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Trump Love Is No Excuse To Attack Convention Of States

conventionIt is one thing for a Donald Trump devotee to share fake stories from fake websites or to tout the awesomeness and definitive certainty of online polls but it is something else altogether when one uses their love of Trump as an excuse to attack the Article V Convention of States effort.

As of today 8 state legislatures, from Florida to Alaska, have approved applications to hold a Convention of States under Article V of the Constitution for the purpose of debating and proposing constitutional amendments for state ratification.

This is an effort that began gaining traction with the 2013 release of best-selling author and talk show host Mark Levin’s book The Liberty Amendments and has only grown since then and is going to continue in 2017 as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has made making his state the 9th to join the effort to reign in the out of control Federal government as top legislative priority of his, a priority he reiterated in new book Broken But Unbowed.

But leave it up to Trump cultist logic to conflate a conservative, principled plan to save the Republic and the Constitution from liberal Statists and crony capitalist RINOs, that began 3 years before Donald Trump was ever a presidential candidate with a plot to harm The Donald that must be stopped.

Illinois Review contributor Nancy Thorner wrote Monday, “”Never Trump” people are the leaders in pushing the Convention of States. They include Eric O’Keefe (who led the delusional effort at this summer’s Republican Convention in Cleveland to deny Trump the nomination) and Michael Farris (who has continued to publicly criticize Trump). These “Never Trump” people are the new RINOS.  Failing to back the Donald Trump, do we want our Constitution rewritten by them?”

Nancy spent the majority of her piece attacking the entire concept of an Article V Convention, basing her attacks primarily off of the work of attorney Publius Huldah, who spoke recently at an Eagle Forum event in St. Louis, arguing that such an invocation of the second amendment method within Article V would result in a Constitutional Convention that would draft an entirely new Constitution.

Nancy also included some good old fashion George Soros and Koch brothers conspiracy theorizing in her piece saying, “What would prevent backers of the Convention of States from engaging in tactics of the Left, such as using secret, undisclosed big donors to finance their ConCon projects.  The secret donors may have received secret promises about what a new convention would actually do.  David Koch of the Koch brothers, who may be funding the project, supports abortion and gay rights, and refuses to support Trump.  George Soros is also pushing for ConCon, using his immense fortune to do so.”

Mrs. Thorner also used the #NeverTrump and Soros/Koch brothers lines of attack in a different Article V hit piece she wrote in July ahead of the GOP National Convention in Cleveland saying, “ConCon supporters are in step with globalists like the Koch Brothers and George Soros who are determined to take over the Republican Party using the never-used procedure of an Article V Convention as a ruse to purpose amendments to the U.S. Constitution.”

Hate to burst a good bubble but George Soros and the Koch Brothers aren’t the ones working to get enough state legislatures to approve applications to hold an Article V Convention, it has been grass-roots conservatives the nation over who have been working their state Representatives and State Senators for 3 years now that have been doing it.

This is an effort that has received scant national support or reportage outside of Mark Levin and Glenn Beck.

And yet this is an effort that has had the support of principled conservatives for a long time.

Just in our current Modern Era, President Dwight Eisenhower backed using Article V to tackle the Federal bureaucracy.

Throughout the 1970s great Free Market thinkers like Milton Friedman supported Article V to get a much-needed(then and now) balanced budget amendment.

In his autobiography An American Life President Ronald Reagan wrote of the need for the American people to use the Article V Convention of States process to get term limits on Congress, a balanced budget amendment, and a Presidential line item veto.

Even Trump surrogates Dr. Ben Carson, and Mike Huckabee supported the Article V Convention effort during the GOP Presidential primary. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has also been a major supporter of the effort even before his presidential campaign.

The likes of Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and the back benchers who will succeed them will never let any constitutional amendment that limits their power, the overall power of the Federal government, or reverses anything the “progressives” have gotten over the last 100 plus years, get the necessary majorities in both the House and Senate for them to be moved on to the states for ratification.

Under the current status quo we will never have congressional, let along, Supreme Court term limits, no state override authority of bad regulations, executive orders, or SCOTUS decrees, no balanced budget, no major tax reform(Fair Tax), no restoration of the 9th and 10th amendments, nothing.  We will continue to be stuck with continuing resolutions that fully fund the liberal agenda, a cumulative debt that will ensure future generations are born into indentured servitude, and career politicians spending a lifetime in Washington.

I’ve been under the impression this past year that Trump and his supporters hated career politicians, why would they then attack a guaranteed way of getting rid of all of them, permanently?

