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Chicago Dem State Rep. Introduces Bill To Tax And Put Serial Numbers On Ammo

gunOn Monday Chicago Democrat state Rep. Sonya Harper filled HB 6615 that would require that all handgun ammunition kept, sold, or used in the state of Illinois starting in 2018 would have to have serial numbers, anyone in possession of unserialized ammo would face misdemeanor charges.  Harper’s bill would also establish a state registry for ammunition and sales with the Illinois State Police and impose a half a penny tax per round on ammo sold in the Illinois.

The synopsis of the bill:

 Provides that beginning January 1, 2018, all handgun ammunition that is manufactured, imported into the State for sale or personal use, kept for sale, offered or exposed for sale, sold, given, lent, or possessed shall be serialized. Provides that beginning January 1, 2018, any person who manufactures, causes to be manufactured, imports into the State for sale or personal use, keeps for sale, offers or exposes for sale, or who gives or lends any handgun ammunition that is not serialized is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. Provides that beginning January 1, 2018, any person who possesses in any public place any handgun ammunition that is not serialized is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor. Provides exceptions. Provides that beginning January 1, 2018, the Department of State Police shall maintain a centralized registry of all reports of handgun ammunition transactions reported to the Department in a manner prescribed by the Department. Provides that information in the registry, upon proper application for that information, shall be furnished to peace officers and authorized employees of the Department of State Police or to the person listed in the registry as the owner of the particular handgun ammunition. Provides that the Department of State Police shall adopt rules relating to the assessment and collection of end-user fees in an amount not to exceed $0.005 per round of handgun ammunition or per bullet, in which the accumulated fee amount may not exceed the cost to pay for the infrastructure, implementation, operational, enforcement, and future development costs of these provisions. Effective January 1, 2018, except some provisions effective immediately.

There have been more than 570 murders so far in Chicago this year, with well over 3,000 wounded. This past weekend saw 8 people killed and another 40 wounded.

This horrific amount of crime is almost all the result of young black men shooting and killing or wounding other young blacks with illegal guns in a city that used to ban handgun ownership until that was found to be unconstitutional by the Courts. Chicago continues a near de facto ban on gun stores within city limits by way of zoning ordinances after the Courts again found the cities outright ban on them unconstitutional.  Chicago is so anti-gun that Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Amazon.com have teamed up to keep little kids from getting toys in the city, right as everyone gears up for the Christmas shopping season.

Making hunters, the states tens of thousands of concealed carry permit holders, or any other law-abiding gun owner put serial numbers on their ammunition won’t do diddley squat about the Chicago’s gang and drug violence problem.

If Rep. Harper wants to do something about Chicago’s(or Rockford’s) crime problem do something about the lack of fathers in these punk kids lives, do something about a culture that promotes violence, fix the Chicago court system so that shooting suspects aren’t back out on the street before the inks dry, that and so much more would do wonders for Chicago’s violent streets; putting serial numbers on everyone’s ammo is just a great way to get another Illinois anti-gun law squashed by the Courts for being unconstitutional.

Chicago Tribune Reporter Wants To Ban All Semi-Auto Rifles And Pistols, Shotguns, And Large Capacity Mags

gunIn a column that appeared on the Chicago Tribunes  website Tuesday reporter Dahleen Glanton, mocking the first day of the Trump conventions theme of “Make America Safe Again”, openly called for the banning of all semi-automatic rifles and pistols, shotguns, most rifle accessories, and large capacity magazines.

Glanton also used her piece to blame “Assault Rifles” for the murders of 5 Dallas police officers and 3 Baton Rouge cops by two radical black separatists, who were former members of the US military. Glanton wrote, “Let’s not pretend that the Black Lives Matter movement is responsible for these murders. The real culprits are assault weapons.”

Guess Glanton hasn’t seen the videos or the social media posts of BLM radicals openly calling for the killing of police officers that have been a nearly daily occurence in the two years since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Later Glanton openly called for banning practically every single modern firearm in existence writing; “We can never be safe from outside attacks until we have figured out how to protect ourselves from within. That means ridding our cities of semi-automatic rifles, pistols, shotguns and large capacity ammunition magazines….No Americans need to be able to walk around with rifles equipped with telescoping stocks, barrel shrouds and detachable magazines.”

Glanton continued, “Indeed, law-abiding citizens, such as Johnson and Long(the Dallas and Baton Rouge cop killers), are the ones Second Amendment laws are designed to protect. Only a federal ban on assault rifles and other semi-automatic weapons could have kept them from obtaining such high-powered weapons.”

Glanton also encouraged her readers to contact members of Congress to demand that they do something along those lines to stop gun violence by melting down their phone lines and flooding their email in boxes with demands to scuttle the 2nd amendment.

As Glanton should be painfully aware, reporting from Gun Violence Central, aka Chicago, that virtually all of the violence and crime committed with a gun in this country is via a handgun, not semi-automatic rifles; there is no such thing as an assault rifle, a rifle is a rifle, assault is assault.

