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Perpetually Offended Liberals Can’t Even Stand A Display Mocking Donald Trump

Donald Trump display at Sycamore Pumpkin Festival, photo from Dekalb Daily Chronicle

Donald Trump display at Sycamore Pumpkin Festival, photo from Dekalb Daily Chronicle

The perpetually offended liberals who complain about everything from the US flag and national anthem to Halloween costumes are at it yet again; in what maybe their most absurd complaint about something ever.

Over the Halloween weekend during Sycamore, Illinois’ annual Pumpkin Festival a group of libs started protesting and demanding the removal of a 12-17 year olds pumpkin display depicting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The display, which mocked Trump and his biggest campaign issue of securing the Southern border, featured a pumpkin Trump standing behind a brick wall that said “Made in China”, while 6 gourds dressed with sombreros were placed near the wall along with a pinata, a sign being held by the Trump pumpkin read “I will build a great wall … to keep out the illegal Gourds.”

The Dekalb Daily Chronicle reports that the group of liberals weren’t offended by the Trump display per say, but by the sombrero wearing gourds:

A handful of people with signs protested during the festival. One sign read “Don’t reward hate.”

Jocelyn Santana, of DeKalb, said many people were bothered by the stereotypical portrayal of Hispanic immigrants, regardless of the intent of the boy who made it.

“The depiction of the culture was offensive,” Santana said. “It impacts the growing Latino population in Sycamore and DeKalb.”

Even worse, she said, was that the display received an award.

“The stereotypical message was validated by the award,” Santana said. “That was the larger issue. That’s what we were protesting.”

Some time during the weekend the boy who created the display and his family voluntarily removed the display after talks between the Sycamore Police, the protesters, the boy and his family and the Sycamore Lions Club which puts on the annual festival.

Prior to its removal the Trump display was given 3rd place in the 12-17 yr old age group for “Satire, news, and current events” category.

Mrs. Santana told the Daily Chronicle that she would have been fine with the display if the gourds were left blank, but decorated with the sombreros she and her 4 children felt offended and thus joined with some others to protest next to the display during part of the 5 day long festival.

If liberals and the Social Justice Warrior crowd want to flip out over this, I’d hate to see how they react in the coming weeks when Thanksgiving displays start popping up all over the country.

As the great Mark Levin has said for years Liberalism is a mental disorder.

When Republicans Lie About Their Support For Amnesty: Rep. Kinzinger Edition

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

During election season entrenched establishment politicians like, no love, to lie about their records and views on matters of national importance so that they can garner votes to return to Washington and continue aiding and abiding the status quo.

Take for instance Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger, one of the biggest supporters of amnesty in the House outside of fellow Illinois congressman Luis Gutierrez, who has resorted to lying about his stance on immigration and amnesty on his campaign website; this despite the fact that congressman Kinzinger faces absolutely no opponent on the November 8th ballot.

Kinzinger says on his website:

While I believe we must make reforms to our broken immigration system, we must first ensure that our borders are secure or we risk returning to the status quo. It is vital we update our antiquated immigration system to better suit the needs of a 21st century economy, but we must not reward those who have come here illegally. I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress to ensure we develop immigration policies that secure and strengthen America and provide fairness to those who attempt to enter our country legally.

Congressman Kinzinger’s own amnesty supporting past says something very differently.

Earlier this year Kinzinger joined with a handful of other amnesty supporting Republicans and the majority of the Democrats to get a provision passed that paves the way for illegal immigrants to serve in the United States military. Kinzinger is a Major in the Air Guard and is an Iraq veteran.

When a previous attempt to let illegals into the military failed Kinzinger said during a radio interview:

I think this amendment to strip this frankly came from a very ugly place in our party that won’t even look at the idea of somebody that’s 3 or 4 years old when they were brought here, looking at the opportunity to say I want to earn an opportunity to be a citizen of the United States of America….There is nothing more Republican in my mind than people earning an opportunity to have a shot at the American dream.

If we as Republicans can’t get behind the idea of studying the merits of earning citizenship in this country by serving in the military than that frankly frightens me and I don’t know what we can stand for that is more Republican than that.

Before that on the issue of President Obama’s executive amnesties for certain, large, groups of illegal immigrants Kinzinger said stopping DACA, Obama’s first executive amnesty, sent “the wrong message to send for our party.”. In the months leading up to President Obama’s 2012 edict Kinzinger said that taking preemptive steps to stop President Obama from issuing any amnesty via executive order, “would have made our already broken immigration system more confusing and inefficient.”

Yeah how exactly was stopping a lawless President from committing an unconstitutional usurpation of the power of Congress going to make the illegal immigration problem worse?

