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Coercion: Stiffling Political Decent In Obama’s America

Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D’Souza

With the recent arrest of film-maker Dinesh D’Souza over an alleged illegal campaign contributions that ended up going to 2012 Republican New York Senate candidate Wendy Long combined with a whole host of other items that will be discussed later on in this piece, it is quite evident that political decent of the policies and agenda of President Obama and the extreme liberal Democrats is being stifled with the whole brunt of brute government power creating than a state of coercion in this country.

Dinesh came to prominence because of his widely popular film “2016: Obama’s America” which looked into the family and background of President Obama and pointed out who that background was one that was unfriendly to the United States.

His arrest comes on the heels of former Virginia Republican Governor Bob McDonald being indicted for accepting gifts and the one going bridge-gate scandal clouding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

And it is not like it isn’t uncommon for Democrats in government in recent years to use office and the law to try and punish, attack, and imprison political opponents. Such as the case of former congressman Tom Delay, railroaded into prosecution for legally raising funds for political purposes.  And then there is the ongoing investigation in Wisconsin by partisan Democrats there targeting conservative groups that assisted in the recall election of Governor Scott Walker.

This pattern of behavior is troubling enough but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Having personally lead the Rockford Tea Party protest of the IRS office there last year how can I forget the crimes that were done to my fellow Patriots seeking tax exempt status just because they wanted to do such simple things as register people to vote and be poll watchers or give children copies of our founding documents.

And who still isn’t outraged over the closure during the partial government shutdown of the open air World War II memorial, Mt. Rushmore, or the Grand Canyon, let alone the many private businesses that were told to close all at the direction of the director of the National Park Service and President Obama.

Why go after the Tea Party, our greatest generation, successful(Walker) Republican Governors?

Because in this age decent cannot be tolerated.

Things like Obamcare have to be accepted hands down otherwise you get audited like C. Steven Tucker and cancer patient Bill Elliot know first hand.

You can’t report on the administrations failures or you will be spied on as the Associated Press and Fox New reporter James Rosen experienced.

O’ and Heaven forbid you are a Christian business owner and you don’t believe in abortion or same sex marriage.  Our government is going to use its powers to force you to take part in those activities whether you like it or not.

In New Mexico, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington, photographers, florist, and bakers have been told that their religious beliefs are irrelevant they must accommodate the same sex community and their wants and whims not matter how greatly those wants go against the basic tenants of their faith.

The same is true for businesses like Hobby Lobby, and the wonder Little Sisters of the Poor, among others, who are being forced to carry insurance, or be fined millions of dollars, that includes abortion inducing drugs which are in direct contradiction to their religion beliefs that consider abortion to be a sin and something to be avoided at all cost.

That doesn’t matter to Obama and the Department of HHS who are forcing them to carry that insurance anyways.

With us being coerced to abandon our religious beliefs when it comes to life and marriage, to abandon Republican Governors who do such things as take on the public sector unions and balance their states budgets in the process, and attempts being made daily to silence critics even a blind man can see that our liberties and freedoms our under assault like never before and that our nation in is serious peril of failing into a self perpetuating tyranny.

Thank God we have some options to reverse this distribing chain of events, namely the Article V Convention of the States amendment proposal process.

Just waiting and hoping we can win back the Senate and elect and Republican President(Say Ted Cruz), isn’t enough to stop the serial abuse of government against the people, action to preeminently restore our constitutional republic is and it requires your involvement.

So get off your butt and get going, your country needs you. Or does the IRS have to come after you for not trying to expose yourself to identity theft at that debacle of a website called healthcare.gov and buy health insurance that cost more than most new cars.

Common Core Teaching 4th Graders White Voters Rejected Obama Because Of Race

Common Core education standards aren’t just bad, they are down right evil.

As Illinois Review is reporting 4th grade students in St.Clair country are being taught that white voters rejected Barack Obama because of race, never mind the fact the Obama was elected and reelected as President.

6a00d834515c5469e2019b016e7277970b-500wiFourth graders in Dupo Illinois are reading a biography of Barack Obama that’s raising eyebrows among St. Clair County parents. The book, which supplements the school’s Common Core curriculum, blames television for the negative behaviors the first African-American president picked up as a teen:

The book – brought to the attention this week of those on the “Moms Against Duncan – MAD” Facebook page, goes on to say white Americans were hesitant to vote for a black president, and that Obama pushed the race issue to bring the nation together.

