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Obama Orders Closure Of Hundreds Of Privately Funded Parks

Veterans2With the partial federal government shutdown in effect President Obama is deliberately trying to use it as a means to punish the American people.

From Fox News:

The Obama Administration is ordering hundreds of parks that sit on federal land to close amid the government shutdown — even though they don’t use any government funding.

Operators of Claude Moore Colonial Farm in Virginia, for example, say they were shocked when the National Park Service ordered their park be shut.  That’s because it’s been 80% funded by a local non-profit for years, which agreed to take over 100% of the costs of the facility as of October 1. Still, the National Park Service spent taxpayer money to erect barricades around the park and evict everyone from the farm this week.

The same is true for the more than 100 U.S. Forest Service campgrounds and day-use areas run by the Arizona-based company Recreation Resource Management.

In a letter to his congressman, RRM’s owner and president Warren Meyer writes that his parks haven’t been affected by past government shutdowns because “our operations are self-sufficient (we are fully funded by user fees at the gate), we get no federal funds, we employ no government workers on these sites, and we actually pay rent into the Treasury.”

However, Meyer says he too got orders yesterday, directly from the White House, to close up shop.

“I can only assume their intention is to artificially increase the cost of the shutdown as some sort of political ploy,” Meyer said in his letter. “The point of the shutdown is to close non-essential operations that require Federal money and manpower to stay open. So why is the White House closing private operations that require no government money to keep open and actually pay a percentage of their gate revenues back to the Treasury? We are a tenant of the U.S. Forest Service, and a tenant does not have to close his business just because his landlord goes on a vacation.”

Sarah Palin Calls For Civil Disobedience Around “Barrycades”

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin wrote the following on her Facebook page today about the partial government shutdown and the barricades being put up around the World War II memorial.

*Note a spelling error in the title has been corrected

My Call For Civil Disobedience Around The “Barrycades”

It’s beyond shameful to see Barack Obama disrespect and mistreat our World War II veterans so blatantly. Obama’s political stunt to “shut down” their memorial by barricade is to elicit an angry response to generate bad publicity for people the president uses in his continual blame game.

Don’t believe me? Look at the “barricade” at the World War I Memorial:


The difference is obvious. There aren’t any World War I veterans alive today to mistreat in a shameful political stunt. He’s deployed more guards to bar our World War II heroes from their memorial than he sent to Benghazi when our consulate was under attack.

The President is treating our veterans the same way he treated school kids when he cancelled their White House tours. When times called for obvious government belt-tightening, he took it out on kids rather than look for anything that would affect him personally. And while our vets are barricaded from the memorial they built with their heroism, the government “slim down” won’t affect Obama’s golf game or his family’s White House chefs.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress are attempting to fund the Veterans Administration and other essential functions, but Democrats are blocking them because they want to make any slim down look as awful as possible in order to deflect from what this whole slim down thing is about, which is their Obamacare train wreck.

Good Congressmen are fighting for average middle class Americans to get the same breaks that Obama gave Congress, his pals, union bosses, and crony corporations who financed his campaign and snookered the media into putting him in office.

It is a sad day when We the People have to go cap in hand to the president begging him to give us the same relief he gave his friends by fiat. Thank God we have bold leaders willing to fight for those who can’t afford to pay powerful lobbyists to make Obama and Harry Reid listen.

Want to know why this whole thing happened? Look at what Obamacare is already doing to our country with health care costs skyrocketing, workers laid off or kicked to part-time, employers shutting down projects, and debt still soaring. See the article linked below. This is what America is up against.

And Obama employees who know in your hearts and souls that punishing our veterans is wrong, know that we have your backs when you say “enough is enough” and then allow our vets to gaze upon our memorials that honor America’s finest. This simple act of civil disobedience will galvanize our nation against atrocious political games, and I promise you’ll sleep well tonight.

– Sarah Palin

Article on the consequences of Obamacare:

Todd Starnes’ column today about our vets being barred from their memorial:

Obama deployed more guards to block World War II vets from their memorial than he sent to save our people in Benghazi:

War On Coal: EPA Issues New Regulation That Effectively Bans New Coal Fired Power Plants

stop-war-on-coal-fire-obamaToday the Environmental Protection Agency made official a new regulation under the Clean Air Act that would have the effect of banning any new coal fired power plant from being built in the country.

Ben Howe has more at RedState:

Now, of course, the regulation will not actually say “no one may ever again construct a power plant that burns coal to produce electricity anywhere in the United States of America.” Instead, it will just say you can’t build anything in future that emits more than a certain amount of greenhouse gas and then set a really low number that is commercially untenable as the relevant highest amount that can be emitted in order for a plant to be legally constructed.

From the Wall Street Journal:

But a person who has seen a recent version of the revised rule said it would propose an emissions limit of 1,100 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour for coal plants and 1,000 pounds per megawatt hour for large gas-fired plants. Last year’s version was only slightly different, setting a 1,000-pound limit for both types of plants.  


The person and others briefed on the rule said such stringent limits would ban new coal plants, which generally release about twice as much carbon dioxide as the proposed limits. Even the newest, most advanced coal-fired power plants in the world would fall far short of that revised standard, they said.

The only way coal plants could comply is to capture carbon-dioxide emissions and stick them underground—a costly process that hasn’t been demonstrated at commercial scale before. 

“This shows the administration discounts and does not appreciate the value of coal and how it can serve the country. You’re impairing the backbone of the power grid,” said Hal Quinn, chief executive of the National Mining Association, an industry trade group. 


Utilities and manufacturers also worry the new rules could lead to an electricity supply crunch or rising prices for consumers. “For the first time ever, EPA is becoming a regulator of energy. The rule they’re putting out there is going to force choices as to which energy you use, and that’s a very disturbing concept for manufacturers, for businesses, for anybody that has to comply with these laws,” said Ross Eisenberg, the vice president for energy policy at the National Association of Manufacturers, a trade group.

Speaking today at the National Press Club EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said of the new regulation:

“Now we know…that our standards, rather than doing damage, can actually promote an industry sector to grow,” McCarthy said. “And what we did here in this proposal was we worked strongly with the utilities to understand what technologies are available; we will work with them over the comment period (all proposed regulations come with a comment period) so they understand what type of Carbon Capture and Sequestration (technology) will be necessary and at what level…but it’s going to get them prepared as time goes on to be competitive in a carbon-constrained world.”

McCarthy said the EPA’s intention is to regulate pollution by understanding what kind of reductions are “achievable,” and “without doing significant damage to the companies that we’re regulating.”

She hailed the “wonderful cost-benefit analysis” EPA has done — so the American people “can understand the impacts of our rule, from the public health protection to the costs associated with it.

“And in this case, we think we have done exactly the right job in looking at what the science and the data tells us, and again, to make a sensible, reasonable step forward to address what is essentially one of the greatest public health challenges of our time.”

What a load of crock.  This new reg from the EPA is going to have a detrimental impact on energy production in this country.  Electricity rates are going to go up.  And we can forget about any new coal fired power plants being built considering the EPA and President Obama have managed to force dozens of existing coal fired plants to shut down.

