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Hillary In Iowa: We Shouldn’t Debate Healthcare

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

During an interview Saturday on KWQC TV in Davenport, Iowa Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that there shouldn’t be a big public debate about healthcare, and she was referrring to Bernie Sanders and his Medicaid/Medicare for all plan of single payer socialized medicine.

Clinton also said she didn’t want her granddaughter living in a country where the economy worked for people at the top.

Clinton: I want to build on the Affordable Care Act. I want to improve it. I want to decrease prices. I want to cap prescription drug costs. I don’t want to start over again and I think thats one of the big differences between us. I don’t want our country going back into a big debate about healthcare. I want us to work to make the economy better for people.

Speaking of the economy, which the Clinton Crime Family has used to amass enormous wealth since leaving the White House from the world’s leading businesses, and tyrants and dictators, without creating anything, Clinton said, “(People are frustrated)The economy mostly working for people at the top and I totally get that, and I feel it too, because It’s not the county I grew up in. It’s not what I want for my granddaughter. I want to get back to America and the American middle class working for everybody.”

How she managed to say that with a straight face is beyond me.

Hillary In Iowa: #FeelTheBern’s Single-Payer Healthcare Would Undo Obamacare

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

The left eats the left.

Hillary Clinton in Iowa Wednesday claimed that her chief rival Vermont Socialist/Marxist Sen. Bernie Sanders plan for universal single-payer healthcare would undo Obamacare.

Hillary wants to make improvements to President Obama’s nightmarish piece of piecemeal socialized healthcare while Bernie wants to go full-bore European style government-run healthcare.

When these two debate on Sunday there should be some fireworks on this topic.

From the QC Times:

Clinton’s camp is warning that Sanders would, with his single-payer proposal, upend the Affordable Care Act, the signature achievement of President Barack Obama and a longtime target of Republicans. It also said Sanders’ plan inevitably would lead to higher taxes on middle-income Americans.

in New Hampshire on Tuesday when former first daughter Chelsea Clinton told a group that “Sen. Sanders wants to dismantle Obamacare,” along with the federal children’s health care program, Medicare and private insurance.

Hillary Clinton supported her daughter Wednesday on ABC News.

“That’s exactly what he proposed” in the past, she said, referring to bills the Vermont senator has introduced, “to take everything we currently know as health care — Medicare, Medicaid, the CHIP program, private insurance, now the Affordable Care Act, and roll it together.”

Mark Kirk Votes To Save Obamacare, Keep Planned Parenthood Funded

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

On Thursday the Senate voted on a bill that repeals large parts of Obamacare and defunds the nations largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood.  Using budget reconciliation, the same procedural move used to pass Obamacare in the first place, Republicans voted 52-47 to approve the Obamacare repeal bill and Planned Parenthood’s defunding, only GOP Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Illinois’ Mark Kirk broke from their caucus, no Democrats backed the measure.

The bill now heads to the Republican controlled House where it will easily pass, President Obama has vowed to veto the bill.

Illinois Review has more:

Kirk has consistently defended tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood, despite undercover videos revealing that various Planned Parenthood clinics were selling baby body parts for medical research. Planned Parenthood at first denied the practice, then promised to end it.

Kirk’s campaign is confident they will win the Republican nomination next March, and have totally disconnected from GOP grassroots’ appeals to reverse his pro-Planned Parenthood position. At least two Republican township organizations have censored Kirk for his support for taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, but Kirk nor his campaign have indicated they are sensitive to or aware of the local organization developments.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Kirk has voted against defunding Planned Parenthood after undercover videos were released which showed the abortion provider breaking numerous federal laws relating to profiting off of the harvesting of baby organs, altering the means of abortions to get as many organs as possible, and of several possible cases of infanticide, killing a baby after it was born alive during an attempted abortion.

Kirk has said that because none of Planned Parenthoods baby body parts scheme took place at its clinics in Illinois he couldn’t support taking away the abortion groups federal funding.

Kirk has offered no explanation as of yet as to why he voted with Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin is trying to save the disastrous Obamacare law.

In response to Kirk’s vote his GOP primary challenger James Marter issued the following statement:

Senator Kirk voting again with Senator Durbin (D-IL) along Democratic Party lines, in spite of promises dating back to 2010 to repeal the ACA after it was passed. When a Vote finally occurs, Senator Kirk, votes NO. He is wrong for free markets and wrong for ILLINOIS!

Senator Kirk does not get that it is NOT OK for the Federal Government to demand of its citizen’s that they must purchase a “product” in a government manipulated and controlled market-place. A “product” which you cannot see, hear, touch, smell, nor taste, which cannot guarantee you any services, which comes with exorbitant ever increasing manipulated prices and deductibles, which no working American can afford. If one fails to comply, the formerly free American citizen, is now a criminal, subject to fines and imprisonment for failure to pay said fines, with the full force of the IRS bearing down. 

What has our Senator in ILLINOIS done to stop it? He’s been in Washington 15 years now. We have an un-constitutional Un-affordable Care Act, violating religious freedom, killing Jobs and bankrupting working-taxpaying Americans, or forcing them to forgo healthcare they need, due to the high costs.

There are numerous common sense ways to solve the problem of health care costs and accessibility: tort reform, portability across states lines and portability from employer plans, individual access to group plans, health savings accounts, and opening prescription drug markets to competition. It’s a complex problem, mostly created and worsened by government intervention, it is time for a change and time for a candidate who can fix the problems to represent Republican values, who is RIGHT for ILLINOIS!

Streator Elementary Teachers Union May Strike Soon After Contract Negotiations Breakdown

streator elementary On Monday the teachers union for the Streator elementary school district abruptly walked out of a negotiating session with the school board and planned to hold a vote to strike on Tuesday afternoon.

The union was upset by comments made by the school districts attorney the Ottawa Times reports.

The school board and the union have been haggling over assessments, retirement incentives, wages, and their healthcare plan.

The district is facing a $600,000 a year tax on the healthcare plan offered to district teachers because of Obamacares Cadillac Tax and wants to make changes to the plan so that the district which is in massive debt, and facing a more than $2 million budget deficit, can avoid having to pay the Obamacare tax.

None of this is going over well with the union and could lead to a strike in the coming weeks.

Hillary In Iowa Says Bernie Sanders Would Raise Taxes On Middle Class, Gut Obamacare

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

The left ate the farther left Sunday in Ames, Iowa when Democrat frontrunner, and leading presidential candidate to be arrested before the Iowa Caucus in February, said that her main rival Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders(Marxist Socialist) would raise taxes on the middle class and end President Obama’s unpopular government takeover of health care, Obamacare.