“But some people said Americans weren’t ready for that much change. Sure Barack was a nice fellow, they said. But white voters would never vote for a black president. Other angry voices were raised. Barack’s former pastor called the country a failure. God would damn the United States for mistreating its black citizens, he said.”

6a00e54ee061708834019b016dfe23970d-400wiThe Bluffview Elementary students were told the book’s content would be tested for grades. That brought outrage among parents just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, one of the “MAD” moms reported.

This biography of America’s 44th president, entitled “Barack Obama,” is written by Jane Sutcliffe and published by Lerner. The book is part of Scholastic’s “Reading Counts” program acceptable to the controversial Common Core curriculum standards.

Going Nuclear: Harry Reid Strips GOP Of Ability To Filibuster Presidential Nominations

Senator Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid

Today in the Senate 52 Democrats lead by majority leader Harry Reid voted to change the rules of the Senate eliminating the ability of the minority party, at this time the Republicans, to filibuster presidential nominations both of executive branch positions and for judges.

I am going to refer to this rule change as the No More Rand Paul’s rule.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s big claim to fame was his more than 12 hour talking filibuster of President Obama’s nominee to lead the Central Intelligence Agency because he wanted the administration to make it clear they didn’t have the authority to target an American citizen on US soil with a drone.

In more recent days Texas Senator Ted Cruz and others have been using the rules of the Senate to filibuster(non-talking) some of President Obama’s nomination to the Federal bench.

This has outraged Senate minority leader Harry Reid(D-NV) who today made it impossible for Republican Senators to hold up any of President Obama’s nomination.

Many of President Obama’s nominees are far left wing radicals with radical views on a wide range of issues who are not qualified to hold the offices he has nominated them to.

Obama’s nominee to lead the Department of Homeland Security is partially responsible for Immigration and Customs Enforcement not being able to enforce existing federal immigration law.

Obama’s nominee to lead the Federal Reserve wants to continue the Fed’s money printing, Wall Street propping Quantitative Easing policies.

One of Obama’s judicial nominees is an extreme radical  in her views of abortion.

And there are dozens more in the nomination pipeline to go along with the other questionable nominations President Obama has already made in his first 5 years in office including Attorney General Eric Holder and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius among others.

Fox News has more on todays Senate rule change.

Senate Democrats bowled over Republicans on Thursday to win approval for a highly controversial rule change which would limit the GOP’s ability to block nominees, in a move Republicans called a “raw power grab.”

“It’s a sad day in the history of the Senate,” Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said after the vote.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., moving quickly following days of speculation, used the so-called “nuclear option” to pass the change. Typically, major changes like this take 67 votes, but he did it with just a simple majority.

With Republicans fuming, the change weakens the power of the minority to stall nominations for top positions. Instead of needing 60 votes to break a filibuster, the change means Democrats will now need just 51.

Republicans charged that Democrats were merely trying to shift focus away from ObamaCare with the move.

“Today we face a real crisis in the confirmation process, a crisis concocted by the Democrat majority to distract attention from the ObamaCare disaster and, in the process, consolidate more power than any majority has had in more than 200 years,” Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said in a statement immediately following the historic vote.

“It sounds to me like Harry Reid is trying to change the subject and if I were taking all the incoming fire that he’s taking over Obamacare, I’d try to change the subject too,” House Speaker John Boehner said.

Reid won approval for the change on a 52-48 vote.

Regardless of Reid’s underlying motivations, the vote Thursday marks a major change in Senate rules. The filibuster, for better or worse, has been a defining feature of the Senate for decades. While this makes the Senate one of the slowest-moving legislative bodies in the world, it also prevents legislation and appointments from moving too fast.

The vote on Thursday vastly reduces the power of the minority to stall nominations and makes it easier for federal judges to get lifetime appointments.

The so called Nuclear Option which Senator Harry Reid executed today was first floated in 2005 by Senate Republicans in order to get around Democrats blocking virtually all of President Bush’s judicial nominees.

At the time Senate Democrats including Harry Reid objected to and opposed to proposed rule change.

Of course that opposition to changing the filibuster rule has since gone away as Democrats have gone from being the minority in the Senate to being the majority.