All in the name of the hoax that is global warming.

By the way CO2, aka carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it is the stuff you exhale every time you take a breath.

Pat Smith: Obama, Biden, And Clinton Lied To Me About Benghazi

Pat Smith the mother of State Department employee Sean Smith, who was killed during the Benghazi terrorist attack, testified today before a House committee hearing about the incident.  During her testimony Smith said that President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others lied to her about what happened when her sons coffin arrived in the US from Libya.

Syriaously The Syria Situation Has Devolved Into A Cluster-Fuck

137849301488The situation in Syria is best described as being a cluster-fuck.  First President Obama was going to bomb Assad and his regime as punishment for probably using chemical weapons in late August.  Then the bombing was to commence once Congress voted to authorize it.  However, the American people and Congress were dead set against any American military intervention in the more than two-year old Syria civil war and any vote in Congress was likely to go against President Obama.  Then there was talk that the administration would launch cruise missiles and air strikes against Syria with or without congressional approval.

Then Secretary of State John Kerry committed a gaffe, as confirmed by the State Department minutes after Kerry opened his mouth, saying that Assad could avoid being bombed if he gave up his chemical weapons.  Then Kerry’s gaffe turned into a brilliant piece of diplomatic maneuvering when the Russians and Assad agreed to Kerry’s idea.  And now the US and Russia have hammered out a deal in which Assad gets to turn over his chemical weapons to the “international community” with zero mention of any possible consequences should he(and the Russians) fail to comply.

Like I said this whole situation in Syria is one giant cluster-fuck.

If all of that wasn’t enough President Obama this week waived a law that prohibited the transfer of weapons to terrorist because there was no other way to get weapons that President Obama and Senator John McCain want the Syrian rebels to have into their hands.

Why is that?

Because the Syrian rebels are festering with fighters who have sworn allegiance to Al Qaeda or are otherwise affiliated with radical Islamic terrorist groups.

IHS Jane’s has estimated that half(or more) of the fighters in the coalition called the Syrian rebels are either full-throated Jihadist or militant Islamist.

The new study by IHS Jane’s, a defence consultancy, estimates there are around 10,000 jihadists – who would include foreign fighters – fighting for powerful factions linked to al-Qaeda..

Another 30,000 to 35,000 are hardline Islamists who share much of the outlook of the jihadists, but are focused purely on the Syrian war rather than a wider international struggle.

There are also at least a further 30,000 moderates belonging to groups that have an Islamic character, meaning only a small minority of the rebels are linked to secular or purely nationalist groups.

Naturally the fact that the Syrian rebels are nothing more than Islamic terrorist isn’t deterring Senator John McCain.

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain hotly disputed a study claiming that at least half of Syria’s rebels are radical jihadis, repeatedly exclaiming “Not true, not true!”

“Frankly, I just disagree,” McCain told the Council on Foreign Relations audience, challenging the contention by defense consultancy IHS Jane’s that “the insurgency is now dominated by groups with at least an Islamist viewpoint of the conflict.”

“There’s about 70 percent still who are Free Syrian Army,” McCain said, flipping on its head the consulting firm’s research showing that just 30 percent are fighting for secular values.

Senator McCain’s moderate Syrian rebels in recent days lost control of a Turkish border town to Al Qaeda.

Fighters linked to al-Qaeda have overrun a Syrian town near the border with Turkey after fighting broke out with units of the anti-government Free Syrian Army, opposition activists say.

Fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant on Wednesday stormed the town of Azaz, 5km from the Syrian-Turkish border, and killed at least five FSA members, the activists said, adding 100 people were taken captive.

When this cluster-fuck that is Syria isn’t on the brink of drawing Turkey into the fighting the Islamist inside the Syrian rebel forces are carrying out suicide bombings(h/t Weasel Zippers).

When the guys McCain and Obama are trying to arm, and help via bombing Assad, aren’t doing suicide bombings they are beheading people.

UK Daily Mail-Horrific footage shows Syrian Helicopter pilot who was shot down by Turkish forces and then beheaded by rebels

Gateway Pundit-Horror! Syrian rebels behead Pro-Gov’t Prisoners In Front Of Children

Human Rights-Syrian rebels use child to behead a prisoner

And when the rebels aren’t doing that they are engaged in an ethnic cleansing of Christians.

From Stars and Stripes:

Syrian rebels, who are mostly Sunni Muslims, have repeatedly shelled Christian neighborhoods in the city, including Kasaa, with its wide avenues, apartment blocks and leafy parks. The opposition Free Syrian Army claims it strikes only government targets, but constant shelling of the civilian quarter suggests otherwise.

Over the past year, many Christians have fled the neighborhood, moving to other areas of the capital or into neighboring Lebanon. Some who remain say they fear the rebels are aiming to achieve “ethnic cleansing” — the policy of eliminating unwanted ethnic or religious groups by terror that gained international notoriety during the Bosnian war 20 years ago.

Many Syrian Christians say they fear becoming victims of the same kind of targeted anti-Christian violence that resulted from the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. This persecution, known here as the “American solution,” caused a massive exodus — of the 1.5 million Christians who lived in Iraq in 2000, less than 300,000 remain today.

“The terrorists are trying to push the Christians out of this area,” said Isan Bahri, the 44-year-old owner of a mechanical shop in the Kasaa district of eastern Damascus that the rebels have been trying to capture. “They are not shooting at the army, they are intentionally aiming for civilians.”

The attacks fit an emerging pattern where fighters of the Free Syrian Army, and other jihadist elements, have targeted civilian members of Syria’s various minority groups — primarily Alawites who traditionally supported the government of President Bashar al-Assad, himself an Alawite. But other groups, including the Kurds, Druze and Christians, who together with the Alawites make up a quarter of Syria’s 22.5 million people, are also seen as supportive of the secular government and therefore viewed as enemies. This week, some 30,000 Syrian Kurds fled into Iraq’s Kurdistan region saying they were being killed by jihadists targeting the minority.

Make no mistake Bashir al-Assad is a bad guy.  For years he has been a state sponsor of terrorism and an ally of the Iranians.  Assad is also closely aligned with the terrorist group Hezbollah to the point that its fighters have joined with his military to combat the Al Qaeda infested rebels.

What’s even more troubling are reports that Assad has been moving some of his chemical weapons into the hands of Hezbollah for safe keeping in Lebanon in advance of this deal worked out between President Obama and Secretary Kerry and the Russians.

The Jerusalem Post has more on that:

Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces are smuggling chemical weapons to Hezbollah hidden in trucks carrying vegetables in order to escape international chemical inspection, Syrian opposition member Dr. Kamal Labwani told Saudi newspaper Al Watan on Monday.

The chemical arms are set to be stored in Hezbollah-controlled mountain areas of Lebanon, where it will be difficult to find and monitor them.

Syria has also been able to smuggle the bulk of its chemical arsenal to Russian warships stationed off the coast of Syria, Labwani said.