As a Chamber of Commerce bankrolled member of Congress that is totally and completely loyal to GOPe leadership congressman Kinzinger should drop the pretend to be an immigration hawk act, it’s old and really transparent.

Just admit you are going back to Washington for another term to make sure illegal immigrants continue to get more benefits, continue to get to stay, that the border remains a political hot potato playing second fiddle to “comprehensive immigration reform”, and the Chamber of Commerce and other big corporations continue to have access to keep foreign labor, you’d at least be honest saying that.

Kinzinger: Not Humane To Deport 11-20 Million Illegals, Legalize Them Instead

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

During an interview on Thursday with Wolf Blitzer on CNN Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger said that it was unrealistic and not humane to deport the estimated 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants in the country and that instead they should be legalized.

In response to the Supreme Court ruling letting stand the nixing of President Obama’s 2014 executive order amnesty, DAPA, for 5 million illegal immigrants with US citizen or legal resident children and questioning by Blitzer about Donald Trump’s immigration stance Kinzinger said of deporting 11 million illegals, “Its unrealistic. Its not humane. To just say your basically send out the Patty wagon and deport 11 million people. So what we need to do is recognize that they’re here and I think getting a pathway to legalizing them, having them pay taxes, be productive citizens, is the answer as well as border security.”

Kinzinger also said after being asked about the prospect of DAPA applicants being deported and those families being broken up that, “Of course I feel bad for it and that’s why I’ve been very aggressively saying that we need to do immigration reform. We need to do it in a way that we can find the solution that is going to secure the border and allow those folks to become taxpayers.”

When Adam Kinzinger says he’s been aggressive towards immigration reform, he means he always votes in favor of amnesty.

While Kinzinger was approving and happy with the Supreme Court letting the 5th circuit ruling striking down DAPA stand everyone should remember that last year when congresswoman Marsha Blackburn attempted to get DAPA and DACA defunded Kinzinger voted against it.

IL GOP Rep’s Davis, Dold, Kinzinger Vote To Let Illegals Serve In Military

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Back on Thursday of last week the House of Representatives voted on an amendment to the annual National Defense Authorization Act by Arizona congressman Paul Gosar that would have prevented the Obama administration from using its deferred deportation(DACA) amnesty program to let illegal immigrants join the United States Military under the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest program which lets immigrants with vital lingual or technical skills to join the military.

Congress never authorized the MAVNI to be used for illegal immigrants and Rep. Gosar’s amendment sought to address that.

However, his amendment was defeated when 30 House Republicans, including Illinois congressmen Rodney Davis, Bob Dold, and Adam Kinzinger joined with the Democrats to keep the Obama back-door amnesty program going. The vote was 210-211.

An estimated 140 illegal immigrants granted reprieve under Obama’s unconstitutional DACA decree have gone on to join the US Military by way of the MAVNI program.

Other notable House RINOs who voted to continue to let illegal immigrants into the military include House Oversight committee chairman Jason Chaffetz, Rep. Fred Upton, New York blowhard Pete King, Rep. Dent of Pennsylvania, Rep. Poe of Texas, Royce and Denham of California and Rep. Diaz-Balart of Florida. Full roll call here.

Adam Kinzinger’s spokeswoman told the Ottawa Times that he voted against Gosar’s amendment because it would have prevented people with “lingual skills and cultural knowledge” from joining the military. No it would have stopped illegal immigrants from getting into the military.

Last year Kinzinger, an Iraq war veteran and Major in the Air Guard, lead a losing effort to stop a similar amendment by Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks that also dealt with keeping illegals out of the military, at that time only 20 Republicans in the House, including Dold, supported that effort along with virtually all Democrats.

Following that vote Kinzinger told 1440 WROK that the opposition he faced from the vast majority of the Republican Party came from a “very ugly place”. Kinzinger also said he was “frightened” that his fellow Republicans rejected letting illegal immigrants, DREAMers, and DAC/DAPA recipients serve in the US Military.

With the defeat this time of Gosar’s amendment illegal immigrants will continue to be able to join the military.

New DREAM Act Advancing In Illinois Legislature

Sen. Christine Radogno

Sen. Christine Radogno

A new DREAM act legislation has passed the Illinois Senate and now is awaiting a vote in the Democrat super-majority controlled House.

State level DREAM Acts allow illegal immigrants to gain access to in-state tuition and financial aid for the college education.  Illinois’ current DREAM Act only provides for privately funded scholarships for illegal immigrants.

This new legislation would expand tuition and financial aid to any immigrant the state regardless of their immigration status provided they want to go to one of the states 4 year colleges or universities.

The bill, SB 2196, passed the Senate 30-19, with Republican minority leader Christine Radogno, and Republican Sen. Chris Nybo voting with the Democrat majority.

