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Trump Love Is No Excuse To Attack Convention Of States

conventionIt is one thing for a Donald Trump devotee to share fake stories from fake websites or to tout the awesomeness and definitive certainty of online polls but it is something else altogether when one uses their love of Trump as an excuse to attack the Article V Convention of States effort.

As of today 8 state legislatures, from Florida to Alaska, have approved applications to hold a Convention of States under Article V of the Constitution for the purpose of debating and proposing constitutional amendments for state ratification.

This is an effort that began gaining traction with the 2013 release of best-selling author and talk show host Mark Levin’s book The Liberty Amendments and has only grown since then and is going to continue in 2017 as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has made making his state the 9th to join the effort to reign in the out of control Federal government as top legislative priority of his, a priority he reiterated in new book Broken But Unbowed.

But leave it up to Trump cultist logic to conflate a conservative, principled plan to save the Republic and the Constitution from liberal Statists and crony capitalist RINOs, that began 3 years before Donald Trump was ever a presidential candidate with a plot to harm The Donald that must be stopped.

Illinois Review contributor Nancy Thorner wrote Monday, “”Never Trump” people are the leaders in pushing the Convention of States. They include Eric O’Keefe (who led the delusional effort at this summer’s Republican Convention in Cleveland to deny Trump the nomination) and Michael Farris (who has continued to publicly criticize Trump). These “Never Trump” people are the new RINOS.  Failing to back the Donald Trump, do we want our Constitution rewritten by them?”

Nancy spent the majority of her piece attacking the entire concept of an Article V Convention, basing her attacks primarily off of the work of attorney Publius Huldah, who spoke recently at an Eagle Forum event in St. Louis, arguing that such an invocation of the second amendment method within Article V would result in a Constitutional Convention that would draft an entirely new Constitution.

Nancy also included some good old fashion George Soros and Koch brothers conspiracy theorizing in her piece saying, “What would prevent backers of the Convention of States from engaging in tactics of the Left, such as using secret, undisclosed big donors to finance their ConCon projects.  The secret donors may have received secret promises about what a new convention would actually do.  David Koch of the Koch brothers, who may be funding the project, supports abortion and gay rights, and refuses to support Trump.  George Soros is also pushing for ConCon, using his immense fortune to do so.”

Mrs. Thorner also used the #NeverTrump and Soros/Koch brothers lines of attack in a different Article V hit piece she wrote in July ahead of the GOP National Convention in Cleveland saying, “ConCon supporters are in step with globalists like the Koch Brothers and George Soros who are determined to take over the Republican Party using the never-used procedure of an Article V Convention as a ruse to purpose amendments to the U.S. Constitution.”

Hate to burst a good bubble but George Soros and the Koch Brothers aren’t the ones working to get enough state legislatures to approve applications to hold an Article V Convention, it has been grass-roots conservatives the nation over who have been working their state Representatives and State Senators for 3 years now that have been doing it.

This is an effort that has received scant national support or reportage outside of Mark Levin and Glenn Beck.

And yet this is an effort that has had the support of principled conservatives for a long time.

Just in our current Modern Era, President Dwight Eisenhower backed using Article V to tackle the Federal bureaucracy.

Throughout the 1970s great Free Market thinkers like Milton Friedman supported Article V to get a much-needed(then and now) balanced budget amendment.

In his autobiography An American Life President Ronald Reagan wrote of the need for the American people to use the Article V Convention of States process to get term limits on Congress, a balanced budget amendment, and a Presidential line item veto.

Even Trump surrogates Dr. Ben Carson, and Mike Huckabee supported the Article V Convention effort during the GOP Presidential primary. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has also been a major supporter of the effort even before his presidential campaign.

The likes of Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and the back benchers who will succeed them will never let any constitutional amendment that limits their power, the overall power of the Federal government, or reverses anything the “progressives” have gotten over the last 100 plus years, get the necessary majorities in both the House and Senate for them to be moved on to the states for ratification.