On Sunday, Lebanese daily Al-Mustaqbal reported Syria has moved 20 trucks worth of equipment and material used for the manufacturing of chemical weapons into Iraq, but Baghdad has denied allegations that it is helping the Syrian government conceal chemical stockpiles.

The report came just a day after the United States and Russia struck a deal stipulating that the Assad regime would destroy its chemical arsenal to avert an American military assault.

To top off this cluster-fuck it should be noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government have been giving arms and other support to Assad for many years now and continues to do so even after the chemical weapon attack on civilians nearly a month ago.

Good Lord Almighty has this thing turned into a giant mess. A mess that the United States has no business getting itself into.

This deal with Assad and the Russians will never be complied with.

Obama will never get congressional, let alone international, support to attack Syria anytime soon.

And all the while terrorist are fighting terrorist with Syria’s civilians and ethnic and religious minorities caught in the middle.

If anyone in Syria needs to be given arms or support in Syria it is the Christians there.

President Obama’s Economic Policy: Blame Republicans And Tout Wealth Redistribution

100223_obama_staring_ap_218Between his interview with George Stephanopoulos for ABC’s This Week and his Rose Garden speech today commemorating the start of the financial crisis and housing bubble bursting that lead this nation into recess(followed by 4 and 1/2 years of economic malaise) it is clear that President Obama’s policy relating to economics is to blame Republicans and push for more wealth redistribution.

During Obama’s interview with Stephanopoulos they had this exchange:

STEPHANOPOULOS: (Inaudible) 95 percent of the gains to the top 1 percent. That is so striking.

OBAMA: It is. And the folks at — in the middle and at the bottom haven’t seen wage or income growth, not just over the last three, four years, but over the last 15 years.

And so everything that I’ve done has been designed to, number one, stabilize the economy, get it growing again, start producing jobs again; number two, trying to push against these trends that had been happening for decades now.

The facts are this recovery under President Obama by all measures has been the worst/weakest since the Great Depression.  So far this year 77 percent of all jobs created have been part-time jobs or temporary.  Any drop in the unemployment rate under President Obama has been almost exclusively due to the massive number of people who have left the labor force, driving that to a 30 year low, and stopped looking for work.  If those people were counted towards the unemployment rate, it would be well over 11 percent.

It is kind of hard for folks in the middle to have any economic gains when they are working part-time, thank you Obamacare, and the median household income has dropped over Obama’s tenure.  The “wealth gap” also isn’t helped when there are more than 20 million Americans out of work.

Steph and Obama also had this exchange:

Stephanopoulos: Do you look at that, four and a half years in, and say, “Maybe a president just can’t stop this accelerating inequality?”

OBAMA: No, I think — I think the president can stop it. I — the problem is that there continues to be a major debate here in Washington. And that is: how do we respond to these underlying trends?

If you look at the data, a couple of things are creating these trends.

Number one, globalization. Right? Capital, companies, they can move businesses and jobs anywhere they want. And so they’re looking for the lowest wages. That squeezes workers here in the United States, even if corporations are profitable.

Technology: if you go to a lot of companies now, they’ve eliminated entire occupations because they’re now robotized. We don’t have travel agents. We don’t have bank tellers.

STEPHANOPOULOS: It’s bigger than Washington.

OBAMA: Right. So there’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s happening in the marketplace. But if we have policies that make sure that our kids are prepared for higher skilled jobs, if we have policies that make sure that we’re rebuilding our infrastructure — because a robot can’t build a road — and we need, you know, new ports and a smarter electricity grid, if we’re making investments to make sure that research and development continues to happen here, if we have tax breaks for companies that are investing here in the United States as opposed to overseas, all those things can make the situation better.

It doesn’t solve the problem entirely, but it pushes against these trends. And the problem that we’ve got right now is you’ve got a portion of Congress who — whose policies don’t just want to, you know, leave things alone, they actually want to accelerate these trends.

There’s no serious economist out there that would suggest that, if you took the Republican agenda of slashing education further, slashing Medicare further, slashing research and development further, slashing investments in infrastructure further, that that would reverse some of these trends of inequality.

ATM’s are what 30 years old, people have been getting their travel arraignments made via the internet for some 15 years.  These are not the cause of any of our economic ills.  Massive government debt, high taxes, burdensome regulations, Obamacare, and a Marxist President are.

Now when it comes to Republican policies what we are trying to do is put education into the hands and control of parents not Washington beuracrats by advocating school choice, vouchers(something Obama killed off for DC area kids), and less control/power for teachers unions.  We already spend tens of billions of dollars each year for education, money is not the problem, priorities and effectiveness are.  Spending more money on education is the same as throwing pasta at a wall.

When it comes to Medicare what Obama is talking about is Paul Ryan’s plan to save the damn thing from insolvency which is going to happen in less than a decade.

And when Obama says we need more infrastructure spending just remember that because of federal law(s) including the Davis-Bacon Act and Project Labor Agreements any federal money for infrastructure has to either go to a union(which overwhelmingly supports Democrat politicians like Obama) or has to be paid out at union wages driving up the cost of the project.

Now when it comes to inequality in economics for people it is the belief of Republicans, conservatives, and the Tea Party that such an issue is best addressed by the individual striving to better their own life not getting some kind of handout from the government or the government tipping the scales to make everyone equal.  We do not what equal results for people(that’s what Obama wants).  We want people to have an equal opportunity to succeed or fail on their own.

This inequality that so bothers President Obama can be addressed by getting the government out of people and businesses way so that they can create products, goods, and services that people want, need, and desire.  If we dumped the current progressive federal income tax for a flat tax the American people would prosper.  If we dumped the job killing nightmare that is Obamacare the people would be better off.  If we stopped the EPA from waging a war against energy producers this inequality would lessen.  But then again those are free-market, free-enterprise, capitalist notions and so Obama will have none of it because he is a Marxist.

Here is one last bit for Obama’s interview on This Week:

Obama: And when it comes to budgets, we’ve never had the situation in which a party said that, you know, unless we get our way 100 percent, then we’re going to let the United States default.

That’s never happened, George. That didn’t happen when you were working here in the White House.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But there were reforms added to the debt limit legislation.

OBAMA: The — George, I think it’s fair to say, you — that never in history have we used just making sure that the U.S. government is paying its bills as a lever to radically cut government at the kind of scale that they’re talking about. It’s never happened before.

There have been negotiations around the corners, because nobody had ever presumed that you’d actually threaten the United States to default.

Please allow me to educate President Obama about the government shutdown of 1995 the last time we were in a situation like this(not counting the last three years).  In 1995 Speaker Gingrich and House Republicans shut the federal government down for weeks in order to get President Clinton to agree to a few things.  One of them was welfare reform.  Another was setting the table so that the federal budget could get balanced over the course of Clinton’s second term.  Two things he touts to this day as major accomplishments of his administration but things that would have never happened unless Newt and the boys(and girls) force Clinton’s hand.

Now as far a default on the nations debt goes that is something that could only happen if President Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew chose not to make debt payments.  As was often pointed out to President Obama last time around, current tax revenue each month is around $200 billion that is plenty for debt payments, Social Security, Medicare, the military and still leaves several tens of billions of dollars left over for other obligations of the federal government.  Of course that would require President Obama and the rest of Washington prioritize spending, which is something they don’t want to do.

