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Tea Party Congressional Candidate Gets Dem Vote Rigging Stopped In Illinois

Patrick Harlan

Patrick Harlan

Knox county Tea Party leader and Republican congressional candidate in Illinois’ 17th district Patrick Harlan and the Liberty Justice Center scored a major victory in Federal court to stop Democrat efforts to rig the vote ahead of the November 8th Presidential election.

During the 2014 lame duck session Illinois Democrat Party boss and Speaker of the House Michael Madigan ushered throw a new same day voter registration law that required counties with populations of more than 100,000 to let people register to vote at all polling places on election day. Of the 102 counties in Illinois many have populations well under that threshold, there are several Illinois counties with populations of less than 10,000. Those counties with lower populations only are required to have a central same day registration site under the law.

This obviously allows Democrats to maximize their voter turn out and vote totals in Chicago and Cook county in favor of Hillary Clinton and congresswoman Tammy Duckworth who is running for the US Senate.  As Republican statewide office seekers have known for a long time in Illinois it doesn’t matter how Illinois 101 other counties vote, everything is determined by Chicago and Cook county.

On Tuesday Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan agreed with arguments made by Harlan(whose is facing Rep. Cheri Bustos) and the Liberty Justice Center that the Madigan same day registration law was unconstitutional and disenfranchised the vote of residents of the states many rural counties.

Yehiayan wrote, “while it may be true that the polling place registration option can assist voters in certain populous counties, that option cannot be provided at the expense of lower population counties, thereby decreasing their political representation in Illinois.

Judge Yehiayan continued, “The application of this legislation favors the urban citizen and dilutes the vote of the rural citizen,” wrote Der-Yeghiayan, who added, “Illinois is made up of more than the Chicago metropolitan area and other high population areas. Equality under the law does not end at the city limits.”

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan(Speaker Madigan’s daughter) has said that she will appeal the ruling.

Jacob Huebert of the Liberty Justice Center said in a press release,

Today the court recognized the unfairness of guaranteeing a voting right to some voters but not others. The court ruled that if Illinois is going to have Election Day voter registration at polling places, it should be available statewide – and it should be fair. The government shouldn’t make it harder for people in some parts of the state to register and vote. If Illinois wants to provide Election Day voter registration at the polls, it can do so in a way that’s fair and equal. Six other states, including Illinois’ neighbors Wisconsin and Iowa, give all of their citizens the right to register and vote at their local polling places; they don’t favor voters in some counties over voters in other counties. We’re pleased the court affirmed that everyone has right to the same opportunity to vote.”

As it stands the ruling gives Gov. Bruce Rauner and his allies better chances of picking up a few seats in the state legislature; any GOP gains would end Speaker Madigan’s veto-proof super-majority.  The ruling is not likely to help Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who was in the Chicagoland area Wednesday, much as Hillary Clinton is still widely expected to win the heavily blue state, although her margin of victory is probably going to be diminished due to the courts actions. This court order might also be the only thing that can save Sen. Mark Kirk’s bacon.

Congresswoman Bustos has had no comment on the court ruling, although she will probably fire off a bunch of fundraising emails about it; she has more than $2 million in the bank, Patrick Harlan’s campaign is broke(donate here).

Voters across Illinois owe Patrick Harlan and the Liberty Justice Center a huge debt of gratitude for taking a small bite out of the Madigan machine and for making it a little easier to have fair(er) elections this November.

Michael Madigan’s Corrupt Machine Strike Again As Cook County Judge Tosses Fair Map Amendment

Michael Madigan(D-Chicago)

Michael Madigan(D-Chicago)

Illinois Democrat Party leader, Speaker of the House, and 13th Ward boss, Michael Madigan is the head of a very corrupt Chicago political machine.

It is a machine which has allowed Madigan to pick who gets to be a Judge in Cook county and how gets to be on the states Supreme Court.

It is a machine that has kept Madigan in control of the state legislature and thus the drawing of legislative district maps every 10 years.