The QC Times has more:

Fresh from the second Democratic presidential debate, Hillary Rodham Clinton suggested Sunday that Bernie Sanders would raise middle-class taxes and “scrap” President Barack Obama’s health care law, in an escalating critique of the Vermont senator.

Joined by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, at a fall barbecue, the front-runner said middle-class families “need a raise, not a tax increase” and she was the lone Democrat in the debate to commit to raising wages “and not your taxes.”

Without mentioning her main rival by name, Clinton said Democrats should work to build on Obama’s health law and not suggest “we scrap it and start all over again.” During the debate, Clinton questioned Sanders’ 2013 health care legislation, saying it would dismantle the law and empower Republican governors like Terry Branstad of Iowa to administer the health care system in each state. Sanders envisions a “single-payer” system that would be run by the states under federal rules.

This is really rich coming from someone who wants to raise our taxes and expand Obamacare saying Bernie Sanders isn’t progressive enough because he wants to take Obamacare to its final step right away, single payer government run healthcare, and raise our taxes.

Kinzinger: I’m More Conservative Than Donald Trump And The Freedom Caucus

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger has gone and stepped in it again.

In an interview this week with the Pontiac Daily Leader while continuing his assault against the House Freedom Caucus, of which you can expect more of on his appearance Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Kinzinger again lied about him being a conservative saying his “conservative credentials” are better than those of Donald Trump of the House Freedom Caucus.

“If you put my conservative credentials against Donald Trump, for instance, you’ll see I’m way more conservative than him. If you put my credentials against anyone in the Freedom Caucus, you’ll see we all basically believe the same things.

“The difference is the tone. And the difference is the tactics in how we get to where we’re trying to go. That’s where we need to come together as a family and realize that yelling and screaming is not going to be what wins a national election, but putting out a positive vision will be.

“When we’re fractured, we’re not effective.”

Since Adam Kinzinger keeps wanting to bring up his credentials lets look at them:

-Supports amnesty in a major way

-Illinois co-chair for Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign

-Refused to defund Planned Parenthood

-Refused to defund Obamacare

-Voted to keep unconstitutional executive amnesty going and funded

-Has F ratings from Heritage and Conservative Review

-Supported the NSA bulk data collection of Americans phone records

-Has attacked Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Donald Trump more than he ever has Democrats

-Heavily backs the arming of the Syrian rebels

-One of the first to support a US enforced no fly zone over Syria

-Has called for the US led military overthrow of Bashir Assad

-Is trying to erase for political memory in the district that he once supported traditional marriage and now tells people to just let the Supreme Courts nationalization of same sex marriage stand

-Has opposed the flat tax

-Voted for the Fiscal Cliff “crap sandwich”

-Has attacked conservative groups, the Tea Party, and talk radio on multiple occasions

-Joined with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to try to bring new life into the Export-Import Bank

-Went after Matt Drudge for trying to derail Obamatrade, aka the Trans Pacific Partnership and fast track trade authority.

-Is fine with children of illegal immigrants being given birth right citizenship

-intentionally placed his district office in Rockford in a multimillion dollar waste of taxpayer space known as the Bus Station to Nowhere.

-Once said that Obamacare needed to be fixed not replaced

-Has previously backed raising the minimum wage

-And has tried to insinuate that he was a combat fighter pilot for the Air Force in Iraq when in fact he was a refueling tanker pilot by his own admissions(in 2010) and now pilots reconnaissance aircraft in the Air Guard.

Adam Kinzinger you make me and every other conservative and Tea Party member in the state of Illinois sick you lying fraud.

Adam Kinzinger: House Freedom Caucus “Not Even Really Conservative”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

During an interview Thursday with Bloomington/Normal’s 1230 WJBC Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger continued his attacks on the House Freedom Caucus over the pending retirement of John Boehner as Speaker, and the dropping out of Kevin McCarthy as his replace, and the new opposition to Kinzinger’s preferred new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.  Kinzinger said that the House Freedom Caucus was “A strain of populist, not even really conservatives, but populist who kind of forgot the traditions of governing and the rules of the House.”

Kinzinger has had some nerve the last few weeks with his attacks on the Freedom Caucus, conservative groups, the Tea Party, and talk radio over Boehner and the Speakers race and all of his I’m a conservative and the Freedom Caucus and Tea Party aren’t bs.

Since Kinzinger first lied to the Tea Party and conservatives to get elected in 2010 he has been all about pushing heavily for amnesty, continuing the cronyism of the Export-Import Bank, keeping the NSA’s spying of American citizens going, backing ObamaTrade and Sen. Bob Corker’s disastrous bill that is going to allow Iran to get a nuclear weapons, and has voted for everyone of Boehner and Mitch McConnell’s budget, debt limit and continuing resolutions deals that have funded Obamacare, funded unconstitutional executive amnesty, funded Planned Parenthood and its butchery of babies, raised taxes, and cut benefits to our troops and veterans .

That isn’t being a conservative. And neither is supporting Jeb Bush for President, or trying to erase past support for traditional marriage.

That is being a moderate establishment Republican in name only who is a steadfast loyalist to Boehner and the rest of the House leadership and is indicative of someone who is part of the problem in DC not a part of the solution.

Kinzinger is desperate to have Paul Ryan be made Speaker so he and the rest of the establishment Republicans don’t have to run to the Democrats to unite around some loser so that the status quo can remain in power.  We dare not have an actual conservative leading the Republican Party in the House of Representatives.  We dare not, in Adam Kinzinger’s world, have a Speaker of the House who respects the Freedom Caucus, the Tea Party and conservatives and works with them instead of against them all the time.

The more chaotic the fight becomes to name a new Speaker the more you are going to see Adam Kinzinger and his fellow establishment hacks like Charlie Dent and Pete King completely lose it.

Adam Kinzinger Takes His War Against The Freedom Caucus To Fox News

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger was on a whirlwind tour on our favorite cable channel Fox News Monday where he continued his attacks against the Freedom Caucus and to slurp for the GOP establishments new it guy Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan.

On Outnumbered Kinzinger said of Paul Ryan, “He’s the only guy who can unite a pretty fractured caucus right now.” Kinzinger also said that, “If you can’t accept Paul Ryan I don’t know how we can get through this.”

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://video.foxnews.com/v/embed.js?id=4552702557001&w=466&h=263″></script><noscript>Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxnews.com”>video.foxnews.com</a></noscript>

Many conservatives have problems with Paul Ryan because of his past support for amnesty, having the endorsement of Luis Gutierrez doesn’t help, there is also the fact that Ryan has spent nearly is entire adult life in Washington and is a policy wonk to boot not a leader of anyone or anything.  Ryan’s having supported TARP, Medicare part D, and the like in years past aren’t proving to be resume enhancers either.

