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Why I’m Glad I Never Partnered With Steve Bannon And Breitbart

Trumpbart In December of last year this humble little blogger from Northern Illinois had an idea on how to bring more stories from Illinois and Chicago to the nation’s attention and to put a little conservative media pressure on the plethora of corrupt politicians this state is home to.

Working with Mike Flynn, a founding member of Andrew Breitbart’s media empire, and another top blogger/reporter from Illinois we turned that idea into a proposal to create a new Breitbart Chicago bureau; this was coming off of the launches of Breitbart’s London and Jerusalem bureaus.

On no less than three separate occasions during the early months of this year, Breitbart’s leader Steve Bannon, whose since become Donald Trump’s campaign manager, told me he loved the idea and wanted to have further talks about it. Talks that never materialized because Mr. Bannon kept forgetting that the pitch had been made to him and he liked it.

Then the Michelle Fields incident happened and the ensuing exodus of the sites leading conservatives such as Ben Shapiro led me and my partners to walked away from associating this project with Bannon and Breitbart and tried to pull the project off as a standalone entity we were planning on calling “Chicago’s Untouchables”.

Sadly Mike Flynn’s untimely death this Summer from a heart attack was a fatal blow to this project and a tremendous loss for all conservatives.

Needless to say, all these months later, I am glad that plan as originally formulated fell apart.

As we’ve all learned late Monday, during the GOP primaries one of the Democrat Party’s top operatives, and a subject in the recent James O’Keefe “rigging” videos, was working hand in hand with Steve Bannon and others at Breitbart to attack and undermine Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Right Scoop and RedState have good pieces on that story.

This follows Steve Bannon’s Breitbart pushing the birther nonsense against Ted Cruz, going wall to wall against Paul Ryan in his primary, giving a platform to the pond scum known as Roger Stone, throwing Michelle Fields under the bus, and the multitude of other things that have made people rightfully refer to the once vaunted Breitbart News as Trumpbart.

As a conservative Tea Party activist committed to fighting bad government and corrupt politicians there is no way in Hell I could work for a “news” outlet that I’d have to investigate and report on.

Taking down corrupt career politicians like Michael Madigan or Illinois’ own Hillary Clinton would have been a lot easier with Breitbart’s name and reach, but not at the expense of having everyone else I would have been working with trying to eat our own in order to advance Nationalist Populism, protectionist trade policy(which caused the Great Depression), and the Alt-Right white supremacists.

I weep for what Steve Bannon and his band of cronies have done to Andrew’s name, legacy, and reputation, all in the name of advancing the most flawed GOP candidate/nominee EVER.


GoFundMe Established To Help With Mike Flynn’s Kids Education

Mike Flynn and his wife and children

Mike Flynn and his wife and children

With the sudden passing of Mike Flynn, who was quickly becoming a good friend of mine as we worked together on our new project with other Illinois bloggers, a GoFundMe account has been set up to help with the education of Mike’s children.

In its first 3-4 hours the fund has raised nearly $5,000 from conservatives and tea partiers across the country who have known, worked with, and been influenced by Mike and the great work he did as a founding member of Breitbart and before that at Reason.

Mike leaves behind four children.

Talk Radio In Central Illinois Just Got A Lot Better

12278956_1156904710994017_7311108126639582917_nConservative talk radio in central Illinois, specifically the Champaign-Urbana and Bloomington -Normal areas, just got a whole heck of a lot better Monday as 98.3 WHP began broadcasting.

Ian Bayne will be starting folks day off with his morning show from 6am-9am(yes that means “Fistbump” is back too). Bayne proved in his year plus with Cities 92.9 that he can draw in and grow an audience, and can shake up the status quo so much that everyone tries to run him out of town(they failed). Bayne is followed by nationally syndicated host Laura Ingraham and St.Louis based badass Dana Loesch.  Starting on November 30th Breitbart editor Mike Flynn will join the lineup hosting the drive time program and bringing with him the hard hitting story making and opinions that have made Bretibart News the King of conservative media outlets.

The little liberals at the University of Illinois and at Illinois State are so going to have their “safe spaces” violated.

Did Upsetting The Status Quo Cost Ian Bayne His Radio Show

Ian Bayne

Ian Bayne

The status quo at the College of DuPage cost the taxpayers dearly and has resulted in the states second largest school being embroiled in scandal.

The status quo is no more at the college thanks to a new board majority of reformers, several investigations(sadly, but needed), the ouster so far of two administrators, the pending dismissal of the college’s President, and more.

The status quo for twenty years in Dixon was to not pay any thought to  what Rita Crundwell, the city’s comptroller, was doing whether at her job or in her extravagant lifestyle.