And the various elements of the corrupt machine came together today in a Cook county court where Judge  Diane Larsen, who again is a Judge because of Madigan, ruled in favor of a lawsuit from minority coalition seeking to have the Fair Map amendment, which would take redistricting power away from Madigan, taken off the November ballot.

The Chicago minority groups lawyer Mike Kasper is a key Madigan ally and like in 2014 when a similar Fair Map amendment was attempted they got Judge Larsen to quash the amendment effort by saying any such map making changes were unconstitutional under the states petition amendment provision which limits amendment offered by Illinois resident to only making procedural and structural changes to the state legislature.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Kasper argued the proposed amendment runs afoul of that limitation because it gives additional duties to the state’s auditor general and two justices on the state Supreme Court. Such a move could affect other parts of the constitution, Kasper contended. He also argued the proposal didn’t enough to change the “basic structure of the General Assembly as an institution.”

Proponents countered that changing the redistricting process is indeed a structural and procedural change. “Legislative districts are the building blocks…that determine the makeup of the General Assembly,” argued Michele Odorizzi, a partner at Mayer Brown and lead attorney of the Independent Maps coalition.

Judge Larsen agreed with Kasper, concluding that the proposal “is not limited to structural and procedural subjects.” Among the problems Larsen identified was the provision requiring Supreme Court justices from two different political parties to select a special commissioner if the new commission can’t agree.

Noting that party affiliation is not included on Illinois judicial retention ballots, Larsen concluded that “the requirement that at least two Illinois Supreme Court justices not have the same political affiliation adds a new eligibility requirement for the office of Judge of the Illinois Supreme Court.”

Larsen kept the door open for future attempts to amend the constitution’s provisions on redistricting, writing that “redistricting in general is a structural and procedural subject” of the constitution, but that the referendum question as written went too far.

To make things simple, taking power away from Madigan is unconstitutional, term limiting the state legislature is unconstitutional(2014 ruling).

We Illini are going to be stuck with Michael Madigan being in charge of everything, including the Attorney Generals office run by his daughter, and the Auditor Generals post which is currently occupied by embattled Madigan Lt. Frank Mautino, until the day he dies, or federal agents arrest him for corruption.

The supporters of the Fair Map amendment, which had way more signatures than needed to get the amendment on the November ballot, plan on appealing the ruling to the IL Supreme Court so that it can appear on the ballot on election day.

Obama Admin Continues To Send Unaccompanied Illegal Immigrant Minors To Chicagoland

amnestyWhile the influx of “unaccompanied” illegal immigrant minors was far less this year that it was last year when the Texas-Mexico border was flooded with children(mainly teenagers) and “incomplete family units” from the Central American nations of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador that hasn’t stopped President Obama and the Office of Refugee Resettlement from sending even more of these illegals to stay with “sponsors” i.e relatives or family members most of who are in the US illegally themselves into Illinois and the Chicagoland area.

Last year the Obama administration admits to sending 552 illegal immigrant minors to stay with sponsors in Illinois, nearly all of them went to Cook, DuPage, or Lake counties.  This year the administration has said that 301 illegal immigrant minors were sent to be cared for by sponsor in Illinois with 141 going to Cook county, home of Chicago.  Where the remaining 160 illegals were sent within Illinois is anyones guess because the Obama administration won’t say.

An additional 200 illegal immigrant minors were sent to live with sponsor in Iowa, and again the Obama administration will not say where in Iowa those illegals were sent.  This is on top of the 235 “unaccompanied” illegals they were stuck with last year.

In total 27,520 “unaccompanied” minors were sent to sponsors in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, and if things follow course from last year some where also undoubtedly sent to some or all of the US territories including Guam and the US Virgin Islands.  Last year 53,518 illegal immigrant minors were sent to live with a sponsor.

Those sponsors and the illegal immigrant minors are supposed to stick around and go to an immigration hearing to determine whether or not they have to go back to Central America, for some stupid reason US law doesn’t allow illegals from countries that don’t share a border with the US to be immediately deported.  Like with all other illegal immigrants around 90% of the “unaccompanied” minors never show up for that hearing.

