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Why I’m Glad I Never Partnered With Steve Bannon And Breitbart

Trumpbart In December of last year this humble little blogger from Northern Illinois had an idea on how to bring more stories from Illinois and Chicago to the nation’s attention and to put a little conservative media pressure on the plethora of corrupt politicians this state is home to.

Working with Mike Flynn, a founding member of Andrew Breitbart’s media empire, and another top blogger/reporter from Illinois we turned that idea into a proposal to create a new Breitbart Chicago bureau; this was coming off of the launches of Breitbart’s London and Jerusalem bureaus.

On no less than three separate occasions during the early months of this year, Breitbart’s leader Steve Bannon, whose since become Donald Trump’s campaign manager, told me he loved the idea and wanted to have further talks about it. Talks that never materialized because Mr. Bannon kept forgetting that the pitch had been made to him and he liked it.

Then the Michelle Fields incident happened and the ensuing exodus of the sites leading conservatives such as Ben Shapiro led me and my partners to walked away from associating this project with Bannon and Breitbart and tried to pull the project off as a standalone entity we were planning on calling “Chicago’s Untouchables”.

Sadly Mike Flynn’s untimely death this Summer from a heart attack was a fatal blow to this project and a tremendous loss for all conservatives.

Needless to say, all these months later, I am glad that plan as originally formulated fell apart.

As we’ve all learned late Monday, during the GOP primaries one of the Democrat Party’s top operatives, and a subject in the recent James O’Keefe “rigging” videos, was working hand in hand with Steve Bannon and others at Breitbart to attack and undermine Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Right Scoop and RedState have good pieces on that story.

This follows Steve Bannon’s Breitbart pushing the birther nonsense against Ted Cruz, going wall to wall against Paul Ryan in his primary, giving a platform to the pond scum known as Roger Stone, throwing Michelle Fields under the bus, and the multitude of other things that have made people rightfully refer to the once vaunted Breitbart News as Trumpbart.

As a conservative Tea Party activist committed to fighting bad government and corrupt politicians there is no way in Hell I could work for a “news” outlet that I’d have to investigate and report on.

Taking down corrupt career politicians like Michael Madigan or Illinois’ own Hillary Clinton would have been a lot easier with Breitbart’s name and reach, but not at the expense of having everyone else I would have been working with trying to eat our own in order to advance Nationalist Populism, protectionist trade policy(which caused the Great Depression), and the Alt-Right white supremacists.

I weep for what Steve Bannon and his band of cronies have done to Andrew’s name, legacy, and reputation, all in the name of advancing the most flawed GOP candidate/nominee EVER.


Donald Trump’s Nomination Is A Farce And A Sham

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Tuesday night the clown show that is the Trump Convention continued in its clownishness as #ResignPriebus and the RNC went into full Trump Protection Racket mode to ensure that Trump was coronated tonight with as little opposition as possible.

The most egregious example of the RNC and Priebus protecting Trump came when THEY awarded all 40 of Utah’s delegates to Donald Trump, a guy who got a whopping 14% of the vote in Utah back in March. All of Utah’s delegates are supposed to be for Ted Cruz, who won Utah’s primary in a landslide.

Next Priebus and company did the exact same thing with Washington DC’s 19 delegates. They were supposed to go 10 Rubio, 9 Kasich and the Districts delegate on the Rules Committee was assured that that was want would happen tonight. Instead of honoring the vote, the RNC pulled a fast one on the DC delegation and gave Trump all 19 delegates, delegates he did not earn.

If that protectionism of Trump wasn’t enough the RNC also monkey’d around with Alaska’s delegation and once again Priebus and crew awarded ALL 28 delegates to Trump, when he was only supposed to get 11, Ted Cruz was to get 12, and Marco Rubio 5.

Even the Iowa delegation got in on the act as the states GOP chairman and his team did what they promised they’d do in June and gave all 30 of Iowa’s delegates to Trump, despite the fact that Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses and many of Iowa’s delegates were very openly #NeverTrump.

Ever Since Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich dropped out of the race following the Indiana primary Donald Trump’s been virtually guaranteed getting the 1,237 delegates needed to be the GOP presidential nominee, barring any freeing of the delegates to vote their conscience; an effort Priebus and the RNC insured wouldn’t happen at both the rules committee last week and again Monday when they refused to allow a roll call vote on the rules.

Thus, Trump doesn’t need any protecting, especially not tonight.

But, protect Trump they did.

And in doing so everyone involved in the Trump Protection Racket has helped to make this 2016 GOP Convention and Trump’s nomination a farce and a sham.

Rest In Peace Republican Party. Just like the Phoenix, out of the ashes of this dumpster fire of a primary process something new, something conservative is going to rise.