To this criticism of Ryan Kinzinger said on Outnumbered that, “Unfortenetly I think there is a strain in the party that only accepts perfect and not good…They(Freedom Caucus) have to realize that there are 247 members of the Republican Party(in the House) not just 30.”

Earlier in the day on Fox and Friends Kinzinger was more pointed in his attacks on the Freedom Caucus saying that they had and are taking the speakership hostage.

“The reality is there is this group of people trying to hold the speakership hostage and there is a group of us that says that’s not going to happen. We need somebody to bring the party together not hold the Speaker hostage.”

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://video.foxnews.com/v/embed.js?id=4552091641001&w=466&h=263″></script><noscript>Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxnews.com”>video.foxnews.com</a></noscript>
The Freedom Caucus is insisting that anyone who wants to become Speaker and wants their support has to promise to make major changes to the way the House of Representatives and the Republican Caucus as a whole are run, such as not letting the Speaker have a say on committee assignments or chairmanships, and letting the legislative and committee processes work themselves out instead of lurching from one piece of must pass legislation to another. When asked by Brian Kilmeade about Paul Ryan agreeing to the demands of the Freedom Caucus would be a bad deal Kinzinger said that it absolutely would be and warned any other potential Republican Speaker that he or she shouldn’t make a deal with the Freedom Caucus become there are only 40 or so of them and there are 247 Republicans in the House.   On the web exclusive Overtime portion of Outnumbered Kinzinger attacked Freedom Caucus members for going on TV and naming names of Republicans who are betraying conservative principles because he thinks doing so if beyond reproach.   On Kilmeade’s Fox News radio program following the TV show Kinzinger said that the Freedom Caucus’s demands to reform the power of the Speaker would only put Nancy Pelosi and President Obama in charge of the House. “You’ve got…members of the so called Freedom Caucus..and they’ve claimed that they in essence want to hold the process hostage. When I hear people say he’s(Paul Ryan) not conservative enough I just want to shake my head and wonder what level, what are we trying to strive after if somebody like Paul Ryan, a great leader, isn’t.  In essence these Tea Party, so called Freedom Caucus folks are trying to actually diminish the power of the Speaker…We need to com together as a family and say diminishing the power of the Speaker of the House will only put President Obama and Nancy Pelosi in charge.” <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://video.foxnews.com/v/embed.js?id=4552717268001&w=466&h=263″></script><noscript>Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxnews.com”>video.foxnews.com</a></noscript>  At the end of Kinzinger’s radio interview he went after the Tea Party, whom he used in 2010 to get elected and has since been stabbing in the back(and eye) saying, “(The Tea Party) Is a much smaller movement now(Than 2010) and its people I think in some cases the Tea Party movement has moved the goal post from smaller government to shut the government down, and that’s something I can’t go along with.” Actually Adam we Tea Partiers are still all about limited government.  It is you who has moved the goal post.  In 2010 it was all about repealing Obamacare, and tackling the national debt, and ending the bailouts. In 2015 all we are getting from Adam Kinzinger and his fellow establishment Republicans is amnesty, more amnesty, don’t try to defund Obamacare, don’t try to defund Planned Parenthood and its baby butchery, don’t try to reverse the Supreme Courts nationalization of same sex marriage, just let Boehner, McConnell and the boys surrender to Obama preemptively and we’ll get everything we want when Jeb Bush is President. No thanks. Thankfully Joe from California called into Kilmeade’s program and let Kinzinger have it for his abandonment of the Tea Party and conservatives for a seat next to John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, and now Paul Ryan’s backside.  Joe would say to Kinzinger that he just doesn’t get it and why people are angry at RINOs like him to which Kinzinger replied, “Look I would put my conservative credentials up against anybody in the House of Representatives…This is the most conservative Republican caucus probably ever, and the biggest since WWII. The divide and the difference isn’t conservative credentials its in how you achieve big things..Somehow if we talk about compromise, we talk about working with the other side to achieve  3 yard, 5 yard passes that move the conservative message, it’s somehow not conservative unless you do short of shutting the government down and everything else.” If Adam wants to compare his credential in conservatism to anyone by all means lets put you repeated votes for amnesty against a Steve King or Louie Gohmert.  Want to put your support, along with 41 other RINOs to revive the Export-Import Bank, against Jeb Henserling whose been trying to get rid of that pile of corporate welfare and crony capitalism.  Still want to back Obamatrade Mr. Kinzinger, even Hillary Clinton has come around(or focused grouped) to the realization that is yet another bad deal of Obama’s.  Speaking of which what to compare notes with the Freedom Caucus members when it comes to voting for the Corker bill which totally screwed up the chance to defeat Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. You’ve been a support of every one of Obama, Boehner, and McConnell’s budget, spending, and debt limit deals that have raised taxes, cut veterans benefits, and continue taxpayer funding of unconstitutional executive amnesty, Planned Parenthood, and Obamacare, who conservative do you think those votes are. Want to put your vehement support for military intervention in Syria up for scoring congressman Kinzinger? How conservative is it to back arming the Syrian rebels when we know they can and are giving those weapons and themselves to ISIS and Al Qaeda.  Where is it conservative, let alone prudent, to back regime change in Syria when the only one who could fill that power vacuum is ISIS.  Still want to back the US and our allies enforcing a no fly zone over Syria now that the Russians have gotten involved?   Whatever definition of conservative Adam Kinzinger is using he needs to stop and look in the mirror and say to himself “I am a moderate establishment Republican. I am a RINO.” repeatedly until he gets it and understands why he has a 38% score from Conservative Review 

Adam Kinzinger’s War Against The Freedom Caucus

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Since conservative opposition to John Boehner forced him to resign, and with the subsequent withdrawal of his anointed successor Kevin McCarthy from the Speakers race, Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger as stepped forward as a leader for the moderate establishment wing for the Republican Party in their assault against the House Freedom Caucus, the 40 or so Tea Party conservatives, responsible for ruining the GOP establishments plans to continue to surrender to the Obama, Reid, Pelosi agenda.

Kinzinger and other establishment Republicans like Pete King of New York and Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania are becoming increasingly vocal in their anger and displeasure at the House Freedom Caucus and the forces that are behind them including conservative organizations, talk radio, and the Party’s grassroots base.

Because of this newfound vigor to attack conservatives and the Tea Party, Vox of all places late this week openly suggested that Kinzinger and his fellow moderates join with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to propel their unnamed candidate as Speaker to victory.  Why not Kinzinger and 40 other moderate Republicans just joined with the Democrats to force a vote to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank onto the House floor.