Scandal!!! Obama Admin Cooked The Books On Jobs Report Just Before Election

US President Barack Obama speaks on theLie, Cheat, Steal.

Those are words the Democrat Party lives by.

And when you couple them with the Chicago way of thug politics you get what the New York Post is reporting, a cooking of the books of the unemployment rate just in time to influence the Presidential election last year.

In the home stretch of the 2012 presidential campaign, from August to September, the unemployment rate fell sharply — raising eyebrows from Wall Street to Washington.

The decline — from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 percent in September — might not have been all it seemed. The numbers, according to a reliable source, were manipulated.

And the Census Bureau, which does the unemployment survey, knew it.

Just two years before the presidential election, the Census Bureau had caught an employee fabricating data that went into the unemployment report, which is one of the most closely watched measures of the economy.

And a knowledgeable source says the deception went beyond that one employee — that it escalated at the time President Obama was seeking reelection in 2012 and continues today.

“He’s not the only one,” said the source, who asked to remain anonymous for now but is willing to talk with the Labor Department and Congress if asked.

The Census employee caught faking the results is Julius Buckmon, according to confidential Census documents obtained by The Post. Buckmon told me in an interview this past weekend that he was told to make up information by higher-ups at Census.

This is an outrage of the first order.

Heads must roll because of this.

A congressional investigation must begin immediately(from only one committee please).

President Obama, the head of the Labor Department, and the head of the Census Bureau all most answer for this totally unacceptable behavior.

And safeguards must be put into place legislatively and adimisterially to prevent manipulation of official government records and statistics from being manipulated in order to falsely make someone(like President Obama) from either looking good or bad.


Time for Health Insurance CEO’s to Show Some Spine

spineby Randi Rossi

Winston Churchill best described the predicament that health insurance CEOs now find themselves in, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last”. All of America now knows that Obamacare is a disaster. It is just math and health insurance CEOs knew very well what would happen. But they played ball with President Obama for two reasons. First they thought they might make more money as 30 million more Americans would have insurance, even though they knew it would hurt middle class Americans through higher rates. Second, they didn’t want to irritate President Obama even though they knew Obamacare would be a disaster. They were hoping to skate by behind the scenes. Well now the “cat is out of the bag”, and everybody now understands how destructive Obamacare will be as President Obama essentially admitted it and threw insurance CEO’s under the bus. How? By announcing that he would be now willing to allow the millions of policies that have just been cancelled to be reinstated, he has just thrown the insurance CEOs an impossible task. They have essentially 30 days to do three years of work by redoing millions of cancelled policies, getting state approval, communicating them to customers, receiving responses, processing, and implementing those policies. This is an impossible task thanks to Obama’s last minute “dive for cover”. Health insurance CEOs now need to be honest with America and say that and also say that they can’t provide cover for President Obama’s disastrous and epic Obamacare failure. If they don’t, the Obamacare debacle will grow exponentially and tens of millions of Americans will suffer.

Bill Clinton: Obama Should Honor His Keep Your Plan Promise

President Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton

Odds of Barack taking the impeached Presidents advice are about 100:1.

The Daily Caller has more:

Former President Bill Clinton says President Obama should honor his commitment and let people keep their health plans.

In an interview with the website Ozymandias, Clinton weighed in on the lackluster rollout of Obamacare, specifically the broken promise that Americans could keep those health plans that they liked.

Clinton concluded that the federal government should do whatever it takes to honor the promise Obama had made during his lengthy sales pitch of Obamacare in 2009-10.

Rep. Joe Wilson Was a Prophet

Rep. Joe Wilson

Rep. Joe Wilson

by Randi Rossi

All Americans owe South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson an apology and positive recognition for his prophetic warning about President Obama. In September 2009, President Obama was giving a speech about “Obamacare” to Americans in front of Congress in which he made many promises about Obamacare. Representative Joe Wilson suddenly yelled out “You Lie!” two times and the media and Democrats slandered him for it. I suspect all of us thought it was inappropriate at the time and thought his move lacked class. Little did we know that his words would be so prophetic! All Americans have heard President Obama promise time and time again “If you like your current health care plan, you can keep it. Period”. That promise is how President Obama just barely sold Obamacare to a naïve and trusting nation. Now, millions of Americans are finding out that contrary to Obama’s promise, their health care plans are being cancelled because of Obamacare. Projections are that at least 15 million Americans will have their plans cancelled now, but tens of millions more will lose their plans once the employer mandate goes into effect.  Many companies will choose to cancel their health care plans and pay the minor penalty which is far lower than the cost of their current employee health care plans forcing millions more Americans onto what is today a broken system. It is a tragedy to call any president a liar. But after the Benghazi and Obamacare, there is simply no choice regarding President Obama. We should have listened to you Representative Wilson, you were right!