If everyone remembers a then candidate Obama said that the $4 trillion in new debt over eight years that President George W. Bush had accumulated was “unpatriotic”.  To date President Obama has accrued nearly $6 trillion in new debt in 4 and 1/2 years.  That is why we have the issue of raising the nation’s debt limit on the table.  Of course we have to make significant budget cuts because he has racked up a gargantuan bill on the backs of generations not yet born.

In his speech today in the Rose Garden President Obama continued with the attacks on Republicans and his demands of more wealth redistribution.

First up he defended the indefensible; Obamacare:(h/t Weasel Zippers)

PRESIDENT OBAMA: So let’s put this in perspective. The Affordable Care Act has been the law for three-and-a-half years now. It passed both houses of Congress. The Supreme Court ruled it constitutional. It was an issue in last year’s election, and the candidate who called for repeal lost. […]

A lot of the, you know, horror stories that were predicted about how this was going to shoot rates way up and there were going to be death panels and all that stuff, none of that stuff’s happened. And in two weeks, the Affordable Care Act is going to help millions of more people. And there’s no serious evidence that the law, which has helped to keep down the rise in health care costs to their lowest level in 50 years, is holding back economic growth

I could write several thousand words about how wrong everything in that statement is but I’ll save my keyboard and just direct everyone to Truth About Obamacare.com

President Obama also said today:

[A]nd I understand, I will never convince some Republicans about the merits of Obamacare. I understand that. And I’m more than willing to work with them where they’ve got specific suggestions that they can show will make our health care system work better. Remember, initially this was like repeal and replace, and the replace thing has kind of gone off to the wayside. Now it’s just repeal.

But the larger point is, after all that we’ve been through these past five years, after all the work Americans like those standing behind me have done to come back from the depths of a crisis, are some of these folks really so beholden to one extreme wing of their party that they’re willing to tank the entire economy just because they can’t get their way on this issue? Are they really willing to hurt people just to score political points? I hope not.

Let’s be clear there is no fixing Obamacare it is a flawed piece of legislation from page one.  How are conservatives and Republicans supposed to fix the individual mandate(one of the laws key elements) when we oppose the very concept of it today(even more so now thanks to Chief Justice Roberts defense of it).  What kind of change to the law, outside of outright repeal, would restore workers work weeks back to 40 hours.

Every problem that comes up because of Obamacare, from privacy, to the HHS abortion mandate, cannot be fixed by changes a few pages of the legislation.  Our economy, our health care system, and this nation are suffering mightily because of Obamacare and the only way we can stop it is to stave it of its funding until such time as it can be repealed.

But, with the Obamacare subsides set to kick in soon the fear is this will become yet another entitlement that once started will never be undone.

For the good of the country we have to defund Obamcare in the CR.

Finally President Obama had a message today for the liberal-moderate GOP establishment:

BARACK OBAMA: [L]et’s stop the threats. Let’s stop the political posturing, Let’s keep our government open. Let’s pay our bills on time. Let’s pass a budget. Let’s work together to do what the American people sent us here to do: Create jobs; grow our economy; expand opportunity.

That’s what we need to do.

As far as the budget goes, it’s time for responsible Republicans who share these goals – and there are a number of folks out there who I think are decent folks — I’ve got some disagreements with them on some issues — but I think genuinely want to see the economy grow and want what’s best for the American people.

It’s time for those Republicans to step up,

After attacking and demonizing Republicans yesterday and today now he wants the help of the likes of Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, and John McCain.

Good grief this little man needs a new tune and a new set of ideas, preferably the kind grounded in Adam Smith and not Karl Marx

Jeanine Pirro Explains Syria And Putin To Obama

One of the real joys of the weekend is the opening statement monologue of Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro and this weekend she laid into President Obama over his handling of the situation in Syira and how Putin played him.

Walid Shoebat Claims Obama Admin Spying On Him For Exposing Families Terrorist Ties

Walid Shoebat

Walid Shoebat

Terrorism expert Walid Shoebat is claiming that the Obama administration is spying on him over his revealing of terrorist ties between the Obama family, namely Obama’s half-brother Malik.

More from The Right Scoop:

On the Kuhner Report yesterday, Walid Shoebat told of he is now being harassed and spied upon by the Obama administration over the work he has done uncovering Obama’s familial Islamist ties, especially his brother Malik Obama who is a supporter of terrorism. Shoebat said his phone is being tapped so they can listen into his house even when he is not on the phone. He said he has received harassing phone calls over and over and that a pre-taped, un-aired phone interview he had just recorded was played back to him on his phone just after he had finished recording it and hung up. Just unbelievable.

But Shoebat says he is an Eastern Christian and try as they may to wear him out by harassing him, he will not give up telling the truth to the American people about this president. Shoebat says the only way they will stop him is to kill him and he says, essentially, ‘bring it on.’

Russia Threatens To Send Missile Defense System To Assad

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Yet another reason why we should not take military action against Assad in Syria.

Fox News reports:

Putin escalated concerns about the fallout from any strike when he indicated in an interview published Wednesday that his country could send Syria and its neighbors in the region the components of a missile shield if the U.S. attacks.

U.S. Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified this week that the Russians might even replace any military assets the U.S. destroys in a strike.

The warnings raise the possibility of a supposedly “limited” strike on Syria turning into a proxy tit-for-tat between Russia and the U.S.

Putin said in a published interview this week that he’d reconsider the status of a suspended S-300 missile defense contract.

“We have a contract for the delivery of the S-300s. We have supplied some of the components, but the delivery hasn’t been completed,” he said. “We have suspended it for now. But if we see that steps are taken that violate the existing international norms, we shall think how we should act in the future, in particular regarding supplies of such sensitive weapons to certain regions of the world.”

This isn’t going to end well.

The Case Against Military Action In Syria

1280846_10200504613488309_1222787283_nSecretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, President Obama, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and congressman Peter King are making the case for the United State to take military action against the Assad regime in Syria for the use of chemical weapons.

However, while they have been at it they have been giving plenty of reasons why the US shouldn’t get involved.

First of all there is John Kerry opening the door to having American troops on the ground in Syria during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday despite the fact that President Obama has taken putting boots on the ground off the table.

From the Washington Post:

Asked about the possibility of deploying U.S. troops into Syria, Secretary of State John F. Kerry didn’t rule it out.

“I don’t want to take off the table an option that might or might not be on the table,” he said — a turn of phrase designed to keep open the possibility that troops could be deployed into the country if the situation escalates.

Then there is President Obama, who is in Europe, saying that Syria doesn’t pose an imminent threat to the United States.

Senator John McCain didn’t do the pro-military action in Syria effort any favors yesterday morning on Fox & Friends when he said that the Al Qaeda infested rebel movement was actually a collection of moderate Muslims and that chanting “Allahu Akbar”, the battle cry of Islamic terrorist, was no different that saying “thank God”.  Senator McCain should try telling that to the victims of Fort Hood or anybody who has been attacked by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Congressman Peter King(R-NY) is one of those who believes that President Obama doesn’t need congressional authorization to attack Syria and that topic of whether or not Obama could or would attack Assad should Congress vote down such authorization came up in an exchange, at that Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, between Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and John Kerry.

