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Perpetually Offended Liberals Can’t Even Stand A Display Mocking Donald Trump

Donald Trump display at Sycamore Pumpkin Festival, photo from Dekalb Daily Chronicle

Donald Trump display at Sycamore Pumpkin Festival, photo from Dekalb Daily Chronicle

The perpetually offended liberals who complain about everything from the US flag and national anthem to Halloween costumes are at it yet again; in what maybe their most absurd complaint about something ever.

Over the Halloween weekend during Sycamore, Illinois’ annual Pumpkin Festival a group of libs started protesting and demanding the removal of a 12-17 year olds pumpkin display depicting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The display, which mocked Trump and his biggest campaign issue of securing the Southern border, featured a pumpkin Trump standing behind a brick wall that said “Made in China”, while 6 gourds dressed with sombreros were placed near the wall along with a pinata, a sign being held by the Trump pumpkin read “I will build a great wall … to keep out the illegal Gourds.”

The Dekalb Daily Chronicle reports that the group of liberals weren’t offended by the Trump display per say, but by the sombrero wearing gourds:

A handful of people with signs protested during the festival. One sign read “Don’t reward hate.”

Jocelyn Santana, of DeKalb, said many people were bothered by the stereotypical portrayal of Hispanic immigrants, regardless of the intent of the boy who made it.

“The depiction of the culture was offensive,” Santana said. “It impacts the growing Latino population in Sycamore and DeKalb.”

Even worse, she said, was that the display received an award.

“The stereotypical message was validated by the award,” Santana said. “That was the larger issue. That’s what we were protesting.”

Some time during the weekend the boy who created the display and his family voluntarily removed the display after talks between the Sycamore Police, the protesters, the boy and his family and the Sycamore Lions Club which puts on the annual festival.

Prior to its removal the Trump display was given 3rd place in the 12-17 yr old age group for “Satire, news, and current events” category.

Mrs. Santana told the Daily Chronicle that she would have been fine with the display if the gourds were left blank, but decorated with the sombreros she and her 4 children felt offended and thus joined with some others to protest next to the display during part of the 5 day long festival.

If liberals and the Social Justice Warrior crowd want to flip out over this, I’d hate to see how they react in the coming weeks when Thanksgiving displays start popping up all over the country.

As the great Mark Levin has said for years Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Sycamore Chamber Of Commerce Opposes Sales Tax Hike In Dekalb County

sycamoreThe Sycamore Chamber of Commerce has come out against a proposed one percent sales tax increase referendum being debated by Dekalb county school boards the Dekalb Daily Chronical reports.

The Chamber says:

Our concern is the deterioration of our general economic environment and that this tax will stifle the growth of our local economy,” Chamber Executive Director Rose Treml said.

The proposed tax would tack on 1 percentage point to DeKalb County’s sales tax rate, and could generate millions for schools’ capital improvements and bond payments.

If the tax is implemented, it could bring in about $15 million in annual revenue, to be split among the county’s school districts based on how many DeKalb County students attend school in each district, officials have said.

American and United airlines which have offices in Sycamore have threatened to leave town should the tax increase advance.

School Districts In Dekalb Fighting Over 1% Sales Tax

city-of-dekalb-signSchool districts in Dekalb county are at odds as a group led by the Dekalb school district and Genoa-Kingston want to put a 1% sales tax increase question on the November ballot, while the Sycamore school district and the city of Sycamore are fighting to keep that from happening the Dekalb Daily Chronicle reports.

Combined the school districts that appear to be on board with putting the tax increase on the ballot to fund school buildings and maintenance, and which the Dekalb school district wants to use to pay off bond debts, have well over the 50% plus one threshold of total students in the county to put the question on the ballot. Those districts are Dekalb, Genoa-Kingston, Somoanuk, and Hiawatha. Sycamore, Indian Creek, and Hinckley-Big Rock.

The reason Sycamore is steadfastly opposed to the tax hike question is due to the fact that United and American airlines buy some of their jet fuel for O’Hare and Midway based flights in Sycamore to avoid Cook county’s higher sales tax rate.  This allows the city and county to get millions in sales tax revenue from the fuel sales, sales that both airlines have said will stop if the tax question is on the ballot.