Egypt Accuses Obama Of Crimes Against Humanity, Being Accessory To Muslim Brotherhood

540x403xobama-bitch-protesters.jpg.pagespeed.ic.eycwgbSGWuPresident Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood may come back to haunt him.

From CBN:

According to Egyptian newspaper El Watan, a group of Egyptian lawyers has submitted a complaint charging U.S. president Barrack Hussein Obama with crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court.

The complaint charges Obama of being an accessory to the Muslim Brotherhood, which incited widespread violence in Egypt both before and after the June 30 Revolution.

Along with Obama, the complaint reproduced by El Watan mentions several Brotherhood members by name, beginning with the leader of the organization Muhammad Badie, and other top ranking leaders such as Mohamed al-Beltagy, Essam al-Erian, and Safwat Hegazi, adding that “Obama cooperated, incited, and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in the commission of crimes against humanity in the period from 3/7/2013-8/18/2013, in the Arab Republic of Egypt.”

According to the published text, the complaint begins by quoting Article 7/1 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court, titled “Crimes against humanity,” which is reproduced below:

Obama Uses Executive Order In Climate Change Power Grab, Appoints IL Gov. Pat Quinn To Task Force

global_warming_hoax_button-p145048047397663977t5sj_400-300x300On Friday President Obama used an executive order to try to ram through his climate change agenda and grab power for himself and his fellow left wing radicals.

One thing this executive order did was to create a climate change task force, made up of nearly all Democrat mayors and Governors including Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

It is the job of this executive order and task force to make plans and deal with the hoax, the fraud, the phony contention of man made global warming/climate change.

Fox News has more:

Through the stroke of a pen, President Obama on Friday used his executive powers to elevate and take control of climate change policies in an attempt to streamline sustainability initiatives – and potentially skirt legislative oversight and push a federal agenda on states.

The executive order establishes a task force of state and local officials to advise the administration on how to respond to severe storms, wildfires, droughts and other potential impacts of climate change. The task force includes governors of seven states — all Democrats — and the Republican governor of Guam, a U.S. territory. Fourteen mayors and two other local leaders also will serve on the task force.

All but three of those appointed are Democrats. The task force will look at federal money spent on roads, bridges, flood control and other projects. It ultimately will recommend how structures can be made more resilient to the effects of climate change, such as rising sea levels and warming temperatures.

But critics say the order has the potential to do much more, including:

•  Hold back money to communities unless they meet new standards on various items and agendas set by the federal government. For example, using new policies that will encourage communities to rebuild to pre-disaster standards instead of stronger ones.

•  A possible mandate to bring sweeping new changes to land use and resource policies.

•  More control and refocus of climate change data and use of it to push a new agenda into every priority of the federal government.

•  Create the need for a new internal organization for coordination efforts during a government sequestration and possible future shutdowns.

Obama Admin Knew In 2010 Obamacare Would Force Millions To Lose Health Insurance

1045184_10200777513232678_878926389_nNBC News reported Monday, in a story they removed from their website late Monday night, that Obama administration officials knew in 2010 that millions of Americans would not be able to keep their health insurance, despite the claims of President Obama, because of Obamacare.

NBC should know that the internet is forever and thanks to Google cache (h/t Weasel Zippers) we have their original story:

President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it. But millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.

Four sources deeply involved in the Affordable Care Act tell NBC NEWS that 50 to 75 percent of the 14 million consumers who buy their insurance individually can expect to receive a “cancellation” letter or the equivalent over the next year because their existing policies don’t meet the standards mandated by the new health care law. One expert predicts that number could reach as high as 80 percent. And all say that many of those forced to buy pricier new policies will experience “sticker shock.”

Buried in Obamacare regulations from July 2010 is an estimate that because of normal turnover in the individual insurance market, “40 to 67 percent” of customers will not be able to keep their policy. And because many policies will have been changed since the key date, “the percentage of individual market policies losing grandfather status in a given year exceeds the 40 to 67 percent range.”