These same moderate Republicans have been used by Boehner and McCarthy in the past to work with Democrats to pass continuing resolutions, and other budget and debt deals over the last 5 years so whats to stop them from doing it again to make sure someone they want becomes Speaker of the House, ensuring that the status quo remains unchanged and that those responsible for Boehner’s ouster and the ruination of McCarthy’s coronation are severely punished.

And Adam Kinzinger most certainly wants to punish the House Freedom Caucus and acknowledged he’s taking a leadership role for the establishment in an interview with Crain’s Chicago saying, “I’m a leader of the party, and I’m worried that we’re alienating the people”.

At the beginning of the month Kinzinger told the Chicago Sun-Times that the Freedom Caucus, talk radio, and conservative groups such as the Heritage Foundation and FreedomWorks whipped up anger and dissent within the Republican Party and voters to raise money.

On Monday Kinzinger outright said on 1440 WROK in Rockford that the House Freedom Caucus has been hurtful to the Republican Party, saying “now they’re(House Freedom Caucus) willing to put our fights out in public and I think that’s been pretty hurtful(to the GOP).”

In a Tuesday op-ed in Crain’s Chicago Kinzinger said that talk radio, conservative groups, and the Freedom Caucus had hijacked the Tea Party label for profit and were destroying the party from the inside and wholly embraced John Boehner’s characterization of his critics as “false prophets”, while continually lying about being a true Tea Party conservative himself.  In that piece Kinzinger also suggested that he was going to fight tooth and nail against the Tea Party, talk radio, conservative groups, and the House Freedom Caucus to save the Republican Party from them and welcomes all the slings and arrows that he expects to come his way.

On Wednesday Kinzinger was telling leftwing rag and favorite outlet of the GOP establishment Politico, in a quote that got picked up by Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review and read on air by Mark levin, said that he and the other establishment Republicans in the House were done giving compromises to the conservatives and that John Boehner’s scalp was enough, “The question isn’t on us, it’s on the so-called Freedom Caucus — I don’t call them the Freedom Caucus — do they want to be part of a united caucus, or do they want to continue how they are?” asked Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.). “A lot of us say this, I respect them as legislators, and a lot of them are my friends. But they got the scalp of [Speaker John] Boehner, in their mind, and I think we’re done giving them concessions.” Of course this was before McCarthy would withdraw from the Speakers race due in no small part to the Freedom Caucus as a group backing Daniel Webster of Florida’s bid to be Speaker.

Thursday Kinzinger was telling 720 WGN‘s Roe Conn and Anna Davlantes that McCarthy was made to drop out of the Speakers race because the House Freedom Caucus had, “Made unrealistic demands of him.” Kinzinger also said that the House Freedom Caucus and their conservative allies had too much power and criticized them for their name say, “We’re all for freedom, you can call yourself whatever you want.”

Thursday night when asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if the fight between GOP leadership and the moderates and the House Freedom Caucus conservatives was hurting the Republican Party, “I don’t think it helps…That’s been a concern of mine with the Republican Party is united behind our common principles so it doesn’t help, I think, to send a question to the American people about our ability to govern.”  Later Kinzinger attacked North Carolina congressman Walter Jones over his advice to his fellow Republicans that the next Speaker not have any scandals hiding in their closets saying, “You know people haven’t taken him overly seriously in a long time out here(Washington DC).”

This is a lot of chutzpah for someone who is a major amnesty supporter and the co-chair of Jeb Bush’s Illinois presidential campaign.  Is leading the effort to get the Export-Import bank brought back to life. Continually criticized anyone for wanting to defund Planned Parenthood during the continuing resolution fight last month. Regularly attacks Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Donald Trump and went after Matt Drudge over Obamatrade. Supporters the NSA’s bulk data collection of Americans phone records. And has simply lied to people since he first announced he wanted to be a congressional candidate in 2010.

Adam Kinzinger can think he’s going to lead to war to defeat the House Freedom Caucus and the Tea Party and that that will be his final stepping stone towards being Mark Kirk’s replacement in the Senate all he wants. But as the John Steinbeck wrote in Of Mice and Men, the best laid plans often go awry.


Adam Kinzinger You Are Not And Never Have Been A Tea Party Conservative

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

As the only reporter, blogger, or political commentator that is regularly critical of the things said by Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger(Mark Levin and AM560 The Answers Joe Walsh are occasionally) it is incumbent upon me to set the smug jerk straight.

In an op-ed that ran late Tuesday in Crain’s Chicago Kinzinger wrote about the retirement of Speaker John Boehner, and the forces that drove him out, talk radio, conservative think tanks and grassroots organizations, and the Republican Party’s base, and trashed them all as being profiteers who are only holding the GOP establishment and congressional leadership accountable for money, and listeners, and clicks and hijacked the Tea Party label.

 Boehner nailed the problem with the Republican Party on the head…

In a CBS interview just after announcing he would leave his post, Boehner nailed the reason: the false prophets (they could be called “the profits”). Their sole goal is to promote purity for profit. These are talk-show hosts and pundits who anger the base to hook an audience and sell ad space. Scream louder, get angrier, call people names, and the checks roll in.

Some so-called “think tanks” in Washington, D.C., even create score cards, often contrived and authored by young, unelected people, simply to drive the fundraising effort that pays their salaries. Just look at your recent emails or pleas for cash. It’s not uncommon to read “we are the ones keeping the GOP pure,” or “purge the RINOs.” These profiteers hijacking the tea party label for their own self-interest are neither Republicans nor conservatives, and they certainly don’t represent the best of any wing of our party.

Kinzinger then went on to repeatedly call himself a member of the Tea Party conservative and was proud to have been pushed into office in 2010 as part of that wave election but said that those that are and have been opposed to what Kinzinger, a loyal Boehner yes man since the day he was sworn in, and the GOP establishment have been doing are destroying the Republican Party.

 The truth is, as a conservative Republican myself, the standards espoused by these “profits” often go against our party’s core ideals. I’ve come to believe that being a conservative, according to them, is more about tone and less about actual beliefs. The louder you yell, the more conservative you are.

I’m done pretending this problem doesn’t exist. I’m tired of seeing our party destroyed from the inside. Many would recommend I not even submit this for fear of retribution by the false prophets. However, I’ve spent a little time defending my country as an Air Force pilot, a job I continue to this day in the Air National Guard. If we are going to ask our young men and women to be willing to die for our nation, shouldn’t we be willing to give our careers to do what’s right?

