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Trump Love Is No Excuse To Attack Convention Of States

conventionIt is one thing for a Donald Trump devotee to share fake stories from fake websites or to tout the awesomeness and definitive certainty of online polls but it is something else altogether when one uses their love of Trump as an excuse to attack the Article V Convention of States effort.

As of today 8 state legislatures, from Florida to Alaska, have approved applications to hold a Convention of States under Article V of the Constitution for the purpose of debating and proposing constitutional amendments for state ratification.

This is an effort that began gaining traction with the 2013 release of best-selling author and talk show host Mark Levin’s book The Liberty Amendments and has only grown since then and is going to continue in 2017 as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has made making his state the 9th to join the effort to reign in the out of control Federal government as top legislative priority of his, a priority he reiterated in new book Broken But Unbowed.

But leave it up to Trump cultist logic to conflate a conservative, principled plan to save the Republic and the Constitution from liberal Statists and crony capitalist RINOs, that began 3 years before Donald Trump was ever a presidential candidate with a plot to harm The Donald that must be stopped.

Illinois Review contributor Nancy Thorner wrote Monday, “”Never Trump” people are the leaders in pushing the Convention of States. They include Eric O’Keefe (who led the delusional effort at this summer’s Republican Convention in Cleveland to deny Trump the nomination) and Michael Farris (who has continued to publicly criticize Trump). These “Never Trump” people are the new RINOS.  Failing to back the Donald Trump, do we want our Constitution rewritten by them?”

Nancy spent the majority of her piece attacking the entire concept of an Article V Convention, basing her attacks primarily off of the work of attorney Publius Huldah, who spoke recently at an Eagle Forum event in St. Louis, arguing that such an invocation of the second amendment method within Article V would result in a Constitutional Convention that would draft an entirely new Constitution.

Nancy also included some good old fashion George Soros and Koch brothers conspiracy theorizing in her piece saying, “What would prevent backers of the Convention of States from engaging in tactics of the Left, such as using secret, undisclosed big donors to finance their ConCon projects.  The secret donors may have received secret promises about what a new convention would actually do.  David Koch of the Koch brothers, who may be funding the project, supports abortion and gay rights, and refuses to support Trump.  George Soros is also pushing for ConCon, using his immense fortune to do so.”

Mrs. Thorner also used the #NeverTrump and Soros/Koch brothers lines of attack in a different Article V hit piece she wrote in July ahead of the GOP National Convention in Cleveland saying, “ConCon supporters are in step with globalists like the Koch Brothers and George Soros who are determined to take over the Republican Party using the never-used procedure of an Article V Convention as a ruse to purpose amendments to the U.S. Constitution.”

Hate to burst a good bubble but George Soros and the Koch Brothers aren’t the ones working to get enough state legislatures to approve applications to hold an Article V Convention, it has been grass-roots conservatives the nation over who have been working their state Representatives and State Senators for 3 years now that have been doing it.

This is an effort that has received scant national support or reportage outside of Mark Levin and Glenn Beck.

And yet this is an effort that has had the support of principled conservatives for a long time.

Just in our current Modern Era, President Dwight Eisenhower backed using Article V to tackle the Federal bureaucracy.

Throughout the 1970s great Free Market thinkers like Milton Friedman supported Article V to get a much-needed(then and now) balanced budget amendment.

In his autobiography An American Life President Ronald Reagan wrote of the need for the American people to use the Article V Convention of States process to get term limits on Congress, a balanced budget amendment, and a Presidential line item veto.

Even Trump surrogates Dr. Ben Carson, and Mike Huckabee supported the Article V Convention effort during the GOP Presidential primary. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has also been a major supporter of the effort even before his presidential campaign.

The likes of Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and the back benchers who will succeed them will never let any constitutional amendment that limits their power, the overall power of the Federal government, or reverses anything the “progressives” have gotten over the last 100 plus years, get the necessary majorities in both the House and Senate for them to be moved on to the states for ratification.

Under the current status quo we will never have congressional, let along, Supreme Court term limits, no state override authority of bad regulations, executive orders, or SCOTUS decrees, no balanced budget, no major tax reform(Fair Tax), no restoration of the 9th and 10th amendments, nothing.  We will continue to be stuck with continuing resolutions that fully fund the liberal agenda, a cumulative debt that will ensure future generations are born into indentured servitude, and career politicians spending a lifetime in Washington.

