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Reince Priebus And The Entire Republican National Committee Need To Resign Over Convention Day 1 Clown Show

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Today was the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and the first order of business was for the entire Republican National Committee and Donald Trump supporters to turn it into a clown show, by repeatedly denying a roll call vote on the convention floor over the convention rules.

As RedState has been reporting all day; First the Secretary of the convention went into hiding to keep #NeverTrump forces from filing petitions seeking to force a roll call floor vote on the convention rules.

Then one of Priebus’ underlings, Steve Womack, attempted to rubber stamp the rules that the RNC and Trump’s team forced out of the rules committee late last week with a voice vote.

When it became clear in the ensuing chaos that there was more support for a roll call than rubber stamping, Womack attempted a second voice vote, declaring the Yea’s have it.

Only one problem as the audio and video clearly show, the Nay’s, those wanting a roll call, were in the majority(at least vocally).

From there things ended up back at the petition to force a roll call vote, where CNN’s Dana Bash reported Trump and RNC officials twisted the arms of state delegations backing the roll call vote forcing 3 states to drop out(as the RNC puts it), leaving the roll call forces 1 state short of the number needed to press the issue.

All of this led Virginia delegate, and Cruz supporter, Ken Cuccinelli, toss throw down his credentials and storm out of the Quicken Loans arena. Reports are that the Iowa, Colorado, and Virginia delegations have all walked out of this clown show.

Reince Priebus, Steve Womack, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, and the rest of the RNC and Trump teams have since the rules committee meet last week been actively working to suppress all possible opposition to Trump nomination just as feverishly as Turkey’s Islamist Fascist Erdogan has been purge his country of opposition.

This clown show of a convention(and its only Monday), the way the RNC and its leadership have been acting and behaving, and the long-standing goon and bully tactics of the Trump campaign team, should be reason enough for every Republican leaning voter to demand that Reince and every one else at the RNC must resign immediately.

If this debacle of a convention continues on its current pace by Thursday night there won’t be a Republican Party; we’ll have the Trumpsters, the GOP establishment, and conservatives all splintering off into their own parties/camps, and there will probably never be any reconciliation in any of our lifetimes.

Congratulations Reince and the RNC, your protectionism of Trump, and Trump himself, is going to kill the GOP long before we ever get to November.

God, deliver us from this hellish nightmare and bless Ted Cruz with the GOP presidential nomination; this country can’t take much more Trump.

Iowa GOP Chair: Delegation To Go For Trump At Convention Despite Cruz Winning Iowa, And State Being Proportional

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

On Friday during a taping for Iowa Public Television Iowa Republican Party chairman Jeff Kaufmann announced that he has apparently rewritten Iowa’s delegate rules and that the whole of Iowa’s delegation to the GOP convention in Cleveland will all vote for Donald Trump.

From the Quad Cities Times:

Kaufmann conceded that Iowa Republicans are in “various degrees” in their support for Trump. Some are thrilled, some are accepting, and “we have people who are in the process.”

The “never Trump” movement, however, is a “tiny, tiny little minority of people with large megaphones,” he said.

Suggestions that the Iowa delegation will cast some of its votes for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who was the caucus winner, or some other candidate is “hypocritical … nonsensical, and it’s not going to happen,” he said. “Donald Trump is our nominee.”

This is news to Iowa delegates and alternates given that Iowa is a proportional delegation state, and Donald Trump did not win its February 1st caucus, that was won by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Kaufmann went on to say that the Iowa delegation would only be broken down by caucus results if the convention in Cleveland follows the rules at acknowledges that delegates are bound on the 1st ballot to Sen. Cruz, Gov. Kasich, and Sen. Rubio.

Mr. Kaufmann was also very dismissive of the #NeverTrump movement:

People who “feel the need to have that internal, heartfelt, passionate conversation in front of cameras and in front of journalists (are) bent on self-promotion and could care less about our first-in-the-nation status and the integrity of our process,” Kaufmann said Friday after taping Iowa Public Television’s “Iowa Press” program

Delegates to the GOP convention in Cleveland that Mr. Kaufmann is apparently forcing to vote for Trump regardless of the Iowa caucus and its rules include Cecil Stinemetz who wrote an op-ed recently that explained why he would never, ever give his support to Donald Trump and he wrote in part, “Delegates have a huge responsibility and we are the only ones that can stop a disaster that will happen to our party and our nation if Republicans nominate Donald Trump.”

Iowa’s delegation is supposed to be 8 for Ted Cruz, 7 each for Marco Rubio and Donald Trump and 1 for John Kasich, that is what should happen under the rules Mr. Kaufmann. Donald Trump doesn’t need protecting.  You don’t have the right to suffocate  the conscience of those who are #NeverTrump, And you certainly should not be allowed to make up the rules as you go.