Under the current status quo we will never have congressional, let along, Supreme Court term limits, no state override authority of bad regulations, executive orders, or SCOTUS decrees, no balanced budget, no major tax reform(Fair Tax), no restoration of the 9th and 10th amendments, nothing.  We will continue to be stuck with continuing resolutions that fully fund the liberal agenda, a cumulative debt that will ensure future generations are born into indentured servitude, and career politicians spending a lifetime in Washington.

I’ve been under the impression this past year that Trump and his supporters hated career politicians, why would they then attack a guaranteed way of getting rid of all of them, permanently?

No one man, no one election, is going to stop the nations decay and rot from within, but maybe, just maybe, this “Break in case of emergency” Article V Convention option could if the Trumpsters would take off their blinders and realize we are going to need something with a longer shelf life than a campaign hat to truly “Make America Great Again”.


Kinzinger: Not Humane To Deport 11-20 Million Illegals, Legalize Them Instead

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

During an interview on Thursday with Wolf Blitzer on CNN Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger said that it was unrealistic and not humane to deport the estimated 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants in the country and that instead they should be legalized.

In response to the Supreme Court ruling letting stand the nixing of President Obama’s 2014 executive order amnesty, DAPA, for 5 million illegal immigrants with US citizen or legal resident children and questioning by Blitzer about Donald Trump’s immigration stance Kinzinger said of deporting 11 million illegals, “Its unrealistic. Its not humane. To just say your basically send out the Patty wagon and deport 11 million people. So what we need to do is recognize that they’re here and I think getting a pathway to legalizing them, having them pay taxes, be productive citizens, is the answer as well as border security.”

Kinzinger also said after being asked about the prospect of DAPA applicants being deported and those families being broken up that, “Of course I feel bad for it and that’s why I’ve been very aggressively saying that we need to do immigration reform. We need to do it in a way that we can find the solution that is going to secure the border and allow those folks to become taxpayers.”

When Adam Kinzinger says he’s been aggressive towards immigration reform, he means he always votes in favor of amnesty.

While Kinzinger was approving and happy with the Supreme Court letting the 5th circuit ruling striking down DAPA stand everyone should remember that last year when congresswoman Marsha Blackburn attempted to get DAPA and DACA defunded Kinzinger voted against it.

Sen. Kirk Doesn’t Support States Challenging Obama Executive Amnesty Before SCOTUS

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

26 states are having their legal challenge of President Obama’s executive amnesty heard before the Supreme Court and in recent days 43 Republican Senators lended their support to the legal challenge.

One of the Senators not signing on to help the states end executive amnesty is the most vulnerable Republican incumbent in the country Illinois’ Mark Kirk.

Kirk was joined in not signing the Amicus Brief by mushy moderates like Kelly Ayotte and spineless RINOs like Susan Collins, and the occasional disappointment like Iowa’s Joni Ernst; Breitbart has the full list of who didn’t sign the brief.

The brief said this like this, which Kirk, a major supporter of amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform, can’t get behind:

“Given that the Executive has asserted that the acts challenged here are not even subject to judicial review, what is at stake in this matter is nothing less than an effort to supplant Congress’s constitutional power to ‘establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.’ Such an action stands in stark contravention to federal law and to the constitutional principle of the separation of powers,” the Senators’ brief reads.

It adds, “There is little doubt that the Executive adopted the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (‘DAPA’) program as part of an explicit effort to circumvent the legislative process.”

Here is yet another reason why two-thirds of Illinois Republican voters should have gone with James Marter during the recently concluded primary.


Cruz Birthers Lose Again As PA Supreme Court Rejects Challenge

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz

The birthers who have been trying to get Ted Cruz knocked off the ballot have gone 0-for.

The latest birther challenge to go down in flames, and results in another affirmative ruling standing declaring Ted Cruz is indeed a Natural Born Citizen comes from Pennsylvania where that states Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of a challenge against Cruz’s eligibility to appear on that states upcoming primary.  The rejection of the birther challenge means that a lower court ruling that found Cruz to be a Natural Born Citizen by virtue of his mother stands.