And why would they as Breitbart has reported many of the illegals from Central America who have come into the country the last two years think they have “permission” to stay because of President Obama’s executive amnesty.

And if all of that wasn’t bad enough just remember Illinois is currently the 4th leading state when it comes to President Obama bringing in Syrian refugees.

None of these numbers reflect the hundreds, and even thousands of illegals from the 2 year old border surge that have been taken care of by third parties(Catholic and other charities that deal only in housing “refugees”) nor does it take into account any incomplete family units that may be in Illinois.

HHS Has Let 175 Illegal Immigrants Live With Sponsors In Chicagoland

DSC02586New county by county information released by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement shows that 175 “unaccompanied minors”, aka illegal immigrants, have been released to the custody of a sponsor in Illinois, all of which are in the Chicagoland area in the first six months of this year.

Cook county received 52 illegals.

Lake county received 56 illegals.

And leading the pack, surprisingly, is DuPage county which got 67 illegals.

You can read the full nation wide county by county breakdown here.

Those 175 illegal immigrants represent less than half of the total “unaccompanied minors” HHS has released to a sponsor(parent, relative, or family friend) in Illinois, as of July 31st that was 377 illegals.

Sadly for people in Iowa the Department of Health and Human Services has not released any county data for that state so the whereabouts of the 159 illegals released to a sponsor remains a mystery.

These “unaccompanied minors” released in the Chicagoloand area to a sponsor is just the tip of the iceberg.

As Illinois Senator Mark Kirk has reported nearly 750 illegal immigrants are being cared for by the Heartland Alliance in and around the Chicago area.

Back in Iowa, Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba has backed off his request to have the city house up to 200 more illegals and is now moving to have his city provide legal assistance to the illegals already in Iowa.

Beware Suburban Cook County One Of Your Township’s New Employees Has A Troubling History

Former Coloma Township supervisor Deb Burke

Former Coloma Township supervisor Deb Burke

Residents of suburban Cook County, specifically those in Berwyn Township, had better be on the watch because Berwyn Township’s newest employee has a very troubling history.

Up until the end of May Deb Burke was the Supervisor for Coloma Township in Whiteside County as of early June she is now a case worker for Berwyn Township.

Burke was forced to leave office after numerous problems arose there relating to financial documents and the reporting of those documents.

As the Dixon Telegraph has been reporting for some time Burke failed to file financial documents with the state of Illinois’ Comptroller’s office for several years.  This resulted in a fine being assessed against Coloma Township for more than $5,000, that fine was later reduced to $3,200 which Burke paid herself.

That’s important to note because due to Burke’s mismanagement Whiteside County was forced to withhold property tax revenue to the township.  Burke’s failures to complete mandatory requirements resulted in the township going at least one year without any tax revenue coming in.

If you’re wondering how a township was able to operate for at least one year without any money, you’re not alone. Thus, the Coloma Township board initiated an audit of its finances.  That simple audit had to be turned into a full forensic audit of the townships finances because various documentation that the township and Deb Burke were supposed to have were missing.

Deb Burke’s management of Coloma Township was so bad that audits’ of its finances, required by state law to be done, hadn’t been done in 20 year!!!

But don’t worry Cook County residents of Berwyn Township your township supervisor and president is aware of Burke’s troubles, telling the Dixon Telegraph:

Elizabeth Pechous, Berwyn Township supervisor and president, said she was aware of the circumstances that led to Burke’s departure at Coloma.

“I had heard about that situation,” she said. “I have attended general assistance training. I had been a caseworker in Berwyn Township since 1993. Deb knows her stuff and does a good job.”

Good job my left foot.

