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Kinzinger: Obama Needs To Redo Oval Office ISIS Speech

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Appearing on the Fox News Channel Thursday morning with Bill Hemmer, Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger said that President Obama need a redo of his oval office speech on ISIS following the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Kinzinger said, “It is time for the administration to wake up. This is the only President I’ve ever seen give an oval office address and come out worse on the other side. He needs to do a redo on that and tell the American people that he’s going to keep them safe here at home and here’s how and also tell how we’re going to defeat ISIS and its going to be don by the time I’m out of office.”

Did anyone in Kinzinger’s staff not tell him that Obama’s speech wasn’t about defeating ISIS or other terrorists, it was about lecturing Americans about the need for gun control and gave him a chance to chastise Republicans for saying mean things about Muslims.

For months Kinzinger has been adamant that Obama give some kind of oval office speech on ISIS and terrorism, thinking that that will somehow turn the tide of war in our favor. And now when Obama finally does what Kinzinger has wanted, he wants a redo because Obama came off terrible, give me a break.

Sen. Kirk To Obama: Foolish Not To Check Social Media Of Visa Applicants

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

In a letter to President Obama Republican Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk and Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia said that it was foolish for the Obama administration to not check the social media postings of visa applicants following the ISIS terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.

It has been learned that the Obama administration intentionally blocked those who vet visa applications from checking their social media for possible signs of terrorism because doing so would violate the civil liberties of the foreign nationals seeking to come to the United States.

That failure allowed Tashfeen Malik to enter the US on a K-1 finance visa ever after having made several posts supportive of Jihad. She and her husband Syed Farook then went on to murder 14 people at an office Christmas party and injure 22 others before being killed in a shootout with police.

The letter reads in part:

(W)e are perplexed at federal agency policy regarding social media. In an era where a growing number of communications take place on internet platforms, it would be foolish to ignore this goldmine of information. We understand that social media entries cannot be dispositive, but to ignore the information out of hand is unreasonable.

You can read the full letter here.

Foolish doesn’t even begin to describe the ineptitude of President Obama and his underlings when it comes to the easily preventable San Bernardino terrorist attack. Simply put Obama and his PC police minions have the blood of those 14 dead Americans on their hands.

Obama’s Gitmo Closure Plans Hit Roadblock, Would Cost Too Much

Club Gitmo

Club Gitmo

President Obama’s plans to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and bring 60 or more or the worlds worst terrorists into the country has hit a roadblock. A Pentagon plan has been rejected by the White House because it would cost to much, $600 million.

The Wall Street Journal via WQAD has more:

the Wall Street Journal reports the White House rejected a Pentagon plan to close Gitmo and build a new U.S. prison in its place, because the cost estimates were too high.

The price tag would have been around $600 million — reported the Journal, citing administration officials — so the plan was sent back to the Pentagon for revisions.

The report from the Journal said Obama asked the Pentagon to reduce the plan’s price tag by paring down the costs of a proposed new military prison in the United States.

During the summer Obama told Congress he was close to delivering what will probably be his last Guantanamo closure plan, but so far nothing has been given to lawmakers to review.

DOJ: Gitmo Closure And Where To Send The Terrorist Not Pressing Media Or Public Issue

Club Gitmo

Club Gitmo

The absurdity of the Obama administration knows no ends.

This week the Obama Justice Department sent USofArn.com a letter denying an appeal to have a Freedom of Information Act request expedited under rules for issues of pressing media and public interest.  It was the DOJ’s contention and that of Justices Director of Public Affairs that the issues of President Obama’s planned closure of the Guantanamo Bay military prison and the bringing in of 60 or so of the worlds worst terrorist included 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed to be housed and detained inside the country didn’t qualify or merit a faithful execution of the FOIA act because they didn’t believe the issue was of pressing media concern and did not affect the publics view of the integrity of the federal government.

USofArn.com was yet again seeking to have the Justice Department and Bureau of Prisons releases emails, memos, and other communications along with detailed financial documents related to Thomson prison in Thomson, Illinois for the entirely of the Obama administration into the end of October of this year.  The DOJ and Bureau of Prisons in prior FOIA request claimed that absolutely no emails, memos or other communications existed for a year and a half time frame that would have included the days immediately following the public disclosure of the Bowe Bergdahl deal.  The DOJ and BOP also claim that during a time frame from January 2013 to June of 2014 they had no email or other discussions with Illinois Democrat congresswoman Cheri Bustos and Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin, a time frame during which both were instrumental in bringing tens of millions of dollars in funding to the prison. It took the DOJ and DOP more than a year and a half to finally claim nothing existed relevent to the original FOIA request.

