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Tea Party Congressional Candidate Gets Dem Vote Rigging Stopped In Illinois

Patrick Harlan

Patrick Harlan

Knox county Tea Party leader and Republican congressional candidate in Illinois’ 17th district Patrick Harlan and the Liberty Justice Center scored a major victory in Federal court to stop Democrat efforts to rig the vote ahead of the November 8th Presidential election.

During the 2014 lame duck session Illinois Democrat Party boss and Speaker of the House Michael Madigan ushered throw a new same day voter registration law that required counties with populations of more than 100,000 to let people register to vote at all polling places on election day. Of the 102 counties in Illinois many have populations well under that threshold, there are several Illinois counties with populations of less than 10,000. Those counties with lower populations only are required to have a central same day registration site under the law.

This obviously allows Democrats to maximize their voter turn out and vote totals in Chicago and Cook county in favor of Hillary Clinton and congresswoman Tammy Duckworth who is running for the US Senate.  As Republican statewide office seekers have known for a long time in Illinois it doesn’t matter how Illinois 101 other counties vote, everything is determined by Chicago and Cook county.

On Tuesday Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan agreed with arguments made by Harlan(whose is facing Rep. Cheri Bustos) and the Liberty Justice Center that the Madigan same day registration law was unconstitutional and disenfranchised the vote of residents of the states many rural counties.

Yehiayan wrote, “while it may be true that the polling place registration option can assist voters in certain populous counties, that option cannot be provided at the expense of lower population counties, thereby decreasing their political representation in Illinois.

Judge Yehiayan continued, “The application of this legislation favors the urban citizen and dilutes the vote of the rural citizen,” wrote Der-Yeghiayan, who added, “Illinois is made up of more than the Chicago metropolitan area and other high population areas. Equality under the law does not end at the city limits.”

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan(Speaker Madigan’s daughter) has said that she will appeal the ruling.

Jacob Huebert of the Liberty Justice Center said in a press release,

Today the court recognized the unfairness of guaranteeing a voting right to some voters but not others. The court ruled that if Illinois is going to have Election Day voter registration at polling places, it should be available statewide – and it should be fair. The government shouldn’t make it harder for people in some parts of the state to register and vote. If Illinois wants to provide Election Day voter registration at the polls, it can do so in a way that’s fair and equal. Six other states, including Illinois’ neighbors Wisconsin and Iowa, give all of their citizens the right to register and vote at their local polling places; they don’t favor voters in some counties over voters in other counties. We’re pleased the court affirmed that everyone has right to the same opportunity to vote.”

As it stands the ruling gives Gov. Bruce Rauner and his allies better chances of picking up a few seats in the state legislature; any GOP gains would end Speaker Madigan’s veto-proof super-majority.  The ruling is not likely to help Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who was in the Chicagoland area Wednesday, much as Hillary Clinton is still widely expected to win the heavily blue state, although her margin of victory is probably going to be diminished due to the courts actions. This court order might also be the only thing that can save Sen. Mark Kirk’s bacon.

Congresswoman Bustos has had no comment on the court ruling, although she will probably fire off a bunch of fundraising emails about it; she has more than $2 million in the bank, Patrick Harlan’s campaign is broke(donate here).

Voters across Illinois owe Patrick Harlan and the Liberty Justice Center a huge debt of gratitude for taking a small bite out of the Madigan machine and for making it a little easier to have fair(er) elections this November.

Of Ricketts And Madigan

Michael Madigan(Left) Ricketts Family(Right)

Michael Madigan(Left) Ricketts Family(Right)

For the last several weeks Conservative Review’s Robert Eno has been detailing the attempts by the Ricketts family, of TD Ameritrade and owner of the Chicago Cubs, to take out members of the House Freedom Caucus, such as their successful effort against Rep. Tim Huelskamp, and to defeat Republican challengers who either want to join the Freedom Caucus or are endorsed by it running in congressional races around the country by way of their Ending Spending Action Fund(ESA Fund) PAC.