The AP has more:

A Pittsburgh resident and registered Republican voter, Carmon Elliott, had argued that Cruz isn’t eligible to run for president or to appear on Pennsylvania’s April 26 primary ballot because he was born in Canada.

Commonwealth Court Judge Dan Pellegrini ruled March 11 that common law precedent and statutory history maintain that an eligible candidate includes any person born to an American citizen, regardless of where.

Sen. Kirk To Meet With Obama SCOTUS Nominee Garland Tuesday

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

This coming Tuesday Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk will be the first GOP Senator to have a meeting with President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

Kirk this week openly called on his fellow GOP Senators to hold a vote on the Garland nomination despite GOP leaderships insistence that the vacancy on the high court, created when Justice Antonin Scalia passed away suddenly, be left to be filled by the next President.

In addition to meeting with Kirk Judge Garland will also have meetings with several prominent Democrat Senators during the first part of the week.


Sen. Kirk: Man Up And Vote On Garland SCOTUS Nomination

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Speaking Friday with 890 WLS’ John Howell Illinois RINO Sen. Mark Kirk said that his fellow Republicans in the Senate should “Man up” and give and up or down vote on President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland.

“Just man up and cast a vote. The tough thing about these senatorial jobs is you get yes or no votes. Your whole job is to either say yes or no and explain why,”

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and most other Republicans in Washington have been firm in telling the President that Garland will not get a hearing or a vote in the Senate and that the seat on the Supreme Court, made vacant by the death of Antonin Scalia, be left up to the next President to fill.

GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz has vowed that he will in now way allow a vote on any Obama nominee to the Supreme Court and has said he’d use any procedural tactic at his disposal as a member of the Senate to do just that should other RINOs decide to join with Kirk.

Is everyone of you who voted for Kirk in Tuesday’s primary, instead of a true conservative in James Marter, happy now.

Sen. Kirk Is Ready To Support Garland For SCOTUS

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

In a press release Wednesday Illinois RINO Sen. Mark Kirk, who sadly won his primary against James Marter, echoed his prior comments about disliking the political discourse and rancor that has surrounded the vacancy on the Supreme Court following Justice Scalia’s sudden death, in response to President Obama nominating Merrick Garland to the seat.

“When I climbed the 42 steps of the U.S. Capitol and returned to the Senate following my stroke, I reaffirmed my commitment to represent the people of Illinois in an independent and thoughtful manner, free from the partisanship and political rancor that too often consumes Washington. The Senate’s constitutionally defined role to provide advice and consent is as important as the president’s role in proposing a nominee, and I will assess Judge Merrick Garland based on his record and qualifications.”

In a prior op-ed Kirk stated that he was ready and willing to vote on whoever Obama nominates.

You can count Kirk as a yes vote for Garland should GOP leadership cave a give him a vote in the Senate in the first place(which they shouldn’t). Not only is Garland a “moderate” just like Kirk but he is very anti-gun, just like Kirk.

God lets hope no other Republicans get this weak kneed

Grassley: Obama SCOTUS Nominee Garland Going No Where

Sen. Chuck Grassley(R-IA)

Sen. Chuck Grassley(R-IA)

Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee said Wednesday that President Obama’s nomination of appeals court Judge Merrick Garland wasn’t “Going to go any place”

Obama made Garland’s nomination weeks after the sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Republicans including Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell have vowed to invoke the “Biden Rule” and not vote on any nominee Obama makes to the high court until after the election so that the next President can fill the seat.

The QC Times has more:

Grassley, on a conference call with Iowa reporters, reiterated the Senate Republicans’ stand that the next president should choose who should fill the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

The president nominated federal appellate judge Merrick Garland’s to the court, unveiling his pick at a White House event Wednesday morning.

Grassley said that he expected to talk with Garland by telephone Wednesday afternoon. And

he did not rule out a meeting with the judge, who is the chief of the federal court of appeals for the District of Columbia circuit. But, Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said the president’s pick wasn’t going far.

“There’s a whole process here. Meeting with a justice nominee is just one part of a process. But we all know that this nomination isn’t going to go any place.”