As Jeb Bush’s Illinois co-chair, a staunch supporter of amnesty for illegal immigrants, and Boehner loyalist, Kinzinger has some nerve calling himself a conservative.  And he has no business calling himself a member of the Tea Party.

Yes, in the 2010 campaign Kinzinger ran, and sounded, and promised, that he was a Tea Party conservative, heck he even somehow managed to con Sarah Palin into endorsing him, that he was going to go to Washington and fight Obama, repeal Obamacare in total, cuts the deficits, and the national debt, cut taxes and so on.

Thanks to the Tea Party and a grassroots groundswell across the nation that saw 5 new Republicans headed to Congress and a Republican(granted openly moderate) to the Senate(Mark Kirk).  Adam Kinzinger was among that group that also included firebrand Joe Walsh, Bobby Schilling, and Randy Hultgren.  Immediately after being elected Adam Kinzinger turned his back on the Tea Party and conservatives in Illinois, in his district, and nationally.

As Illinois Tea Party leader Denise Cattoni will say to anyone who will listen, “Adam Kinzinger stabbed us in the back”.  Since then he’s been stabbing us in the eye.

By the 2012 primary every Tea Party group in the redrawn 16th CD and the Tea Party statewide unanimously backed longtime conservative congressman Don Manzullo whom Kinzinger had elected to primary after being drawn out of his 11th district, and chose not to challenge Democrat Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. who was known to have been in trouble(Jackson is now serving time for misusing campaign and office funds).

During that campaign Kinzinger used a talk show interview to needlessly attack Zack Oltmanns and his organization Illinois Conservatives because the group had endorsed Manzullo days earlier.

Ever since, as any reader of mine can confirm, Kinzinger has repeatedly attacked the Tea Party and conservatives from using an appearance on ABC’s This Week to attack the Club For Growth, FreedomWorks, and the Heritage Foundation, all in one breath, to continually attacking Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. With Boehner’s ouster Kinzinger has taken to attacking the House Freedom Caucus lead by Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan.

Since Kinzinger endorsed Jeb Bush’s presidential ambitions in February, well before Bush even officially announced, he has used every opportunity to go after Donald Trump because Trump yells and screams too much and that apparently hurts little Adam’s sensitive ears.

This is just some of the reason why Mark Levin has said that Adam Kinzinger “Detest the conservative base”.

And Adam wonders why the Tea Party, conservative organizations, bloggers, and talk radio have a problem with him and the GOP establishment.

Might it have something to do with your unwavering desire to give illegal immigrants amnesty.  Or your new found mission to erase from history your previous support of traditional marriage now that you’ve said we have to just accept the Supreme Court rewriting marriage law for all 50 states.  Could it be your defense of the NSA’s bulk data collection of Americans phone records, or the continuation of the crony capitalism of the Export-Import Bank.  Voting to pass every one of the budget or debt deals President Obama worked out with Boehner and McConnell that raised taxes, failed to defund Obamacare, or Planned Parenthood, aren’t accomplishments to be proud of, we call the Fiscal Cliff deal a crapsandwich for a reason, and promising to back Kevin McCarthy for Speaker and Steve Scalise for majority leader is not going to win you any favors.

Of course congressman Kinzinger is feeling emboldened, his stature as the House’s go to spokesperson on all things foreign policy is secure, his appearances on Fox News for softball interviews don’t stop, and he’s pissed that the people he’s been attacking for the last 5 years have won a victory by ousting Boehner and now is launching into a counter offensive.

Kinzinger is probably thinking that if he can look all tough and get all kinds of praise from the likes of Dana Milibanks, for attacking those responsible for getting rid of John Boehner over the next few weeks, that will finally convince Sen. Mark Kirk that it is okay for him to retire or not seek reelection, so he can avoid to embarrassment of getting clobbered by Tammy Duckworth.

Kinzinger just got done saying earlier this week that he’s a leader now in the Republican Party, and its seems to be his mission to drive an even bigger wedge between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party conservative base likely on his way to trying to be a Senator so he can join his good pals John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Try it and you’ll find yourself being thrown out of Washington just like Boehner and Eric Cantor.

Rep.Kinzinger(R-IL): House Freedom Caucus Has Been Hurtful To GOP

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

On Monday morning Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger was on 1440 WROK’s Riley and Scott morning show to talk about the fight within the House Republican caucus over new leadership with the announcement that Speaker John Boehner will be retiring at the end of October. Kinzinger said that the 40 or so Tea Party conservatives who make up the House Freedom Caucus have been hurtful to the Republican Party by bring internal family struggles out into the public.

” the so called Freedom caucus is they have now been willing to go outside of that, lets have a fight in the family and then lets put on a good public front like the Demorats do so well by the way, and now they’re willing to put our fights out in public and I think that’s been pretty hurtful(to the GOP).”

That internal GOP infighting resulted in Boehner being forced out of office and is resulting in the conservative grassroots to demand the same of Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Kinzinger said that the House Freedom caucus is only a “so-called Freedom caucus” because he’s just as conservative as Louis Gohmert or Jim Jordan or Mo Brooks its just that they differ on tactics.


Kinzinger gets his F rating from Conservative Review for a reason.  Supporting amnesty to the hilt, supporting the corporate welfare of the Export-Import Bank, attacking Matt Drudge for delaying Obamatrade, voting for everyone of Boehner and McConnell’s budget/debt/spending packages, voting to fund Planned Parenthood in the recently passed Continuing Resolution.  That is just a small portion of why Adam Kinzinger has no business ever calling himself a Republican and lets not get into all of Kinzinger’s attacks against Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, FreedomWorks, the Club for Growth, Heritage Foundation, libertarians in general, conservative talk radio and more. Let us also not forget that Kinzinger is the Illinois co-chair for Jeb Bush’s presidential run.

During his interview with WROK Kinzinger also said that he’d back California congressman Kevin McCarthy being made the next Speaker, he is being challenged by Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, and Florida Rep. Daniel Webster who is a former Speaker of the Florida House.  Kinzinger also said that he’d back Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise being promoted to majority leader.

“If Kevin McCarthy is elected Speaker then the majority leader post is open and Steve Scalise is who I’ll be supporting, a good conservative from Louisiana he’s currently the whip. He’s actually really good at bringing I think the conservatives and the call them less conservatives together.”

More bull-butter.

Scalise is an establishment Republican whose been doing Boehner’s bidding and if Scalise has gotten conservatives to go along with Boehner and the boys(including Kinzinger’s) plans to surrender and wave the white flag for the Obama agenda no one has noticed.