No matter who the President is Congress needs to have as many conservatives and constitutionalist in the House of Representatives and Senate as possible.

It is bad enough that the Republican Party establishment and donor class have it out for conservatives, it is even worse when you find those same establishment figures having a cozy little deal with the Democrat who runs Illinois Michael Madigan.

The Speaker of the Illinois House since 1983(minus 2 years during the Gingrich revolution) Madigan has run this state like a tyrannical King.  It was Madigan, by way of his lawyers and his Judges, that recently kept a citizen driven state constitutional amendment ballot measure to take legislative redistricting power away from him off the November ballot. It has been those Madigan allies that have been keeping similar efforts to amend the Illinois Constitution to impose term limits on the legislature from ever going before the voters; Madigan has been in elected office since 1971. Reforming state government by way of redistricting and term limits have been two of the key agenda items of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. Madigan’s staunch opposition to those reforms and other elements of Rauner’s Turn Around Agenda, such a collective bargaining and other union related reforms, led the state to go a year without a budget.

By controlling redistricting Michael Madigan and the Democrat Party, of which he is state chairman, have been able to control who gets to represent the people of Illinois in Springfield and Washington DC.

Following the Tea Party wave of 2010, which even hit deep blue Illinois, Madigan used redistricting to oust Tea Party firebrand Joe Walsh and the mild-mannered Bobby Schilling from their congressional districts in order to make easy paths to victory for Democrat party darling Tammy Duckworth, and Cheri Bustos whose a close family friend of Sen. Dick Durbin’s. Madigan also used that same opportunity to pit longtime conservative congressman Don Manzullo up against one the GOPe’s young rising stars Adam Kinzinger, a race that Manzullo lost and conservatives the nation over have been lamenting ever since.  Controlling redistricting has also allowed Michael Madigan to build a veto-proof super majority in both chambers of the legislature.

As any Illinois resident can tell you Michael Madigan’s rule has been disastrous. Over $110 billion in pension debt. Sky high property taxes, which are just about to get even worse in the city of Chicago thanks to its bankrupt public school system. Massive outward migration of jobs and taxpayers to neighboring states. Out of control business costs(workers compensation), wayward regulations, we even are terrible when it comes to lawsuits and jury awards and the like.

And all the while Madigan has been ruining this great state, we did give to the nation Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, he has been apparently enjoying himself at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field padding the Chicago Cubs front office ticket sales, which in turn has been money at the disposal of the Ricketts family since they bought the team in 2009.

madigan season ticketsIllinois Board of Election campaign reports dating back to 1999(which is as far as state online records go) show that Michael Madigan used a combination of his campaign funds and the campaign funds of the Democrats 13th Ward organization, which Madigan has controlled since the late ’60s, to buy more than $1.25 million worth of season tickets to the Cubs, including playoff tickets. State records also show that Madigan, and Senate President John Cullerton(D-Chicago) were the only two elected officials buying season tickets. All other lawmakers buying Cubs, or any other team tickets, made single game or weekend package purchases, and all of them listed the purpose as being for fundraising; something Michael Madigan never did(only in the earliest years did the records even say season tickets).

Madigan’s spokesman Steve Brown indicated to me several days prior to the Democrat Party convention in July that the Speaker did use some of those tickets along with his family.  As of this writing he has yet to respond more fully to questions surrounding those and other season ticket purchases to the Chicago Bulls and White Sox made with campaign funds.

That could possibly be a legal issue for the all mighty ruler of Illinois given that it is supposed to be illegal to use campaign funds for personal use. But, given every law passed in this state for the last four decades has his fingers prints, if not outright stamp of approval, on them, maybe Madigan and Mr. Brown know something the rest of us don’t.  I haven’t yet heard from the states Attorney General’s office, something about Lisa(Madigan) going to a baseball game with her dad.

O’ the tangle webs we weave.

Michael Madigan rules Illinois with an iron fist while enjoying the fine team the Ricketts family is bankrolling as they look to end Chicago’s World Series curse and all the while both work behind the scenes to destroy conservatives.