IL AG Okay For LaSalle SAFE Unit To Make Drug Stops On I-80 Because They Are Citizen Arrests

Brian Towne

Brian Towne

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office has come up with a real whopper of a defense of the controversial LaSalle county SAFE Unit operated by LaSalle States Attorney Brian Towne(D) before the Illinois Supreme Court.

The Ottawa Times reports that in written arguments submitted to the court Madigan’s office, which is representing Towne and the SAFE unit as they appeal a lower court ruling that found the unit was not permitted by state law, said in their arguments that it was okay for the “Investigators” with Towne’s SAFE unit to make drug trafficking traffic stops along I-80 because the officer(s) were making citizens arrests.

Illinois law allows for a States Attorney to have investigators on staff to assist police in investigations, warrants/subpoenas, but it does not permit them to instigate traffic stops looking for drug traffickers or people transporting large amounts of cash. To call the stops Towne’s unit was making “citizens arrest” is absurd.

No person could get away with doing what the SAFE unit did, pulling people over, searching them, confiscating their property, detaining them, and not be arrested for a whole host of crimes.

Towne’s SAFE unit has been found to have targeted out of state drivers coming from the West coast. Towne’s been shown to have used money taken as a result of SAFE stops to support among other things youth programs in Spring Valley, which isn’t in LaSalle county, and to buy equipment for the Spring Valley police department, a former officer of which worked on the SAFE unit, again not in LaSalle county.

In addition to the challenge before the Illinois Supreme Court there are several federal civil rights violation cases looming against Towne and his unit and many, many more could be on the way should the Supreme Court uphold the lower court ruling.


The SCOTUS Folding Begins: Sen. Kirk Looks Forward To Obama Nominee

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Monday Illinois RINO Sen. Mark Kirk had an op-ed published by the Chicago Sun-Times on the topic of the vacancy created 9 days ago by the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Sen. Kirk wrote that he “looks forward” to vetting, holding hearings, and ultimately having the Senate take a vote on President Obama’s future SCOTUS nominee.

Lamenting “The volume of rancor and partisanship” in Washington Sen. Kirk also said that he wished President Obama would nominate a moderate to the bench to combat that rancor and partisanship. Which I will add is do almost entirely to Obama himself.

Sen. Kirk wrote:

A partisan or extreme nominee would not be prudent nor would it provide a steady, scholarly hand to guide the constitutional ship of state.

My sincerest hope is that President Obama nominates someone who captures the sentiment he spoke about before the Illinois General Assembly this month — a nominee who can bridge differences, a nominee who finds common ground and a nominee who does not speak or act in the extreme.

Such a selection by the president would demonstrate a break from the rancor and partisanship of Washington and a real commitment to a new beginning even as his own term nears its end.

This is a big break from most other Republicans. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and Judiciary committee chairman Chuck Grassley have cautioned President Obama against making any Supreme Court nomination. Presidential candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has vowed that he would filibuster any SCOTUS nominee by Obama.

The Republican reasoning, which has been Democrat reasoning in the past, and has thus resulted in 80 years of precedent is that in the final year in office, when there is an election coming up, that they should not make any appointments to the high court and that such vacancy, as is the case with Justice Scalia’s seat, should be left to the next President, thus giving the American people a small say in who will be the next Supreme Court Justice.

Sen. Kirk is desperately trying to hold on to a Senate seat he is guaranteed to lose and he and the rest of the GOP establishment are banking on centrist Democrats and independents pushing Sen. Kirk to victory over Democrat congresswoman Tammy Duckworth(The likely winner of a 3 way Dem primary on March 15th.). That is if the Republican party base doesn’t abandon the incumbent Senator in droves, which is very possible, and give the GOP nomination to conservative James Marter.

Sen. Kirk isn’t going to be the last moderate or establishment GOP Senator to cave in the face of this election year.

With the fate of nothing less than the Constitution itself in the balance, something Justice Scalia valued most dear, Obama cannot be allowed to “fundamentally transform” this nation with yet one more SCOTUS nominee.