George Zimmerman Trial Analysis: The Illogic of Michael Savage vs. Everyone Else

talk show host Michael Savage

talk show host Michael Savage

As the prosecution wraps up its cases against George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin the analysis the public has been getting from the media has been quite telling.  Of course the main stream media, i.e MSNBC has been totally invested in the racial aspect of the case, which they and they alone drummed up and keep pushing.  Then there is the commentary of talk radio show host.  On one hand you have the leader of the Weiner Nation, Michael Savage claiming that George Zimmerman should be found guilty of manslaughter while others like Mark Levin(who kicks Savage’s butt in the ratings) pointing out that the prosecution has totally failed to make its case for second degree murder(or anything else) against Mr. Zimmerman.

The Daily Caller has some of Savage’s O’ so insightful insights into the case and the law:

On his show on Tuesday night, talk show host Michael Savage said that George Zimmerman, who is currently on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin, should be found guilty of second-degree manslaughter based on two things: 1) The state of his firearm and 2) The language he allegedly used on a 911 call when he was first reporting his suspicions about Martin.

I’m an independent observer and I call them as I see them, and I think Zimmerman committed what he’s being charged with: manslaughter. He didn’t intend to kill him, but he may as well have intended to kill him.”

Savage laid out his case, saying that the murder could have been avoided, but based on Zimmerman’s gun having a round in the chamber with the safety off, Zimmerman intended “to find some he could shoot or intimidate.”

“Zimmerman was carrying a Kel Tec semi-automatic 9mm handgun,” Savage said. “So? Big deal. It is a big deal because he had a bullet chambered in the gun and he had the safety off… Had he not chambered a round prior to meeting Trayvon, and had he not taken the safety off, even if Trayvon, during the altercation even if Trayvon had tried to grab the gun away from Zimmerman — had that gun not been chambered with a round and safety off, Trayvon Martin would have had to use two hands. You can’t do it with one hand.”

“Many of you don’t own guns,” Savage said. “He would have had to let go of Zimmerman. He would have had to stop punching him. He would have had to take both hands on the gun, hold the pistol grip with one, pull the top back to chamber a round and then he would have had to unlock the safety, during which time the mixed-martial-artist-in-training Mr. Zimmerman would have had time to throw him off and pound the hell out of him. But because Zimmerman carried a loaded weapon with the safety off, Trayvon Martin is dead. Therefore, the responsibility is in the hands of Zimmerman.

“I don’t care which side you are on,” Savage continued. “He wasn’t just carrying a gun, he wasn’t just a watch guy: He was hunting. He was looking, he was hoping to find someone he could shoot or intimidate with that loaded weapon, ladies and gentlemen of the Savage jury.”

To blow Savage’s theory into a million pieces I turn now to a story from Breitbart about the prosecutions firearms and ballistics witness(Bold is mine):

On Wednesday at the George Zimmerman trial, the prosecution called yet another witness who ended up testifying for the defense: Florida Department of Law Enforcement firearm analyst Amy Siewert. The prosecution had contended that George Zimmerman was on top of Trayvon Martin and pressed his gun into Martin’s chest before firing and killing him. Siewert testified, however, that there was no forensic evidence that Zimmerman had pressed the gun to Martin’s chest. In fact, the gunpowder residue and other material evidence showed that the gun was touched to Martin’s shirt, and that Martin’s shirt was not pressed to his chest, implying that Martin was on top of Zimmerman and that his shirt was hanging down when Zimmerman shot him.

The state also attempted to maximize the fact that Zimmerman’s gun was loaded, including a round in the chamber, before the fight. But Siewert admitted that guns are not of much use unless they are loaded and there is a round in the chamber.

George Zimmerman with some of his injuries

George Zimmerman with some of his injuries

Now for some real analysis of the Zimmerman trial please take a listen to what Mark Levin had to say about the prosecution’s case, or lack thereof, courtesy of The Right Scoop.

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With all of that and more in mind, plus the spectacle that has been the prosecution’s case and witnesses so far, one thing is abundantly clear George Zimmerman should not be on trial.  It is a travesty and a miscarriage of justice that he is.

The fact that the race baiters at MSNBC and intellectual lightweights like Michael Savage want Mr. Zimmerman to fry is disgusting.

What happened that night in Florida between Mr. Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin is depressingly sad and everyone would give almost anything to change the outcome of what happened.  However, we can’t.  So we are left to try and do the right thing, and as much as MSNBC and the New Black Panthers won’t like this, the right thing in this case is to let Mr. Zimmerman lead his life and drop this case.

But then if that happened media whores and publicity seeking charlatans, not to mention dim-witted talk show host, won’t have something to cling to to try and make themselves relevant.