To Stop Hillary And Save The Republic A Conservative Coup D’etat Needs To Happen In Cleveland

never-trump-copyHillary Clinton cannot be allowed to become President of the United States.

Protecting the Bill of Rights, growing the economy, defeating the Islamo-Nazis, dealing with the nations nearly $20 trillion national debt and $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities for entitlement programs requires a strong leader.

Defeating the Clinton Crime Family, the liberal media, the unions, and the advocates of amnesty and open borders(plus the pro abort) takes money, organization, grassroots support.

As the evidence is showing it is a tall mountain to climb for Donald Trump to accomplish that all important objective of defeating Hillary.

Internal data from a new CNN poll shows that 48% of Republican voters want someone other than Trump with less than a month to go until the GOP convention in Cleveland.

This comes after reports of how absolutely little money the Trump campaign has, and its complete lack of any fundraising capability.  Making matters worse for Trump is that expenditure reports show he gives a lot of what money his campaign is spending on Trump brand companies and on Trump himself and his family. Yes Trump is paying himself a salary from his campaign to run for President.  It is so bad for Trump that in the month of May Ted Cruz, who dropped out of the race following the Indiana primary at the start of the month, out raised him substantially and still has more cash on hand than Trump does.

It is enough to rekindle the talk Hugh Hewitt started of the delegates and alternate delegates to the convention in some way dumping Trump and selecting someone else.

On Tuesday Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said that delegates should vote their conscience at the convention:

I think historically, not just this year, delegates are and should be able to vote the way they see fit. … We’ll see how things go between now and the convention as to what the next steps are. I’m not going to speculate now only because you all know the situation may change by this afternoon, let alone between now and the convention.

Walker is currently bound to back Ted Cruz at the convention as a Wisconsin delegate due to Cruz’s big win in that state in early April.

Any effort at a coup d’etat at the convention is likely to have a good deal of support given a recent teleconference between delegates and alts opposed to Trump had several hundred members.

Let us not forget that Ted Cruz was sweeping up the delegates prior to his dropping out of the race, meaning that the convention floor is going to be filled with a large number of conservatives and Tea Partiers who would be receptive to any effort that might seek to replace Trump with a much better candidate, like say Ted Cruz.

We know Hillary Clinton as President will be a disaster for our country and would cement the damage done to our Republic by Barack Obama. We also know Donald Trump is Herbert Hoover on steroids. Something called the Great Depression happened in large part because of the policies of Hoover, who was a protectionist like Trump, what will happen if Trump’s trade war with China happens, are we going to have the Yuge Depression coming out of the Obama malaise.

The American people are hurting. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights hang by a thread. The Republic is in grave peril.

For the love of God; delegates please bring sanity back and do whatever it takes to give the Republican Party nomination to Ted Cruz(or some other solid conservative, none of this Bill Kristol garbage, or Mitt Romney talk.)


Dem Rock Island County Clerk Accuses GOP Of Witch Hunt For Alleging Voting Problems, Again

Karen Kinney

Karen Kinney

Another election has come and gone, and once again Rock Island county Clerk Karen Kinney is having to deal with allegations of voting problems from area Republicans.

This time around Rock Island Republicans are saying that 10 people are claiming that they were denied being able to register and vote on election day on March 15th.

Kinney says that the latest allegations are a “witch hunt” and that they were trying to create something out of nothing QC Online reports.

In 2014, during early voting for the general election, Kinney’s office had to deal with video showing an electronic voting machine repeatedly switching Republican votes to Democrat. At least a dozen people reported the same problems occurring as they attempted to vote that year.  In response Kinney said that the GOP making the accusations was an attempt at voter suppression.

Can anybody say partisan Democrat party hack posing as a county Clerk.

Cleaning Up The Mess Trump Supporters Have Made Of The Internet

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The supporters of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump really are making a mess of things on the internet and it is time to clean that mess up.

That begins by letting all the Trump supporters out there in on a not so little secret, that website you love to share stories of on social media called Prntly.com, it is a fake.

As the Washington Post has uncovered virtually every story and every headline at that site is completely fraudulent. All the “people” behind Prntly do is cut and paste text from stories about Donald Trump or Ted Cruz and then give them made up headlines, right off the National Equirer’s editing room floor.

What should bother Trump supporters even more than the fact that they’ve been duped by a fraud site, is that the same people running prntly.com also run another site called Marshallreport.com. That site is a pro Bernie Sanders one, and it too cuts and paste stories together with sensational headlines.

All totally fake. But would you expect anything less from a convicted felon.

And as the Examiner.com reports, prntly isn’t the only fake news site out there, several top websites and blogs supportive of Donald Trump, all happen to be registered and operated out of Macedonia.  Those fake sites in turn get hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fake and bot Twitter accounts to spread out the stories that either support Trump or attack Ted Cruz.