No one man, no one election, is going to stop the nations decay and rot from within, but maybe, just maybe, this “Break in case of emergency” Article V Convention option could if the Trumpsters would take off their blinders and realize we are going to need something with a longer shelf life than a campaign hat to truly “Make America Great Again”.


Sen. Mark Kirk: I Cannot And Will Not Support Donald Trump

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

Tuesday Illinois RINO Sen. Mark Kirk, or his handlers, officially joined #NeverTrump when he released a statement saying the Senator “cannot and will not support” presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Kirk had been rather reluctant to back Trump before the Indiana primary last month when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich both dropped out of the race, and is putting as much distance between himself and Trump following Trump’s comments about the ethnicity of a federal Judge hearing a class action lawsuit case involving Trump and his now defunct Trump University.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

“I cannot and will not support my party’s nominee for President regardless of the political impact on my candidacy or the Republican Party,” Kirk said in a statement, in which he also said Trump did not have the temperament to command the U.S. military or take control of nuclear weapons.

“After much consideration, I have concluded that Donald Trump has not demonstrated the temperament necessary to assume the greatest office in the world,” said Kirk, viewed as one of the most vulnerable senators up for re-election in 2016.

Kirk’s campaign team told the Sun-Times that the Senator intends to write-in a presidential candidate.

May I suggest doing what I’m going to do on election day and that is write-in Ted Cruz for President.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger Wanted To Be The Alternative POTUS Candidate To Trump And Hillary

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

On Saturday The Weekly Standards Bill Kristol, one of the leaders of the #NeverTrump movement, wrote that with higher profile potential candidates like Mitt Romney and Sen. Ben Sasse openly saying no to being an Independent/Third Party challenger to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton it might be some lesser known congressperson or someone else who would take the challenge to try to defeat both Parties presumptive nominees.

So the alternative to Trump and Clinton could be a not-terribly-well-known but capable congressman like Mike Pompeo or Adam Kinzinger. It could be a respected former senator like Judd Gregg or Mel Martinez. Or the leader of the resistance could turn out to be someone who hasn’t yet held elective office.

On Memorial Day CNN ran a story where Illinois congressman, and big ass RINO, Adam Kinzinger, admitted that he was seriously considering being the #NeverTrump presidential candidate but has decided against running for the highest office in the country due to the logistics of getting on the ballot in all 50 states.

 Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a prominent GOP congressman from Illinois and Iraq War veteran, has decided to pass on an independent bid.
Adam Kinzinger, 38 and in his third House term, would have considered mounting an independent bid had the barriers to an independent run not been so daunting. His pondering of the matter reflects ongoing efforts by GOP forces opposed to Trump and Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic standard-bearer. They have searched feverishly in recent weeks for a candidate of stature to make an independent conservative White House bid. But like Kinzinger, no potential candidate has yet bitten.
Kinzinger, previously a prominent surrogate for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, would have undertaken a third party run “literally to save the union,” according to a source familiar with his thinking, because both Clinton and Trump scare him. But Kinzinger does not think the infrastructure exists to get on the ballot in a number of states at this relatively late date.

I want to see both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lose the November election as much as anyone in the #NeverTrump, #NeverHillary camp, but trying to save the Republican Party, conservatism, and the Nation as a whole, with a lying, backstabbing, fraud like Kinzinger is just plain stupid.

Kinzinger is as bad on amnesty as Hillary, supports the corny capitalism of the Export-Import Bank, agrees with Justice Kennedy’s redefining of the meaning of marriage and opposes any effort to fix what Kennedy did with a constitutional amendment, opposes the Flat Tax, never wanted to defund Obamacare back in 2013, supports the NSA bulk meta data/spying on Americans program, and just last week was one of 43 Republicans in the House to vote for a pro-LGBT amendment to a spending bill.

Even where Kinzinger is good, national security and foreign policy, he’s still terribly rotten.  Supporting the arming of the Syrian Rebels, who turn around and join ISIS or Al Qaeda, supports the US taking out Syria’s Assad, wants a no-fly zone over Syria, etc.

Conservatives, like myself, who can never vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, because of who they are, what they stand for(or don’t stand for), and the disastrous things they’d both do to this country and our Republic, want a strong leader, a solid conservative; those are not things that describe Adam Kinzinger.

I know that he will never admit it but at least part of the reason why he had to say no to running for POTUS against Hillary and Trumpertantrum is because this blogs archive is a one stop shop for oppo research on Kinzinger and it’d take a political operative of Trump or Clinton’s 5 minutes to find everything they’d need, substance and policy wise, to bury him.