Lawsuit Against Duckworth Settled For $26,000

Rep. Tammy Duckworth(D-IL)

Rep. Tammy Duckworth(D-IL)

On Friday a workplace retaliation lawsuit against Illinois Democrat congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, who is the Democrat Party nominee for US Senate against Mark Kirk, was settled with the two employees of a Veterans home getting $26,000 for court fees and legal costs.

The case was set to go to trial in the weeks ahead of the November election.

Duckworth’s campaign said:

Today’s resolution is appropriate for what was always a frivolous workplace case that dragged on over eight years and was dismissed in whole or in part multiple times, and Tammy appreciates the hard work and professionalism of the lawyers in the Attorney General’s office,” Matt McGrath, Duckworth’s deputy campaign manager said in a statement.

Duckworth had been sued by the two workers for retaliating against them by firing one and giving a bad review to the other when they raised complaints about the head of the Veterans facility that they worked. Duckworth was appointed head of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs by Blago in 2006.

She was represented in the case by the Illinois Attorney Generals office headed by Lisa Madigan, daughter of Speaker Michael Madigan who drew the congressional maps that allowed Duckworth to defeat Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh in 2012.

Sen. Mark Kirk is the most endangered incumbent in the country, and is a lame duck walking.


Kirk: I’ll Be Reelected Because I’m Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gun Control

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

In an interview with CNN Friday Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk said that he’d be reelected this November for Democrat congresswoman Tammy Duckworth because he’s been voting for and supporting gay marriage, abortion, and gun control.

In a story about the Kirk-Duckworth race and the impact Donald Trump being the presumptive nominee for the GOP might have Kirk said: These days I’m probably the best-positioned Republican to weather the institution of Trumpism because I have been voting pro-gay rights and against the gun lobby and solidly pro-choice,”

Kirk has said that he will back Trump as the nominee.

In recent months Sen. Kirk has been backing up those extremely liberal positions as he voted against defunding Planned Parenthood after the undercover baby body parts videos, he’s spoken out strongly in support of gay marriage for years. And Kirk is one of the only Republicans to openly support Merrick Garland’s appointment to the Supreme Court, Garland backs gun control.


Is Sen. Mark Kirk Afraid Of James Marter?

Sen. Mark Kirk and James Marter

Sen. Mark Kirk and James Marter

Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk is the most vulnerable incumbent seeking reelection in 2016 and his precarious position coupled with his lingering health issues related to his stroke several years ago has caused the states Junior Senator to become deathly afraid of even being in the same room as his conservative primary challenger Oswego businessman James Marter.

Last Saturday the LaSalle county Tea Party hosted a series of debates among local candidates, including for the US Senate. James Marter was in attendance to make his case to the 100 plus voters there, Sen. Kirk on the other hand sent his campaign’s field director.

On Friday the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board announced that they aren’t even going to bother holding a meeting with Sen. kirk and Marter because Kirk refuses to schedule so time to meet with them.

Marter told Illinois Review Friday that:

“I’m disappointed that the media can’t do their job to provide information to readers,” Marter said. “Seems to me the Chicago Tribune is in the tank for Mark Kirk.”

The Tribune editorial board’s own “statement of principles” says that it places great emphasis on the integrity of government and of the private institutions and individuals who serve and lead society.

The board “acts as a watchdog on government, protecting citizen interests in quarters where citizens themselves might not otherwise be represented,” the statement says. “The newspaper does this in the belief that the people cannot consent to be governed unless they have knowledge of, and faith in, the leaders and operations of government. Always, the people are sovereign.”

And that’s exactly what Marter says he believes the voters should have – access to information about the candidates they will now not have since the Tribune has cancelled the interview.

Marter said that he’s provided full access to the media statewide, appearing in person for lengthy interviews with the suburban Daily Herald, and has traveled to speak with editorial boards in Rock Island and Peoria, among others. He spoke on the phone with the Sun-Times editorial board.