That means the administration knew that more than 40 to 67 percent of those in the individual market would not be able to keep their plans, even if they liked them.

60 Minutes on Benghazi: A Rare Case of Honest Reporting

by Randi Rossi

For over a year the White House and the “Lame Stream” media have tried to bury the true cause of the tragic disaster at Benghazi where the honor of the US was stained by the needless death of our Ambassador and three other people. First during the election, Hillary Clinton and Obama dishonestly tried to blame a silly video that nobody ever saw. Then to duck and hide, Hillary said “At this point what difference does it make” as Congress tried to learn the truth. The 60 Minute Show on 10/28 made it perfectly clear “what difference it makes”. In interviews with key witnesses, it became very clear that Washington was told time and time again that Al Qaeda was going to attack Benghazi and that we were not prepared. One witness expressed his “profound frustration because I saw it coming and yet nobody in Washington would listen”. Ambassador Chris Stevens repeatedly and urgently requested more help and support and was ignored by Hillary Clinton and The State Department. And then when the tragedy happened, Hillary and Obama first tried to blame the dumb video and then plead ignorance. Congrats to CBS and 60 Minutes for having the decency and honor of doing the right thing and exposing this outrageous example of gross negligence, incompetence, cowardice, and fraud. Maybe now the public will demand the truth, accountability, and justice.

NSA Has Been Keeping Tabs On German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Phone Since 2002, Obama Reauthorized In 2010

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Things just keep getting worse for the Nation Security Agency.  If revelations during the week that it has been keeping tabs on the phones of various world leaders, including our allies, wasn’t bad enough.  Reports now indicate that the NSA has been keeping tabs on the phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel starting in 2002, before she became Chancellor, and that President Obama knew about this(contrary to his claims that he didn’t) and reauthorized the monitoring in 2010.

Fox News has more:

A new report claims that the United States has been monitoring German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone since 2002 and alleges that the German leader’s mobile phone number had been present on a special surveillance list used by the National Security Agency as late as this past June.

The report was published in the German magazine Der Spiegel Saturday. If true, the report would mean that monitoring of Merkel’s phone began before the 59-year-old was elected Chancellor in 2005. In 2002, Merkel was the leader of the conservative Christian Democratic Union, then in opposition.

It is not clear what the nature of the monitoring was, according to Der Spiegel. It is not known whether Merkel’s conversations were recorded or if her contacts were scrutinized.

Earlier this week, reports of NSA monitoring of calls made by French and German citizens prompted the foreign ministries of both countries to summon the respective American ambassadors for an explanation.

Weasel Zippers has a translation from a German magazine claiming that President Obama knew about and authorized the eavsdropping in 2010:

according to information from Bild am Sonntag in U.S. intelligence circles of the President 2010 by NSA chief Keith Alexander was personally informed about the covert operation against Merkel.

“Obama has the action did not stop, but continue to operate,” said one of the NSA operation against Merkel intelligence officials familiar Bild am Sonntag.

And not only that: Later at the White House ordered the NSA a comprehensive dossier on the Chancellor. For Obama, the senior NSA man, Merkel did not trust, wanted to know everything about the German: “Who is this woman exactly”….

After Obama’s initiative reinforced the NSA eavesdropping activities against the Chancellor. They were not confined to the cell phone of the party CDU leader. The Americans cracked according to the information and the new, supposedly bug-proof phone that Merkel received only in the summer. This evidence to show that the eavesdropping attack against Merkel ran up to the recent past.

Is Obama Removing Military Commanders That Don’t Go Along With His Radicalism

argen2President Obama has not done anything to anyone within his administration for serious wrong doing so long as they agree with his radical political views.  No one is out at the IRS for its targeting of the Tea Party that wasn’t already one foot out the door.  Lois Lerner is still getting a government check.  No one’s been punished for Benghazi, why even a few have gotten promotions.  Eric Holder is still Attorney General despite his involvement in Fast and Furious(which got him held in contempt of Congress), spying on the AP and Fox News’ James Rosen, and more.  No one is out at the NSA over their spying programs targeted at innocent Americans.  The list goes on.