From that video’s Youtube description:

Rand Paul: Make me proud today, Secretary Kerry. Stand up for us and say you’re going to obey the Constitution, and if we vote you down, which is unlikely by the way, but if we do, you would go with what the people say through their Congress and you wouldn’t go forward with a war that your Congress votes against. Can you give me a better answer, Secretary Kerry?

Kerry: I can’t give you a different answer than the one I gave you. I don’t know what the president’s decision is, but I will tell you this. It ought to make you proud because he still has the constitutional authority, and he would be in keeping with the Constitution.

Rand Paul: Well, I disagree with you there. I don’t believe he has the constitutional authority. I think Congress has this. Madison was very explicit. When he wrote the Federalist Papers, he wrote that history supposes, or the Constitution supposes what history demonstrates, that the Executive is the branch most likely to go to war and therefore the Constitution vested that power in the Congress. It’s explicit and runs throughout all of Madison’s writings. This power is a Congressional power and is not an Executive power. They didn’t say big war, small war. They didn’t say boots on the ground, not boots on the ground. They said declare war. Ask the people on the ships launching the missiles whether they’re involved with war or not. If we do not say the Constitution applies, if we do not say explicitly that we will abide by this vote, you’re making a joke of us. You’re making us into theater, and so we play constitutional theater for the president. If this is real, you will abide by the verdict of Congress. You’re probably going to win. Just got ahead and say it’s real and let’s have a real debate in this country and not a meaningless debate that in the end you lose and say, ‘Oh well, we had the authority anyway, we’re going to go ahead and go to war anyway.’

Senator Paul continued to talk about the problems he has with military intervention in Syria last night on Hannity.

And then there is President Obama today in Sweden claiming he didn’t make his “red line” remarks about chemical weapons in Syria.

If all of that wasn’t enough to put you into the camp of the majority of Americans who oppose intervention in Syria then perhaps knowing more about who we would be helping, the Al Qaeda aligned Syrian rebels.

Writing at PJ Media, Andrew McCarthy talks about Al Qaeda’s decades long attempt to acquire chemical weapons and how Al Qaeda in Iraq used chemical weapons, chlorine, in a series of attacks several years ago.  McCarthy also reminds his reads that just a few months ago Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, the Al Nusrah Front used chlorine in an attack and that reports out of Turkey claimed Al Nusrah Front had obtained Sarin gas for possible use against an Assad target near the border with Turkey.

The Al Nusrah Front itself was created by Al Qaeda in Iraq and has sworn allegiance to Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri.  It is estimated that the Al Nusrah Front has around 10,000 fighters.  In December of last year the group was designated by the United States as a terrorist group.

USA Today has more on Al Nusrah Front and its ties to Al Qaeda:

The pledge of allegiance by Syrian Jabhat al Nusra Front chief Abou Mohamad al-Joulani to al-Qaeda leader Sheik Ayman al-Zawahri was coupled with an announcement by the al-Qaeda affiliate in Iraq, the Islamic State of Iraq, that it would work with al Nusra as well.

Lebanese Sheik Omar Bakri, a Salafist who says states must be governed by Muslim religious law, says al-Qaeda has assisted al Nusra for some time.

“They provided them early on with technical, military and financial support , especially when it came to setting up networks of foreign jihadis who were brought into Syria,” Bakri says. “There will certainly be greater coordination between the two groups.”

The United States, which supports the overthrow of Assad, designated al Nusra a terrorist entity in December.

In addition to that chlorine chemical weapon attack the Syrian rebels have also kidnapped and murdered several Christians, they have executed children and truck drivers, engaged in suicide bombings, attacked Christian villages, and dozens of other atrocities.

There is simply no getting around the fact that any American military action in Syria would have the effect of greatly helping the Al Qaeda and other terrorist elements in Syria and that would be treason as defined by Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution.

Sadly, as much as the American people are dead set against military action in Syria the political class in Washington is ready to jump into this thing headlong because today a Senate panel approved a resolution for military action in Syria by a 10-7 vote.

Fox News has more on that:

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 10-7, with one senator voting present, to approve a military strike in response to a deadly chemical weapons attack last month. The full Senate is expected to vote on the measure next week.

The vote came after Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., raised objections to an earlier draft. The objections forced lawmakers to renegotiate the measure; McCain ultimately won tougher language clarifying that U.S. policy would be aimed at changing the momentum on the ground. He was among the 10 who voted for the final resolution, after getting two amendments added.

“These amendments are vital to ensuring that any U.S. military operations in Syria are part of a broader strategy to change the momentum on the battlefield in Syria,” McCain said in a statement afterward. “That strategy must degrade the military capabilities of the Assad regime while upgrading the military capabilities of moderate Syrian opposition forces. These amendments would put the Congress on the record that this is the policy of the United States, as President Obama has assured me it is.”

The resolution specifically would permit Obama to order a limited military mission against Syria, as long as it doesn’t exceed 90 days and involves no American troops on the ground for combat operations. The Democratic chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Bob Menendez, and the panel’s top Republican, Sen. Bob Corker, crafted the resolution.

The vote was nevertheless close. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who voted against the measure, said he remains “unconvinced that the use of force proposed here will work.”

Hopefully the full Senate and House in the next few days will get an earful about how wrong military intervention in Syria is.  I mean for crying out loud attacking Assad would be helping Al Qaeda.

The facts couldn’t be clearer here.  The Obama administration is confused to say the least about what it wants to do in Syria.  The Syrian rebels who we would be helping are inseparable from Al Qaeda.  Those Syrian rebels have themselves used chemical weapons in this civil war.

The case in Syria is real simple; We don’t have a side we can support here.  Our nation’s security isn’t at risk.  And if we did get involved we would be helping our enemy.

For the love of God lets hope the House and/or Senate rejects this nonsense.

Syrian War Opposition Creating Strange Bedfellows

The opposition to American military intervention in Syria is creating some strange bedfellows.  To put it bluntly the Tea Party and Occupy movements don’t have much, if anything in common, and yet both groups are working together to oppose military action in Syria.

Over the Labor day weekend members of the Rockford Tea Party and Occupy Rockford gathered together to protest military action in Syria by lighting up the night sky with an anti-war message along Interstate 90 in Rockford.


close up of anti-war protesters


the view from I-90






WIFR has some more on the protest:

The bi-partisan gathering included folks from the Progressive Democrats of America, Occupy Rockford, and members of the Rockford Tea Party. They all have the message for lawmakers in the Capitol: stay out of Syria. Organizers say they put this event together over the last couple of days using social media. They call themselves the Northern Illinois Light Brigade, and if you drove down I-90 near Rock Cut State Park on Sunday, you probably saw their signs spelling out “No More War” in bright lights. The group wanted to catch the attention of Labor Day travelers to try and get more people involved in the debate over what to do in Syria.

