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Benghazi Whistleblower Attorney: “Very Good Evidence That People Were Actually Relieved Of Command Because They Refused Not To Try And Dispatch Troops And Some Response”

benghazi-liars-420x215Joe DiGenova is an attorney representing whistleblower(s) in the Benghazi incident and was on WMAL radio Monday morning to discuss the 60 Minutes story on Benghazi Sunday night.  During his interview DiGenova said that there is evidence that people in the military chain of command were relieved of their duties because they tried to send help to our people under siege in Benghazi.

This collaborates a story from The Blaze last week that several top military commanders have been “fired” in the last year, many of whom had direct ties to what happened that night.

The Right Scoop has a partial transcript of DiGenova’s remarks:

 There is more to learn about Benghazi. Panetta has never told the full story.

Here’s an interesting question. Remember General Ham and what happened the night of the assault on the American embassy? We have reason to believe that things happened that night in the chain of command where people were relieved of their duties because they insisted that there be a military response. We’re working on trying to establish that with some news organizations but there’s very very good evidence that people were actually relieved of command because they refused not to try and dispatch troops and some response.

And by the way, this notion that the administration has put out – it’s this little strawman that military couldn’t have landed in Libya, Greg Hicks has testified and so have some other military people that if there had only been a flyover, that would have dispersed these crowds because they remembered what the American military did its flyovers and its assaults.

There were planes in Croatia that could have been there by the time of the attack on the annex and no planes were ever sent. That was because the president of the United States refused to issue an order allowing for the dispersal of military into Libya because that was considered an act of war. The president, himself, who went to sleep, refused to issue some order.

You know, Panetta is not a bad man. He knows what went wrong that night. He’s never been properly questioned about this and pressed. And if he were he would admit all of this stuff.

Rep. Louie Gohmert Calls For Select Committee To Investigate Benghazi

Earlier today congressman Louie Gohmert(R-TX) repeated his calls for a select committee to be formed with subpeana power to investigate the Benghazi terrorist attacks.  This comes after the revelation that former AFRICOM commander General Carter Ham said it was apparent that Benghazi was a terrorist attack as it happened.


Former AFRICOM Commander: Apparent Benghazi Was Terrorist Attack

images-7More than 9 months ago a group of 100-150 Islamic terrorist tied to the group Ansar al-Sharia launched an attack on the US consulate and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya killing ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Dorhety, and Tyrone Woods.  In the days and weeks after the attack the Obama administration including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and ambassador to the UN Susan Rice blamed the attack on a protest over a Youtube video getting out of hand.  However, CIA talking points created for ambassador Rice in the days leading up to her infamous Sunday show appearances told a different tale, a tale of terrorism.  That narrative, that Benghazi was the work of terrorist, was altered by Hillary Clinton’s staffers to reflect the fiction the administration wanted to tell about a Youtube video and a protest gone wrong.

Over the weekend the former commander of AFRICOM General Carter Ham put more holes in the administrations cover-up of the Benghazi terrorist attack when he said that it was “apparent” Benghazi was a terrorist attack as it was ongoing.

Fox News has more:

The former head of U.S. forces in Africa, General Carter Ham, told the Aspen Security Forum that it quickly became clear the assault on the American consulate in Benghazi last year was a terrorist attack and not a spontaneous demonstration.

“It became apparent to all of us quickly that this was not a demonstration, this was a violent attack,” Ham said. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton initially had portrayed the embassy attack as a response to an inflammatory internet video.

Ham said he was in Washington D.C. for a routine meeting on September 11, 2012 with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Martin Dempsey, when an alert came in from commanders in Stuttgart, Germany that a violent assault was underway on the consulate in Benghazi and Ambassador Chris Stevens was missing.

Asked if it was a terrorist attack, Ham said the intelligence left no doubt that it was.

“I don’t know if that was my first reaction, but pretty quickly as we started to gain understanding within the hours after the initiation of the attack, yes.”

There are a lot of senior officials in the Obama administration, current and former, that have a lot of explaining to do about Benghazi, not the least of which are why cover it up, why push the lie about the Youtube video, and why was no military aid sent to help our people.