freezing my butt off, to keep terrorist out of my state

A few days before Christmas, in the northern Illinois cold, a hardy group of patriotic Americans and concerned citizens gathered in Sterling to protest the transfer of terrorist from club Gitmo to Thompson, Illinois.  I was there and did my part to voice opposition to this stupid plan of President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Senator Durbin, and Governor Quinn.  I made some brief remarks on the bullhorn, i gave two interviews to news crews, i stood in unison with gold star moms, and regular folks who recognize that this plan is a whopper of a bad one.  

Two moments worth sharing.  First I was more than happy to have my picture take with some nice ladies who drove two hours to attend the event, or more accurately was happy to have them take a picture of my t-shirt, the red one i have worn in some of my youtube video’s that says “I think therefore I am NOT a progressive liberal socialist Marxist Democrat”.  Second, one of the reporters had a heck of a question to ask me. “did I support President Obama this time last year”?  she obviously hadn’t read my shirt before asking, but my reply didn’t leave any room for doubt.  “No I didn’t, and I NEVER will.”
so, i put forth some effort to stop this debacle, what did you do?
*photo from the Chicago Tribune.  (That would be me on the far right)
*photo from the Rockford Register Star. (Me between the two flags)