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Kinzinger: Ludicrous For Ted Cruz Not To Endorse Trump During Convention Speech

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Appearing on CNN Thursday Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger said that it was ludicrous for Ted Cruz not to endorse Donald Trump during his convention speech Wednesday night simply because he was invited to speak at the convention.

Kinzinger said:

If your invited to speak at the convention though you have to endorse him. I mean this is Donald Trump’s convention. He won the primary fair and square and I thin this was, I was blown away. I think it was ludicrous of Ted Cruz to do it and it’s obviously political posturing for whatever comes next.

That’s kinda rich coming from Donald Trump’s biggest critics, and someone who is still holding out endorsing Trump himself.

Hell Kinzinger spent the rest of the interview pointing out the fallacy of Trump’s comments to the New York Times that he wouldn’t help our NATO allies if they are attacked by Russia and his backing of the purge taking place in Turkey this past week following the failed coup d’etat to oust the Islamo-Fascist Erdogan.

Adam Kinzinger, has never been a fan on conservatives or the Tea Party despite claiming to be both to get elected in 2010, and is constantly aligning with the GOPe and House leadership to oppose the Freedom Caucus, and guys like Sen. Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul when they fight for freedom, liberty, limited government, and try to hold Republicans to their promises, like to repeal and defund Obamacare.

Ted Cruz, is a man of principles, a man of conservative convictions, and he did and said exactly the right things Wednesday.

To call him and his speech ludicrous, is well ludicrous.

WI Gov. Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz

Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has announced his endorsement of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for President ahead of Wisconsin’s winner take all primary on April 5th.

Gov. Walker made the endorsement Tuesday while on the Charlie Sykes radio show.

Walker said that Cruz is the only conservative in the race and he is the only one who can stop Donald Trump.

Jeb’s Illinois Co-Chair Rep. Kinzinger Endorses Rubio

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Appearing on the Fox New Channel Wednesday Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger, who had been the Illinois campaign co-chair for Jeb Bush, announced that he was joining with the camp of Sen. Marco Rubio following Jeb abandoning his presidential run following yet another disappointing finish in South Carolina on Saturday.

On switching to the Rubio camp Kinzinger said, “I’ve watched him since he’d been out here. This is a guy that can unite this party. That can bring conservatives together and can put us behind a mission of America which is to be an example for the rest of the world and get our people back to work. In my mind there is nobody in this race that’s better qualified to do that and frankly more inspirational than Marco Rubio.”

If all of that sounds eerily familure that is because those are the exact same things Kinzinger has been saying about Jeb Bush for the last year.

While Kinzinger can say he is backing Rubio because of his lofty oratory the real truth of the matter is Kinzinger is going to Rubio because he is a leading member of the GOP establishment who desperately wants to get amnesty and absolutely hates conservatives and the Tea Party those are the factors that drew Kinzinger to Rubio, nothing more nothing.

In Kinzinger’s circle Rubio provides the best hope of getting their coveted “Comprehensive immigration reform” and hope Rubio will return to his gang of 8 days following the general election.

Clinton To Get Endorsement Of Iowa’s Lone Congressional Democrat

Rep. Dave Loebsack(D-IA)

Rep. Dave Loebsack(D-IA)

Congressman Dave Loebsack is the only Democrat currently elected to the House of Representatives or United States Senate from the state of Iowa and on Monday Loebsack gave his endorsement to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Democrat presidential contest.

Clinton has previously gotten the endorsement of President Obama’s Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack, who was previously Iowa’s Governor.

Loebsack gave his endorsement at Labor Day union event in the Quad Cities:

The QC Times has more:

U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack, D-Iowa, will endorse the former secretary of state at the Quad-City Federation of Labor’s “Salute to Labor” picnic on Monday.

Loebsack’s endorsement comes as new polls say Clinton has lost support among Iowa Democrats over the past few months and is locked in an increasingly competitive contest for the party’s presidential nomination.

Loebsack’s campaign says the congressman has met with all the party’s candidates for president, but in remarks Monday he’ll say that Clinton is the most qualified.

“She has the ideas, the passion, the values that we need in our next president,” Loebsack will say, according to his campaign. “To put it simply, she knows how to work with others and get things done. That is why I’m proud to stand with her today and announce my support for Hillary Clinton for President.”

Loebsack also will say that Clinton understands “what makes this country so great: a strong and growing middle class.”

“I have spent my time in Congress fighting to expand the middle class … and to grow an economy that works for all Iowans,” Loebsack will say. “And I know that is what Hillary Clinton has spent her life fighting for.”