I’ve been under the impression this past year that Trump and his supporters hated career politicians, why would they then attack a guaranteed way of getting rid of all of them, permanently?

No one man, no one election, is going to stop the nations decay and rot from within, but maybe, just maybe, this “Break in case of emergency” Article V Convention option could if the Trumpsters would take off their blinders and realize we are going to need something with a longer shelf life than a campaign hat to truly “Make America Great Again”.


Jeb! Bush Endorses Article V Convention In Breitbart Interview

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush

In an interviewed that aired Friday morning on the Breitbart Daily News radio program on Sirius/XM former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush gave his full endorsement to the Article V convention of states process as a means of getting congressional term limits, a balanced budget, and a pet favorite of Bush’s a line item veto power for the President on budget matters similar to that sought by President Ronald Reagan in the ’80s.

In recent weeks Tennessee became the fifth state to apply for an Article V convention to debate and propose possible amendments to the Constitution that would restore the power of the states, and strenghten the system of checks and balances; joining Alabama, Alaska, Florida, and Georgia.

Jeb is also the latest in a line of GOP presidential candidates to support the Article V convention process which requires two-thirds of the state legislatures calling for a convention and three-fourths to ratify any possible amendments.  Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson have all given their support to the use of Article V.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has also recently gotten strongly behind the Article V movement with his Texas Plan to convince state lawmakers on the merits of calling for a convention and some possible amendments to restore the Republic.

With The Support Of Sen. Rubio And Texas Gov. Abbott An Article V Convention Is Gaining Steam

Gov. Greg Abbott(R-TX)

Gov. Greg Abbott(R-TX)

Speaking at a public policy meeting in Austin, Texas Friday Gov. Greg Abbott released his “Texas Plan” a 100 page package of 9 potential amendments to the Constitution that would restore liberty and revive the system of checks and balances in our federal government.

Abbott’s plan echo’s that of nationally syndicated talk show host and author of the best selling The Liberty Amendments Mark Levin, in that they call on the state legislatures to use Article V of the constitution to call for a convention of states to debate and propose amendments for possible ratification by three-fourths of the states.  In order for an Article V convention to be called two-thirds of the state legislatures need to submit applications calling for one.

Abbott is the second major political figure in recent weeks to embrace the use of Article V to advance such things as congressional and judicial term limits, a balanced budget amendment, and other measures that would restore the powers of the states and to curtail the power of the federal government.  Prior to Abbott Florida Senator and GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio also endorsed the notion of an Article V convention.  Fellow GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has long been a fan of the Article V convention process.

To counter the phony claims that such a convention could “run away” Gov. Abbott explicitly calls for the agenda for any convention to be set in advance and that the convention itself should not discuss anything that isn’t permitted by the state legislatures.  Should any such proposal make it to the convention under Abbott’s plan the whole Texas delegation and participation in the convention would be terminated.

Breitbart Texas has more:

Abbott said “Our government was founded on the rule of law rather the caprice of man. That rule of law flows from our Constitution. That Constitutional foundations is now so often ignored that the Founders would hardly recognize it. Until we fix that foundation by restoring the rule of law all the repairs we seek through the policies you propose will never lead to lasting solutions.”

Abbott noted the acts of this week “show cracks in our Constitutional foundation.” He cited President Obama’s action threatening Second Amendment rights even though the Bill of Rights and the Constitution was designed to protect Americans from invasions of their liberties.

“The problem is these departures from the Constitution are not the aberration, they are now the norm,” the governor charged. He said the President has repeatedly exceeded his executive powers to impose far-reaching and heavy-handed regulations on everything from climate change to healthcare reform and immigration.

The governor also reprimanded the U.S. Congress, adding, “Congress is no better. They used to consider whether a proposed law could be squared with Congress’ Constitutionally enumerated powers.” He said, “Today’s approach is captured by the former Speaker of House. When asked to identify the Constitutional authority for Obamacare she angrily replied: ‘Are you serious?’”

Not to leave the nation’s highest court unrebuked, Abbott said the U.S. Supreme Court is a co-conspirator in abandoning the Constitution. He said, “Instead of applying laws as written, it embarrassingly strains to rewrite laws like Obamacare.” He accused the Supreme Court of frequently departing from the Constitution and amending it by adding words and concepts that are not found in the Constitution.