Illinois House Passes “Shall Issue” Concealed Carry Bill; Moves On To Senate

Earlier this afternoon the Illinois House of Representatives voted 85-30 in favor of a concealed carry bill crafted by Rep. Brandon Phelps, SB2193.6a00d834515c5469e201901c8669d6970b-500wi

Already Senate President John Cullerton, Governor Pat Quinn, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel have come out against it with Quinn saying today, “This legislation is wrong for Illinois. The principle of home rule is an important one. As written, this legislation is a massive overreach that would repeal critical gun safety ordinances in Chicago, Cook County, and across Illinois. We need strong gun safety laws that protect the people of our state. Instead, this measure puts public safety at risk. I will not support this bill and I will work with members of the Illinois Senate to stop it in its tracks.”

The Chicago Democrats are upset with SB2193 because it is a “shall issue” concealed carry bill which preempts Chicago and Cook County from placing more restrictions and requirements on individuals to legally exercise their second amendment right to keep and bear arms.  Chicagoland Democrats had been trying to get passed a “may issue” concealed carry bill that would have allowed the Chicago Police and Cook County Sheriff to deny Chicagoans access to concealed carry.  That bill failed in the House a few weeks ago.

The Illinois Senate is expected to take up the bill next week before it adjourns May 31st.  They have until June 9th to send some form of concealed carry to Governor Quinn’s desk otherwise, as ordered by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, Illinois becomes a Constitutional carry state.  As it stands Illinois is the only state in the nation that does not allow its residence the ability to carry a firearm in a concealed or open manner.

In December of last year the 7th Circuit ruled that Illinois’ ban on the carrying of a concealed firearm to be unconstitutional and gave the legislature 180 days to develop a concealed carry bill.  If they do not then Illinois residents Firearm Owner Identification(FOID) cards become concealed carry permits valid across all of Illinois.

Representative Ed Acevedo has been one of the biggest opponents of concealed carry in the state House and he spoke out against SB2193 today.

Illinois Democratic Party leader and Speaker of the House Mike Madigan urged passage of SB2193 today, which is odd since he has been opposed to concealed carry for a very long time.

While SB2193 is okay(I would prefer constitutional carry myself) since it is a “shall issue” and prohibits Chicago or other localities from placing additional requirements or burdens on gun owners it does have a few problems including:

-$150 fee to apply and renew, $300 for non Illinois residents, $75 for replacement or change of address

-16 hours of training

-Allows the continuance of “gun free zones” such as schools and public transportation

-No reciprocity with other states and their concealed carry licenses or permits

You can read an executive summary of the whole bill, here.

The Illinois State Rifle Association has taken a neutral stance on SB2193.

Representative Joe Sosnowski(R-Belvidere) issued the following statement after the House passed Sb2193, “We are finally giving the good guys the ability to defend their families and their property from violent criminals,” said Sosnowski. “While today’s vote is a significant step forward, the fight is not over. Until the plan passes the Senate and is signed into law by the Governor, Illinois will remain the only state in the nation without any form of concealed carry for the law-abiding public. It’s about time we resolve this issue and provide full rights to upstanding gun owners.”

Attempts to get comment from Rep. Chuck Jefferson(D-Rockford) who voted against the bill went unanswered at the time of publication.

(h/t Illinois Review)

Cook County Sheriff Wants To Restrict Who Can Get Concealed Carry

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart

Add Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart to the list that includes Speaker Mike Madigan, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago PD superintendent McCarthy, and others in this state who do not want law abiding citizens to carry a firearm in public.  Sheriff Dart only wants to allow you to have concealed carry if he deems it necessary for you to have it.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Sheriff Tom Dart said Sunday that he is proposing a concealed-carry gun ordinance to keep Cook County from becoming the “Wild West.”

Dart said he’s worried about a stalemate in the General Assembly on a law to license people to carry concealed guns.

Dart said he’s proposing a concealed-carry law for Cook County that would take effect only if the General Assembly failed to act by June 9 and the court didn’t extend the deadline.

Dart’s ordinance would give him the power to approve and reject licenses to carry concealed guns in Cook County. Applicants would have to pay a $300 fee for a license.

Dart said he thinks the ordinance would apply not only to Cook County suburbs, but also to the city of Chicago in the absence of a state law governing concealed carrying of guns.