The status quo is no more in Dixon.  Rita is in prison for nearly 20 more years.  The city’s recouped most of the money, the governments sold most of the things so bought with the $54 million she stole from the city.  The city council and Mayor are all brand new, heck the form of government is entirely new there(as permitted under the Illinois Constitution).  New safeguards and transparency abound and local lawmakers have ushered in new laws to ward off similar misdeeds.

The status quo in Bloomington is one of not questioning the status quo.  The spending and the taxing will continue.

Asking questions in Bloomington infamously got a local radio station personality threatened with a restraining order, because questioning the status quo isn’t allowed in Bloomington.

Pressure and the obvious bad press won out on that day, but sadly what few questions of the status quo where being asked in Bloomington has ended.

Earlier this month Cities 92.9 abruptly let go of morning show host Ian Bayne and immediately replaced him with a guy whose been on more radio stations than one can count(under several different names) including previously at the stations rival and more recently in Springfield.

The Pantagraph penned a gleeful goodbye screed claiming that the station told them that Bayne was let go because of ratings, yet offered no numbers to back that up. They also knocked Bayne for not having on moderate establishment Republicans like congressman Rodney Davis(whose since been on the new guys show several times) and Darin LaHood, who gets sworn in as a member of Congress later this week; you’re not missing much not having them on.(God I guess this means the new guy will have Kinzinger on a bunch too, #Facepalm).

Neilson ratings  and my sources elsewhere in radio say otherwise.  After six month on the air Bayne had grown the morning show in the key demographics significantly and within his own station was rivaling only Rush Limbaugh in those key demos in many cases.  Baynes share of adult men went from less than 2 before he started to over 10 six months later. Bayne had also gotten his listeners to listen longer enjoying his show and them some.  All things advertisers like.

No Bayne wasn’t canned because of ratings, or advertisers, considering two have pulled out from 92.9 since Bayne was let go.

Bayne, and his pal Josh “Fistbump” Schmidgall(who also has left the station), dared to join with blogger Diane Benjamin and alderman Kevin Lower as the lone voices trying to shine the disinfecting spotlight of sunshine on the city and local politicians and for that he had to go.

How can we have someone speaking positively of Mike Flynn, when Darn LaHood’s the anointed successor of Aaron Schock.  How can we have someone asking questions of city hall, when they don’t answer you your supposed to drop the subject entirely.

The status quo is alive and well in Bloomington, but for how much longer?




Breitbart’s Mike Flynn: Wish GOP Would Fight Progressives As Much As They Fought Me

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

Breitbart editor Mike Flynn was a bit reflective Tuesday night about his unsuccessful bid earlier this month in the IL 18 special election against Darin LaHood and pointed out how he wished establishment Republicans in the Central Illinois district would fight progressives as much and as hard as they fought against his insurgent campaign to replace the disgraced Aaron Schock(who is probably going to be indicted soon for his misuse of campaign and office funds).

From Flynn’s Facebook page:

Two weeks ago tonight, I lost the special primary in Illinois’ 18th Congressional District. I remain humbled and honored by the thousands of people who supported me in Central Illinois. It was a fantastic and rewarding journey and I will always remember those that stood by our side.

While there was obvious disappointment with the result, we undertook the campaign with the full knowledge of the challenge before us. I’m extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish.

We first faced the shortest period to qualify for the ballot in Illinois history. In just over a week, we collected double the required signatures, all without the traditional assistance of the local Republican party organizations. In many cases, we faced open hostility, in fact.

I’m proud we won my home county, Adams, by almost ten points. This victory was against a very aggressive and hostile campaign waged by the local Republican organization. There are almost no words to describe the open opposition from many local party leaders in my hometown. The only solace is that, in the end, their nasty campaign rang very hollow.

I’m proud we almost won the district’s largest county, McLean. We lost that county by just 300 votes.

Eight weeks before election day, no one in that county had heard of our campaign. Many of the elected officials went far beyond the normal decorum to oppose our campaign. Tellingly, though, the local Republican organization remained neutral. It was, in fact, the only county GOP organization that followed the tradition of staying neutral in a primary contest.

I think, though, too, that Ellie had something to do with our strong showing there. The elected officials in McLean who put their reputations on the line to stop our campaign may be wise to tend to their own gardening in their home county.

I’m proud that we won a great many of the towns where we had the time to campaign. I’m also proud of the many community and business leaders who supported our campaign, often against threats and jeers. I have never met such a fine group of individuals anywhere.