So it is strange to hear that several top military commanders have been fired.  Apparently for not toeing the radical Obama line.  But it shouldn’t be so strange if you consider all the stories that have come out of military members being punished or threatened with punishment for expressing Christian beliefs or the fact that military training material continually accuses Christians, Catholics and the Tea Party of being extremist with the inference being that they are no different than Al Qaeda.

The Blaze has the story:

Nine senior commanding generals have been fired by the Obama administration this year, leading to speculation by active and retired members of the military that a purge of its commanders is underway.

Retired generals and current senior commanders that have spoken with TheBlaze say the administration is not only purging the military of commanders they don’t agree with, but is striking fear in the hearts of those still serving.

The timing comes as the five branches of the U.S. armed forces are reducing staff due to budget cuts, and as U.S. troops are expected to withdraw from Afghanistan next year.

“I think they’re using the opportunity of the shrinkage of the military to get rid of people that don’t agree with them or not tow the party line. Remember, as (former White House chief of staff) Rahm Emanuel said, never waste a crisis,” a senior retired general told TheBlaze on the condition of anonymity because he still provide services to the government and fears possible retribution.

“Even as a retired general, it’s still possible for the administration to make life miserable for us. If we’re working with the government or have contracts, they can just rip that out from under us,” he said.

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, said the White House fails to take action or investigate its own, but finds it easy to fire military commanders “who have given their lives for their country.”

“Obama will not purge a civilian or political appointee because they have bought into Obama’s ideology,” Vallely said. “The White House protects their own. That’s why they stalled on the investigation into fast and furious, Benghazi and Obamacare. He’s intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged.”

A Pentagon official who asked to remain nameless because they were not authorized to speak on the matter said even “young officers, down through the ranks have been told not to talk about Obama or the politics of the White House. They are purging everyone and if you want to keep your job — just keep your mouth shut.

As The Blaze story goes on to note a good number of those Generals had some direct connection to what happened in Benghazi.

Emails Show White House And State Department Worked With Reporter Who Leaked National Security Secrets

David Sanger

David Sanger

The Obama administration has made much about going after people who leak classified information to reports.  The Obama Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder went after the Associated Press and Fox News’ James Rosen over it.

However, emails show that both the White House and the State Department were working with a reporter who ended up leaking national security secrets while he was writing a book about the Obama administration and its policies towards Iran.

From The Daily Caller:

White House and State Department officials cooperated extensively on background with a New York Times journalist during the period that he broke confidential national security information in a series of leaks that prompted outrage from lawmakers, according to unearthed 2011 and 2012 emails.

The nonprofit organization Freedom Watch, which obtained the internal State Department emails through a Freedom of Information Act request, believes that the Obama administration carried out the leaks to bolster a tough image for itself on Iran.

Then-Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Michael Hammer and other State Department employees arranged background interviews between New York Times chief Washington correspondent David Sanger and State Department officials between December 2011 and March 2012 for Sanger’s 2012 book “Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power.”

Sanger’s book included leaks of confidential national security information, including details of the computer worm Stuxnet that was used in a cyberattack against Iran. Sanger linked the worm to a U.S.-Israeli intelligence operation called “Operation Olympic Games” in a June 2012 New York Times article.

White House officials, including then-National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, began cooperating with Sanger before December 12, 2011.

$328 Billion In New Debt Added In One Day Following McConnell/Reid Deal

-1The deal reached earlier this week between Senators Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell among other things included an unlimited increase in the nation’s debt limit until early February.  On Thursday the first day the Treasury Department could start issuing new debt following President Obama signing the McConnell/Reid deal into law $328 billion in new debt was issued pushing the nations total on budget debt to over $17 trillion.  Note we have an estimated $86 to over $100 trillion in debt in the form of unfunded liabilities for the nations entitlement programs.

The Washington Times has more:

U.S. debt jumped a record $328 billion on Thursday, the first day the federal government was able to borrow money under the deal President Obama and Congress sealed this week.

The debt now equals $17.075 trillion, according to figures the Treasury Department posted online on Friday.

The $328 billion increase shattered the previous high of $238 billion set two years ago.

The giant jump comes because the government was replenishing its stock of “extraordinary measures” — the federal funds it borrowed from over the last five months as it tried to avoid bumping into the debt ceiling.

Under the law, that replenishing happens as soon as there is new debt space.