“I’m willing to meet with every news source that asks,” he said. “I understand why Mark Kirk doesn’t want to answer for his record, but the voters should be disappointed, too. “

Indeed outside of a GOPe fundraiser in Chicago recently with some of Kirk’s fellow establishment Senators Kirk has rarely been seen in Illinois, let alone on the campaign trail and his media appearances have been even more sparse.

Kirk’s whole primary campaign has been singularly focused on attacking the likely Democrat nominee congresswoman Tammy Duckworth with a TV and radio ad blitz hammering Duckworth over Syrian refugees.

Kirk really can’t campaign in down state Illinois, he decidedly anti-second amendment voting record, his approval of sanctuary cities, and his support of continued federal funding of Planned Parenthood make him a pariah to conservative Republican voters.  And Kirk’s statement this week that he is “looking forward” to having hearing and a vote on President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia is not winning him over any fence sitting Republicans.

Kirk indeed is taking the Jeb Bush campaign philosophy of losing the primary to win the general to heart, hence Kirk and his campaigns stance on the Supreme Court, and his open attempts to court moderate Democrats and independents with his embrace of abortion and same sex marriage.

With just over two weeks to the Illinois primary on March 15th voters are all but certain to never see Kirk in the same room as Marter with Kirk’s refusal to appear with him at the Tribune.  And that is a true shame because one-on-one James Marter needs only minutes to out Kirk as the RINO that he is and show that Kirk’s stroke has dramatically cut into his ability to think and speak on his feet.

Illinois voters should be livid at Kirk’s refusal to even acknowledge his opponent and should punish him for it(and his liberal voting record). We know Kirk is soft on illegal immigration, on Obama’s radical nominees, abortion/Planned Parenthood, and more.  We also know that James Marter is solid on those issues and would make a much better Republican nominee for the US Senate.

The Closest We’re Going To Get To A Debate Between James Marter And Sen. Mark Kirk

James Marter

James Marter

Sadly folks this is the closest we are going to get to a debate between Illinois RINO Sen. Mark Kirk and his conservative challenger James Marter before the March 15th primary.

Saturday night Marter was in full force at the LaSalle county TEA party candidates debate(s) in Ottawa while Matt, Kirk’s campaign field director did his level best to make the ultra liberal Republican seem like the only option to keep the seat away from likely Democrat nominee congresswoman Tammy Duckworth.

Sen. Kirk has refused to hold any actual debate with Marter, and barely even acknowledges he exist in what little campaigning he does when the Senate is not in session.

Kirk is widely considered to be the most vulnerable incumbent Senator from either party in the entire country.

Marter is solidly pro-life, something Kirk isn’t. Marter is pro-2nd amendment, Kirk isn’t. Marter would repeal Obamacare outright, Kirk wouldn’t necessarily.

The choice is clear it is time for Mark Kirk to retire, let us help him do that by voting for James Marter March 15th.

Duckworth Wants Sen. Kirk To Approve Obama’s Scalia Replacement

Rep. Tammy Duckworth(D-IL)

Rep. Tammy Duckworth(D-IL)

Democrat congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, who is running for the US Senate in the March 15th primary, is calling on Sen. Mark Kirk to join with the Democrats in approving any Supreme Court nominee President Obama puts forth to replace Justice Antonin Scalia who died of a heart attack on Saturday in West Texas.

From Illinois Review:

Duckworth’s campaign said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell responded to the news of Scalia’s death and seat vacancy with “knee-jerk obstructionism,” vowing “This vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.” 

“Mark Kirk hasn’t said yet whether he agrees with McConnell’s partisan obstinance. Join us in urging Kirk to immediately commit to giving President Obama’s eventual nominee a fair hearing,” an email to Duckworth supporters says.

“Kirk and his fellow Republican senators have a constitutional obligation to participate in the nomination process and allow the president’s Supreme Court nominee a vote,” Duckworth’s campaign said. “Let’s make sure Kirk knows Illinoisans will be watching to make sure he fulfills his responsibility to our nation.”

