Signing Off

At the start of May I started asking all of you to help me find a girlfriend it’s going to be Christmas soon.

After a lifetime of living with Major Depression and being alone, I couldn’t hide or hold it back anymore.

Instead of doing what I ask and helping me find a girlfriend all I’ve gotten these several months has been a great big load of nothing.

No one wants to give me a name, or a phone number, or any other contact info for a single girl.

That seems to be too much to ask.

Everyone loves arguing in the alternative, telling me to keep waiting, or mentioning the obvious.

I’ve tried those damn dating websites, they don’t work.

I’m not getting rid of my nearly 18 year old beard.

When I’ve tried to tell a girl I’m interested in her, they want nothing to do with me, because it was me asking.

I’ve tried to get anyone, someone, to get me around that, but no folks can’t be bothered to do that, because it’s me that is asking.

Well to Hell with it.

I’m done.

They don’t do personality transplants, new clothes won’t change anything, O’ and have I mentioned those stupid dating websites don’t work.

This is going to be it for the blog, when it comes up for renewal next year, I’m going to let everything lapse.

I’m done with social media.

I’m done.

Y’all didn’t care, so fine, be that way, this will be the last any of you hear from me.

I asked for help, and no one wants to give it, so screw you.


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