Being in/from Chicago Glanton should also know that banning firearms, doesn’t work. The city of Chicago for many years outright banned the ownership of handguns, and still the city’s South and West sides were plagued by gang and drug violence on a daily basis.  Despite court rulings the city of Chicago still maintains an effective ban on gun stores in the city limits. And still the criminal element in Chicago was plenty of weapons by which young black and hispanic men use to kill other young blacks and Hispanics(male and female).

The problem Mrs. Glanton isn’t semi-auto rifles, or handguns.

The real problem is the African-American culture in the nations urban centers, gangs, drug dealing, a pathetic public education system, and a total breakdown of the two parent household and basic parenting, i.e discipline, that is what is causing the gun violence in Chicago and elsewhere.

The Black Lives Matter movements war on cops, the open hostility towards law enforcement it has fomented, and liberal Democrats like President Obama, and Hillary Clinton calling cops racists, isn’t helping matters any.

Mrs. Glanton can wish to ban modern firearms all she wants, but it won’t have any impact on the real root causes of the violence problem in the African-American community.

If every parent/grandparent of a gang member in Chicago took said gang banger across their knee and spanked their hides raw until they promised(crying) to never be a part of a gang ever again, that would actually do something to help the situation.


Kinzinger: Just Because Congress Unpopular Doesn’t Mean Obama Can Throw Out Constitution

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Appearing on Fox New’s Fox & Friends Monday morning Illinois congressman Adam Kizninger said that, “Congress may be unpopular…but that doesn’t mean Congress doesn’t exist, that doesn’t mean you(President Obama) conveniently get to throw out the constitution.”

This was in reaction to President Obama meeting later in the day with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to talk about possible gun control executive orders.

Kinzigner said that, “What he’s(Obama) proposing, what’s been proposed wouldn’t have stopped any of these tragic mass shootings from happening.”

Kinzinger also noted that being from Illinois and a district that rings Chicagoland that there is, “(A) lot of gun violence that happens in Chicago and is one of the strictest city’s on guns. It’s not an issue of gun availability, its’ an issue of the heart of people.”

Gun Grabber Father Pfleger Suing 3 Chicagoland Villages Over Chicago Gun Violence

Father Michael Pfleger

Father Michael Pfleger

Radical nut job, Obama pal, and leading gun grabber Father Michael Pfleger, and a group of his fellow Chicago anti-gun zealots filed a lawsuit in Cook County Tuesday that seeks to punish three suburban Chicagoland villages because those villages, Lyons, Riverdale, and Lincolnwood have gun stores.

In the suit Pfleger and his cohorts contend that the villages are in violation of the Illinois Civil Rights Act because those three villages don’t have gun store regulations comparable to the city of Chicago’s, which until recently outright banned gun stores from operating inside city limits; following a court ruling that found the ban unconstitutional the city council and Mayor Rahm Emanuel enacted a new gun store zoning ordinance that effectively made 99.99% of the city off limits to any future gun store. To date there are no gun stores in the city of Chicago.

Chicago ABC7 quotes Pfleger at a Tuesday press conference announcing the suit as saying, “Families and our children have a right to safety. They have a right to live. They have a right to walk to school, to play outside, to sit on their porch and not be afraid of being shot or killed. Although the solution of violence is indeed comprehensive, part of the problem is the proliferation of guns,”

The suit goes on to say, “The failure to use the most effective “criteria or methods of administration” has a disparate and terrible impact on African Americans who live in neighborhoods afflicted by such illegal gun use and who are in reasonable apprehension of their safety. It also increases the economic and racial isolation of these neighborhoods. Plaintiffs seek an order to require Riverdale, Lyons and Lincolnwood to use the kind of methods recommended by the City of Chicago in its May 27, 2014 report, “Tracing the Guns: The Impact of Illegal Guns on Violence in Chicago,” and to engage in greater on-site monitoring of the sale of guns in the stores in their jurisdictions.”

you can read the full text of the suit here.

Never mind that it is the Illinois State Police and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives that monitor and check gun stores for compliance with state and federal laws.

Last month Pfleger, standing right next to Rev. Jesse Jackson and Dan Gross of the Brady Campaign, accused the National Rifle Association and the Illinois State Rifle Association of having blood on their hands for the murder of children in Chicago’s years long bloodbath of weekly and daily gang and drug gun violence as they were protesting outside of Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale, one of the three villages named in the suit.

In the last month plus Pfleger has called for registering and titling guns just like cars, banning high capacity magazines, and other gun control measures that would have zero impact or effect in curbing the gang and drug problem(s) that are at the heart of nearly every shooting and homicide in the city of Chicago.

This past July 4th weekend saw 10 people killed and more than 50 wounded in dozens of shootings across the city.  So far in 2015 Chicago has seen 226 murders with well over 1,000 injured.

Pfleger’s lawsuit faces a number of challenges including the issue of standing, trying to hold local governments liable for what happens in a lawful(and constitutionally protected) business well after the customer leaves it and the village, and the pretzel like stretches to contort the Illinois Civil Rights Act into a basis for attacking the second amendment rights of Cook County residents.

