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Donald Trump’s Nomination Is A Farce And A Sham

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Tuesday night the clown show that is the Trump Convention continued in its clownishness as #ResignPriebus and the RNC went into full Trump Protection Racket mode to ensure that Trump was coronated tonight with as little opposition as possible.

The most egregious example of the RNC and Priebus protecting Trump came when THEY awarded all 40 of Utah’s delegates to Donald Trump, a guy who got a whopping 14% of the vote in Utah back in March. All of Utah’s delegates are supposed to be for Ted Cruz, who won Utah’s primary in a landslide.

Next Priebus and company did the exact same thing with Washington DC’s 19 delegates. They were supposed to go 10 Rubio, 9 Kasich and the Districts delegate on the Rules Committee was assured that that was want would happen tonight. Instead of honoring the vote, the RNC pulled a fast one on the DC delegation and gave Trump all 19 delegates, delegates he did not earn.

If that protectionism of Trump wasn’t enough the RNC also monkey’d around with Alaska’s delegation and once again Priebus and crew awarded ALL 28 delegates to Trump, when he was only supposed to get 11, Ted Cruz was to get 12, and Marco Rubio 5.

Even the Iowa delegation got in on the act as the states GOP chairman and his team did what they promised they’d do in June and gave all 30 of Iowa’s delegates to Trump, despite the fact that Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses and many of Iowa’s delegates were very openly #NeverTrump.

Ever Since Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich dropped out of the race following the Indiana primary Donald Trump’s been virtually guaranteed getting the 1,237 delegates needed to be the GOP presidential nominee, barring any freeing of the delegates to vote their conscience; an effort Priebus and the RNC insured wouldn’t happen at both the rules committee last week and again Monday when they refused to allow a roll call vote on the rules.

Thus, Trump doesn’t need any protecting, especially not tonight.

But, protect Trump they did.

And in doing so everyone involved in the Trump Protection Racket has helped to make this 2016 GOP Convention and Trump’s nomination a farce and a sham.

Rest In Peace Republican Party. Just like the Phoenix, out of the ashes of this dumpster fire of a primary process something new, something conservative is going to rise.

How Ted Cruz Easily Wins The Nomination On The 2nd Ballot

Ted Cruz at NW GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, photo by Mark Weyermuller

Ted Cruz at NW GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, photo by Mark Weyermuller

In 1860 William H. Seward and the other GOP presidential candidates who had amassed delegates gathered for the 2nd ever Republican Party National Convention.

Seward and his campaign were cocky and confident that they would easily walk  out with the GOP’s presidential nomination, they had nearly 1/3 of the total delegates needed just from New York alone.

But something happened that year, something monumental, and the nation and the Republican Party have never been the same since.

As Gordon Leidner wrote after the first ballot Seward had 173 of the 233 delegates needed to win the nomination. The man in second place with 102 delegates was a one term congressman from Illinois, who gained national attention for a series of debates in a losing effort to be named US Senator, Abraham Lincoln.

After working the delegates state by state, unifying a stop Seward movement that had existed throughout the campaign, and finally getting other candidates to release their delegates to him Lincoln won the nomination after the conclusion of the third ballot.

The 2016 GOP convention to be held this Summer in Cleveland, Ohio is shaping up to be a lot like the 1860 convention, only thing is Ted Cruz is very likely to secure the Presidential nomination on the second ballot, and like Lincoln will almost certainly change the course of human events.

Like Seward, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has a major faction of the Party actively opposed to him being the nominee. Like Seward Trump is going to be close but short of the delegates needed to get the nomination of the first ballot. And like Seward his main rival is nipping at his heels and is displaying a more savoy ground game and intricate knowledge of the sausage making that is the actual nomination of the GOP’s nominee.

Pundits and the media have noted nearly the whole primary election cycle that Ted Cruz has built up the ground forces and money needed to compete deep into the process and that superior organization is paying off as things progress towards a contested convention.

In Louisiana last week Cruz’s organization helped him net what could end up being 10 extra delegates and most importantly he got his people secured to top post on key committees.  Cruz’s organization advantage, and clear plan to work delegates in every state possible, is also likely going to gain him more delegates in Georgia.

And given his comments during the CNN town hall this week that , I won’t support the nominee, South Carolina’s delegation is working on trying to get out of having to be committed to Trump.

If Cruz can keep this up and continue to secure delegates in key states we are very likely going to see a situation where Trump comes out of the first ballot with 1100 delegates and Cruz around 1000, 1237 is needed to win.  As things progress to a second ballot is when Trump really gets into trouble.


Because many of the states where his delegates are bound to him, but the actual delegates are not Trump supporters, are free to vote for whoever they want on additional ballots Trump is going to see massive defections from his delegate camp and is going to see very few freed from Cruz or the other candidates(Kasish, Rubio) coming over to his side.

With that we start to see the delegate numbers move to Cruz having the 1100 and Trump barely able to have one thousand.

From there all Cruz needs to do is talk, persuade, and convince the Rubio delegates plus the #NeverTrump and #StopTrump free agent delegates to unify behind him and not get sucked into the GOPe’s fantasy notion of parachuting in Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Kasich, or Jeb and boom Ted Cruz is at and then over the 1237 threshold and our nominee to take on and beat Hillary Clinton.

The Trump supporters will whine and complain, like Trumpertantrum himself will do, that the nomination would be stolen from him should this scenario play at.

Let them, learn the hard reality that it takes more than giving speeches and dominating the media coverage to win the modern day GOP nomination, it actually takes work and effort, especially when the nomination won’t be settled until the convention.