THE RUST on the door. REALLY???This vehicle has a HIGH PRICE tag and holds the Mercedes Brand, yet the Manufacture will not stand by their product. Ugh! Eventually a class action suit will be filed on this vehicle. I am happy with its strong engine, it is a very spacious vehicle, has a nice large trunk (which was able to hold baby items), really like the round lights in front. They should also design a stronger mirror closure on the visor. All in all, very happy, except for the BODY RUST.

I have owned the car for since 2004. Have 110, 000 miles and it drives great. Am having rust problems which will cost about $3, 500 to fix. The problem I have regarding the electrical is the headlights/fog lights keep burning out. Have replaced the harnesses but it still happens, just less often. Does anyone have any suggestions?

My repair man said it would cost $1500 to install a new catalystic convertor for mu 2001 e320 mercedes, is this a good deal?

I purchased my E320 with 120000 miles for $7500 great car but don't take it to the dealer. I found a great German mechanic in Manchester Tenn.

I love my Mercedes Benz 2001 E320. It's a great car. There's a little problem. It has this rough sound when I start it and get going, then, once I'm on the road at a set speed it drives very smooth. One mechanic said it was the motor mount then another said it was the air flow in the engine. What to do, what to do?

I love my car but this model has some nagging issues. Common problems with the E series are failure of the climate control LCD panel, failure of the LED displays in the instrument cluster, squeaky steering wheel, and failure of the auto dimming drivers side mirror. Mine has experienced all of theses. The instrument cluster and climate control are so common I feel Mercedes should issue a recall.

Source: repairpal.com
2001 Mercedes Benz E320 4matic start up
2001 Mercedes Benz E320 4matic start up
2001 Mercedes-Benz E320 4dr Wagon 3.2L AWD SOLD (#2049)
2001 Mercedes-Benz E320 4dr Wagon 3.2L AWD SOLD (#2049)
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