Indeed since Scalise became whip last year after the primary defeat of majority leader Eric Cantor in Virginia to Tea Party upstart Dave Brat(who has a 100% Conservative Review rating) allowing McCarthy to get promoted the divisions between GOP House leadership and conservatives both in the House and across the country has only gotten worse.  There is a reason why Rep. Mark Meadows attempt to force a no confidence vote against Boehner was gaining traction and was likely to succeed.

Boehner, McCarthy, Scalise and Adam Kinzinger have been sticking a knife right into the eye of conservatives across the country with their refusal to do anything about Planned Parenthood’s butchery of babies, or to make a real attempt at repealing Obamacare, or their insistence of funding executive amnesty. Time and again Boehner, Kinzinger and company have surrender to Obama and his liberal agenda without even contemplating fighting him and that is why the American people want to totally clean house in Congress and throw the bums like Kinzinger out.

Partial transcript:

Kinzinger: The Freedom caucus, I call them the so called Freedom caucus, we’re all as conservative as they are, I just want to be clear about that sometimes they get called The Conservatives, its’ just the tactics differ.

(After explaining procedure for electing Speaker)The fight for Speaker happened as a family, behind closed doors, but then we come out and show a unified front and whats been different with the so called Freedom caucus is they have now been willing to go outside of that, lets have a fight in the family and then lets put on a good public front like the Demorats do so well by the way, and now they’re willing to put our fights out in public and I think that’s been pretty hurtful(to the GOP).

Kinzinger attacking the House Freedom Caucus.

Kinzinger talking about supporting Steve Scalise for majority leader.

Kinzinger: Conservatives, Talk Radio Whipping Up Anger And Dissent To Raise Money

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times Wednesday Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger said that conservatives(namely Ted Cruz and the House Freedom Caucus) and talk radio were whipping up peoples anger and dissent in Congress and Washington in general to raise money, not to govern.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Kinzinger blamed radio talk-show hosts and some conservative, GOP-allied political groups for whipping up anger and dissent to raise money — not to govern.

Kinzinger has been a loyal ally of outgoing Speaker John Boehner and House Republican leadership since he first lied to and used the Tea Party wave of 2010 to get elected.  While Kinzinger has called what Planned Parenthood has done in its baby body parts business Nazi like, he has had no will to defund the nations largest abortion provider of its $500 million in annual taxpayer subsides.

Kinzinger will fight, even if he is really alone, to advance amnesty for illegal immigrants, but he will not fight for the babies being butchered by Planned Parenthood.

In 2013 he wouldn’t fight to defund Obamacare and attacked Ted Cruz when he tried.

The Jeb Bush for President Co-chair in Illinois, along side former Gov. Jim Edgar(what was Pat Brady not available?), also laughably told the Sun-Times that he’s as conservative as anyone:

“I’m probably as conservative as anybody . . . but I understand in a split government the American people demand that we govern, and unfortunately there are people who make money on us not governing,” Kinzinger said.

“I always say this. Give me an avenue to victory, not just an avenue for a fight,” he added.

There is nothing wrong with advancing the conservative agenda “a few yards at a time,”

It is irksome to no end to hear an amnesty supporting, Boehner loyalist, who is actively trying to make his past support of traditional marriage disappear, and has voted for every one of Boehner and McConnell’s budget, tax, debt, and spending deals, call himself a conservative.

When Kinzinger isn’t doing the bidding of the crony corporatist in trying to keep the Export-Import Bank alive, he’s voting to continue funding for President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty.  When he isn’t doing that he’s joining with John McCain and Lindsey Graham to arm the Syrian rebels, who turn around and either join ISIS or Al Qaeda or give them the weapons Kinzinger and company have been lobbying endlessly that they be allowed to have.

But when it comes to defunding Planned Parenthood, defunding Obamacare, stopping executive amnesty, Kinzinger says that’s just not how things get done in Washington.

“They say all we have to do is shut down the federal government and the president will be compelled to be on our side,” which is just not how things work.

He rejects arguments by the hard-liners that “if you shut down the federal government over Obamacare or if you shut down the federal government over Planned Parenthood, then you are really fighting . . . and anything short of that is selling out.”

May I remind the young Mr. Kinzinger that because of government shutdowns in the past we have or had things like a balanced budget, work to welfare reform, and the continuation of key military programs under Reagan.

*Update: Illinois conservative activist and Family PAC head Paul Caprio hammered Kinzinger for his remarks to the Sun-Times, from Illinois Review:

“Stop attacking the integrity of the Republican Party base, Congressman. It’s insulting and divisive to grassroots conservatives. This is why so many conservatives are angry with Washington,”

Must Watch: Ted Cruz: Heritage Action Forum(Video)

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz

This weekend Sen. Ted Cruz spoke at the Heritage Action Presidential Forum in South Carolina.  Cruz’s answers to questions about repealing and replacing Obamacare and on the Supreme Court are better than anything anyone said at the debate.

This is a must watch.

Rick Perry: Defending The American Dream Summit 2015(Video)

Rick Perry

Rick Perry

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry spoke Saturday at Americans For Prosperities Defending The American Dream summit in Columbus, Ohio.

I’ll be honest it wasn’t a great speech, and by the end Perry knew it when he said “I’m not a great public speaker”. At times he sounded like a dry college professor talking on National Public Radio, he was at his absolute best when he talked about immigration and border security.  The crowd was very receptive of his effort to put law enforcement on the border during last summer surge of illegal immigrants many children from Central America.

Perry took several shots at Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s defends of his expansion of Medicare under Obamacare.  Kasich has said that he did so to get Ohio’s share of federal spending so that it did not go to other states, and that his expansion has helped the poor and disabled and needy.  Perry wanted to know what this all meant to our children and grand children share of the national debt.

Of Donald Trump Gov. Perry said that if Trump is and would change his views over the years as he campaigns what was to stop him from changing them again if he were President.

Hillary In Iowa: Reaganomics One Of Worst Ideas Of The ’80s

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Speaking at the Iowa Democrat Parties Hall of Fame dinner Friday night in Cedar Rapids former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attacked the pro-growth economic policies of President Ronald Reagan as one of the worst ideas of the 1980s saying, “Trickle down economics has to be one of the worst ideas of the 1980s.  It is right up there with New Coke, shoulder pads, and big hair.  I’ve lived through that…and we are not going back to that.”

President Reagan’s policies of deregulation and across the board tax cuts helped spur the greatest economic growth period in the history of the country helping to create some 20 million new jobs during his 8 years in office.  Reagan’s economic policies also saw the Gross Domestic Product(GDP) increase at annual rates at 5 to 8 percent during his presidency with some quarters of GDP growth at or near 10%.  During President Obama’s 7 years of economic malaise he’s been lucky if GDP grows at 1 percent.  There were points during the 1980s under Ronaldus Magnus were one months new job creation has topped whole years for President Obama.