But Dart and other gun-control activists want to retain more control over who gets the licenses and where gun owners can carry their weapons in public. Those are called “may issue” licenses.

Under Dart’s proposed “may issue” ordinance, he would grant licenses only to people who demonstrate a need to carry a firearm for protection.

Concealed Carry For All Illinois Residents

images-3Since the 7th circuit court of appeals ruled that Illinois ban on carrying concealed firearms was unconstitutional a clock has been ticking.  The Illinois General Assembly and Governor Pat Quinn have until June 9th to pass and sign into law a bill that would allow for concealed carry in Illinois.  If they can’t, or won’t, do that then Illinois residents get concealed carry anyway as their Firearm Owners Identification(FOID) cards become de facto concealed carry permits.  Illinois prior to the court ruling was the only state in the nation without any form of concealed or open carry for its residents.

Chicago and Cook County Democrats hate, no despise, the notion of law abiding citizens having the ability to exercise their second amendment right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves from the street gangs and other criminal elements in our society.  They have wanted Attorney General Lisa Madigan to appeal the 7th circuits ruling to the Supreme Court.  They have attempted to fill a shell bill with so many restrictions on concealed carry that there wouldn’t have been anywhere in the state of Illinois one could have carried a weapon.  A “may” issue concealed carry bill which would have granted police departments and Sheriff’s across the state to pick and chose whom to give concealed carry permits to was soundly defeated.  Governor Pat Quinn is of the belief that every community in Illinois should craft its own ordinances regarding concealed carry which would create an unworkable patchwork of local laws. Most recently there has been an effort to create a carve out concealed carry bill which would make all of Illinois except Chicago and Cook County “shall” issue with Chicago and Cook County being “may” issue.

Sauk Valley Media: Quinn: Cities should decide

This is simply unacceptable.

Every Illinois resident whether they live in Cairo, South Beloit, or along Michigan ave. has the same second amendment rights and the same rights to defend themselves and their families from harm.

In fact given Chicago and Cook Counties gang problem, which is the major reason why they have dozens of shootings daily and 500 murders each year, Chicago and Cook County residents should be the first in line to get concealed carry permits, not be the only ones denied them.

Why Chicago Democrats are so dead set against letting the people most in need of concealed carry from having it is beyond me.

Chicago store owners have every right to defend themselves and their businesses from the cities thugs, criminals, and gang bangers as much if not more so than those of us who reside in the rural parts of Illinois.

A person walking down any street in Cook County is in as much of a need to defend themselves from the rapist, robbers, and murderers out there as anyone else anywhere else in Illinois.

Those Democrats in this state opposed to concealed carry and want to deny it to Chicago and Cook County residents clearly didn’t read the 7th circuits ruling very carefully because Judge Posner repeatedly cited hypothetical scenarios where a person in the City of Chicago would have need of and a right to defending themselves with a firearm.  Including this one, “”[A] Chicagoan is a good deal more likely to be attacked on a sidewalk in a rough neighborhood than in his apartment on the 35th floor of the Park Tower.”

Get it through your thick skulls full of mush Chicago Democrats, every Illinois resident, including those in Chicago and Cook County, deserve concealed carry and any effort to deny any Illinois resident his or her constitutional rights should be opposed in the strongest terms possible.

O’ and remember this you anti-second amendment Chicago Dems, the Supreme Court several years ago now ruled Chicago’s ban on the ownership of a handgun unconstitutional.

If Gov. Quinn(D), Speaker of the House Mike Madigan(D), Senate President John Cullerton(D), and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel(D) continue in their efforts to deny Chicago and Cook County residents, along with everyone else in Illinois, their right to keep and bear arms don’t be surprise if some or all of them one day get held in contempt of court for their obstruction of Illinois residents constitutional rights.

Cook County Sheriff Sued For Not Enforcing Immigration Law

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart

From Illinois Review:

Judicial Watch announced today that it has filed a lawsuit in Cook County, IL Circuit Court challenging Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s refusal to honor ICE immigration detainers or cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in identifying deportable criminal aliens. Cook County jails have released as many as 1,000 criminal aliens sought by ICE in the past 18 months.

