Making An Impact

I don’t want to brag but this blog and the stories and videos I’ve written/created have had an impact on a national scale.  As I recall the big successes that have occurred because of what I do here I am humbled because every story or video that has reached the American people has always been about advancing liberty and conservatism.

So lets look back and remember the good times that have occurred here.

One of the biggest single days for web traffic this site has ever had was when I posted a video of Senator Dick Durbin(D-IL) talking to the members of Occupy Rockford following a ceremony at the brand new federal court house in Rockford.  As Senator Durbin was conversing with the Occupiers my camera was rolling when he said that he thought “the richest people in America should pay more” in taxes.

In December of last year the Chicago media picked up on video I took of a town hall meeting of congressman Joe Walsh as he discussed his future in politics.

I owe a lot of the success I’ve experienced to Jim Hoft who runs Gateway Pundit.  If it wasn’t for Jim the millions who read his blog wouldn’t have had the chance to view a pair of very informative videos of mine he graciously posted on his site.

I am of course always happy to help out my fellow conservatives and am proud that Jim ran with an Illinois Review story I sent him about the IRS’ Lois Lerner and the things she did and said to Al Salvi.

Illinois Review-Lois Lerner to 1996 U.S Senate candidate Al Salvi: “We’ll get you”

Recently nearly every media outlet I can think of ran stories about Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey leaving Nanny Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns making that video the most watch one of mine so far.

Of all the videos I’ve done over the last 4-and-a-half years the one that I am most proud of is the tribute video I made for a fallen Marine, Alec Catherwood.

The story I am most proud of that made its way into the national conversation was the story I broke about a school teacher threatening to suspend the son of one of my fellow Illinois Tea Party leaders after he wore a Marine T-shirt to school with an image of a gun on it.

Middle schooler told to cover up Marin T-shirt or be suspended

And the absolute coolest and most lasting memory I have after all of this is still the night the nation’s third most listened to talk radio show host Mark Levin played a portion of one of my videos of congressman Joe Walsh right after he had finished interviewing the man I backed in the Republican presidential primary Rick Santorum.  This was right around the time Mark’s book Ameritopia was released and my question to congressman Walsh is a question every elected official should have to answer; “Do we will in a post constitutional country?”

It really is amazing the kind of impact just one person with a video camera and a website can have on the nation.

Now I have got to give some special mentions.  First of all to Bare Naked Islam for helping to make a video of me interviewing Usama Dakdok very popular after he had a run in with the terrorist apologizers at CAIR.  I’ve also got to give thanks to my buddy Joe Terrell for having me on his radio show some time back to discuss the second amendment.  I really appreciate both Michael Koolidge and Paul Youngblood having me on their respective radio shows several weeks back as I talked about and organized the Rockford Tea Party’s protest of the IRS outside their Rockford office and of course to the Rockford Register Star, WTVO, WREX, and WIFR for all interviewing me about that protest on site.

From CPAC-Chicago to Sarah Palin’s appearance in Madison, Wisconsin during that whole Union/Scott Walker tumult, to town hall meetings big and small across northern Illinois, to simply walking parade routes gathering thousands of signatures on behalf of the cause for concealed carry here in Illinois; no matter the event or occasion every time I go somewhere it is to make an impact for the cause of liberty.

After that kind of impact in 4 1/2 years just imagine what can happen over the next 4 1/2 years.

Let’s keep the flag of liberty moving.