The Obama administration for the last several weeks has been hinting at the public release of its plan to close Guantanamo Bay, but has of yet failed to do so. On Wednesday President Obama signed into law the NDAA defense spending bill and its continued restrictions on closing Guantanamo and bring the terrorist into the country.  In an accompanying signing statement President Obama said that he’d implement that only so long as it doesn’t interfere with separation of powers.  Meaning, a long rumored, by White House press secretary Josh Earnest, executive order closing Guantanamo Bay and bring the terrorist into the country is looming.

In recent weeks the Obama administration has sent military teams to the Navy brig in Charleston, South Carolina, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, and two prison one state owned, the other the federal SuperMax prison, as possible sites to hold the Guantanamo terrorist.

It had been the Obama administrations repeatedly publicly stated intention to bring those terrorists out of the 112 currently in Guantanamo that cannot be released to another country to Thomson.  The Washington Post reported several months ago that an official in the Justice Department made strong enough objections to the use of Thomson, that the other sites, which have all been fiercely opposed by their congressional delegations and Gov. Nikki Haley, were considered.

USofArn.com’s latest FOIA, given the time frame that it covers, would ascertain whether or not the Obama administration had changed its mind on Thomson given the public opposition to all of the other sites known, as well as the idea as a whole, hopefully before or at least coinciding with the public announcement of the Guantanamo closure plans, hence the need for expediting.

For weeks USofArn.com has also been trying to get the Justice Department to answer questions related to the Guantanamo Bay closure not the least of which was related to the constitutional rights any GItmo terrorist would be entitled to under the Supreme Courts Eisentrager ruling. They have yet to respond to repeated emails and phone messages.

There has been a lot of secrecy, stonewalling, denials, delays, and real whoppers coming from the DOJ and BOP over Thomson prison.  Thomson’s Warden still refuses to answer any questions, a line he’s held for months. And what’s worst, attempts to use the means to get the truth our of a government that lies, the Freedom of Information Act, has been rendered use less.

But as the saying in the X-Files goes “The truth is out there”.

Rep. Bustos: Adding New Restrictions To Syrian Refugees “The Right Vote”

Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-IL)

Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-IL)

On Sunday Illinois Democrat congresswoman Cheri Bustos was on WHBF TV’s Sunday news show to talk about the recent ISIS terrorist attacks and the vote last week in the House to add one new layer to the Syrian refugee vetting process.

Bustos said, “My number one priority needs to be making sure that people in the Quad Cities, through out our (17th) district, our state, and nation are safe, and this adds one extra step to that, I don’t think it’s a burdensome step and I hope it gives people some reassurance…It was the right vote.”

The bill Bustos and 46 other Democrats voted for along with nearly every Republican requires top Obama administration officials to  personally certify each Syrian refugee admitted into the country is NOT a terrorist threat.  With the Democrats support the bill has a veto proof super-majority, but does have an uncertain future in the Senate.

Bustos also disagreed with comments President Obama made hours prior to the ISIS attacks in Paris that ISIS was contained saying that ISIS has tentacles everywhere because of the high number of foreign fighters who have gone to Syria and then returned to their home countries to plot terror attacks.

“A statement was made (by President Obama) that we’ve contained this situation. We’ve got to look at this situation..there’s tentacles everywhere and to contain ISIS is going to take a heck of a lot more resources.”

Kinzinger: Unleash Full Might Of US Military On ISIS

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Following an absolutely disastrous press conference at the G20 summit in Turkey Monday by President Obama Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger, who has been a leading warhawk on ISIS and Syria, issued a press statement calling on Congress to approve an Authorization of use of  Military Force that would unleash the full might of the US military on ISIS following the deadly terrorist attacks Friday night in Paris.

From the Ottawa Times:

U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Channahon, said in a press statement issued after Obama’s speech that there hasn’t been a “coherent strategy to deal with” the Islamic State.

“Every day that has gone by without a sufficient American response has led to ISIS extending its tentacles with attacks on the Western world,” Kinzinger said in a press statement. “It is high time for the president to finally do what I have called for since ISIS came to the scene and that is unleash the full might and power of the United States military to do what they do best: destroy our enemies and protect our families from these barbarians. If the French invoke Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, Congress should pass a resolution to signal our unified support.”