Hillary continued, “We can’t let Republicans take us back like they are trying to do.  We are not going back to trickle down economics or the wild west on Wall Street. We’re not going back to insurance companies charging women more for the same coverage.  We’re not going back to denying climate change.”

During her more than 15 minute speech Clinton attacked Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for his collective bargaining reforms which limited the power and influence of unions while enabling the state and local units of government to balance their budgets without having to layoff workers.  She also attacked former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for wanting American workers forced into part-time work due to the policies of President Obama, namely Obamacare, to be able to get full-time jobs saying Republican policies would do just the opposite.

The former Secretary of State for President Obama defended Obama’s Jimmy Carter-esque economic record(the workforce participation rate is as low as it was at the start of Carter’s term in the late ’70s) saying, “Our county has worked so hard to come back from the financial crisis.  With President Obama’s leadership and the determination of the American people we’re standing again.  But we’re not yet running the way America should and now we have to choose whether we’re going to return to the failed top down policies that wrecked our economy before or move forward to chart a stronger, fairer, and more prosperous future.”

Funny, I thought the financial crisis was caused by the top down housing policies of liberal Democrats like Jimmy Carter, Barney Frank, and Hillary’s husband former President Bill Clinton who forced and/or pressured banks and other lenders to lower their standards so that minorities and poor people who had no business buying a house could do so, thus creating the sub-prime loan mess and housing bubble that bust in the last year of President George W. Bush’s tenure.

The truth is the economic polices of Ronald Reagan helped to create the longest and greatest period of economic growth and job creation the nation and the world has ever seen; an entire generation grew up knowing nothing but economic prosperity because Reagan cut taxes across the board and was friendly towards business and innovation.  The dot com boom and the explosion in personal electronics, the rebirth of AM radio, a major expansion in domestic energy production, and those 20+ million new jobs we all made possible because of Reaganonmics.

Stagnation, a decline in household income, the shifting of the work force from full-time to part-time, and the explosion in the number of Americans not working(some 93 million to date) are all a result of the economic policies of Barack Obama.

Hillary repeatedly said she doesn’t want the country to go back to the GREAT economic times of the ’80s, well I don’t want to see the Obama malaise continue for one more day.  For that to happen the next President has to embrace the model given to us by Reagan not the Jimmy Carter on steroids model of Obama and Clinton.

In Congress

Independence Day 2015 – “…we mutually pledge to each other…”

by Jesus Alaniz

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being accompanied by a single mother during a photoshoot in Chicago. I’d noticed her opinions before and was very pleased that she seemed to be an educated and well informed person. It was at that time I had an epiphany between the struggling working class trying to make ends meet and the politicians I’ve helped.

There are two significant dates regarding the Declaration of Independence. The first is the usual and customary date of July 4th which is celebrated with parades and festivities consisting of people and politicians who call themselves Americans and who lack courage and would rather compromise and sell your soul for their welfare in the “spirit of getting things done”. It has become easier for some to cast ballots for phony Founder wannabes who promises to reform & restore their Liberties only to have them bartered and sold far away at market prices.

The second and probably the most important date is July 2, 1776 in which John Adams wrote in a July 3, 1776 letter to his wife Abigail Adams, “The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epocha in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward, forevermore.” Not so long ago I sat by the river and watched an American Bald eagle fly overhead and I thought of the politicians who come to you asking you for your support only to have them give you an excuse as to why they can’t endorse you or your candidate when you need it. Recently I’ve had people find me and thank me for the letters I write. My heart pours out for the young and old who tell their friends and families about my letters without any fears of retribution, reputation, or fear of losing everything. The introduction to the Declaration reads “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…” I believe the time is coming for me to break away from the politicians who lack the courage to fight. The last line reads “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”  Trust me I will never confuse that honorable single working mother with the slick politician. On this Independence Day I say, “Those who have little and are willing to risk all in the cause of freedom & right, are mine and belong to me – let freedom ring.”

IL18 Special Election: LaHood: GOP Should Tweak, Change And Fix Obamacare

Sen. Darin LaHood

Sen. Darin LaHood

In an interview Tuesday morning on 1230 WJBC in Bloomington Illinois state Sen. Darin LaHood, who is running against Breitbart editor Mike Flynn in the Republican special election primary to replace the disgraced Aaron Schock on July 7th, said that Republicans after the 2016 Presidential election should put forth a plan that would change and fix Obamacare as well as tweak it.

LaHood said, “If we get a Republican President, which I hope we do, there’ll be an opportunity to put forth a plan to change Obamacare and fix it.”

LaHood added, “Listen there are tweaks and there are changes that need to be made” to Obamacare.

Both interviewers pressed LaHood to reject conservative Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare as they’ve voted to do 50 plus times, which the interviewers say were failed efforts, funny every last one of those votes passed the House as I recall, and to stop with Supreme Court legal challenges to President Obama’s signature socialist achievement.  LaHood didn’t entirely play along, but obviously did step into the establishment GOP talking points of fixing Obamacare rather than driving a stake through its heart.

LaHood somewhat redeemed himself when he said, “Obamacare is restricting growth.  Obviously the Supreme Court ruled(King v Burwell) but that doesn’t mean with a new President or a Congress can put forth changes to Obamacare whether that’s repealing it and putting in more market place ideas.”

Memo to GOP congressional candidates Obamacare cannot be fixed, it wasn’t meant to be fixed, it was meant to push this country into a European style centralized and socialized  single payer system of health care rationing.

You can’t fix that, you can only repeal it, and if that doesn’t work, repeal it again, and again, and again until such time as Obamacare is pulled out root and branch.

When SCOTUS Becomes A “Threat To Democracy” The Cure Is Article V And The #LibertyAmendments

Justices of the Supreme Court

Justices of the Supreme Court

In the span of two days the Supreme Court of these United States became a “threat to demomcracy” as the great Justice Antino Scalia wrote in one of his dissents.  In the Courts three rulings King v Burwel upholding Obamacare subsides for the federal exchange, Texas Housing v Inclusive Communities which found that discrimination in housing can happen simply by statistics, and Obergefell v. Hodges which nationalized gay marriage, a serious blow was dealt to the foundations of our nation, our system of government, society itself, and to the Constitution.

In Burwell, Chief Justice John Roberts once again rewrote Obamacare so as to keep the law intact rather than do the right and legally required thing and strike it down, in this case the subsides for the federal exchange, twisting the meaning of words to suit an outcome.

