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usofarn.com was launched in March of 2009.  Citizen journalism and advancing conservative principals is the mission.

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Editor-in-chief Ulysses S. Arn(founder): Author of two ebooks, The Arena of Ideas, and, We Can Do Better, both for sale now at Amazon.com.  Member of the Tea Party movement in Illinois, including having been a co-coordinator of the Rockford Tea Party.  Proud conservative grassroots activist.  Living in Lee county, about 15 minutes from Ronald Reagan’s hometown.

Contributor-Jesus Alaniz

Contributor-Zach Oltmanns, President of Illinois Conservatives, Member Ogle County Board(elected 2012)

Contributor-Demetri Broches, host Illinois Conservatives weekly radio program, member of the Dekalb County Tea Party.

Contributor-C.Steven Tucker, health insurance broker, Obamacare expert(and critic), Chicago and Illinois Tea Party leader.


  • YOU are a hate-filled piece of crap.

    • Robert Kaarlela

      Attack the messenger when the messages destroy your position. “Rules for Radicals”

  • Rev Rob Bagwell

    My thanks to you for standing up for American principles and common sense. I think the ‘progressives’ think our passion for our beliefs is hatred. How can you change their minds? Many of them know hatred as modus operandi to accomplish what ever ends they think best for us. The frustration I feel at times is overwhelming. Jesus said: “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” Help us Lord!

    • Marv Rudin

      Have you heard the Tea Party Voters’ Anthem?

      It’s enthusiasm for core Tea Party values is morale-building to TeaPartiers

      It’s catchy & takes just 30 seconds on youtube.com.

      To hear it click:

  • C T Vivian

    Put Davis in the unemployment line. Endorse his d opponent.

    Too bad that strategy will not work for Kinzinger.

    I see Hood has finally shown his true colors