“In this time, when we have the chance to speak up, I’d like us to stay out of this hopeless war in the Middle East any more than we already have been,” says Bob Mlsna of the Rockford Tea Party.

“There are no good guys in this conflict and we need to sit this one out. We don’t have a horse in race,” says Del Wasso of the Progressive Democrats of America. “Democracy doesn’t end on Election Day. It’s a 365 day job and we have an obligation to speak out when we need to speak out.”

WREX also has some more:

“We’ve had enough. We have issues here at home,” says Del Wasso, Syrian protest co-organizer.

“No war’ is being proclaimed by members from groups like Rockford Son’s of Liberty, The Northern Illinois Light Brigade, The Rockford Tea Party and Occupy Rockford.  The protestors say they have already written letters to Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk along with Congressmen Adam Kinzinger and Cheri Bustos asking them to vote against any military action in Syria. The group used the bridge at Rock Cut State Park over I-90 to send their message to passing motorists.

“So that the local community as well as our elected officials know that we as their constituents support another foreign adventure,” says Wasso.

“Our tax dollars are being used to fund these wars and it could definitely be used otherwise in the stateline area. We don’t want our friends, neighbors and family to go to war, stay in war when we can actually use that money that would be going towards war to better our area,” says John Galbo, Syrian Protest Co-Organizer,

Egyptian Media Claim President Obama A Member Of Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian paper claiming Obama is member of Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian paper claiming Obama is member of Muslim Brotherhood

Well isn’t this interesting.  Egyptian media outlets are claiming that President Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

From the Blaze:

Al Jazeera’s blog posted a story Monday featuring tweets from the Director of Research at the Brookings Center in Doha, Qatar, who reported that an Egyptian newspaper’s front page story claimed President Barack Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Newspaper also claims that son of MB leader threatened Obama w- release of ‘papers’ revealing his MB membership,” writes Shadi Hamid of Brookings.

One could hardly come up with a more explosive allegation about a U.S. president than secret membership in an Islamist group. And if that weren’t enough, the newspaper also claims that President Obama’s half-brother Malik is allegedly an Al Qaeda activist.

Jonathan Spyer, senior research fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs Center and an Arabic speaker, tells TheBlaze that the newspaper — Al-Wafd — specifically accuses Obama of being a member of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The article goes on to say that Obama originally embraced the thought of the Brotherhood while living in Indonesia, per Spyer, and  further alleges that the son of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat al-Shater had threatened to expose a document revealing the secret membership.

But Syper says such allegations are the result of an angry Egyptian populace expressing frustration.

According to him, the publication of this kind of conspiracy is rooted in the ongoing dissatisfaction on the Egyptian street with the Obama administration’s policy which some have viewed as pro-Muslim Brotherhood.

Boehner and Cantor Join Syrian Intervention Chorus

Rep. Eric Cantor(left) and Speaker John Boehner(right)

Rep. Eric Cantor(left) and Speaker John Boehner(right)

The American people are not supportive of US military action in Syria.  Polling data has half of the country opposed to any intervention in Syria.  And why wouldn’t they we have no national security interest in the more than two year old Syrian civil war.  The Syrian rebels are infested with fighters from Al Qaeda.  Reports show that some of the Syrian rebel fighters have been trained by the same terrorist that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

I know that the Assad regimes use of chemical weapons is a bad and terrible thing but we have to take the whole Syrian conflict into account when we are formulating what this nation will do in response.  Sadly, taking in the Al Qaeda factor and more it is impossible not to conclude that there is no reason for the US to take any military action in Syria.

However, that isn’t stopping Speaker of the House John Boehner and House majority leader Eric Cantor from joining in the chorus calling for military action in Syria.

Cantor released the following statement today:

“I intend to vote to provide the President of the United States the option to use military force in Syria. While the authorizing language will likely change, the underlying reality will not. America has a compelling national security interest to prevent and respond to the use of weapons of mass destruction, especially by a terrorist state such as Syria, and to prevent further instability in a region of vital interest to the United States.”

“Understanding that there are differing opinions on both sides of the aisle, it is up to President Obama to make the case to Congress and to the American people that this is the right course of action, and I hope he is successful in that endeavor.

“Bashar Assad’s Syria, a state sponsor of terrorism, is the epitome of a rogue state, and it has long posed a direct threat to American interests and to our partners. The ongoing civil war in Syria has enlarged this threat.

“The Syrian conflict is not merely a civil war; it is a sectarian proxy war that is exacerbating tensions throughout the Muslim world. It is clear Iran is a principal combatant in this conflict, and its direct involvement is an integral part of Iran’s bid to establish regional hegemony. Were Assad and his Iranian patrons to come out on top it would be a strategic victory for Iran, embolden Hizballah, and convince our allies that we cannot be trusted.

“Furthermore, sectarian tensions and extremist terrorism are already spilling over beyond Syria’s borders, with terrorist attacks and assassinations on the rise in neighboring countries. It is not just an abstract theory that the Syrian conflict threatens the stability of key American partners in the region. It is a reality.

“Beyond the obvious regional interests, a failure to adequately respond to the use of chemical weapons and compel the end of this conflict on terms beneficial to America and our partners only increases the likelihood of future WMD use by the regime, transfer to Hizballah, or acquisition by Al Qaeda. No one wants to be asking why we failed to act if the next time Sarin is used it is in the Paris or New York subway.

“The United States’ broader policy goal, as articulated by the President, is that Assad should go, and President Obama’s redline is consistent with that goal and with the goal of deterring the use of weapons of mass destruction. It is the type of redline virtually any American President would draw. Now America’s credibility is on the line. A failure to act when acting is in America’s interests and when a red line has been so clearly crossed will only weaken our ability to use diplomacy, economic pressure, and other non-lethal tools to remove Assad and deter Iran and other aggressors.

“There are no easy solutions and a one-off military strike is not by itself an adequate strategy, but I am convinced that the risks of inaction outweigh the risks of a limited intervention. And a well-designed and well executed strike that both deters the use of chemical weapons and diminishes the capacity of the Assad regime can contribute to the achievement of a clear and attainable goal: the ultimate displacement of the Assad regime by moderate elements within the opposition. That is why it is imperative that the Administration continue to identify and support those moderate elements who are battling both Assad and Al Qaeda.

“Should the Commander-in-Chief decide to use military force, I hope he will do so judiciously and with close and continuing consultation with the Congress.”

Business Insider has more on Speaker Boehner(and Nancy Pelosi) joining the war chorus:

Both House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that they would support President Barack Obama’s plan for limited military action in Syria, with Boehner saying that it’s “something the country needs to do.”

“I’m going to support the president’s call for action, and I believe my colleagues should,” Boehner said.

Both addressed reporters after a meeting Tuesday morning between Obama and Congressional leaders on Syria.

I am truly disgusted by this drumbeat for war.  Shame on any member of the House or Senate that votes for this treasonous course of action.