Chicago Tribune GOP Poll Trump 32, Cruz 22 In Illinois

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

With the Illinois primary next Tuesday the Chicago Tribune has released a poll of 600 likely Republican voters. 32 percent of them said they would back businessman Donald Trump, while 22 percent said they would back Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Marco Rubio got 21 percent in the poll and Ohio Gov. John Kasich got 18 percent with 7 percent undecided.

This is an improvement for Cruz over a poll conducted months ago by a GOP pollster than had Trump with 30 odd percent and Cruz in second place with 15.

The Tribune poll was conducted primarily before the results of this past Saturday’s races in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Maine which saw Cruz take Kansas and Maine and Trump Louisiana and Kentucky leading many to call the last week of so a major collapse on the part of the Rubio campaign.

That Rubio collapse continued Tuesday with Trump winning Hawaii, Mississippi, and Michigan and Cruz winning in Idaho, with Rubio finishing in distant third places, and finishing fourth in a couple of states.

With Tuesday’s results added in Fox News is projecting Donald trump having 458 delegates to Ted Cruz’s 359. Rubio has 151.

The Mega Powers

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

How can Ted Cruz and or Marco Rubio defeat Donald Trump?

Thursday’s debate in Texas gave us all a glimpse of what has to happen.

As Rush Limbaugh put it on his show Friday the tag team of Cruz and Rubio hammering away at Trump truly struck a nerve with him, and it has rattled him.

Cruz and Rubio have put aside their differences for the time being and have kept up the targeting of Trump since the debate with Rubio mocking Trump’s misspelled tweets and Cruz continuing to point out Trump’s liberal record.

As it has become abundantly clear since Iowa, and certainly South Carolina, conservatives are split between Cruz and Rubio rather evenly.

A long protracted 3 way dance between them and Trump doesn’t do anyone any good, it just runs out the clock and potentially puts things into a mess at the convention.

No the race needs to become radically different in its dynamics.

What if Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio agreed to do the unthinkable, what if they took their debate performances and turned it into a genuine tag teaming; a full-fledged combining of forces.

It would be like the immortal Hulk Hogan joining forcing with the “cream of the crop” Macho Man Randy Savage, the appropriately named Mega Powers.

Lets face facts Ted Cruz’s 25% and Marco Rubio’s 24% being combined is what it is going to take to overcome Trumps 40%, it is simple arithmetic.

Therefore Rubio should swallow his pride and realize that he hasn’t won any states and may very well not win any, and take the VP slot along side Cruz, who has, can, and will win additional states in the upcoming contests.

The uniting of the two factions of the conservative camp, plus those establishment Republicans who have come to Rubio after everyone else failed, and everyone else who cannot stand the debacle that the Donald Trump show has become is a force even his ego can’t over come.

Let Cruz and Rubio have their Wrestlemania V main event in 2020 after they’ve dispatched the wicked duo of Trump and Hillary Clinton.


Kinzinger: Trump 4th Grader Yelling At Student Council

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Speaking with the Rockford Register Star’s Chuck Sweeny after announcing his endorsement of Marco Rubio Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger said Donald Trump is a 4th grader yelling at the student council, who he couldn’t see himself voting for in November because he’s not Presidential.

“I’m not sure I can vote for him. A few weeks ago, I said maybe I could support him if I needed to. But now, knowing his susceptibility to being flattered by Vladimir Putin, and his fourth-grader’s way of criticizing opponents, it’s just not presidential,” Kinzinger said.

Speaking about Thursdays GOP debate Kinzinger said that he thought Rubio won and that, “This is a guy (Trump) with a lot of failed businesses, he used undocumented workers, and Rubio unmasked him. Trump is not fighting for the middle class.”

Kinzinger then went on to say, “I think now’s the time to say, if you don’t like Trump, and you don’t think the president should be a guy who behaves like a fourth-grader….He talks as if he’s in a student council debate, yelling, ‘We want chocolate milk on Wednesdays.’



Kinzinger: Cruz Or Trump Will Get Hillary Elected

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

During an interview with 1340 WjOL in Joliet Wednesday Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger, who has jumped from backing Jeb Bush to Marco Rubio, said that he believed that Ted Cruz or Donald Trump getting the GOP nomination would result in Hillary Clinton winning in November.

Host Kevin Kollins asked Kinzinger, “Are you fearful if in fact it is a Ted Cruz or Donald Trump that the party could be split enough that we could see another four years of a Democrat in the White House, do you think it could be that severe if one of those two got the nomination?”

Kinzinger answered, “I absolutely do. My priority is to win and when you look at the polling for instance Donald Trump maybe ahead among Republicans voters in some areas but if you actually see the head to head whether its Rubio against Hillary or Trump against Hillary, Trump loses, Rubio wins handily. When you hear Donald Trump talk you’d think America’s best days are behind it.”