Fake twitter followers, via UK telegraph

Fake twitter followers, via UK telegraph

Donald Trump is no stranger to having the word fake associated with him and Twitter. Back in February the UK Telegraph ran a story about how many fake Twitter followers each of the Presidential candidates have. Trump was 2nd, behind Hillary Clinton in the number of fake followers.

Trump, and his inner circle then use those fake stories, or retweet them from the fake followers, spreading the made up propaganda even further.

That incestuous relationship was on full display Friday when the Daily Caller ran an op-ed by Trump hatchet man Roger Stone. In the op-ed, Stone repeatedly cites TheConservativeTreehouse.com as the sole basis for his accusation that Mark Levin, Glen Beck, and Erick Erickson support Ted Cruz solely because the GOP establishment is giving them money.

First, everyone should know that TheConservativeTreeHouse is and has been a pro Trump blog all cycle.  Second, Sundance, the TreeHouse’s primary writer, is a major league anti-Semite and he has a personal thing against Mark Levin.(Side note what is it with Trump and getting the support of all these anti-Semite, neo-Nazis, and other white supremacists?)

Earlier this year it was Sundance, writing at the TreeHouse, that tried to make a major issue out of the child of Levin’s fiancée being a member of Ted Cruz’s Senate staff.  Apparently, that family relationship is the only reason why Levin would support a solid, constitutional conservative, Cruz, over the just became a Republican the other week Trump.  Guess, Sundance, was unaware that Mark Levin supported Cruz when he first ran for the Senate, long before he became engaged, and long before that fiancées kid could work in Cruz’s Senate office.

Sundance has done a number of other things to let his anti-semite ankle show.

Another thing that should be known about the TreeHouse is they love to say that everyone is being given money from the establishment, and that then is the reason why the subject of their hit piece is opposed to the great and wonderful Donald Trump.

The piece Stone cites in his Daily Caller op-ed, lumps everything together, Levin got money from Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund, Erickson gets money from the Ricketts family who own the Chicago Cubs, a GOP operative works with Beck, thus the establishments bought these guys off which is why they all back Cruz.

Like I said there is a bunch of garbage on the internet that needs to be clean up, no thanks to the Trump supporters.

First of all Earth to Sundance and Stone, Jim DeMint is one of the most principled conservative leaders of our generation. Another thing the Senate Conservatives Fund is not some part of the establishment you nitwits, its one of the only organizations in Washington that fights the establishment, and gets CONSERVATIVE candidates elected to office, unlike Trump who finances the GOP establishment(Mitch McConnell) and the worst of the liberal Democrats(Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel).

The rest of the utter nonsense accusations made against Erickson, who by the way left RedState at the start of the year, and Beck aren’t worth it to refute in detail, they are that silly.

This campaign and the internet in general would be a lot better off if the Trump people would just stop sharing the fake stories from Prntly, the anti-semitic conspiracy garbage of Sundance, and someone please take away all platforms for Roger Stone.

Good God the man is openly threatening, here in April months before the convention, to have a “Days of Rage” at the GOP convention in Cleveland and is openly trying to get his fellow Trump supporters to show up at the hotels of delegates to harass them into backing Trump.

If the Secret Service would do its job they wouldn’t let Stone in the state of Ohio during the convention(better if they keep him out of the continental US).

I know cleaning up the internet after the Trump supporters is a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.

Ted Cruz NW Suburban GOP Lincoln Day Dinner Speech(Video)

Ted Cruz at NW GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, photo by Mark Weyermuller

Ted Cruz at NW GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, photo by Mark Weyermuller

Friday night in Rolling Meadows Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was the guest of honor for the Northwest Suburban GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner. Here is video of his speech. 1,000 people came out to hear and meet the nations future 45th President.

2nd GOP Debate Recap

WPTV-CNN-GOP-Debate-9-16-15_1441963868746_23822409_ver1.0_640_480Here are my thoughts on CNN’s GOP Presidential debate at the Reagan Library.

Loser: CNN’s Jake Tapper, way too focused on Donald Trump, every question for the first half was some how about Trump.
Winner: Rubio, Cruz, Carson, Huckabee, Carly as the alternatives to Trump.

Donald Trump-Was good, for him, on policy, but those fights with Rand Paul, Carly, Jeb were just childish, I don’t see Donald getting a bump from tonight.

Dr. Ben Carson-When he was given a chance was fairly good and helped solidify himself as the leader of the anti-Trump pack. His chiming in during some of those early fights was so refreshing, every adult like.

Jeb Bush-Floundered again. poor Jebster didn’t get that much of a chance to talk about his act of love for amnesty or Common Core.

Ted Cruz-Wasn’t given much of a chance by CNN, they clearly didn’t want him talking much, Tapper would have learned a lot had he let Cruz answer on climate change. When Ted did speak, it was beautiful.