In Texas v Inclusive Communities the Court found that discrimination can now happen by statistical anoymally.  Even  in the abscense of overt, planned/pattern, or documentable evidence of discrimination that disctinction can be so applied just by the appearance of it in statistical analysis.  We all know what Mark Twain said about statistics. This will be used by the progressive left, and the bureacruats Obama has been putting in place at the Department of Housing and Urban Development to force communities to build low-income and government housing for poor and minorities soley to change the ethnic and racial make-up of a community because it doesn’t fit into the master plan of a centralized government planner.

In Hodges, the Court, lead by Justice Anthony Kennedy, bastardized the 14th amendment to nationalize same sex marriage. Making 5 Judges in black robes superior and more knowledgeable than thousands of years of human history, culture, and tradition, not to mention centuries of legal precedent that has defined marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Worse this decision makes the erasure of the 9th and 10th amendments, which on their faces should have made the question of marriage that of the sole juristiction of the seperate states of the union, complete. And forget about the founding precept of Federalism.

The Supreme Court has indeed become a threat to our Democracy and to the Constiution it is sworn to protect and uphold.

Therefore we must use the best tool available to use to fix a broke Court and that is Article V’s Convention of the States process to amend the Constitution.

Over a year ago Mark Levin worte in his best seller The Liberty Amendments that the Convention process needed to be used to place term limits on the Supreme Court(as well as Congress) and that Supreme Court rulings needed to have a veto measure over them.  Levin called for giving Congress and state legislatures each their three-fifths override authority they could enact on Supreme Court rulings within 24 months of their issuance.

In the wake of the rulings Texas Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz has offered an amendment that would create retention elections for Supreme Court Justices as is done in some 20 other states currently.

On the Senate floor Cruz blasted the Courts judicial activism and suggested that if Chief Justice Roberts and others wanted to be legislators they should resign from the bench and run for Congress.

Fellow GOP presidential candidate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has his own constitutional fix to the Supreme Courts abuse of its power, an amendment affirming marriage as a states issue only.

Any amendment to the Constitution affecting the Supreme Court or its terrible rulings would require three-fourths votes of each chamber of Congress and the ratification of three-fourths of the states, or under the Convention process two-thirds of the state legislatures calling for a Convention with three-fourths of the states required for ratification.

The Supreme Court has greatly stepped outside its bounds and has begun issuing rulings, that are new pieces of legislation(see both rewrites by Roberts of Obamacare) or fundamentally alter historical institutions, like marriage, that owe their origins to the days before we fully established systems of government or codes of law.  This lawlessness and judicial tyranny needs to come to an end.

We have used the amendment process to the Constitution to fix bad Supreme Court rulings in the past; the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments directly undo the Courts Dred Scott decision.  And it is time to do so again.

The Article V Convention applications have already been submitted to Congress by four states(Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Florida) and application resolutions are pending and being debated in state legislatures across the country.

Protesters Outside Rep. Kinzinger’s District Office Want Congress To Stop Exempting Itself From Obamacare

Obamacare protest in Ottawa, photo Ottawa Times

Obamacare protest in Ottawa, photo Ottawa Times

A small group of protesters gathered Wednesday afternoon in downtown Ottawa to protest Congress exempting itself and its members from having to comply with portions of Obamacare.

Some folks from the Rockford area expressed interest in doing the same at Kinzinger’s district office at Rockford’s Bus Station To Nowhere, but I haven’t heard if any did.

Those who protested in Ottawa, part of a national series of protest organized by the Tea Party Patriots of congressional offices across the country, are upset that members of Congress and their staves are able to get subsidized for their insurance, when the law said they should get any subsidy, thanks to a move by President Obama’s Office of Management and Budget that was not stopped or blocked, let alone undone by the Republican controlled Congress.

The Ottawa Times has more:

More than a dozen protesters in downtown Ottawa on Wednesday demonstrated against what they considered special subsidies for members of Congress and their staffers.

In a light mist, they held signs in front of the Central Life Building, 628 Columbus St., where Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Channahon, has a district office. The protesters said they would ask the congressman’s office staff to relay their request that he support a bill to end the subsidy.

Some motorists, including a couple of semi-truck drivers, honked in support.

“Why should our tax dollars pay for this? This is not a Democratic or Republican issue. It’s nonpartisan.”

She also said the group wasn’t targeting Kinzinger, who has voted many times to repeal Obamacare.

Tony Sodaro of Ottawa was among the protesters.

“These guys in Congress are elected by us,” he said. “They should go by their own (laws).”

Kinzinger’s office had no immediate comment to the protesters.

Politicians Are Slaves Too

by Jesus Alaniz

I’ve reflected on our nation’s riots and the arrogant politicians, taxes and laws that may have caused them. I object to the riots because of all of the destruction and looting to personal and business property owners along with the innocent bystanders rather than properly attacking the real enemy. On the other hand our liberty did not come from Colonists sipping tea and munching on crumpets with the English. “We are a nation of laws and the law is the law. We must be obedient to the law and if you don’t like the law then vote for those who’ll change the law or run for public office and change it yourself”, arrogant politicians, courts and police will tell you along with some uninformed citizens. John Adams once said “Facts are stubborn things…” and it is time that we look at some facts and face reality. Ruling parties and their parrots will tell you that America has become a better place since they took office and all about America’s freedom, however, one June 2014 source ranks America as the no. 2 country in the world with the highest incarceration rate with an estimated 707 persons incarcerated for every 100,000 hence America is not as “free” as one might think. I won’t rehash unjust laws and taxes, but I do believe that the balance of power is tipping towards those who were unjustly made “criminals”. In his Spirit of the Law, Montesquieu wrote, “…every tyrant is at the same time a slave…” Freemen and freed convicts can travel, go about and live anywhere whether it’s gated community or the ghetto where politicians dare not go. There are now two powerful forces, those holding office and those who have served their time in prison. Montesquieu observed and wrote “The republic constantly demanded some new tax of me; and I could not decline paying. Since I have grown poor, I have acquired authority; nobody threatens me; I rather threaten others. I can go or stay where I please. The rich already rise from their seats and give me the way. I am a king, I was before a slave: I paid taxes to the republic, now it maintains me: I am no longer afraid of losing: but I hope to acquire.” President Kennedy warned during the Civil Rights movement “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Lawmakers need to return to representative status, represent their people & their liberties and stop making revenue generating laws that make criminals out of innocent people. Look at our neighborhoods. If crime has increased then you might be enslaved by former slaves who no longer have fear or those who’ve had loved ones unjustly incarcerated. I also detest those who support “social justice”. Study the social justice politicians and in many cases you’ll find they’ve been the ones who raised taxes and passed unjust laws believing they were doing God’s work when they were really doing the devils.