Obama To Wait On Syria Strike

AP-Image-Syria-620x413Going into the weekend it seemed as though military action against the Assad regime in Syria was all but inevitable.  The inevitable has been delayed until at least September 9th when Congress returns from its annual recess.

As someone who does not want the US to get involved in the Syrian civil war, I find this development most pleasing as it give the American people a chance to tell their lawmakers to say no to any US intervention in Syria.

This delay on the part of the Obama administration, which had claimed that it could strike against Syria without congressional authorization, comes after the UK parliament voted down a similar measure there backed by Prime Minister David Cameron.

CBS News has more on that development:

British Prime Minister David Cameron lost a vote endorsing military action against Syria by 13 votes Thursday, a stunning defeat that will almost guarantee that Britain plays no direct role in any U.S. attack on Bashar Assad’s government.

A grim-faced Cameron conceded after the vote that “the British Parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action.”

The prime minister said that while he still believed in a “tough response” to the alleged use of chemical weapons by Assad’s regime, he would respect the will of Parliament.

We can only hope that should Congress vote to do the same, deny US military action in Syria, that President Obama will have the good graces enough to stand by that decision and not go off doing things on his own.

Of opting to delay military action in Syria until after Congress reconvenes The Daily Beast reports:

Obama made the case for attacking Syria to punish the criminal regime there for the use of chemical weapons, and he said he’d decided he should do just that. But he also said he’d seek a vote of approval from Congress, which isn’t likely to be back in session until September 9. While Washington pundits say that’s a roll of the dice, it’s really a kicking of the can. In one of the more revealing lines he uttered in the Rose Garden today, Obama said the kind of attacks he’s got in mind could wait days, weeks, even a month and be just as effective.

The threat of military action – vague as it is, limited as it is – will focus the attention of all these critical forums. In the meantime, the UN weapons inspectors, who’ve just made their exit (one is tempted to say escape) from Syria will present the results of their investigation. Even if they don’t point the finger officially at the Assad regime, it will be understood that they’ve confirmed its guilt.


Any US Military Action In Syria Would Be Tantamount To Treason

AP-Image-Syria-620x413Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution states that, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

As much as the interventionist in both parties want the US military to take action against the Assad regime in Syria for its use of chemical weapons any military action our country might take would give aid and comfort to the Al Qaeda fighters that infest the Syrian rebel movement and would therefore be treasonous.

Of the build up to military action in Syria the Washington Post reports:

President Obama is weighing a military strike against Syria that would be of limited scope and duration, designed to serve as punishment for Syria’s use of chemical weapons and as a deterrent, while keeping the United States out of deeper involvement in that country’s civil war, according to senior administration officials.

The timing of such an attack, which would probably last no more than two days and involve sea-launched cruise missiles — or, possibly, long-range bombers — striking military targets not directly related to Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, would be dependent on three factors: completion of an intelligence report assessing Syrian government culpability in last week’s alleged chemical attack; ongoing consultation with allies and Congress; and determination of a justification under international law.

“We’re actively looking at the various legal angles that would inform a decision,” said an official who spoke about the presidential deliberations on the condition of anonymity. Missile-armed U.S. warships are already positioned in the Mediterranean.

For months Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have called on the US government to provide weapons and training to the Syrian rebels.  Congressman Peter King(R-NY) supports President Obama launching cruise missile strikes against the Assad regime as reported by National Review Online yesterday.

I cannot stress strongly enough how wrong these moves are.  Any action we take against Assad, whether it is cruise missile strikes to cripple his air force, or strikes against his munition stockpiles, or attempts to destroy his Weapons of Mass Destruction, will have the effect of tipping the scales in favor of the Syrian rebels who are teaming with Al Qaeda terrorist including many from Iraq who have attacked and killed scores of American soldiers over the years.

It is not like the link between the Syrian rebels and Al Qaeda isn’t know, just take a look at these headlines.

USA Today-Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda

Huffington Post-Al Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda Affiliated Syrian Rebels, Vows Revenge For Chemical Attacks

CNN-Syria rebel group’s dangerous tie to al Qaeda

New York Times-Syrian rebels tied to Al Qaeda play key role in war

Washington Post-Syrian rebel group declares al-Qaeda tie as Kerry, diplomats discuss crisis

BBC-Syria crisis: Al-Nusra pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda

We also know that the Al Qaeda elements in Syria have been committing atrocities of their own.  They have executed children.  Kidnapped and killed Christian pastors and Muslim Clerics.  They have even executed truck drivers and a whole lot more.

Gateway Pundit-Al-Qaeda Rebels Murder Kidnapped Catholic Priest in Syria

The Blaze-Shocking Video Purports to Show Syrian Rebels Executing Child Assad Supporters

The Blaze-Shock Video Allegedly Shows Al Qaeda-Linked Terrorists Stopping Truck Drivers on Side of Road Then Executing Them for Not Being Sunni Muslims

The Blaze-Catholic Priest Allegedly Beheaded in Syria by Al-Qaeda-Linked Rebels as Men and Children Take Pictures and Cheer

Washington Times-Al Qaeda in Syria warns Western aid workers: We’ll kill you

FARS News Agency-Al-Nusra Terrorists Kill Top Syrian Cleric

Jerusalem Post-Al-Qaida attacks strategic border town in Syria, killing 18

I know that the deaths of hundreds of people at the hands of the Assad regime from the use of chemical weapons is bad, but for crying out loud we have to think about things before leaping to an emotional response to a sad but serious situation.

There is no getting around the fact that any military act that the United State might take will have the direct result of helping Al Qaeda’s cause and efforts in Syria.

Given that Al Qaeda terrorist have killed thousands of American citizens over the decades and countless more US soldiers on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan I cannot understand why the Obama administration let alone John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Pete King want to help them achieve their goals in Syria.

If we take action in Syria that results in the toppling of Assad we will be handing Al Qaeda a new home base from which they can launch their Jihad with relative impunity.  Worse we may very well end up putting those chemical weapons into the hands of our sworn enemy, and make no mistake if Al Qaeda gets chemical weapons(or any other form of WMD) they will use it against us and our allies.

I don’t want the actions of this nation to result in Al Qaeda being able to release chemical gas containers on the civilian population of Israel.  We really don’t want Al Qaeda terrorist having the means and ability to smuggle those chemical weapons out of Syria and into Europe or heaven forbid here at home.

I get it that Assad is a bad guy but trying to take him out or denigrate his ability to retain power is not in our nations best interest.  Giving Syria to Al Qaeda isn’t in our nations best interest either.

There is no good outcome in Syria, we don’t have a side that we can support there.  Which is why we should not take any military action.

I might be willing to support some military action against the Assad regime if that action was coupled by an equal or greater military effort to kill or capture scores of Al Qaeda fighters in Syria.  But given what we are hearing out of Washington about intervention in Syria I have zero expectations that anything will be done to drastically reduce the numbers of Al Qaeda terrorist operating in Syria.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail in the coming days and any military action against Assad will be nixed.

However, if President Obama gives the order to the US military to attack Assad there has to be an immediate effort made to have him, and any member of Congress that supports this military intervention, charged with treason.


