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Michael Madigan And John Cullerton Have Used $3.5 Million In Campaign Funds For Cubs, Bulls, And White Sox Season Tickets

Michael Madigan(D-Chicago)

Michael Madigan(D-Chicago)

With playoff baseball in Chicago and a critical election just around the corner an examination of Illinois Board of Elections campaign reports by USofArn.com shows that the states two most powerful legislative leaders Speaker Michael Madigan(D-Chicago) and Senate President John Cullerton(D-Chicago) have spent a combined $3.5 million from their campaign funds to purchase season tickets for the Chicago Cubs, Bulls, and White Sox dating back to 1999. They are the only two lawmakers to make such purchases according to state records.

Michael Madigan’s spokesman Steve Brown told USofArn that the Speaker used some of those  tickets to attend games with his friends and family, which includes his daughter Lisa Madigan the states Attorney General. Despite multiple attempts Mr. Brown hasn’t responded any further to questions family-video-internetabout Speaker Madigan’s campaign spending(Which includes how and why he spent more than $700 at a Springfield Family Video for internet service from 1999-2003 when they’ve never offered that service).

Chicago residents learned earlier in the MLB post season that Chicago politicians were given special access to Cubs playoff tickets as they try to break the teams 108 year World Series curse.

madigan cubs playoffsIn the last decade and a half, using a combination of his Friends of Michael Madigan and 13th Democratic Ward campaign funds Madigan has shelled out $1.25 million for Cubs tickets, including post season tickets in previous years, over madigan-cubs-3q-2016$933,000 for White Sox season tickets, playoff tickets, and all-star game tickets, and another $423,610 for Bulls season tickets. There were also $23,000 in unspecified season ticket purchases by Madigan to the University of Notre Dame, which for the geography challenged is in Indiana, not Illinois. Just in the latest 3rd quarter report Madigan used more than $42,000 in campaign funds to purchase Cubs tickets.

cullerton-soxs-2016John Cullerton, who became President of the Illinois Senate in 2009, used more than $418,000 from his campaign fund for Cubs tickets, over $300,000 for White Sox tickets, and another $178,954 for Bulls tickets from the first quarter of this year going back to 1999.



reinsdorf-tixCampaign records also show that in the Summer of 2004 Michael Madigan bought nearly $500 worth of White Sox tickets off of team owner Jerry Reinsdorf, who also owns the Chicago Bulls.

Records also show Sen. Cullerton used over $18,000 in campaign funds for unspecified tickets from Stub Hub, plus another $7,000 for more unspecified tickets from other ticket vendors, to go along with nearly $8,000 worth of Chicago Bears tickets and over $10,000 in unnamed event tickets at the United Center.

One Illinois lawmaker who wished anonymity couldn’t stop laughing at how brazen Madigan and Cullerton were with this misuse of campaign funds especially given the ongoing campaign spending scandal involving Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino, who spent 24 years in the state legislature as a top Madigan lieutenant. Mautino is under state and federal investigation for half a million dollars in questionable spending at his home town gas station and bank.

It is supposed to be against Illinois campaign spending law(s) for a politician to use their campaign funds for personal gain.

Cullerton: Remember That Mileage Tax Plan Of Mine, Forget About It

6a00d834515c5469e201b8d1c8bd0d970c-500wiIllinois Democrat Senate President John Cullerton is backing away, as fast as he can, from his proposal last week to tax Illinois drivers per mile.

Well over the weekend Cullerton took to his Facebook page and said he wasn’t going to pursue the mileage tax after getting feedback from Illinois residents.

Cullerton seems to have gotten the message from us loud and clear, we are Taxed Enough Already in this state, and taxing us per mile isn’t going to fly.

Give yourselves a small pat on the back, you did good killing this tax in its infancy.

McGuire: Cullerton Mileage Tax Outrageous And Offensive

Brandi McGuire

Brandi McGuire

Republican state Rep. candidate Brandi McGuire(72 district) released a press release over the weekend calling Democrat Senate President John Cullerton’s proposal to tax Illinois drivers per mile was outrageous and offensive.

Cullerton’s plan would not only tax drivers by the mile but it would also require they allow the state to place a monitoring device to track their mileage, plus it is going to require whole new levels within the state bureaucracy, not to mention AFSCME will want to increase the number of state workers because of this.