Kirk, an extremely liberal Republican, and the most vulnerable incumbent in the country, has been very willing in the past to support President Obama’s radical nominees both to Executive Branch positions and the Judiciary.  Several weeks ago Kirk was among only a handful of RINO Republican Senators to approve a Judge to the federal bench in Minnesota who in the past called property rights racist.

So far Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and most of the GOP presidential candidates have said that no Supreme Court nominee by President Obama will or should be confirmed leaving the high court vacancy to be filled by the next President.

Tammy Duckworth’s Callous Disregard For Her Fellow Veterans

Rep. Tammy Duckworth(D-IL)

Rep. Tammy Duckworth(D-IL)

Whistleblowers that used to work at the Hines VA hospital in Chicago have come forward with allegations that Democrat congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, who is seeking the Democrat nomination for the US Senate, was callous towards the gross mismanagement and abuses towards veteran patients at Hines saying that, “I know all about how the VA runs, that’s just how it is. You’re never going to change anything there,” According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon.

Duckworth, a double amputee Iraq war veteran, made those comments to the VA whistleblowers who were trying to get things changed at the Hines VA hospital.  The whistleblowers say that heart test results were going unread for months and even years and that several veterans died while their cardiology test results sat around collecting dust. The whistleblowers also allege that Hines was among those VA hospitals and clinics from around the country that engaged in the practice of using secret waiting list to manipulate wait times for veterans seeking care.

The whistleblowers are frustrated with Duckworth and Illinois Democrat Senator “Little” Dick Durbin because neither of them did much of anything about the allegations at Hines and that VA investigations into the scandal never resulted in the whistleblowers themselves being interviewed nor the evidence they have being examined.

From the WFB:


Officials at the Hines VA reportedly kept sick patients waiting months for appointments and maintained yearlong backlogs of unread heart test evaluations, according to Dr. Lisa Nee and Germaine Clarno, two former employees.

The hospital is now at the center of a national scandal over patient mistreatment at the VA, which has prompted a string of internal investigations and an ongoing Senate probe led by Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.). The hospital’s head resigned last year amid a national outcry.

However, the whistleblowers said the lack of response from Duckworth and Durbin was troubling and raises questions about whether political pressure in Illinois has delayed an impartial investigation into the practices at Hines VA.

Clarno, a Democrat and union leader, said she met with Duckworth three times between 2013 and 2014 to report on “secret waiting lists” at the hospital, which hid the fact that patients were going months before seeing a doctor after calling to schedule an appointment.

Nee also provided evidence that heart tests were going unread for months or years. The doctor said that when she began working at the Hines facility she was given boxes full of year-old cardiology tests that had never been examined. After she started reviewing them, she realized many of the patients had already died from heart conditions.

According to Clarno and Nee, Duckworth said they would not be able to change the practices because that is “just how it is” at VA hospitals.

“[Duckworth told us,] ‘I know all about how the VA runs, that’s just how it is. You’re never going to change anything there,’” said Nee, who worked as a cardiologist at Hines from 2011 to 2013.

Nee said Duckworth was “quite dismissive, she never followed up with me, and I never tried to reach out to her again.”

This isn’t Tammy Duckworth’s only problem with her treatment of those responsible for providing care to our veterans.  Duckworth will be going to trial in April of next year in a lawsuit brought by two former employees of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs which Duckworth ran from 2006 tell 2009.  That lawsuit alleges that Duckworth retaliated against the employees because they had brought forth complaints against the manager of a downstate VA facility. One of the people suing Duckworth says that she was told by Duckworth to, “Do your job and keep your mouth shut.”

Emails obtained by the ILGOP in 2012 show Duckworth admitting that she made mistakes related to the punishments she handed out to the two state VA employees according to a report at the time from Breitbart.  In those emails Duckworth also asked her staff to find ways to justify the firing of one of the employees after the fact.