These increasingly frequent departures from the Constitution are destroying the Rule of Law upon which this country is founded, Abbott said. “We are succumbing the caprice of man that our Founders fought to escape.”

He said the only cure for these overreaches by the federal government and its judiciary is that the states must lead the way. Abbott said these problems will not be cured by Washington, D.C.

To date the state legislatures in Florida, Georgia, Alaska, and Alabama have signed on to an Article V convention like that envisioned by Gov. Abbott and Mark Levin.

H/T to The Right Scoop for video of Gov. Abbott’s full remarks announcing the Texas Plan

*Update: Here are Gov. Abbott’s 9 proposed amendments H/T Twitchy:

I really like #6 requiring a 7 vote majority on the Supreme Court to strike down any law enacted by the states or Congress.

The rest appear to be shorter or condensed versions of what was called for in Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments


Army Vet Lt. Col(ret) Swanson To Run For 74th IL House Seat

Lt.Col(ret) Dan Swanson with state Sen. Neil Anderson

Lt.Col(ret) Dan Swanson with state Sen. Neil Anderson

With the announcement this weekend that longtime state Rep. Don Moffitt will be retiring at the end of his current term Army and Illinois National Guard veteran Lt.Col(ret) Dan Swanson of Alpha has announced his intention to replace Moffitt in the heavily Republican district.

Swanson will officially kick off his campaign to replace Moffitt on Friday with events in Galesburg and Aledo.

Swanson is a 27 year veteran of the Army and IL Guard including a combat tour in Iraq and has since taken to continuing the family farm operation in Henry county.  In 2010 Swanson was elected to the Henry county board.  Swanson currently or has served on several veterans related groups and is part of a state program to promote farming among veterans. In 2014 Swanson ran unsuccessfully for Henry county clerk/recorder.

In a press release Swanson said:

“I am running to bring conservative and good government principles to Springfield.” Swanson said. Making sure the Veterans of Illinois and the 74th District are well served is a top priority. There are three National Guard Armories and five Army National Guard units in the 74th District, all of which play key economic development roles in their local communities. “I will fight to ensure that these important assets are supported”.

Swanson believes in term limits and will not serve more than three terms in the House to set the example, even if Springfield does not pass a term limits bill. “Chicago Democrat Speaker Michael Madigan has been in office for over 40 years. That is wrong and we need to pass a term limits bill now,” Swanson said.

Swanson opposes a raise in state taxes, instead calling for tighter spending. Swanson will continue the excellent work of Don Moffitt in supporting local fire and police departments in the District with their infrastructure and material needs, and in working with county and township highway departments to fund necessary road projects.

Swanson is a gun owner who believes in protecting the rights of law abiding gun owners, supporting conceal and carry laws, and appreciates the importance of upholding the 2nd Amendment and the entire United States Constitution.

Sen. David Perdue: Defending The American Dream Summit 2015(Video)

Sen. David Perdue(R-GA)

Sen. David Perdue(R-GA)

Georgia Sen. David Perdue, one of the 2014 freshman Senators that helped put Republicans in the majority in the Senate spoke Friday afternoon at Americans For Prosperity’s Defending The American Dream Summit in Columbus, Ohio.

Sen. Perdue spoke after Jeb Bush and the reactions the two pols got was striking.  While Perdue is relatively unknown he got a warmer reception from the thousands of assembled conservative grassroots activist that Bush did.

As far as content goes Perdue got a big pop from the crowd when he quoted scripture about staying on course and giving thanks and got another one when he talked about his support of the Fair Tax and abolishing the IRS.

On policy matters Perdue said that the current political system is not designed to be hospitable towards outsider candidates.  That is important because as Perdue pointed out there are 34 sitting United States Senators who have been in elected office for more than 30 years, there are 60 Senators who have served over 20 years in elected office.  No change or reform of any great measure is truly possible when the same people keep getting elected and insulate themselves to the point of being able to hold office for life.  To that end Perdue talked about his support of and the need for congressional term limits that would force career politicians out of office.

On the Iran nuclear weapon deal, as if there was ever any doubt, you can put Perdue in the strongly opposed column; with Perdue hoping that the House and Senate can kill the Iran nuke deal.  That is a tall order given how big of a mess this whole process has been made of by the Corker-Graham-Menedez bill.