The bill should easily pass the House and Gov. Rauner’s office has only indicated that it is “under review”.


Rock Valley College Trying To Make It Easier For Illegal Immigrants To Attend

rock valley collegeRockford’s Rock Valley College is making effort’s to try to make it easier for illegal immigrants to attend classes at the 2 year liberal arts community college. The primary way RVC officials intend on making it easier for illegal immigrants to attend is by lowering the tuition price especially for them and by making language changes to a number of college policies WIFR reports.

“We know that undocumented students have some severe challenges with respect to income of their family. We want to make sure that it’s affordable, accessible and available to them,” said Provost Carmen Coballes-Vega.

There are about 60 illegal immigrants attending classes at RVC currently.

The changes will be discussed at the March 22 meeting of the board of trustees.


Thousands Rally In Madison To Protect Sanctuary Cities

Madison, WI pro-sanctuary city protesters, photo via Twitchy

Madison, WI pro-sanctuary city protesters, photo via Twitchy

Thursday afternoon between 14,000 and 20,000 people protested at the Wisconsin state capitol in Madison in a “Day Without Latinos” rally in opposition to a pair of bills making their way to Gov. Scott Walker.  AB 450 would end sanctuary cities in Wisconsin while SB 533 would prohibit counties from issuing local ID’s to people who do not qualify for state issued identification.

Members of LULAC(League of United Latin American Citizens Council) , the Wisconsin Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Madison area high school students, and others who were bused in from around the state took part in the protest.

Twitchy has some photos and tweets of the protesters inside and outside of the capitol.

From the Beloit Daily News:

Cecelia Ramirez(Beloit LULAC chapter president) said if AB 450 becomes law, it would result in the separation of families.

“Most of our teenagers are U.S. citizens, but some of the parents are undocumented. Many families will be divided, and there would be kids without parents,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez said the bill could also open the door to scammers trying to take advantage of those fearful of deportation.

Ramirez said those who can’t use local identification cards would be unable to open a bank account, rent an apartment, cash a check or enroll their children in school.

“If they are homeless they won’t be able to go to a shelter. If they are abused, they won’t report it,” Ramirez said.

Fox News has more:

A spokesman for Voces de la Frontera, the local group organizing the rally, told Fox News Latino that the protest’s goal is to push Walker to block the bills.

“We need exactly the opposite bills. We need it to be easier for police to protect people. They’re making people too afraid to report crimes for fear the police has partnered with [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and could deport them,” Freeman told Fox News Latino.

Protesters claimed that the Wisconsin bills are racist and anti-immigrant as well.

Rubio In Iowa: Illegals Here More Than 12 Years Can Stay And Get Work Permit

Sen. Marco Rubio(R-FL)

Sen. Marco Rubio(R-FL)

Speaking to Iowa caucus goers in Johnston, Iowa Saturday Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said that as a part of his immigration plan illegal immigrants who have been in the country for more than 12 years would be allowed to stay, get a 10 year work permit, plus be eligible to get a green card, if they pay a fine.

From the QC Times:

Rubio said he thinks anyone who has been in the U.S. fewer than a dozen years must return and criminals will be deported.

The others, Rubio said, would be allowed to step forward, pass a background check, pay fines and taxes and receive a 10-year worker’s permit. After those 10 years, they could apply for a green card.

“That’s not amnesty. And it’s a reasonable approach,” Rubio said, addressing conservatives who criticize any immigration policy that allows immigrants here illegally to remain as amnesty. “You’re not going to round up and deport 12 million people. You’re not. … It’s not as simple as some of the people make it sound.”

That kind of sounds like amnesty to me.

And whats with letting illegals stay, if they have been here since just after 9/11 and before.

They all need to go, period.

Ex. State Rep. Jim Sacia: Cruz And Trump Immigration Chest-Beating Solves Nothing, Illegals Do Jobs Americans Won’t

Jim Sacia

Jim Sacia

In an op-ed in the Freeport Journal-Standard former Republican state Rep. Jim Sacia said that the hard right including leading Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and chest-beating on the issue of immigration with their tough talk on border security and deporting illegal immigrants would solve nothing because the illegals are doing jobs Americans won’t.

There is about the same number of illegal immigrants in America as the entire population of Illinois — about 12 million. The hard right, including presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz, believe they must go. They both couch their words carefully because they are doing “the political dance,” but it’s what they mean.

I hear so often, they are taking work from U.S. citizens. My experience and what I have personally observed as a state representative is that most of the jobs they hold, you couldn’t get an American citizen to do.

I can just hear some of you, “Sacia went over to the dark side.” No he didn’t, and this is a realistic way to address a significant issue. All of the bluster and chest-beating solves nothing.