It is enough to make you scream Taxed Enough Already.

Here is what McGuire had to say in her press release:

When I look at Springfield, I see no solutions; all the talk is about how to raise our taxes and cut services to those most vulnerable among us. When I talk to the citizens of this district I hear about children who need access to a world-class education, parents that need real career-job opportunities, seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities needing the services they deserve. Our Legislators are too busy promoting bills raising our taxes and pushing for ridiculous legislation like banning the sale of bobcat pelts, cross-bow hunting of coyotes, and now raising prices at the gas pumps. We are reminded every day that they are not doing their jobs by the fact that our state government has no budget.

stead of always demanding more money from families, they should be finding ways to use the citizens tax dollars more efficiently.  We need to reform our worker’s compensation system and our procurement and bidding processes of state contracts for our small businesses.

Rather than join the  Governor to pass structural reforms that will solve our crippling budget impasse, bring down the cost of providing services and boost the economy, Senate President Cullerton and House Speaker Madigan want to raise taxes yet again, creating an even bigger, more inefficient and intrusive state government to monitor, track and charge us for every mile we drive.
The citizens of this district are already faced with the highest property taxes in the nation while at the same time our unemployment rate is still at unacceptable levels. The old way of governing and legislating has clearly failed the citizens of this district and this current Motor Fuel Tax proposal is outrageous and absolutely offensive to the citizens of this district and state.
In 2014, we the citizens of this district and state, paid the 8th highest gas tax in the nation all the while our roads and bridges are far below safe and normal standards.
Let’s stand up together and tell Senate President Cullerton and House Speaker Madigan that enough is enough. We the citizens, are going to oppose this tax and government intrusion, and we will be heard.

Dem State Rep. Andy Skoog Strongly Opposed To Cullerton Milage Tax

Andy Skoog

Andy Skoog

Democrat state Rep. Andy Skoog of LaSalle told the LaSalle News-Tribune Friday that he is strongly opposed to a per mile drive tax being proposed by Democrat Senate President John Cullerton.

Skoog was appointed state Representative in the 76th district in December after long-time state Rep. Frank Mautino was given the Auditor Generals job after having previously been the LaSalle county circuit clerk.

From the News-Tribune:

“This proposal will hurt the hardworking middle-class families that we are trying to help, and especially those who must drive frequently for a living,” Skoog said. “Even as the newest member of the General Assembly, it is obvious that the state is in serious financial trouble. Taxing our way out of these fiscal challenges is not the answer.”

This is the latest in a series of issues where Skoog has distanced himself from the liberal Chicago Democrats who hold super-majorities in both chambers of the state legislature. From raising the states income tax, to gun control, Skoog’s been one of the few Democrats in Springfield that has been willing to say no to Madigan and Cullerton.

Cullerton Wants To Tax IL Drivers By The Mile

Sen. John Cullerton(D-Chicago)

Sen. John Cullerton(D-Chicago)

Illinois Democrat Senate President John Cullerton is floating legislation down in Springfield that would tax Illinois drivers per mile as opposed to the current state gasoline sales tax. To do this Illinois drivers would have new devices installed in their cars to monitor their milage Marathon Pundit reports.

This effort to tax drivers by the mile started out West in Oregon and California, and is being picked up by Big Government, tax hungry, Statist coast to coast.

This new taxation effort has come about because of the law of unintended consequences of liberalism. After spending years attacking SUVs, fossil fuels, and promoting electric cars and glorified golf carts, has prompted many car buyers(and makers) to make lots more high milage vehicles. That then caused state(and federal) motor fuel tax revenue to fall.

Since Democrats in the Illinois legislature are having less money to pass around to their union pals(and not put towards our massive pension debt) and less to spend of Big Dig projects they can slap their names on Cullerton and his partner in crime Boss Madigan have been looking to tax us more.

Cullerton wants to use the money from the per mile tax for roads and bridges, but lets all be honest that won’t happen. The 2011 tax hike was supposed to pay off the states multi billion dollar backlog of unpaid bills, that backlog only grew. The state Lottery was supposed to pay for education, that’s never happened. This per mile tax, if it even made it into law(I see Gov. Rauner vetoing this and the Dem’s not being able to override) would be no different.