Speaking about national security and the nations debt Perdue noted that if China ever attacked Taiwan, the US would be obligated to defend the island nation.  That in turn would require the US to borrow large sums of money from the Chinese to finance Taiwan’s defense.  The Chinese in turn would use that money and the debt we owe them to blackmail us into not fulfilling our commitments to Taiwan.

In seven months the Senate has passed a budget bill and done nothing else to address the $18 trillion on books national debt, let alone the $110 trillion in unfunded liabilities to Social Security and Medicare and that bothers Sen. Perdue a lot.


Ted Cruz Chairs Hearing On Constitutional Amendments To Reign SCOTUS Judicial Activism

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz

On Wednesday Texas Sen. Ted Cruz chaired a hearing on some constitutional amendments that would reign in the judicial activism of the Supreme Court.

Sen. Cruz has been in favor of retention elections for the high court, but seems to be moving towards a much better idea, one that has been championed by talk show host Mark Levin in his book The Liberty Amendments; Term Limits.

There are some other ideas floating out there that would also address the activism of the court, but the only one I’m in favor of is also found in the Liberty Amendments; giving Congress and the States a veto power over court rulings.

You can watch the full hearing below:

Independence Day 2015 – “…we mutually pledge to each other…”

by Jesus Alaniz

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being accompanied by a single mother during a photoshoot in Chicago. I’d noticed her opinions before and was very pleased that she seemed to be an educated and well informed person. It was at that time I had an epiphany between the struggling working class trying to make ends meet and the politicians I’ve helped.

There are two significant dates regarding the Declaration of Independence. The first is the usual and customary date of July 4th which is celebrated with parades and festivities consisting of people and politicians who call themselves Americans and who lack courage and would rather compromise and sell your soul for their welfare in the “spirit of getting things done”. It has become easier for some to cast ballots for phony Founder wannabes who promises to reform & restore their Liberties only to have them bartered and sold far away at market prices.

The second and probably the most important date is July 2, 1776 in which John Adams wrote in a July 3, 1776 letter to his wife Abigail Adams, “The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epocha in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward, forevermore.” Not so long ago I sat by the river and watched an American Bald eagle fly overhead and I thought of the politicians who come to you asking you for your support only to have them give you an excuse as to why they can’t endorse you or your candidate when you need it. Recently I’ve had people find me and thank me for the letters I write. My heart pours out for the young and old who tell their friends and families about my letters without any fears of retribution, reputation, or fear of losing everything. The introduction to the Declaration reads “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…” I believe the time is coming for me to break away from the politicians who lack the courage to fight. The last line reads “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”  Trust me I will never confuse that honorable single working mother with the slick politician. On this Independence Day I say, “Those who have little and are willing to risk all in the cause of freedom & right, are mine and belong to me – let freedom ring.”

Politicians Are Slaves Too

by Jesus Alaniz

I’ve reflected on our nation’s riots and the arrogant politicians, taxes and laws that may have caused them. I object to the riots because of all of the destruction and looting to personal and business property owners along with the innocent bystanders rather than properly attacking the real enemy. On the other hand our liberty did not come from Colonists sipping tea and munching on crumpets with the English. “We are a nation of laws and the law is the law. We must be obedient to the law and if you don’t like the law then vote for those who’ll change the law or run for public office and change it yourself”, arrogant politicians, courts and police will tell you along with some uninformed citizens. John Adams once said “Facts are stubborn things…” and it is time that we look at some facts and face reality. Ruling parties and their parrots will tell you that America has become a better place since they took office and all about America’s freedom, however, one June 2014 source ranks America as the no. 2 country in the world with the highest incarceration rate with an estimated 707 persons incarcerated for every 100,000 hence America is not as “free” as one might think. I won’t rehash unjust laws and taxes, but I do believe that the balance of power is tipping towards those who were unjustly made “criminals”. In his Spirit of the Law, Montesquieu wrote, “…every tyrant is at the same time a slave…” Freemen and freed convicts can travel, go about and live anywhere whether it’s gated community or the ghetto where politicians dare not go. There are now two powerful forces, those holding office and those who have served their time in prison. Montesquieu observed and wrote “The republic constantly demanded some new tax of me; and I could not decline paying. Since I have grown poor, I have acquired authority; nobody threatens me; I rather threaten others. I can go or stay where I please. The rich already rise from their seats and give me the way. I am a king, I was before a slave: I paid taxes to the republic, now it maintains me: I am no longer afraid of losing: but I hope to acquire.” President Kennedy warned during the Civil Rights movement “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Lawmakers need to return to representative status, represent their people & their liberties and stop making revenue generating laws that make criminals out of innocent people. Look at our neighborhoods. If crime has increased then you might be enslaved by former slaves who no longer have fear or those who’ve had loved ones unjustly incarcerated. I also detest those who support “social justice”. Study the social justice politicians and in many cases you’ll find they’ve been the ones who raised taxes and passed unjust laws believing they were doing God’s work when they were really doing the devils.

