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Why I’m Glad I Never Partnered With Steve Bannon And Breitbart

Trumpbart In December of last year this humble little blogger from Northern Illinois had an idea on how to bring more stories from Illinois and Chicago to the nation’s attention and to put a little conservative media pressure on the plethora of corrupt politicians this state is home to.

Working with Mike Flynn, a founding member of Andrew Breitbart’s media empire, and another top blogger/reporter from Illinois we turned that idea into a proposal to create a new Breitbart Chicago bureau; this was coming off of the launches of Breitbart’s London and Jerusalem bureaus.

On no less than three separate occasions during the early months of this year, Breitbart’s leader Steve Bannon, whose since become Donald Trump’s campaign manager, told me he loved the idea and wanted to have further talks about it. Talks that never materialized because Mr. Bannon kept forgetting that the pitch had been made to him and he liked it.

Then the Michelle Fields incident happened and the ensuing exodus of the sites leading conservatives such as Ben Shapiro led me and my partners to walked away from associating this project with Bannon and Breitbart and tried to pull the project off as a standalone entity we were planning on calling “Chicago’s Untouchables”.

Sadly Mike Flynn’s untimely death this Summer from a heart attack was a fatal blow to this project and a tremendous loss for all conservatives.

Needless to say, all these months later, I am glad that plan as originally formulated fell apart.

As we’ve all learned late Monday, during the GOP primaries one of the Democrat Party’s top operatives, and a subject in the recent James O’Keefe “rigging” videos, was working hand in hand with Steve Bannon and others at Breitbart to attack and undermine Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Right Scoop and RedState have good pieces on that story.

This follows Steve Bannon’s Breitbart pushing the birther nonsense against Ted Cruz, going wall to wall against Paul Ryan in his primary, giving a platform to the pond scum known as Roger Stone, throwing Michelle Fields under the bus, and the multitude of other things that have made people rightfully refer to the once vaunted Breitbart News as Trumpbart.

As a conservative Tea Party activist committed to fighting bad government and corrupt politicians there is no way in Hell I could work for a “news” outlet that I’d have to investigate and report on.

Taking down corrupt career politicians like Michael Madigan or Illinois’ own Hillary Clinton would have been a lot easier with Breitbart’s name and reach, but not at the expense of having everyone else I would have been working with trying to eat our own in order to advance Nationalist Populism, protectionist trade policy(which caused the Great Depression), and the Alt-Right white supremacists.

I weep for what Steve Bannon and his band of cronies have done to Andrew’s name, legacy, and reputation, all in the name of advancing the most flawed GOP candidate/nominee EVER.


Jeb! Bush Endorses Article V Convention In Breitbart Interview

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush

In an interviewed that aired Friday morning on the Breitbart Daily News radio program on Sirius/XM former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush gave his full endorsement to the Article V convention of states process as a means of getting congressional term limits, a balanced budget, and a pet favorite of Bush’s a line item veto power for the President on budget matters similar to that sought by President Ronald Reagan in the ’80s.

In recent weeks Tennessee became the fifth state to apply for an Article V convention to debate and propose possible amendments to the Constitution that would restore the power of the states, and strenghten the system of checks and balances; joining Alabama, Alaska, Florida, and Georgia.

Jeb is also the latest in a line of GOP presidential candidates to support the Article V convention process which requires two-thirds of the state legislatures calling for a convention and three-fourths to ratify any possible amendments.  Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson have all given their support to the use of Article V.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has also recently gotten strongly behind the Article V movement with his Texas Plan to convince state lawmakers on the merits of calling for a convention and some possible amendments to restore the Republic.

We Are Breitbart Quad Cities Recap

We Are Breitbart QC

We Are Breitbart QC

Tuesday evening Moline’s River House Bar & Grill hosted one of the first two dozen We Are Breitbart meet ups where reporters and editors of the nations leading conservative news outlet mingle with the readers(and listeners) who make Breitbart News Network the dynamo that it is.

Breitbart’s Andrew Greider and Capitol Hill and presidential campaign reporter Alex Swoyer engaged one on one with a dozen or so Quad Cities area conservatives on a wide array of topics.

Breitbart News is doings these social events across the country to connect in person with their ever expanding audience and to do what the liberal media never will, actually listen to their customers.

Alex and Andrew hope that the folks who attended will turn this into a monthly affair for Breitbart’s readers in the QCA.

Breitbart’s Brandon Darby: AFP Defending The American Dream 2015 Summit

Breitbart Texas' Brandon Darby and Anita MonCrief with AFP

Breitbart Texas’ Brandon Darby and Anita MonCrief with AFP

Breitbart Texas’ Editor Brandon Darby was among the first speakers in Columbus, Ohio for Americans For Prosperities 9th annual Defending The American Dream summit.  Darby has been at the forefront of reporting on the illegal immigration crisis and last years surge of illegal immigrant unaccompanied minors along the Texas border with Mexico.

Darby along side former ACORN worker Anita MonCrief, who now works for Americans For Prosperity, talked about their conversions from being leftist into conservative activist.

Darby was a young teenager who ran away from home and lived on the streets of Houston who found his internal passion to want to help people and to keep them from being exploited.  MonCrief on the other hand was a child of a single teenage mother who was raised by a blind grand-father that joined ACRON out of anger only to realize that ACRON wasn’t doing the “good” work that was being touted.  Both Brandon and Anita’s lives were changed forever by the impact Andrew Breitbart had on them.

Brandon spoke of how his “radical” views on helping other people first brought him to work with former members of the New Black Panthers, Michael Moore, and others before and especially after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.  In his quest to help people Brandon admitted his opinions on conservatives changed by meeting with and talking to them.  By 2009 when the left had turned on Brandon because he helped authorities in a terrorism related case Brandon was approached by Andrew Breitbart to help write at Big Government.

Both Brandon and Anita were key figures in helping to bring down the corrupt community organizing front group ACRON.

Darby also said that the left de-humanizes conservatives because the left doesn’t want people to hear the conservative message; messages that eventually pulled both Brandon and Anita from liberalism and to conservatism.

On getting more left leaning people to join the conservative cause Darby said that center-right groups actually need to stop just showing up in African-American communities with clip boards and golf shirts weeks before an election, because that isn’t an effective means of reaching them or best use of resources. Instead he suggested groups work with African-American churches and other community groups and help them to start up community gardens and other such things as the way to start putting the word and message of conservatism and limited government into their hearts and minds.

Anita added that if Jesus came back tomorrow he wouldn’t show up at the RNC or CPAC he would be in “communities of color” helping them and that is where conservatives should be as well.