Sacia instead would like to see employers pay the IRS “bond” so that their illegal immigrant employees can get Social Security numbers and thus pay into the entitlement program.  He proposed this idea once to Illinois Democrat congressman Luis Gutierrez he writes, and was blown off. Gutierrez is a radical amnesty supporter.

Personally I think Ted Cruz’s idea of sending IRS agents to the border to scare off arriving illegals  is a lot better idea, that and it includes the elimination of the IRS due to Cruz’s tax reforms. Two birds, one stone.

And as for that whole bit about illegals doing jobs Americans won’t he really needs to be given a copy of Mark Levin’s latest best seller Plunder and Deceit so he can read chapter six on immigration and learn what he thinks he knows about illegals doing jobs Americans won’t is a myth.


Front Group For ILGOP And Businesses Supporting Amnesty To Protest Donald Trump Speech Monday In Springfield

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

On Monday November 9th Republican presidential candidate, real estate mogul, and reality TV star Donald Trump will give a speech in Springfield, IL at the Prairie Capital Convention Center ahead of Tuesday’s GOP debate in Milwaukee being hosted/put on by Fox Business Network.

Because of Trump’s tough stance on illegal immigration; wanting to build a wall to prevent border crossing from Mexico, deporting the 11-20 million illegals currently in the country, and his constant reminders to people of all of the crime illegal immigrants are causing, think Kate Steinle, a front group for the Illinois Republican Party and businesses who support amnesty are going to protest the event and Trump’s message on immigration.

The Illinois Business Immigration Coalition includes as its members John Rowe, chairman of Exelon, former House minority leader and former state Rep. Tom Cross, former Gov. Jim Edgar, Northern Illinois University President Doug Baker, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, and a host of other business leaders, and activist from Chicagolands immigrant community.

The IBIC told WTVO/Fox39 that:

“Massive deportation put forth by some Presidential candidates(Trump) is senseless and its consequences are severe,” the group said in a statement.  They point to a study saying it would take 20 years and cost up to $600 billion to deport every one of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.

The coalition says Illinois agriculture interests would particularly be impacted.   “Many pork and dairy producers, fruit and vegetable growers and seed corn operations in Illinois rely on heavily on immigrant workers, “said Rich Guebert, President of the Illinois Farm Bureau, “These farmers follow the law, but simply don’t (have) access to a legal and stable workforce.”

The IBIC openly flaunts on its website that it wants to see a pathway to citizenship for the illegal immigrants here, and wants to see expanded access to the United States for both low-skilled and high-skilled foreign labor.

At events the group has held in 2014 and 2015 in Chicago they have featured pro-amnesty speeches and talks from Republican lawmakers such as disgraced former congressman Aaron Schock, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, Gov. Brucer Rauner, late Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert(who just pleaded guilty to giving money to someone blackmailing him) , Rep. Bob Dold, Sen. Mark Kirk and former Governors James Thompson and Jim Edgar.

Here is video of Schock and Kinzinger’s remarks to the group from 2014. Video of the groups event from 2015 can be found here.

Following the 2nd GOP presidential debate in September Exelon’s John Rowe, who helps run the IBIC wrote and op-ed in the Chicago Tribune trying to use Illinois historical ties to Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan to call deporting illegal immigrants “Evil”:

Illinois was the home state of Abraham Lincoln, the patriarch and soul of our party, and the birth state of Ronald Reagan, the patriarch of modern conservatism, in whose memorial you meet. With this lineage deeply and soberly in mind, I call upon all of you to turn your faces away from the unclean proposal to exile 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Deporting 11 million people would be naked, plain, in-your-face evil. While no one has proposed that it be done in boxcars, as one of the other party’s candidates suggested the GOP wants, the grim reality is that millions of people would be torn from hardworking lives and our police would be taken from real law enforcement and turned to shattering families. People would die in the process, parents and children would be torn apart, businesses would suffer and law enforcement would become harder. Neither Lincoln nor Reagan tolerated such evil. Lincoln rejected nativist pleas from the Know Nothing Party and Reagan signed legislation to provide a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

In addition to being indecent upon its face, the exile proposal is, to purloin a word popular with one of our candidates, “stupid,” just plain “stupid.”

No what is stupid are all of these establishment Republicans and business executives bending over backwards to placate millions of illegal immigrants who 1) have no business being in the United States and 2) have been committing crimes(see the case of illegal immigrant Maria Romero who killed a young man named Emilio Perez), suppressing the wages of Americans, and taking jobs away from them.  It is against federal law for any employer to hire, knowingly, an Illegal immigrant.

If Donald Trump’s past events are any indication his event Monday in Springfield will be at or near capacity and that is what the IBIC and its members don’t like. Trump’s message of being tough on illegal immigration is vastly more popular than their demands for amnesty are.