Carly- Held her own and justified being there.

Rand Paul- Had a nice exchange for once with Christie on marijuana. Trumps attacks on him were childish, but Rand didn’t have a big moment.

Marco Rubio- Sounded very statesmen like all night, off the more establishment types he will get the most bounce to counter Trump.

Chris Christie- Didn’t hurt himself, didn’t stand out much either. may have been too busy eating a box of donuts.

John Kasich- he was there?

Mike Huckabee- Did well, fair tax talk was nice, talk on Supreme court was as well. He could do real well come Iowa.

Scott Walker-had a few moments but nothing stellar, looks like he’s going to continue to struggle to stay relative.

Big Miss: Anyone going after Tapper for his bad moderating, Hewitt was fine, the girl was invisible.

Fox News PrimeTime Debate Thoughts.

fox-debate-participants-top-tier-3Here are my quick thoughts on tonights GOP presidential debate on Fox.

The Donald-Winner
Mike Huckabee-2nd place
Ted Cruz-needed more time, but final 30 seconds was the greatest of the night.
Dr. Ben Carson-‪#‎MoreCarsonMoreCowbell‬
Scott Walker-stood pat as #2 nationally to Trump.
Rand Paul-Will get some love for that constitutional beat down of Capt Compromise ‪#‎GetAWarrant‬
Kasich-Is going to start stealing GOP establishment support from Jeb in sizable chunks
Rubio-He was there wasn’t he
Capt. Compromise-Hurt himself a lot.
Jeb Bush-Who wants Flounder for a post debate meal?

You can read my full live Facebooking and tweeting from during the debate on my social sites.

Needless to say Trump won no matter who you want to look at it. Sure the Establishment doesn’t like Trump saying he won’t rule out third party, and lets face it who wants to support Jeb Bush if he gets the nomination, really.

Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson needed and deserved more time.  Cruz’s final statement about what he would do on his first day as President was the best 30 seconds of the night.

Capt. Compromise Chris Christie hurt himself badly with his NSA fight with Rand Paul #GetAWarrant will be heckled mercilessly at Christie and deservedly so.

Dr. Carson talking about not talking a lot about race because he’s a neurosurgeon was beautiful.

And Jeb Bush did terrible, Kasich will become the guy a bunch of establishment Republicans will start backing.


RNC Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte: I’m As Frustrated As You Are

Demetra DeMonte

Demetra DeMonte

Speaking at Tuesday nights meeting of the LaSalle County Tea Party Republican National Committeewoman, and former RNC Secretary Demetra DeMonte took a question from the audience about the growing anger the conservative base of the Republican Party has with GOP leadership who continually lie to get elected and make big promises only to do nothing once they get to Washington, and worse.

DeMonte said that she shares those frustrations and wants to see the Republican Party embrace conservatives more.

As one of Illinois members to the Republican National Committee DeMonte has helped get the RNC to take policy stand to help fight against Common Core, earmarks, and defend religious liberties.

DeMonte understands why people are attracted to the message Donald Trump has been offering as a Presidential candidate.  Note DeMonte is not endorsing any candidate at this point in time.

She also is a fan of Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin.

Independence Day 2015 – “…we mutually pledge to each other…”

by Jesus Alaniz

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being accompanied by a single mother during a photoshoot in Chicago. I’d noticed her opinions before and was very pleased that she seemed to be an educated and well informed person. It was at that time I had an epiphany between the struggling working class trying to make ends meet and the politicians I’ve helped.

There are two significant dates regarding the Declaration of Independence. The first is the usual and customary date of July 4th which is celebrated with parades and festivities consisting of people and politicians who call themselves Americans and who lack courage and would rather compromise and sell your soul for their welfare in the “spirit of getting things done”. It has become easier for some to cast ballots for phony Founder wannabes who promises to reform & restore their Liberties only to have them bartered and sold far away at market prices.

The second and probably the most important date is July 2, 1776 in which John Adams wrote in a July 3, 1776 letter to his wife Abigail Adams, “The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epocha in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward, forevermore.” Not so long ago I sat by the river and watched an American Bald eagle fly overhead and I thought of the politicians who come to you asking you for your support only to have them give you an excuse as to why they can’t endorse you or your candidate when you need it. Recently I’ve had people find me and thank me for the letters I write. My heart pours out for the young and old who tell their friends and families about my letters without any fears of retribution, reputation, or fear of losing everything. The introduction to the Declaration reads “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…” I believe the time is coming for me to break away from the politicians who lack the courage to fight. The last line reads “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”  Trust me I will never confuse that honorable single working mother with the slick politician. On this Independence Day I say, “Those who have little and are willing to risk all in the cause of freedom & right, are mine and belong to me – let freedom ring.”