McConnell/Reid Deal Unconstitutional

Senators Mitch McConnell(R-KY) and Harry Reid(D-NV)

Senators Mitch McConnell(R-KY) and Harry Reid(D-NV)

by C. Steven Tucker

H.R. 2775 – the UNCLEAN and UNCONSTITUTIONAL CR that TRANSFERS power to raise the debt ceiling from Congress to Barack Obama.

This should be on the FRONT PAGE of every newspaper in the nation. The pathetic Republican party just TRANSFERRED power from Congress to Barack Obama to UNILATERALLY borrow money on the CREDIT of the United States – which is what a debt ceiling increase IS.

Under Article 1 section 8 of our U.S. Constitution it states that CONGRESS and ONLY CONGRESS has the power to RAISE our debt ceiling. The latest CR – H.R. 2775 states that Barack Obama can raise the debt ceiling on his own and Congress can only vote to REJECT that debt ceiling increase. Not PROPOSE it but REJECT it. Worse yet if they REJECT his UNILATERAL debt ceiling increase he can VETO it. And we all know that in order to defeat a president veto it takes a 2/3rds majority vote. Good luck getting THAT!


Included in this UNCLEAN CR passed BY REPUBLICANS all members of Congress and their staff will CONTINUE to receive an ILLEGALLY granted 73% taxpayer funded bail out on their Obamacare premiums. A subsidy that was NOT ALLOWED in the original PPACA – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – a.k.a. “Obamacare”. Members of Congress were to buy their insurance inside the Obamacare exchanges and be subject to the SAME ELIGIBILITY RULES that We The People are subject to. NO SUBSIDY is granted to US if our MAGI – Modified Adjusted Gross Income – is more than $45,650 as an individual, $62,000 as a couple or $94,200 as a family of four. Members of Congress make $176,000 a year. THEY will now get a 73% taxpayer funded bail out on their premiums REGARDLESS of their income. That in ITSELF is a VIOLATION of our Constitution which provides us with EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW. That is NOT equal protection. Not even CLOSE.

Worse even YET, millions of Americans who are LOSING THEIR HEALTH INSURANCE because of Obamacare will CONTINUE to lose it and they will be FORCED to buy at least an Obamacare approved “Bronze” plan which subjects a family to $12,700 in out of pocket expenses every year and the premiums are FAR higher than what they are paying now. Most especially for those who are NOT congressmen and who make more than the aforementioned LEGALLY DEFINED income levels where there is NO subsidy granted.

Oh and Mitch McConnell got $2 billion of sweetheart PORK for Kentucky.

Read HR 2775 here: http://thehill.com/…/jan2013/finalfinalsenate.pdf

A Pox On All Their Houses

by Randi Rossi

We have just witnessed the total collapse of American values and greatness across all segments of American culture. We are $17 trillion in debt, crippling each of our children with over $50,000 of debt and roughly $200,000 of unfunded liabilities, and yet our cowardly and irresponsible politicians “kicked the can down the road” again. The people love to blame the politicians because they are such an easy target, but the blame goes far beyond them. Our horribly biased media has totally failed in its duty to educate the people with the truth. The media slandered those few Republicans that tried to stop our hemorrhage of debt as “anarchists” instead of informing the people that Democrat Harry Reid has broken the law and violated the Constitution by not passing a budget in four years. President Obama has not had a budget passed in 4 years either as he and Democrats have increased our massive debt by $5 trillion or 40% in just four years. In addition, President Obama has been the most divisive, dishonest, and destructive president in 150 years with the media’s help. And as the budget debacle went on, the media has not informed the public that Obamacare, which will control 17% of our economy, is a total and complete disaster which will dramatically increase health care costs, limit access to doctors, and “destroy the 40 hour work week and the backbone of the middle class” (union leader Jimmy Hoffa).  But the blame doesn’t stop there. None of this could happen if we had a responsible and engaged public that still believed in American values. I am afraid that we have crossed the line and 51% of Americans don’t understand the values that made our country great. A pox on all of their houses!

The Surrender Caucus Screws Us Again

Rep. Eric Cantor(left) and Speaker John Boehner(right)

Rep. Eric Cantor(left) and Speaker John Boehner(right)

In the waning days of the last Congress some 10 1/2 months ago we were in the midst of another budget battle that became known as the fiscal cliff crap sandwich.  Last time around President Obama and the Democrats used the expiration of the Bush era tax rates as a sledgehammer against House and Senate Republicans who wanted to maintain everyones tax rates.  In the end Senator Mitch McConnnell and Speaker Boehner allowed President Obama to increase taxes on the nations small business owners aka “The Rich” and we got nothing in return.