Duckworth and her camp refused to answer questions or provide comment to the Washington Free Beacon.

Congresswoman Duckworth’s callous disregard for what the whistleblowers have to say, and her defense of the VA system is a slap in the face to all of her fellow veterans who are both in need of and deserve prompt medical care from the VA and to all those that died as a result of the VA’s incompetence. They deserve much, much better from her.

Vulnerable Kirk Maybe Replaced By Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Sen. Mark Kirk and Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Sen. Mark Kirk and Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk is the most vulnerable of all incumbent Republicans anywhere in the country.  All of the political predictors, forecasters, political observers, and race handicappers agree on this and have for some time.  Illinois is a blue state and the Democrat party is likely to throw everything they have at making sure congresswoman Tammy Duckworth becomes a United States Senator.

Meanwhile Sen. Kirk has been busy making the Republican Parties base despise him given his recent vote in support of continuing to fund Planned Parenthood even after the release of the undercover videos showing the abortion providers Nazi like practice of selling harvested baby body parts.  Others within the rank and file of the Republican Party are still upset with Kirk over his backing of Sen. Dick Durbin in the last election and not fellow Republican state Sen. Jim Oberweis.  It was Sen. Kirk who was the author of the amendment in the Senate that sought to revive the Export-Import Bank, it was the bringing up of that amendment that prompted Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to call Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor.

Then there are Sen. Kirk’s gaffes of late, from saying Sen. Lindsey Graham is a “bro with no ho”, to the questionable hiring of his campaign of a criminal to be the Senators in home care giver, things haven’t been going good for Mark Kirk.

A few weeks ago a prominent GOP insider Ron Gidwitz was the first to publicly come out and say that Mark Kirk needs to step aside, only to quickly walk that back.

For months the rumors have been from within the inner circles of the Illinois GOP that they have been trying to get Kirk to see the light that he cannot win, especially a general election against the sympathetic and loyal Democrat Duckworth, and let someone else either serve out the rest of the term or run in his place in the election.  After Gidwitz’s episode the word became that the insiders and power players would be fine with Kirk going out at the hands of a Duckworth victory.

Something unspecified within the last week or two, sources tell me and others, has changed and that they are ready to either force Mark Kirk out or have found something to offer him to coax him out and that his retirement announcement or announcement saying he won’t seek reelection could come sometime in September, October at the latest(if this happens at all).

If this happens the ILGOP will immediately put congressman Adam Kinzinger up as Kirk’s replacement.  While conservatives and Tea Partiers would prefer the likes of former congressman’s Joe Walsh and Bobby Schilling the GOP establishment in Illinois will go with Kinzinger who is a loyalist to Speaker Boehner, is tight on foreign policy matters with Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham(especially when it comes to Syria), and is a major backer of giving amnesty to illegal immigrants.

By running Adam Kinzinger the ILGOP would give themselves a young, TV pretty, Iraq and Afghanistan Air Force veteran who is moderate on the issues and isn’t known for throwing bombs or elbows(expect at conservatives and the Tea Party) to go up against a pro-choice, Iraq war amputee, who has been a darling of the Democrat Party for nearly a decade now.

Kinzinger, who has been a supporter of Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign since February, would easily garner the support, particularly the money, from the  US Chamber of Commerce and other establishment republican and crony capitalist groups and Super PACs because of his steadfast support of amnesty, his backing of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, and desire to see the Export-Import bank reauthorized.  That money and corporatist support would give Kinzinger a chance to make it a competitive race against Duckworth and the support she’ll receive from the likes of Planned Parenthood and Emily’s list, Sen. Dick Durbin, and Boss Michael Madigan.

The Democrats are banking on taking Kirk’s seat in any attempt they have of regaining control of the Senate and the GOP establishment doesn’t exactly want that to happen, which is why they will in all likelihood succeed in getting Kirk to step aside and bring Kinzinger up to bat.

Yes Joe Walsh Can Beat Mark Kirk #ILSenate

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh

Can former Tea Party congressman turned talk show host Joe Walsh beat Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk in a Republican primary.