The lawsuit, Brian McCann v. Thomas J. Dart, is brought on behalf of lifetime Cook County resident Brian McCann, whose brother William “Denny” McCann, was run over and killed in June 2011 by an unlawfully present criminal alien who had just completed a two-year term of probation for a 2009 DUI conviction. The alien, Saul Chavez, was charged with felony aggravated driving under the influence, but was released by Dart from a Cook County jail in November 2011 despite an ICE immigration detainer. ICE issues detainers when it learns that criminal aliens are being held by state or local law enforcement officials. The detainers require the criminal aliens be held for an additional 48 hours to enable ICE to take custody of them before they are released. Chavez is now believed to have fled to Mexico.

Although federal and state law require Dart to honor immigration detainers and cooperate with ICE investigators, he has chosen to follow a September 2011, Cook County Ordinance directing him to refuse ICE detainers and deny federal agents access to Cook County facilities for investigative interviews. In a January 2012 letter to Cook County Board of Commissioners President Toni Preckwinkle, ICE Director John Morton wrote, “Of great concern is the serious impediment the Ordinance poses to ICE’s ability to promote public safety through the identification of criminal aliens.”

The Judicial Watch lawsuit argues that Dart’s “failure to carry out his legal duties under both federal and state law is not authorized, excused, or justified by the Ordinance because that Ordinance is preempted by federal law.”

The release of Chavez is one of more than 1,000 instances cited by Judicial Watch where Dart has “regularly and routinely refused to honor immigration detainers issued by ICE, citing the provisions of the Ordinance,” including:

  • “At a public hearing on February 9, 2012 before the Board of Commissioners of Cook County, Defendant testified that, in the five month period between the enactment of the Ordinance on September 7, 2011 and February 9, 2012, Defendant released 346 prisoners in his custody who were the subjects of immigration detainers issued by ICE, and 11 of these persons subsequently committed new offenses.”
  • “By April 24, 2012 ICE had issued 432 immigration detainers to Defendant since the enactment of the Ordinance, but Defendant failed to honor any of the detainers.  According to a letter from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to [then-]U.S. Senator John Kyl on that date, Defendant’s failure to honor ICE’s immigration detainers had “prevented ICE from considering removal proceedings against all but 38 of these individuals whom ICE had to locate independently and arrest following their release into the community.”
  • “Between April 24, 2012 and March 1, 2013, Defendant received approximately 503 additional immigration detainers issued by ICE, and, on information and belief, has declined to honor any of them, resulting in the release into the community of hundreds of additional prisoners sought by ICE.”

The lawsuit also alleges that despite Dart’s refusal to honor ICE immigration detainers or cooperate with ICE investigators, Cook County applied for and received nearly $2.3 million in State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) funds from the federal government in 2011 and over $1.7 million in SCAAP funds in 2012.  Over the five-year period from 2008 to 2012, Cook County reportedly applied for and received nearly $15 million in SCAAP funds from the federal government.  SCAPP funds are designed to fund the costs that state and local governments incur for holding criminal illegal aliens.

In the lawsuit, McCann asks the Circuit Court to compel Dart to comply with his legal duties to honor ICE detainers and to cooperate with federal immigration officials.  It also asks the Circuit Court to declare the Cook County Ordinance to be preempted by federal law.

“The federal government has determined that certain criminal aliens should not be let loose into the community and that releasing them undermines public safety.  Dart is thumbing his nose at the federal government and replacing federal immigration priorities with Cook County’s own immigration policy.  Releasing these criminal aliens before they can be taken into custody by ICE endangers the public.  Dart is not above the law.  Because the Obama administration hasn’t sued Dart in the president’s backyard, concerned citizens like Brian are bravely stepping up to the plate to protect the public.” stated Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch president.

Judicial Watch’s Illinois lawyer is Christine Svenson of the Svenson Law Offices in Chicago, Ill.