Sen. Durbin Joins Push To Have IL Automatically Register Voters

Sen. Dick Durbin(D-IL)

Sen. Dick Durbin(D-IL)

Friday in Chicago Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin join state Sen. President John Cullerton and other Chicago area Democrat lawmakers in pushing for Illinois to join Oregon and California in automatically registering people to vote WREX reports.

The bill sponsored by Sen.  Andy Manar(D-Bunker Hill) would allow the Secretary of States office to register people to vote, unless they decline, when the get their drivers license or other state issued ID.

This effort to automatically register eligible voters is open for massive fraud given that Illinois is one of a handful of states that issue drivers licenses willingly to illegal immigrants.

The Democrat lawmakers say that since the auto voter registration will be electronic there won’t be any cheating or as many errors, mind you this is the same Illinois and city of Chicago where the dead vote(always for Democrats) and Chicagoans continually show up in Southeastern Wisconsin to vote in their elections.

ILGOP Leaderships Protection Racket

1373469687_cultures-escape-bulgaria-gandalf-you-shall-not-passIt is becoming an old song and dance with conservative candidates running for the state legislature here in Illinois.  They look to run for office and then the Illinois GOP leadership comes a knocking and tells them to wait a few years, then it will be your turn, we have another candidate who we are going to back with a lot of money and we’ll take you down in any primary.

That is nearly verbatim what 76th state Representative candidate Jacob Bramel was told by the ILGOP’s House Republican Organization, who said the exact same thing to another downstate state Rep. candidate, and that is what Illinois Senate Republican leadership told Sharee Langenstein in her bid for the open 58th Senate seat in Southern Illinois.

Bramel on Friday retold the story USofArn.com brought you back in early November on Joe Walsh’s radio show about how the HRO wanted him to get out of the race, wait his turn, or be destroyed by the money and scorched Earth tactics.

Bramel told Walsh, “(The) Establishment they are in shambles at the federal level. They’re in shambles at the state level. They are in even bigger shambles at the local level.”

Sharee Langenstein says that because of the obvious fact that she is on the opposite side of nearly every issue with Senate minority leader Christine Radogno it is no wonder that the ILGOP establishment is backing 2014 Attorney General candidate Paul Schimpf in that race.

As no Republican is challenging the areas Democrat state Rep. Jerry Costello Jr. one has to wonder why Schimpf didn’t seek to challenge him, leaving Langenstein to run for the Senate without a primary opponent given she announced months before. Now any winner will have to go up against Pat Quinn’s former Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon while Costello skates by unopposed at a time when breaking the Democrats super majority hold on the state legislature is paramount to helping Gov. Bruce Rauner enact his Turn Around Agenda reforms and to finally get the states budget mess cleaned up hopefully without Michael Madigan’s desired income tax increase.

Sharee is a highly regarded constitutional law attorney and longtime conservative activist in Southern Illinois while Paul’s an accomplished Marine JAG attorney. They should both be going to Springfield to help Gov. Rauner. Not fighting each other. Jacob Bramel is an outstanding young conservative leader and Air Force veteran.

The ILGOP establishment wants to protect its self and maintain its people in leadership positions.  They want loyalty to people not principles and the good sense to do what is right. When need fresh young conservatives running for office, not the usual mush of the Combine.

Supporting term limits, redistricting reform, a property tax freeze, workers compensations reform, tort reform, consolidating government, opposing Michael Madigan’s income tax hike, balancing the states budget, have no prerequisite about backing Radogno or any of the other inept leaders the ILGOP has had.

Thankfully conservatives and Tea Party activist have stopped the bleeding when it comes to the terrible leadership the states Republican Party has had. Tom Cross isn’t leading House Republicans, Pat Brady is gone as party chairman.

Its is probably time for Radogno to go to as well.

Getting one House seat ends Michael Madigan’s veto proof super majority in the House. The more bites at that apple the better everyones chances of getting all the seats needed to finally break his reign as Speaker of the House and one day his 45 years total in the state legislature

The old ways of doing things have clearly not worked Madigan has been Speaker for all but two years since 1983.  Only one seat in 2014 flipped and that was Neil Anderson winning his Quad Cities Senate race.