Countywide 1% sales tax increase questions for area schools have been a hard sell the last several years. An effort to get one passed in Ogle county failed. Two attempts in Lee county failed. They are trying to get it passed for a 4th time in Rock Island county.


Wrongly Convicted Sycamore Man Plans To Sue State Of Illinois

courtOn Friday Jack McCullough was released from prison after Dekalb county prosecutors determined that he could not have been responsible for the disappearance and murder of 7 year old Maria Ridulph back in December of 1957.

McCullough was convicted in 2012 from Ridulph’s murder, however prosecutors have since confirmed that he was 40 miles away from Sycamore that day in question and have been working on getting him released for the last several weeks.

McCullough told the AP that he intends to sue the state of Illinois for his wrongful conviction, which resulted in McCullough having an eye detached when his cellmate stabbed him in the face with a shank.

McCullough said that he hopes a monetary award will end a culture of winning at any cost among prosecutors.

In seeking to get McCullough released Dekalb county States Attorney Richard Schmack told the court that investigators gave the Grand Jury erroneous testimony that put McCullough’s alibi to doubt and greatly altered the timeline of the decades old crime. Schmack was not States Attorney at the time of McCullogh’s conviction in 2012, which at the time made it the oldest cold case “solved”.

If past cases of wrongful convictions in Illinois are any indicator Mr. McCullough and his family could be looking at tens of millions of dollars.

The family of Maria Ridulph is asking that a special prosecutor be named to look into the case further.

Woodland, Mendota, Sycamore, School Districts And WIU Make Cuts

budget cutsThere has been a good deal of budget cutting by area school districts this week.

The Woodland school district, which covers part of the Streator area, reduced its staff by 15% the Ottawa Times reports. The district let go of an art teacher, a computer teacher, a secretary, and 10 teachers aides, two other teaching positions will be eliminated due to retirements as the district deals with a $241,000 budget deficit.

The Mendota elementary school district also made some staff reductions this week cutting a special education position, some P.E. positions, outsourcing occupational therapy, and eliminating some aides, as well as reducing s social worker position to part-time.  Combined the cuts amount to $376,000 in savings for the district which is looking at a $1.2 million budget deficit.

Sycamore wasn’t saved the budget cutting ax as more than 26 full-time positions at the district will be eliminated over the next three years as part of a budget plan to cut $3.8 million over that time, $1.6 million in cuts will come this year.  Those cuts include 3 from special education, a reading instructor, plus nearly all of the staff with the English Language Learner program, the rest of the cuts will come mainly from the Arts and Music departments.

Not even Western Illinois University could avoid the need to trim staff and its budget, thanks in no small part to the states ongoing budget impasse. WIU will cut $20 million from its budget over the next two years, 100 faculty and staff will be let go, office hours will be reduced, and a hiring freeze will take place immediately, this comes after WIU cut 30 positions last month.



Sycamore Building Demolished After Getting $5K For Exterior Improvements

sycamore The Dekalb Daily Chronicle is reporting that on Wednesday the building which used to house the Tommy O’s restuarant in Sycamore was demolished, this comes after the Sycamore city council in 2014 gave the property $5,000 for exterior improvements.

The city is now seeking to have the property owner repay that money since it came with the condition that the property must be maintained for 5 years following receiving the funds.


Sycamore Library Seeking Vote To Separate From City Government

Sycamore Public Library

Sycamore Public Library

In an age where government consolidation is all the rage the folks with the Sycamore Library are going in the opposite direction, seeking to create another unit of local government in a state that already has thousands more than our nearest competitors.

As is the Sycamore Library is a part of the city government, if voters approve the creation of a separate public library taxpayers in the Sycamore school district would see an increase in the property taxes as only city property taxpayers currently finance the city’s operation of the library.

From the Dekalb Daily Chronicle:

“I think, just in general, it’s making it a real clean border where more of Sycamore can get services,” Library Board President Melissa Kendzora-Smith said. “I think that would be a huge benefit. A lot of people want to use the library who don’t have the cards.”

The change also would enable the library to collect property taxes from a broader area.

Kendzora-Smith said the motion has been tabled and likely won’t be come up again until early next year. She said the board has previously discussed hosting an awareness campaign to educate voters, or give outlying Sycamore residents a chance to try out having a card for Sycamore Library before it goes to a vote.