The only people Adam Kinzinger could get to vote for him as President are the GOP establishment, the Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove types, and the Warhawks, basically everyone who backed Adam’s preferred candidate Jeb!, and that would be it.

The Bill Kristol’s and other establishment types within #NeverTrump would have been a lot better off had they made it their mission to talk Ted Cruz into being this Independent/Third Party candidate. It would have been even better had they backed Cruz during the primary process so we could still be talking about Cruz winning the GOP nomination outright on a 2nd or 3rd ballot at the convention, instead of mulling over the possibility of an Eric Cantor favored GOPe Yes-man possibly running against Trump and Hillary.

I’ve Never Voted For A Democrat In My Life And I’m Not Going To Start With Trump

RIP-GOPWith things shaking out the way they have since the polls closed Tuesday night we Conservatives, Tea Partiers, Constitutionalist, Patriots, Liberty Lovers, have been left with either voting for a Liberal New York Democrat(Hillary Clinton) or a Liberal New York Democrat that wears more makeup(Donald Trump).

That is the rotten choice we are left with.

Since I’ve been able to vote starting in 2001(I missed being eligible to vote in 2000 by a month) I have always done one thing with consistency, I have never voted for a Democrat.

When left with choosing between a RINO Republican or a Liberal Democrat I’ve always taken a third option. When its come to my congressman Adam Kinzinger, I undervote because that is the only option available.  When it comes to people like Sen. Mark Kirk, who really has no business calling himself a Republican, I write-in candidates or go third party/independent, almost always Libertarian.

When that choice has been between John McCain and Mitt Romney versus Obama, I’ve done what so many of you who are older have done, and held my nose and went with the lesser of two evils.

Not this time.

While McCain was a terrible candidate destined to lose he could at least be supported due to his military record and resolve to continue W’s tough stance in the War on Terror.  Where Romney was the worst possible choice for a nominee because of his drawing of the blueprint for Obamacare, he at least tried to be, act, and sound like a conservative(granted he was awful at it, at least he tried).

Trumpertantrum on the other hand, is going to be terrible for the economy with that whole tariff and trade war with China, and with things like his admittance today that he agrees with Bernie Sanders that the minimum wage should be raised(which will put hundreds of thousands of young people out of jobs and job opportunities).

He’s terrible on foreign policy with that whole get out of NATO unless the Europeans pay us more lunacy.  He’s been all over the map on abortion. Spent the early 90’s attacking the Reagan tax cuts of 1986 on behalf of Democrats. And is a total moron for believing that anything ever written in the National Enquirer is true.

That’s just policy, Trumpertantrum has also got extreme problems getting along with people who don’t put his prostate in their mouths(or up their butts) and do pom-pom routines for him, just ask Megyn Kelly.

For decades we Conservatives, and in recent years the Tea Party, have been working tirelessly to wrest control of the GOP away from the moderate establishment that just wants to be Democrats-lite, and make it a truly Conservative Party.

That isn’t likely to happen now that the Republican Party has been killed off by the Trumpsters and we can thank American Idol for that, damn you Simon Cowell.

So what is a Conservative, a Tea Partier, a Constitutionalist, to do when faced with the reality that the entire Presidential election, and seemingly the whole political system, not to mention the Republican Party have been taken over by the equivalent of a William Hung Cult? Especially when Hung, I mean Trump has said today that he doesn’t want us voting for him anyway.

Well as a subscriber to the whole #NeverTrump thing, voting for a New York Liberal Democrat with a bad hair piece is out of the question.

As I have never voted Democrat, that takes Hillary Clinton out of the equation. Not that she was ever in it, I remember the 90s it was a pretty good decade ruined by two things 1) everyone’s obsession with OJ Simpson and 2) everything Bill and Hillary Clinton.

So do I go Libertarian, which has apparently seen its membership DOUBLE in the last 24 hours, and back Gary Johnson? Not likely.

Do I go with some other third party or independent candidate that may emerge and be pushed by the bigger names in the #NeverTrump camp? Possibly.

Do I go into the voting both and flip everyone the bird and write-in a candidate? That is actually my leading response at this time(not the flipping the bird part). I mean if we are going to turn our elections and political system into Celeb Reality TV then why not at least put forward someone that deserves the Presidency, and is a bigger pop culture icon that Trump, and go with the immortal Hulk Hogan.

In all seriousness I’m going to rectify this how to vote without breaking my no Democrat ever streak by writing-in Ted Cruz this November, and you should too.