Several weeks ago a federal Judge tossed a Brady Campaign lawsuit against an ammunition dealer saying the suit was a publicity stunt and was tantamount to being frivolous.

One can only hope this ludicrous lawsuit gets tossed as well.

Rev. Jackson And Father Pfleger Blame One Gun Store For Chicago’s Gang Violence

Dan Gross(Brady Campaing) with Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sen. Jacqueline Collins, Father Michael Pfleger

Dan Gross(Brady Campaing) with Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sen. Jacqueline Collins, Father Michael Pfleger

Saturday morning Rev. Jesse Jackson, Father Michael Pfleger, Dan Gross of the Brady Campaign, and state Sen. Jacqueline Collins(D-Chicago) told members of a collection of Chicago anti-gun groups including Moms Demand, the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence , Rainbow PUSH, and others that one south suburban Cook County gun store, Chuck’s Gun Shop, in the village of Riverdale, was responsible for the vast majority of the GANG and drug related violence that has been occurring for years on Chicago’s south and west sides.

Rev. jackson said that according to Chicago Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy, “one gun a day, one kill a day, comes from this shop.”

Father Michael Pfleger said that, “The criminals will always get guns because Chuck’s sells to the criminals.”

Dan Gross of the Brady campaign said that, “The county knows, the world knows that there’s violence on the streets of Chicago…We’re here to put a face on the perpetrator of that violence and that is that is those people behind us at Chuck’s Gun store.”

Gross and the Brady campaign have been pushing the meme that five percent of the nations gun dealers are responsible for ninety percent of “crime guns” in the nation and that Chuck’s is one of the worst.

Gross falsely said that Chicago had 500 gun shops.  That is impossible since the city council and Mayor Rahm Emanuel passed an ordanience so restrictive in 2014 that virtually no part of the city would be able to be home to a gun store.  A Google search shows that to date no gun store operates within the city limits of Chicago.  Prior to the 2014 ordinance the city of Chicago had an outright ban on gun stores that was ruled unconstitutional by the courts as was the city’s ban on firearm ownership prior to that.

No mention was made by the assembled liberals who wanted to force Chuck’s to close its doors of doing anything about the gangs or drug problems that are the root cause of Chicago’s epidemic of shootings and killings except for being a part of one of Rev. Jakcson’s annoyingly stupid chants.

DSC00135The 200 or so bused in protesters were countered by about 75 members of the Illinois State Rifle Association and other supports of Chuck’s and the Second Amendment.

It was to the ISRA members that Father Pfleger directed an attack at the National Rifle Association accusing them of having blood on their hands for the children murdered by Chicago’s gangbangers.

“I’m tired of the NRA. Tired of them prostituting themselves and buying politicians in this country. I’m tired of gun manufacturers and John Riggio from Chuck’s making money off the blood running down our streets…NRA understand at the end of the day you can argue with us, you can call us names but you got to deal with God and the blood of our children is on your hands and you will pay for the murder of our children.”

Rev. Jesse Jackson Blames AK47s, Fully Automatics For Chicago Violence

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Protesting outside of Chuck’s Gun Shop in south suburban Riverdale,IL  Saturday afternoon Rev. Jesse Jackson blamed AK47s and full automatic weapons for the violence that has been plaguing Chicago.

DSC00061Speaking to members of his Rainbow Push and Moms Demand Action, with members of the Illinois State Rifle Association nearby, Jackson said that people, “Can have guns in rural areas, guns on the reservations, for game hunting. There is no place in the city streets for AK47s, there’s no place for full automatic weapons.  Street gangs are more well armed than the police are.  No body is secure until all of us are secure. This is no about gun rights, this is about civilized behavior.”

Leading his protesters in chant Rev. Jackson also to a veiled shot at President Obama saying, “More guns make us less secure.  We need to find a way to resolve conflict without guns, without bombs, and drones.”

IMG_0782Between all parties involved there were about 100 people in total in attendance with Rev. Jackson’s group spending half an hour or so walking up and down the sidewalk in front of Chuck’s holding their signs while counter ISRA protesters stood quietly on the side.

There have been 125 murders in Chicago so far in 2015 with an even larger number of shootings; nearly all of which involve the drug trade or gangs. And of those shootings nearly all of them are committed with a handgun, as are nearly all shootings across the entire country according to FBI statistics.

*Update: Promoted from Brain in the comments section:

Of the 125 murders committed in Chicago so far in 2015, the number committed by automatic firearms according to CPD reports 0.

Clearly, if none of the murders were committed by AK-47’s or automatic weapons, then it makes perfect sense to blame them for all of the murders.

*Update II: Guns Save Lives has so more on the protest:

Talk about a dud.

Those present said there was little energy from Jesse and the locals that he had bused in.  One person said he looked “like an old man”, tired and out of energy.  Another person who was there opined that it was a lack of cameras that left Jesse looking lethargic.  In any event, there was little or none of the tension or aggressiveness from the last event at Chuck’s orchestrated by the Brady Campaign.

Jackson was very approachable, and even posed for pictures with some of the pro-gun folks.