Kinzinger said he has supported more military presence.

“Since ISIS took over Fallujah in January 2014, I have called for a strong, robust response to this cancer that has swept through the region. I have even introduced a stronger authorization of military force in February of this year, which would give the president more latitude to take the fight to ISIS in Iraq and Syria.”

14 Governors And Counting Are Saying No To Bringing Syrian Refugees Into US Following Paris Terror Attacks

States saying no to Syrian refugees, image via Huffington Post

States saying no to Syrian refugees, image via Huffington Post

So far this Monday 14 Governors, and counting, have taken steps to stop President Obama’s plan to bring in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into their states following Friday’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.

ISIS terrorist, at least one of which was a recent migrant who came to France via Syria and Greece, killed 129 people and wounded hundreds more in a series of attacks across Paris Friday night.  Suicide bombers attacked the main soccer stadium, gunmen attacked at least two restaurants, and 3 terrorist used guns and explosives to kill dozens of hostages at a music hall.

So far the Governors of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin have all said they will not allow any, or more, Syrian refugees into their states or issued executive orders to that effect.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner suspended, temporarily, Illinois participation in the resettlement of Syrian refugees saying:

“Our nation and our state have a shared history of providing safe haven for those displaced by conflict, but the news surrounding the Paris terror attacks reminds us of the all-too-real security threats facing America.

“We must find a way to balance our tradition as a state welcoming of refugees while ensuring the safety and security of our citizens.

“Therefore, the state of Illinois will temporarily suspend accepting new Syrian refugees and consider all of our legal options pending a full review of our country’s acceptance and security processes by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security,”

Illinois had been the 4th leading state in the number of Syrian refugees resettled, with California, Texas, and Kentucky being 1 thru 3.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot said:

“Neither you(President Obama) nor any federal official can guarantee that Syrian refugees will not be part of any terroristic activity,” Abbott wrote. “As such, opening our door to them irresponsibly exposes our fellow Americans to unacceptable peril.”

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said the following in making his executive order blocking more Syrian refugees going to his state:

“The State of Louisiana has been denied critical information by the federal government regarding Syrian refugees already relocated into this state, creating an untenable situation,” the executive order states.

“[I]t is foreseeable that the introduction of Syrian refugees into the United States without proper prior screening and follow-up monitoring could result in a threat to the citizens and property of this State.”

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley added this:

[a]fter full consideration of this weekend’s attacks of terror on innocent citizens in Paris … I will not stand complicit to a policy that places the citizens of Alabama in harm’s way.”

Update: Make that 15 as Iowa’s Gov. Terry Brandstad has joined in from the QC Times:

“We want to do everything we can to prevent it from happening here,” Branstad told reporters late Monday afternoon. “We think it’s just too risky for the people of Iowa.”

Branstad said the state has welcomed refugees from around the world and should exercise compassion but the intelligence community should undertake a thorough review before any people from Syria are resettled in the state. The governor and his staff said they don’t think any Syrian refugees have already been placed in the state.

The governor’s actions were somewhat of a turnabout from earlier in the day, when he expressed doubts about a state’s ability to stop the federal government from resettling refugees.

“I don’t know that the states have the authority to decide whether or not we can take refugees. This is a federal program,” Branstad said earlier Monday at his weekly news conference.

White House: Congress Got In The Way Of Closing Gitmo

131114_Obama_2Darn that Constitution and whole seperation of powers thing.

Obama wants to close Guantanamo Bay, and the duly elected Represenatives of the people(and states) are getting in the way of that.

Thank God otherwise the likes of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed would already he here in Illinois at Thomson Prison.

From Twitchy:

Josh Earnest: “His goal is to have [Gitmo] closed on his watch, as he promised. And that’s been our goal since, I think, the president’s second full day in office. It continues to be our goal today. The truth is, this is a goal we would’ve accomplished some time ago had Congress not gotten in the way.”


Federal Appeals Court Continues Blockage Of Obama’s Executive Amnesty

131114_Obama_2There will be no executive amnesty for you(Obama).

Finally sanity, and the rule of law win out over the rush to give illegals amnesty.

Obama’s executive amnesty had been place on hold thanks to an injunction by a Texas federal judge, that injunction will remain in place because of today’s ruling by the Appellate court in New Orleans, keeping Obama from granting any executive amnesty.

