Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL) And Tea Partier Battle Over Defunding Obamacare

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

At a town hall meeting Wednesday evening sponsored by the Illinois chapter of Americans For Prosperity in Rochelle, Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger stated his negative opinion of the effort by House and Senate conservatives to defund Obamacare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution.  Kinzinger is dead set against trying to defund Obamacare via the CR and is totally against the idea of a potential government shutdown over the issue.  During the meeting he made sure to point out that he has voted every time to repeal Obamacare but stressed his belief that defunding and a possible government shutdown are bad ideas.

Kinzinger would say that should any government shutdown occur Republicans will lose the majority in the House of Representatives making Nancy Pelosi Speaker once again and that Obamacare would still be around.

Dekalb County Tea Party member Ted McCarron implored congressman Kinzinger to change his stance and to join the fight to get Obamacare defunded and to challenge the narrative that it would be the GOP causing a government shutdown.

Kinzinger would have none of it and the two would battle back and forth over the issue.


Kinzinger: Eventually there will be a collapse of will to keep the government shutdown because soldiers are not getting paid and this other stuffs happening and we turn around and we lose 10, 20 seats in 2014 and whether we win the battle or not we lost the war because Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House.  This is not a disagreement on defunding Obamacare.  This is not a disagreement on whether we like the health care bill.  This is a disagreement on tactics in terms of what is the best way to insure that in the future we can repeal this law without bringing down the American economy or Republican majority.

Ted: Congressman Kinzinger I appreciate how many times you’ve voted against Obamacare but I would urge you to please reconsider your stance on defunding Obamacare here is why.  We can send the money for Afghanistan, social security, for everything else in the budget and defund Obamacare and it would be the Senate and Obama that would be shutting down the government not you and if Obama goes on TV and makes that pitch you guys need to take out ads and pardon my language go to the wall counter attacking.  I’m sorry but I see all these hurdles that we’ve lost the Supreme Court case, this that and the other and their almost to the goal line maybe not all the way, but some of the exchanges are set to start up in months and I fear it is going to be another entitlement we will never get rid of, another step closer to socialism. (inaudible) and I feel like this could be our last chance and I get a feeling that if I’m talking to you a couple years from now at a town hall Obamacare will be well established.  It’s just madning that Republicans are the ones giving the money.  I know they say to keep the majority we have to act sorta like Democrats…

Kinzinger: No I don’t think we have.  Let me say this though.  I totally respect your position.  I don’t think this is you know a terrible things.  I think from a (inaudible) prospective if we were in a platoon and we have to take the other side of this building is it the right thing to just charge though and all get killed on the way to the other side of the building.  I’m sorry ladies I’ll use a football term.  Do you go for a hail Mary every play in football or sometimes is 5 yards pretty good.  Sorry that’s a little better than (inaudible).

Ted: Do you think that strategy your gonna do is really going to get rid of Obamacare?

Kinzinger: No Because I don’t think the defunding thing is gonna work and we’re gonna lose the House in 2014. So I understand.

(cross talk)

Kinzinger: Do you really think let me just ask and I mean this respectfully.  If we shutdown the federal government, soldiers aren’t getting their pay check they’re not.  We can say well you can just pass a bill saying soldiers are going to get paid.  President’s not going to sign it so what would happen.  What happens is if we pass it without funding the Senate takes it amends the bill to include the funding and sends it right back to us and its on our door step and then we’re the ones that don’t.

(cross talk)

Kinzinger: It takes a lot of money.  Look I understand your prospective on it but what I’m telling you is going to happen I fear is that ultimately at the end of the day we can hold out, lets hold out tell December okay, now troops haven’t been paid two months, three months.  Obama stands up and saying sorry your not getting your check.  The public is massively turned against us saying gee its the law of the land now I see why it’s not working because Republicans have been obstinate thats going to be the new line.  This is why its not working because they’re not going to work with me and they can look at the government situation and say yeah thats what we’re seeing even thought thats not true.

Ted: You don’t think they’ll blame Obama if you guys go (inaudible).

Kinzinger: If Congress has a 13% approval rating you think we’re going to win that one.  I respect your opinion I do.