Illinois Budget, Rauner, Madigan & The Illinois Constitution

by Jesus Alaniz

I’ve listened to the baseless charges leveled against Gov. Rauner e.g. that he’s going against Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s counsel, that he needs to follow the Illinois constitution, and that the Illinois supreme court has ruled that Rauner must follow the Illinois constitution, pay and fund those pension costs even if it means jacking up taxes.

Patrick Henry once asked “Who authorized them to speak the language of We the people?” and I have never authorized any court to use my name in “The People of Illinois vs. Bruce Rauner” I find it humorous that anyone thinks we have a righteous and upright “Attorney General”. Who was the self-centered politician who wanted to violate the VI Amendment and make gun owners private information public? Who had to be ordered by court order to produce a carry conceal law? Who used delay tactics to fight these court orders? The answer: Lisa Madigan. The Illinois constitution is the law? Article VIII – Section 2, Finance reads “Proposed expenditures shall not exceed funds estimated to be available for the fiscal year as shown in the budget.” So why have Michael Madigan and Springfield Democrats proposed a budget that is $3 billion over the forecasted budget? Further, 810 ILCS 5/3-806, Ch. 26, par. 3-806 makes it a crime to write checks with insufficient funds and reads in part, “Any person who issues a check or other draft that is not honored upon presentment because the drawer does not have an account with the drawee, or because the drawer does not have sufficient funds in his account…” so where is the “Attorney General”? Where is the “Illinois Supreme Court”? And what about “the law”?

Never heard of these laws? Montesquieu wrote in the Spirit of the Law, “If there is some unfortunate honest man among the people, hints Cardinal Richelieu in his Political Testament, a monarch should be careful not to employ him” but not all have been silent. IL State Rep Jeanne Ives, 42nd District, recently said “I find it incredibly irresponsible that the House Democrats have brought forward a FY16 budget they know is unbalanced. They are promoting their spending plan and they have offered absolutely no information as to how they will fund it. – The majority party has a history of wreckless spending with no regard for how it impacts the citizens whose taxes fund our government. They have not earned the right to even one more cent of the public’s money.” Thomas Jefferson once said “In questions of power then, let no more be heard of [confidence in man] but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Ives understands what a real Constitution is. The Founders were very clear on government’s purpose. The Declaration of Independence reads “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” Illinoisans can no longer afford to be legally robbed by those who are supposed to protect their rights.


Article VIII – Section 2, Finance


Madigan rejects Rauner’s approach linking business changes to budget


(810 ILCS 5/3-806) (from Ch. 26, par. 3-806)


Representative Jeanne Ives Reacts to Madigan’s FY16 Budget Bills that are $4 Billion out of Balance



Dr. Ben Carson In Iowa Calls For Flat Tax, Term Limts

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson was in Davenport Wednesday morning speaking to a crowd at St. Ambrose University.  There Dr. Carson gave he support to a flat tax and on term limiting both Congress and judges.

QCOnline has more:

Speaking before a crowd of about 400 at St. Ambrose University today, he won loud applause when he said that “100 percent of people need to pay into the tax system.”

Many lower-income Americans pay no federal income tax, although they do pay other state and local taxes. Dr. Carson also said he supported a flat income tax rate, of perhaps 10 percent.

“I love flat taxes,” he said. “You make $10 billion, you pay a billion, you make $10, you pay one, how could anything be more fair than that?”

Dr. Carson, a former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, added that some might question whether “poor people” could afford to pay a flat tax.

“Of course they can,” he said. “And I think it’s insulting to them to say they can’t.”