From Fox News:

President Obama’s plan to protect from deportation an estimated 5 million people living in the United States illegally suffered another setback Monday in a ruling from a New Orleans-based federal appeals court.

In a 2-1 ruling, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Texas-based federal judge’s injunction blocking the administration’s immigration initiative.

The 70-page majority opinion by Judge Jerry Smith, joined by Jennifer Walker Elrod, rejected administration arguments that the district judge abused his discretion with a nationwide order and that the states lacked standing to challenge Obama’s executive orders.

They acknowledged an argument that an adverse ruling would discourage potential beneficiaries of the plan from cooperating with law enforcement authorities or paying taxes. “But those are burdens that Congress knowingly created, and it is not our place to second-guess those decisions,” Smith wrote.

Obama To Announce Plan To Close Gitmo And Move Terrorist Into The US This Week

Club Gitmo

Club Gitmo

Fox News is reporting this Saturday that President Obama and the Pentagon will announce some time in the coming week their plans to close the terrorist military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and move upwards of 60 of the worlds worst terrorist to US prisons.

Roughly 50 of the 112 terrorist currently being held in military custody are going to be released to other countries by the end of the year and that the remaining terrorist, who have been deemed to dangerous to ever be released, will be brought into the country to be housed at one or all of seven possible prison sites across the country.

Assessment teams have visited the Navy Brig in Charleston, SC, Ft. Leavenworth, KS, the Centennial Correctional Facility in Canon, CO, and the federal SuperMax prison in Florence, CO.

Sources with knowledge of the Pentagon’s plans told Fox News that the military made no ranking or recommendation of which facility or facilities should be used to house Guantanamo Bay terrorist and only listed each possible sites strengths and weaknesses such as access to medical care, ability to hold troops, and the cost to get any site ready to hold such dangerous prisoners.

Conveniently left off of this list is the Thomson Prison in Thomson, IL.

The Obama administration for years has wanted to use Thomson, designated AUSP Thomson by the Bureau of Prisons, for the purpose of house the Gitmo terrorist but earlier this year an official with the Department of Justice was somehow able to raise a big enough stink about the legal perils of using Thomson for that purpose that the Obama administration seemingly dropped Thomson from its public considerations.

I have never believed that Thomson has been taken out of the mix to hold Gitmo terrorist and I will not be surprised if the official plans being announced next week do include it.

As you readers know for more than a year and a half I have been attempting to get the Bureau of Prisons and the Justice Department to produce emails and financial documents related to Thomson Prison to only get stonewalled by the BOP and DOJ.  Several weeks ago I filled yet another Freedom of Information Act request with them for emails and financial documents related to Thomson and the plans to use it to hold Guantanamo Bay terrorist.  My attempt to have that FOIA expedited is being denied and my efforts to get that determination appealed are stalled because the DOJ has yet to even acknowledge receipt of my appeal which was sent to them more than two weeks ago now.

If the BOP and DOJ ever get around to honoring my FOIA request any emails from this summer up to near the end of October of this year will prove once and for all what the plans are for Thomson(this FOIA covers everything Thomson related from a year before President Obama took office to the day it was submitted in October).

Of course if they did honor my FOIA we would all know the truth about the GItmo plans and it is clear the Obama administration at all levels does not want that information getting out prior to the announcement.  Which is probably why my prior FOIA for Thomson emails was responded to with the ludicrous claim that “No such records exist”.

Even if President Obama goes with moving the terrorist to South Carolina, Kansas, or Colorado, instead of Illinois he will face major backlash from Congress which has for years opposed and has blocked the closure of Guantanamo Bay and continues to put in place prohibitions that prevent the President from bringing any terrorist into the country or to use any funds to purchase or make ready any prison for that purpose.

It is those financial prohibitions that probably prompted the DOJ to object to the use of Thomson due to the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been poured into the prison to buy it from the state of Illinois and to get it ready to hold prisoners, which it now can.

Recently White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that Congress should just “get out of the way” when it comes to Guantanamo’s closure and President Obama in part vetoed the annual defense spending bill(NDAA) because it continues the Gitmo restrictions.

There is a real possibility that to facilitate the closure plans of Guantanamo and to move the terrorist held there into the country President Obama will issue an executive order of some kind  permitting one or both, should Congress reject his closure plan, something that is extremely likely to happen given Republicans control both the House and the Senate.