In the end, our greatest enemy was time. I underestimated the challenge of campaigning in 19 counties in just 8 weeks. This already mammoth challenge was exacerbated by the open hostility of much of the Republican party organizations.

I’m proud that we forced our opposition to campaign so aggressively against us. Before we began this campaign, all other candidates had been pushed out to make way for a coronation. That didn’t happen and many voters were presented with a choice they would not otherwise have had. I’m proud my opponent made many promises he would not otherwise have had to make.

I’m proud my opponent had to spend well over $1 million to defeat us. I’m proud they were forced to raise more than $200k from DC PACs and House GOP Leadership. I’m proud we forced many outside organizations to reveal their true natures. We forced much out into the sunlight. Sunlight, after all, is the ultimate disinfectant.

I only wish many of these individuals and organizations showed the same will to fight against the progressive left as they showed in this primary. 

I’m also proud of the many great conservative friends from around the country who stood by us, despite the odds. The endorsements we did receive, from Reps. Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Sen. Ted Cruz, Stephen Moore, Erick Erickson, Dana Loesch, Jim Hoft and others were personal endorsements of our campaign, not driven by larger political forces or direction.

I said often during the campaign that a large reason I was running was due to anger that voters weren’t being given a choice over who represents them. The campaign ended, though, on a great deal of hope.

America’s road to rebirth flows through its people, not around it. Everywhere I campaigned, the individual voters had a greater grasp of the issues facing America, and the solutions to those challenges, than most elected officials I’ve met in my career. I’m convinced now that politicians talk in sound bites because they don’t have the knowledge or experience to discuss the issues in greater detail.

In short, our elected officials, not the people have failed. That is encouraging, because elected officials can be replaced. Most probably ought to be. In most cases, though, that is a fight for someone else to engage.

I’m truly touched by the campaign and those who joined us in this fight. I will never forget you and will remain at your side as long you will have me there. I will stay very engaged in the political battles in Central Illinois, perhaps not as a candidate, but as a regular citizen who can recognize the political failures all around us. I look forward to speaking in Springfield with a great group of activists this September.

There is also, obviously, some housecleaning needed in my home county.

Thank you all again so much. I will be in touch.

IL18 Special Election: LaHood Wins

Sen. Darin LaHood

Sen. Darin LaHood

Tonights special election in Illinois’ 18th congressional district is over.  The Peoria Journal Star reports that state Sen. Darin LaHood has been declared the winner with 69% of the vote to Breitbart editor Mike Flynn’s 29%.

Flynn had been endorsed by conservative and Tea Party leaders in the district and around the nation, including Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, and Citizens United.  While LaHood garnered the backing of the IL GOP, Speaker of the House John Boehner, and the Chamber of Crony Capitalism.

Flynn had this short concession message on Twitter.


IL18 Special Election: LaHood Lies About Tea Party Support

Sen. Darin LaHood

Sen. Darin LaHood

On Thursday evening Illinois state Sen. Darin LaHood was on former congressman Joe Walsh’s radio show on AM 560 The Answer to talk about the upcoming special primary election in the 18th congressional district in Central Illinois to replace the disgraced Aaron Schock.

During the interview ahead of the election on July 7th, in the heavily Republican district the September general election is a simple formality, LaHood mentioned that he was proud of the support of the Tea Party groups in the district .

Saying, “I have 5 active Tea Party groups. I show up at all there events. I’m proud that they’re supporting me and my race for Congress.”

That is not true.

Tea Party leaders in Morton, McLean County, and Springfield are all supporting LaHood’s opponent Breitbart editor Mike Flynn.

In an email Morton Tea Party member Dave Hulliger said that he and the other members of the group were going to be supporting Flynn after finding out LaHood attended a $1,000 fundraiser with Speaker John Boehner in Washington.

Huller said, “what changed my mind about Darin is when we just recently found out that the next day after Darin announced his candidacy, Darin flew off to Washington DC to meet with Boehner, received huge donations, and Boehner and another politician sponsored a $1000 a plate fund raiser for Darin.  Our Tea Party members in Morton (and Peoria) just found this out – – after Darin came and spoke to our groups, taking questions about his support for Boehner, and obviously lying to us all the time.  Anyone who knew exactly where to go for that kind of funding will not go against the speaker of the House or the Republican establishment.”

Sandy Dragoo with the Springfield Tea Party said, “The (Springfield Tea Party)does not endorse in primaries,each individual can endorse on their own own of course.”

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

With the Independence Day celebrations in full swing several members of the Springfield and McLean Tea Pary’s have been joining other grassroots supporters of Flynn at parades and other events over the weekend.