Protecting the old guard is no longer an option for Illinois Republicans.

As a recent presidential poll showed its the outsiders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz leading in Illinois, just as they are leading in Iowa and nationally.

The mood is clearly against the establishment and come the March 15th primary it is and should cost them as voters reject their attempts to rig the game, and stupidly leave Madigan cronies uncontested.



Rauner Vetoes Pay Raise For Lawmakers

Gov. Bruce Rauner

Gov. Bruce Rauner

On Wednesday Illinois Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed legislation that would have given a cost-of-living pay raise to members of the state legislature.

Wednesday was the first day of a partial government shutdown of state government due to the impasse between Democrat party boss and Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, Senate President John Fullerton, and Gov. Rauner over a budget for the fiscal year.

Since Madigan and Cullerton can’t come up with a budget that balances, the one they passed ahead of Tuesday’s midnight deadline, over spent some $4 billion making it not only an unblanced budget but also an unconstitutional one given Illinois’ Constitutional balanced budget provision, they and their fellow Democrats in the state House and state Senate don’t deserve even more of our money.

FYI Illinois lawmakers were already some of the highest paid in the nation before Rauner vetoed their pay raise.

Syverson: Overtime Budget Sessions Equal Political Games

Sen. Dave Syverson

Sen. Dave Syverson

Tuesday was the third week of “overtime” legislative sessions to try to work out a budget between Speaker Michael Madigan, Senate President John Cullerton and Gov. Bruce Rauner before the state government shuts down at the end of the month and the state forgoes paying virtually everyone.

To date those extra legislative sessions have accomplished zero towards ending the budget impasse between the Democrats who control the state legislature and the states Republican Governor.

Rockford state Sen. Dave Syverson says these extra sessions are nothing more that political games.

WTVO has more:

Frustration is building in the Illinois legislature as Tuesday’s third overtime session produced no progress on the state’s budget.

“Unfortunately, it’s another day of filling time,” said Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford).

Many legislators, like Sen. Dave Syverson, who attended Tuesday’s third overtime session in Springfield, are now wondering why they even bothered. Legislators held hearings all day on college affordability without once discussing the budget crisis which directly impacts the issue.

“Today is just unfortunately more of the political games,” said Sen. Syverson.


Rockford State Union Rep Says Gov’s Budget Cuts “Hurt People And Further Depress The Economy”

afscme-logoThursday in downtown Rockford AFSCME union members working with the Department of Children and Family Services protested Gov. Bruce Rauner’s budget cutting and contract negotiation stances.  Union Rep Tonya Burns said that Gov. Bruce Rauner’s budget cuts, which are necessary because the state of Illinois is broke, “hurt people and further depress the economy“.  

Union President Kathy Lane at the rally said that it was state unionized government workers, who are negotiating a new contract with Gov. Rauner ahead of the expiration of the old contract June 30th, are “The heart beat of the State of Illinois, as being state employees, and its important for us to educate the community.”

AFSCME unions groups and their members held protest all week across the state because of the billions of dollars in the state budget Gov. Rauner has to cut in order to cover all of the over spending of Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton.  Protest were also held in the Quad Cities and LaSalle county locally.

Gov. Rauner is asking the union to reduce the number of vacation and holiday’s, pay more for their health insurance, and take a pay freeze.  The unions, like Speaker Madigan and President Cullertion are bulking at fixing this states fiscal mess or at reforming pensions which are the main driver of that mess.  And forget about them even given a thought to any of the Governors Turn Around agenda ideas.

All they want is for tax increases to make up for the more than $3 billion Madigan and Cullerton put into a budget that the state doesn’t have, and thus is an unconstitutional budget.

More taxes didn’t make a dent into the states fiscal woes when Madigan and former Gov. Pat Quinn did it in 2011 and it won’t make a difference now, cuts have to be made, and the unions have to start agreeing to do with less in a lot of areas, or this state is sunk.

With no budget and an expiring union contract the prospect is high ,given Madigan, Cullerton, and the unions steadfast refusal to budge on Rauner’s agenda, that a government shutdown and strike or walk-out, or lock-out of AFSCME members could occur at the same time.

While it would be incredibly painful, Illinois in the long run would probably be better off for it.