This all started on Tuesday’s edition of Chicago’s Morning Answer on AM560 when Dan Proft took a number of calls from listeners who suggested that Walsh should get into the Illinois Senate race and run against Mark Kirk who is seeking reelection in 2016.  Kirk is widely believed to be the most vulnerable Republican in the country heading into the Presidential election year.

And Kirk’s vote this week to continue federal funding of Planned Parenthood inspite of the damning undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood in the act of butchering babies for money and their body parts has only enraged Republican voters across Illinois.

Hence why everyone was calling Proft wishing to see a known proven fighter for all things conservative(and a bit libertarian on foreign affairs) go up against the mushy unprincipled Kirk in the Republican primary.

That prompted Proft to liken Walsh and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump to the famous scene from the movie Network (I’m as mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore) saying such anger fizzles out and doesn’t make for a good campaign and that Walsh V Kirk is a bad matchup.

Actually it would be a winning matchup, for Joe Walsh.

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

By voting to fund Planned Parenthood Mark Kirk has guaranteed that no pro-life voter in Illinois, of which there are many especially down state, will vote for Kirk.  Add that to Kirk’s embrace of same sex marriage and no evangelical Republican voter would touch Mark Kirk with a ten foot pole. Whatsmore just because Kirk is pro-Planned Parenthood and pro-gay marriage doesn’t mean anyone from the left or left leaning independents will vote for Kirk in a general election, they get all of that and more in Democrat congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, the presumed winner of the Democrat US Senate primary.

The 2nd amendment crowd isn’t happy with Kirk over his vote to confirm Obama’s appointee to be Surgeon General.  Kirk was also one of those who happily made Loretta Lynch Attorney General.

Everyone in the conservative movement has reason to be angry with Mark Kirk over the attempted resurrection of the Export-Import Bank that caused Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to go to the floor of the Senate and call Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar, because it was Kirk who was the principle backer of reauthorizing that monstrosity of cronyism.

Sen. Kirk deserves his 28% rating from Conservative Review(which tracks key votes for multiple years as opposed to some ratings which only focus on one year or one set of issues), which puts him as the 5th least conservative Republican Senator.

He isn’t likely to improve on that any time soon given his openly being a liberal Republican and his desire to curry favor with environmentalist following President Obama’s electricity rate skyrocketing clean power plant regulations, which will only harm Kirk’s support among energy dependent businesses and Southern Illinois coal miners and Illinois embryonic Fracking industry.

In fact aside from the Chamber of Commerce, who love Kirk’s attempts to revive the Export-Import bank, and amnesty supporting establishment Republicans, Mark Kirk doesn’t have a constituency group within the Republican party that likes him.  The fact that he is so tight with the crony capitalist and is such a staunch supporter of amnesty almost guarantees voters will abandon him in droves.  Remember what happened to Eric Cantor, amnesty alone cost him his seat in the House.

Then there was Kirk’s support last year of Sen. “Little” Dick Durbin’s reelection completely ignoring and undermining the challenge from state Sen. Jim Oberweis. Who can forget Mark Kirk’s Todd Akin moment from a few weeks ago where he called Sen. Lindsey Graham, “A bro with no ho”.  Mix into all that Kirk’s repeated verbal gaffes and gaps in logic and reasoning and who have one stinking pile of a terrible candidate who is going to lose.  Devine intervention cannot help or save Mark Kirk’s political career.

Given the fact that Mark Kirk is so weak, and has alienated nearly the entire base of the Republican party, most of it on purpose, the opening is there big time for a firebrand, who tells it like it is and is not politically correct like Joe Walsh to rally Republicans from all corners of the state into going to the polls.  That is something we need badly as a party, we have to stop nominating people like Mark Kirk who do nothing but suppress Republican turnout.

So yes, Joe Walsh can beat Mark Kirk, now Joe beating Tammy Duckworth in a statewide rematch of their 2012 congressional race that is a story for another day.