Rabidly Obsessed Birther Calls Me A Traitor For Supporting Ted Cruz

birther 1So a little while ago some rabidly obsessed birther, with his own little birther blog, started tweeting me like crazy over the story I ran yesterday(and that got major play today at among other places Breitbart h/t Warner Todd Huston) about the Illinois Board of Elections rejecting a birther challenge to Sen. Ted Cruz.

This one track minded fool by the name of Peter Lettkeman eventually called me and Sharee Langenstein, the Cruz campaigns lawyer in Illinois, traitors that need to be punished because we don’t agree with his ridiculous notion that to be a natural born citizen one has to have been born inside the United States to two American citizen parents.

birther 3As the IL BOE, and various courts, and others have said Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen by virtue of his mother being an American.  By law, and tradition, Cruz was an American citizen the very moment he was born, hence he is a Natural Born Citizen and thereby perfectly eligible to run for and be President of the United States.

Case closed.

But that simple little bit of logic is apparently too complicated for this obsessed loser to comprehend and thus he has been going off on tangents of irrational hatred towards Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

birther 2This rabidly obsessed birther, who agrees with the claims made by Lawrence Joyce, who has had his birther challenges of Ted Cruz and back in 2008-9 Barack Obama dismissed outright, and as the IL BOE did completely ruled against, would under his erroneous definition of natural born citizen have had John McCain, George Romney, and many others disqualified from having the ability to be President.  John McCain was born in Panama while his father was stationed there as a part of his Navy service. To disqualify John McCain from being considered a natural born citizen would be to deny that birth-right to every child born overseas to US military members, over the course of the entire history of the United States. Of course doing so is patently absurd, but absurdity is where the birthers live complete with their tinfoil hats.

birther 5Mr. Birther, when he hasn’t been calling me a traitor, has been a tweeting away to anyone his birther claims hoping they’ll give him and his nonsense the time of day. This has birther 4included tweeting Rick Santorum, Donald Trump(the King of obsessed birthers), Ann Coulter, Dr. Ben Carson and others.  Based on his constant attention seeking it appears that no one is giving him any; Good.(I’m only doing so to publicly shame him, that and I don’t take kindly to being called a traitor by someone who is a moron.)

This guy is in need of a new more productive hobby, or a return trip to the psych ward.

And yes I did ban the unhinged lunatic from my twitter feed.

*Update: There have been a number of pro-birther comments coming to this unhinged defense, and continuing the birther bullshit against Ted Cruz, those comments are in the process of being removed, and will not be restored, period.

Iowa Caucus Predictions

voteOkay with only hours to go until the Iowa Caucus Monday night here are my predictions of how things will turn out.

On the Democrat side, I see Bernie Sanders winning 50-47, over Hillary Clinton and her crime family, Martin O’Malley will finish an extremely distant third.

As for the GOP candidates I see Ted Cruz winning by a slim margin over Marco Rubio. Donald Trump will disappoint a lot of people with a weak third place finish. Dr. Ben Carson and Sen. Rand Paul will be in a knock-down, drag-out fight for 4th, and I don’t know who will prevail between the two of them.  Jeb! has 6th place all to himself. Everyone else, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, John Kasich, and Chris Christie will all be trying to not come in dead last. My guess is that Kasich will be the one to finish last.

By the time Tuesday morning comes around fully expect to see Huckabee and Santorum drop out, and probably endorse Trump.

Rubio In Iowa: Bernie Sanders For President Of Sweden

Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio

Speaking in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Sunday Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said that socialist/Marxist Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders would make a great President, of Sweden.

From the QC Times:

One audience member asked Rubio about political divides, not just between the parties but among Republicans. Rubio answered by first pointing to Democrats.

“I would say the Democratic Party is in much more trouble because they have a socialist as their leading candidate right now,” Rubio said, referring to Sen. Bernie Sanders. He topped Clinton in a recent CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll among likely Iowa caucusgoers, although Clinton leads in some other polls.

“I think Bernie Sanders is an excellent candidate for president … of Sweden,” Rubio said. “I like Sweden. I’m not anti-Swedish, and I’m not anti-Norwegian. I just want us to be America.”

Addressing a split Republican Party, Rubio said it was a “diverse party.”

“We have a lot of differences of opinion on a bunch of different things,” he said. “But I believe that we are a party that continues to be unified around the principals that our government should be limited, that free enterprise should be what drives our economy, that you should all have individual liberties to pursue your hopes and dreams, and that the world is a safer and better place when America is the strongest military power in the world.”

Rubio is running third to Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump in Iowa.