LaHood has recently gotten the endorsement of the National and state Rifle Associations, and is being heavily backed by the Chamber of Crony Capitalism.  Nearly every establishment Republican in Illinois backed LaHood as soon as his name was mentioned as a replacement when Schock resigned following the disclosure of his gross misuse of campaign and office funds.

Flynn on the other hand has been getting the support of grassroots conservative leaders from around the country and conservative opinion leaders such as RedStates Erick Erickson and Texas congressman Louie Gohmert who was in the district this week to support Flynn.

Mulliger also said of Flynn, “We need the fire in the belly of someone like Mike Flynn to actually stand up and fight for us.  Mike is not always the most personable and can be rude at times, but he is exactly what we need in DC fighting for us.  And he will be living in his region when elected.  I could just tell it when Louie Gohmert spoke about what Conservatives in the House can do when Mike is elected.  I’m all for that. ”

*Update: Stupid me how could I have forgotten that Flynn has been endorsed by Mark Levin.

IL18 Special Election: LaHood Shows Why The Question Of Term Limits Is So Hard For Him

Sen. Darin LaHood

Sen. Darin LaHood

In an interview Tuesday morning on 1230 WJBC Illinois state Sen. Darin LaHood showed exactly why the question of term limits is such a hard one for him to answer.

Last week during a debate with his opponent Breitbart editor Mike Flynn, LaHood had some real trouble answering the question of how many terms he would serve in Congress if elected.(story here).  While LaHood hemmed and hawed, Flynn was steadfast in only wanting to serve 8 years(4 terms) so as to NOT be able to collect on a congressional pension.

LaHood, after his campaign manager got into a scuffle with a Bloomington radio station reporter, finally says that he’d serve between 4 and 8 terms or 8 and 16 years.

So why is it that hard for LaHood to talk about term limits, well because term limits get in the way of seniority in Congress, and in Congress seniority matters; at least to establishment types.

LaHood said in the Tuesday interview that, “If you look at people like Nancy Pelosi whose been there 40 years and these people who’ve been there a long time. I don’t want to tie one hand behind my back by not adequately representing my constituents.  I think you’ve got to build seniority there, and you’ve got to be there a little while so you can be effective and represent your constituents.”

Yeah, I’ll take Flynn’s answer over LaHood’s desire for seniority on the Hill any day.  It is the mindset and mentality of the LaHood’s of the political world that have ruined a good thing.

I have a strong inclination that a former congressman from that district would be giving LaHood the stink-eye for that kind of an answer; obviously I’m talking about Abraham Lincoln for those that do not know.

The GOP primary special election to replace Aaron Schock is July 7th, general election is in September.

IL18 Special Election: LaHood: GOP Should Tweak, Change And Fix Obamacare

Sen. Darin LaHood

Sen. Darin LaHood

In an interview Tuesday morning on 1230 WJBC in Bloomington Illinois state Sen. Darin LaHood, who is running against Breitbart editor Mike Flynn in the Republican special election primary to replace the disgraced Aaron Schock on July 7th, said that Republicans after the 2016 Presidential election should put forth a plan that would change and fix Obamacare as well as tweak it.

LaHood said, “If we get a Republican President, which I hope we do, there’ll be an opportunity to put forth a plan to change Obamacare and fix it.”

LaHood added, “Listen there are tweaks and there are changes that need to be made” to Obamacare.

Both interviewers pressed LaHood to reject conservative Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare as they’ve voted to do 50 plus times, which the interviewers say were failed efforts, funny every last one of those votes passed the House as I recall, and to stop with Supreme Court legal challenges to President Obama’s signature socialist achievement.  LaHood didn’t entirely play along, but obviously did step into the establishment GOP talking points of fixing Obamacare rather than driving a stake through its heart.

LaHood somewhat redeemed himself when he said, “Obamacare is restricting growth.  Obviously the Supreme Court ruled(King v Burwell) but that doesn’t mean with a new President or a Congress can put forth changes to Obamacare whether that’s repealing it and putting in more market place ideas.”

Memo to GOP congressional candidates Obamacare cannot be fixed, it wasn’t meant to be fixed, it was meant to push this country into a European style centralized and socialized  single payer system of health care rationing.

You can’t fix that, you can only repeal it, and if that doesn’t work, repeal it again, and again, and again until such time as Obamacare is pulled out root and branch.

Flynn Vs. LaHood IL18 Special Election Debate #2(Video)

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

Earlier tonight in Springfield Breitbart editor Mike Flynn debated state Sen. Darin LaHood in Springfield in their second debate ahead of the July 7th special election primary in the Illinois 18th congressional District to replace the disgraced Aaron Schock.