We Can’t Fight Now: The Motto Of the French Republicans

Flag Pin American-French-1_300pxThe French Republicans, the moderate to liberal GOP establishment, the old guard, the political class have a motto that completely encapsulates their mindset, we can’t fight now.

We have been told by those who don’t want to defund Obamacare for years now that the Republican Party, conservatives, and the Tea Party can’t fight or take a stand time after time.  Whether it is cutting out some money from Obamacare’s implementation as soon as the GOP class of 2010 was seated, or the debt limit, or the Continuing Resolution last year(or the year before that), or the fiscal cliff the French Republicans continually echo the same tune; don’t fight now we will have a stronger hand next time and next time we will fight to the death to get what we want done legislatively and politically.

And true to form each time that next hill they have sworn to fight and die on comes up the French Republicans surrender in defeat and tell those conservatives and Tea Partiers who do want to fight they are wrongheaded to do so.

With Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio leading the fight along side 80 House Republicans to defund Obamacare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution the French Republicans are out in force making sure that their efforts are scuttled before the battle even truly begins.

For the third or fourth time now PJ Media’s Rick Moran has written an article lambasting the effort to defund Obamacare effectively saying that since the French Republicans, the old guard, don’t want to fight now no one should fight.  Just pass a Continuing Resolution that funds all of the government and Obamacare because we have no stomach for battling President Obama and Harry Reid right now on the issue of Obamacare.  That is the contention of the French Republicans and it is a contention that is going to cost the American people dearly; more unemployment, more workers forced into part-time, more Americans losing their health care, higher cost for health care, and on and on.

But, don’t worry the French Republicans who were out and about on the Sunday morning talk shows have vowed to fight to the death in a couple of months when the debt limit comes up and then they will fight tooth and nail to defund Obamacare.

Just like with budget, debt limit, continuing resolution, and fiscal battles before I can guarantee you what the French Republicans will be saying about defunding Obamacare come November when the debt limit is set to officially reached.  They will say we can’t fight on that issue right now Obama and Reid hold all the power and all the cards.  If we fight we will lose so lets bide our time and we really will fight to rid the nation of Obamacare next time.

This French Republicanism and surrender or defeatist mentality is doing this nation great harm and is driving the Republican base away and into the camp of those who want to start a third party(never mind that we already have a third party and a fourth; Libertarian and Green).

We don’t need any of that what we need is a Republican Party with a backbone and some guts.  We need people with courage like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee willing to fight for what we believe in.

We cannot wait for the time and circumstances to be just right for the French Republicans to finally want to fight on this or any other issue.  We have to take the fight to Harry Reid and President Obama.

But then again fighting just isn’t in the nature of the French Republicans is it.

Obama Orders ICE Not To Arrest Or Deport Illegal’s With Children

images-3Who needs the Senate’s Gang of 8 or amnesty when you have a lawless President.

From the Washington Times:

The Obama administration issued a new policy Friday that says immigration agents should try not to arrest and deport illegal immigrant parents of minor children. The move adds to the categories of people the administration is trying not to deport.

In a nine-page memo, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said agents should use “prosecutorial discretion” to try to avoid detaining parents and, if parents are detained, agents should make sure they have the ability to visit with their children or participate in family court proceedings.

The move won praise from immigrant-rights groups who said it’s a step toward a less harsh detention policy. But a top Republican blasted the memo as another effort by the Obama administration to circumvent the law.

“President Obama has once again abused his authority and unilaterally refused to enforce our current immigration laws by directing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to stop removing broad categories of unlawful immigrants,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte, Virginia Republican.

Red Line Crossed Again?: Hundreds Reportedly Killed In Syrian Chemical Weapon Attack

possible Syrian chemical weapons victim

possible Syrian chemical weapons victim

Last year President Obama said that if chemical weapons were used in the Syrian civil war that it would be a “red line”.  Months ago the US and the international community agreed that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against its own people.  And for that President Obama did….nothing!

Today we are getting reports that hundreds have been killed in another chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Fox News has more:

reported estimates from Syrian activists that more than 200 were killed on Wednesday after rockets hit an area in the Damascus suburbs. Syrian state television has denied any use of poison gas by the Assad government. Another group claimed nearly 500 were killed. The Syrian National Coalition put the death toll at more than 600, according to AFP.

In the wake of this report the Obama administration plans to have an UN investigate and look into the incident.  Translation nobody’s going to do anything.

Chairman of the Joint Chief’s General Martin Dempsey has effectively ruled out the US military doing anything whether it be cruise missile strikes or boots on the ground.

Sadly, as bad as using chemical weapons against a civilian population is, the United States military can’t do much to weaken the Assad regime because any strike meant to cripple Assad will have the long term effect of giving Syria to the Al Qaeda fighters within the Syrian rebel movement.  Which is the absolute last thing that we want and which is why I think the efforts of Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham to arm to Syrian rebels is treason.

There is no good outcome in Syria and that is unfortunate.

This is what happens when our nations foreign policy doctrine is to lead from behind.

Muslim Brotherhood Memo Gives Blessing To Destruction Of Coptic Churces

The burned out remains of one of Egypt's Coptic churches

The burned out remains of one of Egypt’s Coptic churches

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is down right evil.  The Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine, aka Hamas, is a full-fledged terrorist organization.

In the last week more than 40 Coptic Christian churches have been torched.  Coptic orphanages, businesses, and homes have also been attacked, destroyed, or vandalized.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is waging a systematic campaign of fear and intimidation against Egypt’s Coptic minority all because the Coptic’s joined in with tens of millions of other Egyptians to rid that nation of Islamic tyrant in the making in the form of Muslim Brotherhood member and deposed Egyptian President Morsi.

The Muslim Brotherhood cannot stand that the Egyptian people, helped out by the military overthrow the Brotherhood before they could turn that nation into an Islamic terrorist state ruled by Sharia law.

And so as the Investigative Project on Terrorism reports they issued a memo giving blessing to Muslim Brotherhood members attacking the Coptic’s:

A memo posted on the Facebook page of a local office of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism shows a clear call to incitement against Egypt’s Coptic Christian population, giving its blessing to the burning of churches.

Over 40 Coptic churches have been burned by Muslim Brotherhood supporters since the Egyptian police cleared demonstrators protesting the overthrow of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Tuesday. Brotherhood supporters also reportedly blocked the road between Cairo and Aswan in southern Egypt looking for Copts, taking seven Copts hostage Thursday. They were later released after a ransom of 150,000 Egyptian pounds, roughly $21,500, was paid.

Muslim Brotherhood rioters who torched St. George Cathdral in Sohag were heard screaming “Allahu Akbar!” as they carried out their deed.

Coptic leaders say the Muslim Brotherhood’s violent onslaught against Christians has been unprecedented.

Egypt’s interim government is planning on banning the Muslim Brotherhood once again(they were outlawed under the rule of Mubarak).  Of course the Muslim Brotherhood supporting Obama administration thinks that’s a bad idea.

The bad idea here was the Obama administration throwing Mubarak under the bus in the first place and then supporting, to this day, the Muslim Brotherhood.