Sarah Tobias, executive director of the Sycamore Library, said the plan is in its early stages, and it ultimately depends on voters.

“Part of our strategic plan was to look at the possibility of doing this and making some decisions,” she said. “They want to move forward but they’re very much in the beginning stages of everything in terms of the legal aspects.”

Sycamore Mayor Ken Mundy, whose first city job was library treasurer 46 years ago, said he will support it if the voters do.

“It’s their call, their tax money, their library,” he said.

Sycamore School Deficit $2.3 Million

200px-SycamorehsThe Sycamore school district has announced what it is looking at for a budget deficit for its fiscal year.

The projected $2.3 million deficit for this year is a heck of a lot better than the $6 million deficit the district accrued last year.

This puts Sycamore in second place for worst budget deficit so far this school budget year behind Ottawa High Schools $5 million deficit.

The Dekalb Daily Chronicle has more:

Sycamore School District 427 is beginning the school year with a $2.3 million deficit and will be reducing its budget by $1.1 million this fiscal year.

The total operating budget for fiscal 2016 is $53.8 million, and the district has fund balance reserves of about $10.2 million, district Chief Financial Officer Nicole Stuckert said.

Previously, the plan was to balance the budget over three years by cutting spending by $1.6 million this school year, $1.5 million next school year and $700,000 in the third year.

“Some things came up over the summer that we need to address that got in the way of that $1.6 million,” Superintendent Kathy Countryman said. “We feel pretty good about that $1.1 million moving toward a balanced budget.”

One of the biggest expenditures the district added was increasing the local contribution to the state teachers’ pension fund, the Teachers Retirement System.

“We will budget for a half-percent increase toward the retirement fund for the next 16 years,” Stuckert said, adding that each half-percent increase equals about $10,000 from the district.

Another unforeseen expenditure: Kindergarten enrollment across the district increased by 14 students, and as a result, a new kindergarten teacher was hired and a new class was added, Countryman said.

Sycamore Looking To Add E-Cigs To Smoking Ban

1387558676000-USANOW-stillFollowing in the footsteps of the Ogle County board who practically banned all use of e-cigs in the county the Sycamore city council is looking at classifying the water vapor that comes from e-cig use as tobacco and thus make it a part of the cities smoking ban.

This is utter foolishness.  What’s next they going to ban fog and clouds from town too because they are comprised of the same thing as the e-cig “smoke”, water in its gaseous form.

The Dekalb Daily Chronicle has more:

The ordinance aims to clarify regulations related to e-cigarette sales by applying the same rules and regulations that apply to traditional tobacco products.

If the changes are approved by the council, shops whose owners want to exclusively sell e-cigarettes and tobacco will be required to pay a $200 annual fee.

“I think it’ll be fairly common for smoke shops to sell [both] as a marketing device,” Mayor Ken Mundy said.

Also, if amended, the city ordinance would add e-cigarettes and related products to the definition of smoking, meaning they would be banned in public places.

“We want to be sure that they’re looked at in about the same light as regular tobacco, principally because some of the ingredients and choices contain nicotine found in regular cigarettes,” Mundy said.

Defund Planned Parenthood Protest In Sycamore

DSC00230Earlier today I was up at the Dekalb county courthouse on IL Rt. 64 and IL Rt. 23 with several of my fellow pro-lifers to protest the baby butchers of Planned Parenthood and insist that Congress defund the grotesque and immoral organization.

I was especially pleased to have had the chance to talk to Bill Suhayda a high school biology teacher from Aurora who talked about how Planned Parenthood and the pro-abort lobbies contention that a fetus isn’t a human being is dead wrong.

Planned Parenthood is the nations largest abortion provider and gets hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year so they can, as exposed by undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress, harvest the organs and other body parts of aborted babies and sell them to “medical researchers” for only God knows what.

Speaker of the House John Boehner, GOP presidential candidates such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, and others have and are demanding that Planned Parenthoods federal funding be pulled in light of the Nazi like barbarism being perpetrated by Planned Parenthood.

It is against federal law to sell aborted baby body parts for profit and it is against federal law to alter the means and methods of an abortion so as to keep its organs intact for harvesting.  Planned Parenthood is clearly and blatantly violating the law and their butchery of innocent babies needs to come to an immediate end.