Mitch-McConnellThis time around with the partial government shutdown in effect and the nation hitting its debt limit tomorrow McConnell and Boehner have yielded the battlefield and are poised to surrender.

Instead of fighting to get Obamacare’s individual mandate delayed a year, or the elimination of the special congressional exemption/subsidy, or the revoking of the contract to the firm that built the Obamacare exchange website, let alone a full out repeal of the medical device tax that no one in Washington likes in either party, we are going to be left with a boat load of nothing in the deal McConnell and Boehner have worked out with Harry Reid and President Obama.

Fox New has more:

Senate leaders on Wednesday announced a bipartisan agreement to end the partial government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling, teeing up a string of votes expected later in the day.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell announced the “important agreement” on the floor.

“The eyes of the world have been on Washington all this week and that is a gross understatement,” Reid said. “The compromise we reached will provide our economy with the stability it desperately needs.”

The framework on the Senate side would raise the debt ceiling through Feb. 7, and include a spending bill meant to last through Jan. 15. The plan would not include any provision relating to the ObamaCare medical device tax, as prior plans did; instead it would include a single provision meant to verify the income of those receiving ObamaCare subsidies. It would also instruct a bipartisan budget committee to report back on a broader plan by mid-December.

Fox News has this on Boehner’s side of this rotten deal:

House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday that the House “absolutely” will take up the new Senate budget plan — even if he has to rely on mostly Democrats to pass it — and that he expects the partial government shutdown to end by Thursday.

Boehner made the comments in an interview with Cincinnati radio station WLW-AM.

“We fought the good fight. We just didn’t win,” he said.

Boehner spoke as the Senate was preparing to vote on a recently struck bipartisan deal to end the partial government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling.

Fought the good fight my ass.

Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and the rest of the moderate-liberal Republican Party establishment didn’t want to use the Continuing Resolution to fight Obamacare let alone to delay or defund it.  They have recoiled in horror at trying to tie some kind of fiscal restraint to any increase in the nation’s debt limit.  While Boehner and McConnell haven’t done so personally they have allowed the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Kelly Ayotte in the Senate and Peter King and Adam Kinzinger in the House to attack Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for daring to try and lead conservatives and Republicans into battle against Obama, Obamacare, and the reckless and fiscally irresponsible spending of the Democrats.

This fight is going to end up a loser for us because way to many Republicans in both the Senate and the House rejected the very idea of trying to fight right now.

Because of the Surrender Caucus the government is going to fully reopen and the debt limit will be raised and all we will get for it is a another deficit super committee that I promise you know will do accomplish one thing they are tasked with and a requirement that the Obama administration enforce an Obamacare rule they already waived once.

The debt limit and government shutdown fights have become real losers for those of us who believe in liberty and limited government and it is all because the GOP establishment has no spine, let alone a set of balls.

So long as Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are leading the Republicans in the House and Senate we are all screwed.

To Default Or Not To Default

Will the United States default on its debt come Thursday?

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is not unless President Obama orders Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to do so.


As this breakdown of spending from FreedomWorks shows the federal government will take in roughly $200 billion each month in tax revenue.  That is just slightly less than the $222 billion needed to pay off all of the nation’s debt obligations for the entire fiscal year.  Therefore for each month we only need to direct $18.5 billion towards debt payments leaving more than $180 billion each month to cover the rest of the federal governments functions including Social Security, Medicare, Medicare, and the military.

As Sarah Jean Seman writes at Townhall that the federal has a, “$12 billion dollar Social Security payment due October 23 and an $18 billion dollar Medicare payment due November 1.”So between debt payments, Social Security and Medicare we have only spent $48.5 out of the $200 billion for the month.Using the numbers provided by FreedomWorks we can add $51 billion a month for the military and $26 billion for Medicaid.  That still leaves the federal government nearly $75 billion each month to pay for every other agency or entitlement program.  Clearly the government will have to make do without some things if and when the debt limit is reached but to talk about this nation defaulting as President Obama and Secretary Lew do is absurd.